ST. PAUL, Minn. (AP) — All but two Democratic-leaning counties are done with their work in the Minnesota governor recount, and the process so far hasn’t produced any major vote swings.

Hennepin and Ramsey counties will take the recount into a fifth day on Friday. Results published Thursday by the Minnesota secretary of state reflected minor shifts with about 2 million ballots recounted.

Democrat Mark Dayton was down 17 from his original count and Republican Tom Emmer was up 53 votes. But Emmer’s heavier pace of challenges explains some of the Dayton slide in the unofficial results.

In all, 910 challenged ballots must be decided by a state board if the campaigns don’t withdraw them sooner.

Emmer trailed Dayton entering the recount. He hasn’t ruled out suing over the election result after the recount.

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Comments (5)
  1. FrazzledCitizen says:

    “Hasn’t ruled out suing over the election…”

    Oh, gee… And here I thought that he made a press announcement right after the election that he wouldn’t drag the election recount through the legal system and prolong the misery.

    Going back on his word already.

    So Not Surprised.

  2. mike alberg says:

    Nothing like a poor sport!! Maybe next election a pissed off citizen should run and get rid of all of ya. Stop waisting our tax money already!! You lost, suck it up and move on…

  3. Mike S says:

    Tom needs to concede and stop wasting our time and money

  4. Pete says:

    Give it up Emmer!!!

    And what the hell would you sue for you fool???


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