By Jason DeRusha

Tonight’s Good Question is a doozy. In light of the compromise to extend unemployment benefits (again), we’re wondering if getting unemployment benefits keeps people from actively looking for a job.

Yeah, when you get unemployment, you’re supposed to be looking for a job, but with the volume of people on the program right now, it’s not like there’s any real way for case workers to be on top of that.

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Economist Diane Lim Rogers is with the Concord Coalition, a nonpartisan think tank, and she told Markeplace on Public Radio: “I think that might be a legitimate argument to make if the economy were in much better shape than it is. I mean the simple fact is there’s just not enough jobs out there, the jobs aren’t there to turn down. So I think the worry that benefits prevent people from looking is way overblown right now.”

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But realistically, if things look bad out there, and you’re guaranteed a check, doesn’t it make sense that you may not search as vigorously as you would without a check? The Labor Department reports job openings are at a 2-year high, there are a 3.4 million advertised openings.

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What say you? I’ll use your comments in tonight’s 10 p.m. story.

Jason DeRusha