By Caroline Lowe, WCCO-TV

MINNEAPOLIS (WCCO) — The Minnesota State Patrol is sharing video with the hope that it will keep our roads safer this upcoming holiday season.

The video shows a car being driven the wrong way on a Twin Cities highway last month. It also shows her pleading with the patroller who pulled her over to let her off with a warning.

The driver was pulled over at about 2 a.m. the Monday after Thanksgiving on Highway 77 in Eagan.

Investigators think 26-year-old Angela Olson had been drinking. The State Patrol says it is Olson’s third DWI arrest in the past four years.

More than once, the vehicle she was driving just missed oncoming traffic.

“You don’t expect to see cars going the wrong way,” explained State Patrol Lt. Eric Roeske. “It is a very tense situation for everyone involved, hoping that you can there and get this person stopped before there is a disaster.”

For the four minutes after authorities spotted the wrong-way driver, State Patrol dispatchers watched the car almost hit five vehicles, including a truck.

“The vehicle coming in the opposite direction probably has no idea until about then that there is a vehicle coming at them,” pointed out Roeske.

A trooper finally caught up with the car on Old Shakopee Road in Bloomington. Olson blew almost triple the legal limit.

She was put in the back of the trooper’s squad, which is where she asked for a break.

“Just let me turn around. I mean, I know can just make it back home, please,” she pleaded. “I hear about so many people getting off with warnings.”

The trooper responded, “I can’t give you a warning tonight. You seem like a very nice person but I can’t do that.”

The State Patrol hopes that seeing this video will make people think when they party this holiday season.

“Keep in mind how dangerous impaired driving can be and encourage them to make a plan so they don’t get behind the wheel after they have been drinking,” said Roeske. “We see this happen way too frequently.”

Olson has been released from jail while prosecutors wait for the results of blood and urine tests. They’re expected to take three to six weeks.

WCCO-TV’s Caroline Lowe Reports

Comments (23)
  1. heather says:

    What does it take for people to learn…you don’t drink and drive. We need harsher laws for people who are pulled over for Drinking and driving!!! It is sad how many people get off so easy for dinking and driving…how many people have to be killed before the laws change!

  2. heather says:

    this girl needs to be put in jail for awhile and see how she likes it. When will people learn!!!

    1. JLKF says:

      The real problem here is that she has an untreated addiction. Time and time again, addiction is overlooked as a “will power” issue and that the person is just “stupid”. I’m not condoning drinking and driving in any way, but it’s frustrating that society doesn’t seem to understand that over 60% of prisoners have addiction issues-they aren’t just bad people.

      1. Fascism says:

        Mental Health is cashing in on drunk driving. Just repeat stuff you’ve heard on Daytime TV in a political re-education class and get a your license back faster.

        Drunk Driving laws give “Stuart Smalley” Junkies job security.

  3. Myra says:

    Put some of her families lives at risk from a drunk driver and see how upset she would be at that person for almost hurting or killing her family…Sad thing is that won’t even work. She’s a moron.

  4. Dan says:

    WTH…Why is this lady still allow to drive after her third DWI. Next time it won’t be so lucky for her or someone else. Get her off the road for good.

    1. antileaveAmsg says:

      3 dwi’s and its a felony she wont ever have a lisense. Not to say she wont drive again there is still loop holes that people get by.

  5. tietac says:

    Take her off the road permenantly. Drug counseling is a must.

  6. red says:

    I can’t believe she was pleading to let her go when she was driving the wrong way on the highway. Moron for sure and take her license away!

  7. Sammy says:

    The answer is to make mood altering substances illegal or prescription only.
    Do you think any DR. would prescribe alcohol for any reason? Doubtful.
    Than it doesn’t need to be in existence. No alcohol = no Exxon disasters & more.

    1. B says:

      sammy you are crazy its not the alcohol its the dummys abusing it GET A LIFE

    2. Todd says:

      They tried this once, it was called prohibition. Doesn’t work, just makes criminals richer, i.e. pot. The alcohol isn’t the problem, its the person drinking it. Rational people know not to drink and drive.

  8. Lori says:

    I have passed vehicles driving the wrong way on Cedar Ave in Lakeville twice after bar closing. Please tell everyone you know to ALWAYS drive in the right lane late at night; an impaired person thinks they are on a two lane highway and will be coming at you in the left lane. This has saved my life and the life of my son when it happened to him. Thankfully he listened to his mom!

  9. Sammy says:

    Alcoholism erases the responsible mind. Unfortunately there is alcohol on every corner. If non alcoholics really want the stuff than it should be a little more difficult to acquire. I’m not defending this or any drunk – people need to be aware of what alcohol does to the mind…brains don’t function properly.

  10. red says:

    you are sick BIlly

  11. Kyle says:

    Sammy, you are an idiot. Enough said.

  12. Jon says:

    Three DWIs should be enough to get a lifelong ban from driving. This person should never again be allowed behind the wheel.

  13. Sammy says:

    No more identity crisis for me.

  14. scott says:

    sammy you are an idiot stop talking

  15. Shelly says:

    I say take the license AND the car. Taking the license doesn’t do much for those that still have wheels, I would BET MOST unlicensed drivers continue to drive.

  16. Tim Niles says:

    A week ago I was following someone that I thought was drunk: going very slowly up a hill, weaving right, then correcting. The surface of the road was slippery and snow was falling, but I could see that the left side mirror was dangling by wires. When she reached a T intersection between 18 and 16, she failed to compensate for the slippery surface and drove right through traffic from the left and right… could have been a disaster! THEN I noted that the right side mirror was also dangling by wires… yet there was NO other damage to the car! It would take a brilliant driver to ter off both side mirrors and not cause body f=damage to a car, so I re-considered that possibilities involved. Could have been vandalism, could have been some sort of violent confrontation that left the driver emotionally distracted. Whatever, she was lucky at that intersection, very lucky.

  17. Sammy says:

    Oooo, name calling! I’m crushed.
    The largest disaster in history was the Exxon valdez oil spill. The captain was found to be drunk. Millions in damage & loss.
    He wasn’t high from pot, (Natural substance) He was drunk from man made alcohol.
    Those of you who call me names & wish me to stop talking must have deeper issues you’re not willing to confront. Do I threaten your alcoholism?

  18. Fascism says:

    Minnesota Law is structured to get criminals to bribe mental health workers for less punishment.

    Criminals with “Stockholm Syndrome” get court ordered to say “hi! My name is $$$$, and I’m an alcoholic” for a few months and pay the $800 license fee to get a drivers license back.

    Psychology is junk science and a professional enabler service.