By Rachel Slavik, WCCO-TV

MINNEAPOLIS (WCCO) — A snowy December could cause a budget problem in Minneapolis.

Each year, the Public Works department allots roughly $8.5 million for snow removal. That amount will cover three snow emergencies and 20 other minor snow events each year.

City leaders met Friday to discuss the budget, and if December’s snowfall is average compared to other years, the weather likely won’t have any impact on the budget. However, November’s unusual weather does have officials keeping a close eye on finances.

“This year is different. We’ve already had a snow emergency and an ice storm,” said Mike Kennedy with the Minneapolis Public Works Department.

If December does become a snowy month, the timing makes for another challenge.

“This time of year it’s difficult. We have no place to make adjustments, we’re at the end of the year,” said Kennedy.

If the money for snow removal runs out, officials said the roads will still be plowed. City leaders would just have to move money from other areas or ask the City Council for help.

“They usually say keep plowing, because it’s so critical for public safety,” said Kennedy.

St. Paul plans for four snow emergencies each year. City officials also say the plows will be on the roads to keep people safe.

WCCO-TV’s Rachel Slavik Reports

Comments (5)
  1. Joe says:

    Cut the Mayor’s salary and the City Council salaries to pay for services we all need and use. RT doesn’t need to rake in $94,000 per year (source: Minnesota Monthly). We’re all being asked to do more with less. Municipal and federal legislators and representatives should lead the way by accepting a salary cut. Then we’ll move on to lame-duck Congress and their Cadillac salaries…

    Cut out all that waste and abuse and let’s see what kind of financial picture we have.

    1. Mark from says:

      @Joe If you see waste please email me

  2. steve says:

    we live in minnesota. we have snow in the winter.. just because one year we have a small amount doesn’t mean every year will be the same!! lived in minnesota my whole life and cutting winter budget is stupid!!! wait for the end of the yaer to decide how big of raises instead of cutting winter budget!

  3. Mark from says:

    We could have saved $400,000 if Ryback said no to the $50,000 water fountains, hey but I just watch the waste. we

  4. Kevin says:

    Kick out the immagrants….you will have millions of dollars to not only plow the roads….but you could no doubt afford to fix them too….

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