Monday night, Anderson Cooper got into  extended and often heated exchange with a Texas state representative who questions President Obama’s citizenship.

Click here to see the video.

  1. Glen says:

    Its painfully obvious as a country and a society we have made little progress in racial equality.

    American politicians have no trouble telling other countries leaders how to treat the citizenry but our President can’t even get the respect he has earned and deserves because he is black.

    We have a chance to really change things here racially but its slipping away and its because of people such as that man. Whose apparent racism he can’t hide and for someone in his position to be citing Internet rumors as the truth is disgraceful to the position he holds.

    I can see it now. Instead of anything getting done in DC for the next two years its going to subpoena after subpoena challenging anything and everything done since President Obama took office.

    Two years of political grandstanding and chest thumping instead of trying to get the economy turned around. One thing for sure he didn’t like facts and I;m finding that to be true with other GOP members and Tea Party newly elected.

    They spout all kinds of rhetoric but when you catch them saying something they can’t back up especially when you have all the facts and the truth, they squirm, change the subject or leave

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