By Lindsey Seavert, WCCO-TV

RICHFIELD (WCCO) — A Minnesota immigration rights group is protesting what it calls “mass firings” of Chipotle workers. According to the group, around 50 of the restaurant’s Latino workers have been fired in the last week.

The Minnesota Immigration Rights Action Committeee (MIRAC), a local group that fights for the legalization of undocumented workers, says employees at local Chipotle stores came forward, saying they were fired over questions about their immigration status.

“We started to piece together there was something larger going on than a few people fired at one store,” said MIRAC member Brad Sigal. “It appears to be a statewide attack on immigrant workers who are longtime employees. Most of them been working there for years.”

Sigal says his group confirmed that more than a dozen workers at the Chipotle on Grand Avenue in St. Paul were let go, along with nearly a dozen more at a Richfield Chipotle. He also heard from fired employees at locations in downtown Minneapolis (Skyway and Seven Corners), Golden Valley, Coon Rapids, Stillwater and Hudson, Wis.

Sigal says he suspects it’s the result of a federal immigration audit.

“It is an I-9 audit,” said Sigal. “They check the paperwork and fire anyone who can’t immediately prove they have the right to work. An action like this on a mass scale before the holidays is not consistent with the image they have cultivated.”

In a statement, Chipotle said, “We are fully cooperating with Immigration and Customs Enforcement officials in Minnesota in connection with a document request they have made.”

ICE officials have not yet made a statement.

Customers leaving Grand Avenue Chipotle offered conflicting views.

“I happen to be someone who is struggling to look for a job and I believe in fair practice,” said Tasha Scott, a St. Paul resident. “If I am eligible to work, and I have all the status and things required by law, I should have a job here.”

“I am an ethical vegan, I care about animals and humans,” said Melissa Swanson, a St. Paul resident, who says she hopes she learns the truth. “If it doesn’t fit my ethics, we won’t be coming back.”

WCCO-TV’s Lindsey Seavert Reports

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  1. Matthew says:

    Learn the difference between your and you’re!

    1. Don in VA says:

      How do they know you are packing? I won’t tell if you don’t. I wouldn’t mind a chicken burrito bowl about now! HMMMMMMM. Yum!

    2. Jack Engill says:

      I don’t care what their gun policy is. My right to self-defense trumps their property right, so ‘F’ ’em.

    3. Buck Black says:

      I didn’t know about the anti-gun either. I won’t go back either. Just a comment…It is illegal to carry a concealed handgun where it is posted.

    4. Whiskey Pete says:

      The headline of the story should read “Immigration Rights Group Furious Over the Rule of Law at CHIPOTLE Restaurants.”

      1. FedUpInCA says:

        Hi all…I am tired of all this nonsence…I got the fix…annex Mexico…that will reallly make them mad…but we aint got the balls!

      2. LuckyPup says:

        LOL!!! Right on!!

      3. Jon says:

        That says it all: “Furious over Rule of Law.”

    5. sdkid says:

      Excellent answer! Many of us at greatplainsvoicesDOTcom agree!

    6. Mike says:

      Wow they forged their I-9’s and now they are surprised they got fired for it? Well lets see, I am an American, if I forge my I-9 I can go to prison, instead they just get to be on the news. MIRAC you are the biggest bunch of hypocrites I have ever seen.

      1. TB Lee says:

        Yeah, and try going to Mexico and getting a job without speaking Spanish or having your papers in order.

    7. Mitch says:

      Well, why must you carry heat to go into a Chipotle restaurant? Good grief! Such a pansy!

      1. Alex says:

        Just because you pack heat doesn’t mean you’re a “pansy”, you idiot. If a gun-wielding criminal burst in and ordered all people to the floor, are you stupid enough to attempt to ‘muscle’ your way out of the situation? What a twit!

        The man should calmly aim and place two rounds, center-mast, in the criminals chest.


        Your Dad, obviously.

    8. steve says:

      couldn’t have said it better brother.

    9. steve says:

      John Carpenter, my original comment was directed to you. I absolutely agree w/ 100% of your comments! I’m a CCW Texan. Why can the “bad guys” carry illegally any damn time theiy want and the rest of us abide by laws the prevent us from carrying into restaurants? Bottom line, I’ll take the risk and carry concealed like the “bad guys.” If the $hit ever hits the fan, chalk one up for the “good guys.”

    10. Jared Larson says:

      What are you, another Ethical Vegan? An Anal Retentive Grammarian?

      When I saw this story I whipped out my iPhone and ordered Chipotle.

      Mmmmmmmmm. Saving jobs for fellow citizens.

      In this economy, that’s worth a burrito!

    11. Dave says:

      I couldn’t care less. Their food sucks anyway compared with Baja Fresh.

      1. Davek says:

        Right on. These idiots would still be working if not for the paperwork requested. Chipotle was breaking the law. Why are they the good guys here?

    12. davec says:

      youre a liar, this is not discrimination, those groups came here LEGALLY unlike your Mexicans (or you) who CRIMINALLY ENTERED

    13. ALee says:

      many of American citizens do the same damn thing!! rob, cheat steal, (pillage? really?? lol…) drive drunk, rape and murder. Oh but that’s ok, because they were born here. BTW, are you American Indian? because otherwise your family, at one time, were new to this country too.

      1. Tommy Tornado says:

        Hey ALee: It is NOT okay if an American breaks the law. I want them prosecuted to the fullest extent. What we are talking about is ignorant people like you who overlook the criminal behavior of illegals who need to be prosecuted and sent back where they came from. I wonder how you would feel if some illegal drove drunk into your house, raped your daughter and stole your car to get away??? Hooray for Maria and everybody like her and Go Chipotle!

      2. Mongrel says:

        So I suppose “American Indians” arose spontaneously from the dirt? Or did they perhaps emigrate from Asia? For thousands of years their tribes killed each other for land, then one day another bigger, stronger tribe showed up and took it away from them. Humans have done that for as long as there have been humans, but you want to draw an arbitrary line a a certain point and say “ownership starts here.” Grow up – there’s a NATION here now, and like all other nations on this planet, it has the right to establish laws concerning who else gets to come in, and its citizens have the right to see those laws enforced.

        1. Bob F. says:

          Mongrel, you are spot on. Thank you for your conciseness. Sometimes, one feels pretty isolated when dealing with those who substitute knee jerk reaction for logic and reason.

        2. Dayton Dave says:

          Actually there is also good evidence that the first people on the continent were in fact white. You could have also pointed out that the survivors of the tribal wars were sometimes eaten by the victors and when that didn’t happened they were enslaved. Culturally , aboriginal American Indians were no bowl of cherries…

    14. JJ says:

      Illegal is illegal. Don’t sit around complaining about illegal immigrants breaking the law, and then go off about how you’re going to illegally carry your gun into the restaurant. I can respect your views on immigration, but if you’re also a law breaker, you have little room too talk. And also, No, your second amendment right does NOT trump private property rights. The Bill of Rights is set up to protect the people from GOVERNMENT, not other private citizens.

      1. SPSchnepp2 says:

        Last I checked, you’re wrong. Sorry. McDonald v Chicago says even the city government can’t restrict you. I’m struggling to see how a shop owner can do the same. He can refuse to serve a customer, but beyond that…

    15. Emma Peele says:

      @ Mitch…packing heat at a restaurant makes you a wussy? How many people at Luby’s in 1991 when 43 people were shot wished they had a gun?? Golden dragon 1977, McDonalds 1984, Hialeah 2010? Nuts go for crowded spaces…so restaurants are fine targets….being prepared to defend yourself hardly makes you a wussy. Maybe one day when a second amendment American helps you out you will realize it take courage to save another.

    16. Wayne says:

      Aw c’mon man, they just want to rape and pillage your state like they’ve done to California & Arizona. What’s wrong with that?

    17. mark says:

      Why is this rocket science for Obama the Harvard Professor?

    18. HeckSpawn says:

      Oh, so only the CRIMINALS are allowed to carry weapons at Chipotle?

      OK, I’m done with them too…

      Good luck, all you folks that rely on a criminal’s conscience to not rob or shoot up the place while you’re there…

    19. HeckSpawn says:

      Don’t forget sponging off of the taxpayers. Go stand in line at the County Welfare or SS office and see what percentage can speak English. Not many…

      1. libertymatters says:

        the people who have a problem with “illegals” really have a problem with sharing welfare with others…they love taxes… they just don’t want to pay them,

    20. ATOMIZER says:

      right on ….. don’t buy from business’s that hire them …. we have to start looking out for America, our government isn’t

    21. Detter says:

      The gov’t did not LET illegals stay here…they just didn’t get caught or the local police abrogated their authority to PC…

    22. Econ 101 says:

      My wife is an immigrant with a “green card” who has worked at several retail stores over the last two years and she has to provide proof of legal residence and authorization to work every time she applies for and gets a job. If someone can’t do that, they can just go back to the country in which they ARE a citizen and get in the visa line at the US Embassy like my wife and millions of other law abiding people do.

    23. thinkbot says:

      It’s clear that Liberals and Conservatives alike stand united in their opposition to illegals getting a free ride any longer. Support jobs for tax-paying Americans!

    24. K L P says:

      As an economist I would like to point out:
      cheap labor helps the economy. you’re looking at the wrong enemy, and trying to treat a symptom (immigration) instead of the disease (labor regulations). The problem is labor regulations that make american labor so expensive compared to informal labor contracts. things like minimum wage and other expense inducing regulations make it so Americans can’t work for less even if they wanted to.
      I would rather work for $5 an hour than be unemployed, but as a citizen that’s not an option for me. Immigrants can work for that much under the table. And businesses are dying right now. Paying for American labor is getting harder for them so they either employ informal workers or outsource to nations where jobs are cheaper (India, peru, etc.)

      Also, you’re not looking at the skill sets and money that they bring into the economy to diversify it and enable growth. Opening borders removes an obstacle to trade and is as helpful as actions like building interstates and bridges. Free Trade enables wealth creation.

      The job market isn’t a pie where there are a fixed amount of jobs. Giving a job to someone doesn’t mean you are taking it away from someone else.

    25. 3bagmom says:

      You might be an economist…but even a very stupid one knows opening your borders with a country not as economically stable as yours will only drain your own resources as they have nothing TO offer other than labor. It would not be mutually beneficial…This is for K L P who I think has gone off the reservation

    26. waltinseattle says:

      Thousands? really? and are not most muslim terrorists who have killed so many, are they not illegal? Oh you mean Mexicans. Why not just say so!

    27. jane says:

      you cant even sign your name?

    28. ByteRider says:

      Absolutely, Kerry… I’m in AZ– We in AZ see so much illegals take jobs from Americans and we experience, first hand, the crime and abuse they cause.

      Illegals DO NOT CONTRIBUTE. A lot of IDIOT MORONS here don’t realize that most of the illegals send their $$$$$ back to Mexico to support their families. THEY ARE NOT INTERESTED IN BECOMING CITIZENS of the US, nor are they interested in following law. Don’t believe me? Plenty of stories on how Western Union’s major soruce of business is xfering money from the US to Mexico. Google it.

      Dare I mention the mother and her 2 yo that was killed 2 weeks ago here in AZ by an Illegal? btw, an Illegal that had been deport 2 times earlier. God I hope SB1070 is upheld, it’s one of the only ways of resolving this problem.

    29. Nix Noona says:

      It’s called the law, gang…being someplace for years, if illegal, doesn’t make it right…at all…

    30. Larry B says:

      Yes, basically it is the Mexicans causing most of the problems. Keen eye you have, Walt.

    31. ronnie reagan says:


      I realize this so-called “organization” is just sticking up for their mission statement, but the reality is that their mission statement is an illigitimate FARCE.

      Kudos to you Chipotle?

    32. Adam says:

      There is a silent invasion. The are taking America not with an army but they will integrate US states to Mexico by saturating the economy with illegal workers and shipping the money south. They have no plans to become American. We must stand up. Our country is at risk!

    33. KETROUT says:

      Your are RIGHT! I could not have said it any better! Round up each and every one of the ILLEGAL ALIENS and deport their collective tail-ends back to their own country. NOW BEFORE THEY DO ANYMORE DAMAGE TO OUR GREAT COUNTRY.

  2. ohshutup says:

    Another reason I love Chipotle!

      1. M167A1 says:

        I know where I’m stopping for chow tonight.

      2. GregZ says:

        I try not to give my money to companies that use illegals anyway. This Immigrants
        rights group can complain all they want. Who cares what they say anyway. Illegals steal jobs from the 10-20% of Americans who aren’t working and drive the wage’s down for labor in skilled areas such as construction so much a man can’t support his family. Americans don’t like to live 30 to a 2 bedroom apartment. I never ate at this place before but I will now just to support them. I am not a racist, I just believe in rule of law!!!

    1. comprof says:

      I will start eating at Chipotle.

    2. Jim Ness says:


    3. Don in VA says:

      Me too! Go Chipotle!

    4. Tom says:

      Glad we heard from an “ethical vegan”. I’m always uneasy until I hear where they stand!

      1. Lynn says:

        Good one Tom.! Hahahahahaha!

      2. Justme says:

        Just the name makes one want to vomit…ethical vegan…oh my Lord !!

      3. Lia says:

        Hahahahaahahaha chipotle moved up on my “I want instant squirks tonight” list. I love vegans. They make a great side dish if sautéed in butter sauce.

    5. David C says:

      Yes that is true…however, there is a difference between legal and illegal. If you are illegal you are breaking the law. Quit trying to say that what happened in North America to the Native Americans is any different than anything that has happened anywhere where cultures have clashed.

      1. Agree, but sympathetic says:

        Only a big difference, the “winners” of this clash provided resources and sovereignty to the “Losing team” — Other than maybe Israel, do you know of any other situation in which the government gave like this to the losing side, not to mention yearly cash payments for “lost land”… or whatever they call it.

        Before you bash me, my grandmother was Native American, my sister and her family are members of a tribe in Northern Minnesota.

    6. David says:

      So what you’re saying is we should invade and take over Mexico? OK! Let’s do it!

    7. Rick says:

      What a dolt. My ancestors immigrated here according to US Immigration law. They did crawl across the border in the night illegally.

    8. Douglas says:

      You’re only an immigrant if you come to a functioning society. Colonials who came to America were not immigrants. They came to build a civilization, not to leech off of one.

    9. Delmar jackson says:

      perhaps another reason for problems in the country is emotional and illogical reasoning such as yours. We are not a nation of immigrants, we are a nation, like all other nations, a nation of CITIZENS thatv want less immigration.

    10. gimmeabreak says:

      the issue is “illegal” and “legal” immigrants. my grandparents came here from italy years ago. but they did it LEGALLY.

      nobody has a problem with those who follow the rules. we just don’t like law breakers!

    11. Fred says:

      My great grandfather came over from Switzerland LEGALLY. That’s what you left-wing nutjubs just can’t wrap your pot-befuddled brains around. We have no problem with LEGAL immigrants, just ILLEGAL aliens.

      1. Bart says:

        What is it about the the meaning of the word illegal that liberals can’t quite grasp?

    12. dee smith says:

      I will make my first trip to chow down at chipole’s here in AZ

    13. Goldenfoxx says:

      I think you are disgusting. Now I can go apply and get one of those jobs. I’m unemployed because the illegals have taken over. This is a wonderful Xmas gift to me and my children. I can speak crassly of them – they do not speak English! They do not understand a frick’n word you are saying. We’re talking about people being here ILLEGALLY! What part of that don’t you get?

    14. mark from says:

      @Amanda So please enlighten us and tell us where the North American Indians came from? Was it through Russia into Alaska and down the west coast? Your words hold nothing!

  3. Bill says:

    I hope they stay away from the Chinese restraunts or I will be eating Ramon again.

    1. Frank says:

      All of these grammar nazi comments crack me up!
      I just about spit my food out while reading these.
      Thank you all!

      1. Pete says:

        All these, not all of these, you troglodyte.

    2. Catherine Bass says:


    3. Ramon says:

      Oh no you’re not!

      1. knot says:

        Too Funny!!! Great!

    4. Karl says:

      Mike…now that’s downright funny…

    5. Also Bill says:

      Eating Ramon again? What, did you already finish off Raoul?

    6. joe says:

      DING DING DING, we have a winner!

      1. Sam Antonio says:

        File your papers – get a green card or GO HOME> meryy christmas for San Antonio

    7. Bob says:

      Do you keep Ramon in your freezer? Is he tasty? I keep Marc’n’Cheese in cans.

    8. Frank says:

      I’m sure Ramon will like that.

    9. Bennett says:

      Hah! Bill, I sure hoe Ramon is ok with that!

    10. Jeff says:

      I am sure that Ramon will be happy to here that!!!

    11. Kerry Early says:

      Eating Ramon? Does he/she object? I think you meant Ramen

    12. Claude says:

      I assume you meant Ramen. If not, then I hope you and Ramon have a blessed union.

    13. Woodie says:

      If you are eating Ramon, that is Mexi can food…If you are eating Chinese food that is ramen

      1. slick says:

        Ramen is japanese, they even have a ramen museum.

    14. skids says:

      Given how big business is treated differently than the workers, I can’t say that Chipolte is at fault. If they don’t at least make the appearance of being in compliance, they risk millions in fines. ICE merely released, with a court order to return to a hearing, the 250 illegals they caught in a nationwide Walmart raids, but fined Walmart 11 million dollars and made them consent to performing more efforts in background checking and audits to be compliant with Federal Immigration Law.

    15. Mike (the other one) says:

      Ramon? Sounds more like the cook at a Mexican restaurant.

    16. Cartman says:

      I love Chipolte but I hate the embarresing blood stains in my underware.

      1. kyle says:

        Dude, just go commando.

    17. Darby Crash says:

      Who’s Ramon?

    18. pompey says:

      ….this is true considering that our laws are not opressive at all……..

    19. academiamole says:

      You’ll eat Ramon who?
      Ramon Dekkers?
      Ramon Vargas?

    20. TRUST ME says:


    21. TRUST ME says:


    22. Gojo says:

      Please don’t eat Ramon. He may be illegal, but you really shouldn’t eat him. (The noodle is spelled “ramen.”)

    23. Hugh Jerection says:

      MMMM…Ramon is one lucky guy!

      Make him some Ramen when you’re done having your way with him, you’ll both be FAMISHED!

    24. Stu Cozza says:

      What does Ramon think of this?

  4. janna says:

    the key phrase in your argument is “willing to work”….

    1. Winky says:

      Yay, score one for the English teacher !

    2. Daphni says:

      Does that mean once you are legal, you don’t want to work?

    3. slick says:

      Please re-read the article. Chipolte did not know these workers were illegal. They would have been paying all of the benefits; ICE may have been tipped by benefits paid on behalf of non-existent workers.
      BTW, Chipoltle has the same corporate owners as MacDonalds. Assume similar corporate attitudes.

  5. dude497 says:

    You are a freak…..

    1. janna says:

      LOL – well stated – I’ll bet you rocked your HS debate team!

  6. kare11guru says:

    With the unemployment rate so high, why not hire people that have citizenship and the right to work here?

    1. Glen Beck says:

      John you are another retired republican troll who doesnt work, or a racist. Why do you support transnationals?

    2. Dave Beez says:

      Johns too lazy to use spellcheck

    3. Maria says:

      John, you are another lib/illegal who hates this country. If you live in the US, you’re the lazy one and living off the rest of us hard-working ‘Amerikans’. I work 7 days a week, follow the law, paid for all my own education for both my degrees and have a great job. So, you’re the lazy bozo who hates this country. Go back into your hole and never come out! If you don’t live in the U.S. Great! We don’t want you!

    4. Jim Ness says:

      John, No too many “Amerikans” have been told by Liberals they do not need to work as long as they keep voting Democrat!

    5. alicelouise58 says:

      So, any employer that is caught must be ruined to the legal extent of the law. This coupled with no government benefits will cause significant self deportation.

    6. John Smith says:

      And too lazy to think.

    7. Pogun says:

      I believe this is the best response to this issue that I have read.

  7. janna says:

    @ Ron – I am unemployed and have received NO unemployment benefits – I’m losing my home and I”m not complaining – I made my bed, I’ll lay in it – and my situation has absolutely nothing to do with illegal immigrants – laugh away if it makes you feel better!

    @ Jane – you dont sound like an ogre – you sound reasonable. I just have such a hard time separating the financial part of their being her with the human part of their being here – they are ppl with hopes, dreams, needs, feelings, thoughts just like the rest of us….

    1. plopsdad says:

      ppl with hopes, dreams, needs, feelings, thoughts just like the rest of us….
      Yes they are, but dont you think that citizens of this county should come first when seeking those things?

    2. twistin says:

      Bank Robbers are just ppl with hopes, dreams, needs, feelings, thoughts just like the rest of us….

    3. twistin says:

      Rapists are just ppl with hopes, dreams, needs, feelings, thoughts just like the rest of us….

    4. twistin says:

      Muggers are just ppl with hopes, dreams, needs, feelings, thoughts just like the rest of us….

    5. Jolly says:

      You haven’t really talked to any illegal immigrants, regardless of what country they are from. They are just here for the money, they don’t care about being citizens or following the law. They are not interested in learning english ore becoming americanized. And they cal us all gringos and worse behind our backs. They are part of the plan to retake the USA for latinos. They don’t like anyone who is not latino and that is why they stay in their barrios and refuse to assimilate.

  8. THE VOICE says:


    1. BarbieJo says:

      Oh snap, don’t you hate it when the trooth comes out
      (spelling currected for this thread)

    2. faride12 says:

      let me tell you they ave money taking ou of thir checks everytime they work but because thyare Illegals the can’t filled taxesand claim dependents so the money s sitting there with IRD and tey are millions so far, check into …

      1. Javier says:

        This is a lie. Many of these illegals get paid cash!!!! and NEVER pay income taxes on what they earn!

        The check into it is done by pro-illegal immigration groups who love to lie. I live in Chicago and this place is filled with illegal immigrants. Places that hire illegals pay them cash! thus, they do not have to report on this money on payroll which allows the illegal to NEVER have to report it either.

        Lies, Lies and then…more lies from the pro-illegal immigration folks.

      2. Jimmy Jones says:

        If they are taking money out of their checks it is because the ILLEGAL is committing identity fraud by using someone else’s SS#.

      3. Patricia says:


        sorry but the bill for their emergency room trips, births, accidents. like the 22 occupant SUV rollovers. food, Suing towns to have spanish speaking teachers.. AZ especially .. suing police departments for a compliance officer to understand them.
        Suing for whatever they need…. whenever..
        NEVER have ONE group of ILLEGALS no less.. immigrants DEMANDED so much from all of us!

    3. Rolly says:

      I don’t normally defend illegals but…

      If they work at Chipotle, taxes are taken directly out of their check. Since they’re illegal, they don’t file a Return. In other words, they are actually paying MORE tax than they would if they were legal.

      1. Maria says:

        Rolly, you are a moron. I’m a 5th generation Hispanic American AND a CPA. While these illegals (who typically have fake Soc Sec #s they buy for $100) might have taxes taken out of their paychecks, they GET IT ALL BACK WHEN many do file tax returns using those stolen SS numbers. They get more money back than they pay in via Earned Income tax credits, Child tax credits, Additional tax credits, etc, etc. They are laughing all the way to the bank while ignorant, feel -sorry- for- them-Americans, get hit over and over again and end up paying for them to live off our hard earned work. SEND THEM ALL BACK HOME HOME!

      2. Lee says:

        They take more out the social service then they ever put in. Add up food stamps, medical care, kids in school and relatives in jail. Look at the whole picture

      3. Dave C says:

        You don’t have to be a legal resident to file a tax return.

        If you want to get angry, blame Obama’s INS, that’s whose audit is forcing the firings. Some union boss probably filed a complaint

      4. bodidit says:

        I’m with Maria on this one, I read a story told by a doctor in Florida about a young illegal mother who was getting $1500 per month from the government for each of 4 or 5 handicapped children. Where in her home country can she get a deal like this?

      5. Javier says:

        Maria hit it on the nail! The few illegals who are paid via payroll checks do get their money back since they file taxes just like anyone else!

        Thus, these illegals break the law by stealing identities and then they break it again by filling taxes!

        However, 99% of illegals who work get paid cash. It is the easiest way for corporations, companies, small business to get around many of the illegal immigration laws. I have seen some very shady accounting in my time to hide this and I have seen illegals smile since they get paid cash, thus earning more money than their LEGAL counterpart who gets taken all type of taxes out of their pay check!

      6. Jimmy Jones says:

        Add identity theft, fraud and filling out false info on govt documents to their list of crimes.

      7. No Bueno says:

        Why wouldn’t they file a tax return with the same fradulent SS they used to steal that job! They’re going to get all that money back and then some at the end of ther year, though tax credits on their multiple anchor babies!

        Wake up! Illegal invaders are thieves of the worst kind!

      8. dan says:

        @ Rolly
        you’re correct many illegals get a payroll check with taxes taken out but they falsly claim 7 to 10 dependants so hardly any taxes are witheld. then factor in the trips to the emergency room and bilingual teachers etc and it is a BIG net loss to USA

      9. twistin says:

        Hey, why would ANYBODY be upset over simple Border Jumping, Identity Theft, Theft, Fraud, and Milking the System for Medical, Education, Food, Housing, Cash…….?

        We are just so frikken Nice, US Americans…..”They all hate us anyhow, so let’s drop the Big One now……”

      10. John Knight says:

        Maria, you’re 100% on the mark. I worked at IRS in frontline assistance and believe me the “refunds” were always in the $5000. range!!

    4. L. Bowser says:

      That depends on if you count up all the sin taxes, property tax (through their rent), SSI and Medicaid not to mention income taxes if they work at a place like Chipotle. Don’t forget sales tax. I’m sure I’m leaving some out. The fact is if you look at what they pay in taxes and what a normal person of that stature in society pays in taxes, it’s about the same. Remember, the bottom 50% of earners typically pay no income tax.

    5. reader says:

      They pay taxes, they are aven provided with special number to fille their taxes every year.

  9. SickOfThis says:

    Glad to hear that Chipotle did this, it should happen all across the country. Send ALL Illegal’s back where they came from! If they want to be in this country they MUST do it legally!

    1. faride12 says:

      they will if they could have a VISA, and if the LEGAL people will do ths jobs itwill be good .

    2. kepeneter says:

      Let’s have the Rule of Law Rule!

    3. DR Ricardo says:

      Agree and MARIA ROCKS!!!!!!

      1. Jim in Houston says:

        Too bad LULAC and others like them don’t have Maria’s value system.

  10. Michele says:

    I don’t see the problem, these individuals are not allowed to work in the United States, so they are not being allowed to work. Period.

  11. Garcia says:

    I Can’t Believe I ate the WHOLE THING!

  12. al says:

    thats fine to welcome people with open arms as long as they are here legally

    1. BB says:

      Ok – but I am a Native American and I am preety dang sure my family did not say to the first white settlers _ “come and take my land, my food, my resources and dictate to to my people what you want of us” now , or did they?
      Leave them alone

      1. Dude says:

        No, your family was probably drunk and selling cigs or working in the casino/bingo hall.

        1. BB says:

          to Dude: if directed at me I think maybe you may be flat out a racist and imbecile. I’d not even respond but anyone using Dude just may need a few dollars to buy some smoke so come on over. I’ll put you to work at a Chipotle for $7.85 and hour. Hurry up now as the jobs will fill fast … lmao

      2. xJonx says:

        And when you take back “YOUR LAND” (in quotes because after all, your Indian tribe probably fought with another Indian tribe for it), you can welcome all the illegal aliens you want.

        Until then, it’s property of the US and I expect my Executive Branch to Execute the Law.

      3. Mongrel says:

        So you’re claiming this country belongs to your family because of hmm… I guess your race? And you seem to have a problem with “white” folks as well. Who’s the real racist imbecile here?

    2. Chris says:

      Indians are useless

      1. Rolls the dice quickly says:

        No not useless at all. We have really nice casinos that all the nice people come to and give us their money. We pay our families and our kids with tax free money. It’s a great way to support the national debt. Reservations are cool – come visit and bring your wife and a big wallet. Enjoy the peace pipe.
        Chief poker table

    3. James L. says:

      @BB: You should applaud the deportation of people who are here illegally. As a Native American, you have already seen what happens when there is an “open borders” immigration policy.

      1. BB says:

        @James L: I’ll applaud it if and only if all the whiners who FACTUALLY did the same in past would get on the same boat.
        Pretty funny how some of the folks think. As long as it plays out your way it’s always grand and mighty. The minute the snowball gets tossed back at you it becomes a different story.
        Not jumping at you James as you actually seem reasonable and civil.
        The facts remain what they are though – and if it’s good for the goose it sure should be good for the gander.

  13. Sam I am says:

    Its about time. If you are here illegal then you don’t have the right to work. Illegals can’t come here and make up I-9 documentation and then expect no repercussions.

    I for one applaud the honesty in Chipolte and will make sure they are on my list of places to have lunch at.

    1. Burrito L says:

      I will not hire them in a house
      I will not hire them for my spouse
      I will not hire them her nor there
      I will not hire them anywhere
      I dot not eat green burritos and ham
      I do not do not Sam i am
      Yummy – oh freebirds monster is HUGE – burrito – that is

  14. James says:

    The argument that becuase, these people have hopes and dreams and are trying to support their families, and therefore we should ignore their illegal status and allow them to work is arrant, puerile nonsense. By logical extension, then, they should have the right to steal whatever they need to support their families? They’re stealing resources and jobs now. Sheesh. Learn to think. (And I’m a liberal Democrat, no less)

    1. johncs says:

      Pretty scary when a liberal dem shows some common sense!

    2. Jeff says:

      I think you’re a closet conservative.

    3. bodidit says:

      Strong words for a democrat James! 🙂

    4. Mongrel says:

      James, the cognitive dissonance must be just tearing your head apart. I mean, the core tenet of modern liberalism is that the government exists to stick their hand in my pocket to fund the hopes and dreams of other legal residents just because they don’t want to work as hard as I do (if at all). So, you’re ok with that theft in general, just as long as the paperwork is in order? You’re half-way back to sanity, just keep thinking, ok?

  15. Jeff says:

    What you liberals don’t seem to get, is a key word in this article; ILLEGAL. Why don’t you understand what the word “illegal” means? It means against the law; not lawfully. I welcome immigrants to the US. Please, come here and work hard and make a better life for your family. But do it legally. What these illegal immigrants do is: 1) not pay taxes, 2) send their earned income to their home country where they have relatives who need it, 3) and use services like police, fire, and medical at the cost of legal tax-payers. So, they may work hard, and they may be trying to help out their families, but they are hurting others in the process. By using those services but not contributing, they are simply bleeding the system. So, taxes go up for those who play by the rules. So, again, come to the US for a better life, but do it the right way; LEGALLY.

  16. Tom Willard says:

    When you go into nearly any restaurant in the Metro, 90% of the kitchen is Latino. But if you go into a Mexican restaurant, WOW! No Caucasians?! This equality BS works both ways people.

    1. Bruiser says:

      You mean white folk just to lazy or costly now don’t ya Tom?

      1. faride12 says:

        Latinos wll do anythin to work and feed their families, compare t oter people that wants to stay home in walare or just have a office job.

      2. Maria says:

        Hey Bruiser, I guess you could say the same for black folk as well, right? I’m a 5th generation Hispanic American, and I’m always astonished that more blacks don’t fight more to send all these illegals back to their own countries (whether it’s Mexico, Columbia, India, Vietnam,etc, etc,) because these illegals, especially illegal latinos, are TAKING AWAY YOUR JOBS!!! YOU FOOLS!

      3. bodidit says:

        Maria for president! LOL but I’d vote for her!

      4. going loop bro says:

        Yo man – lets catch up wid yp mamma on go loop in da hood yo yo

      5. Detter says:

        So much for EEO compliance, eh? White folk need not apply, Black folk need not apply so on and so forth. It’s not just white folk who are out of work. There are plenty of legal races that would love to have a job. Even the legal elderly.

  17. Tom Willard says:

    If I follow Sigal’s thinking, an illegal should also be allowed to drive with no license or insurance. I mean, he HAS to get to his illegal job to earn income that he pays no taxes on.

    1. Gregor says:

      They already do Tom.

  18. Dave Seavy says:

    I agree with everyone who’s pointing out the illegality. Just because somebody has hopes and dreams does not excuse them from the law. We all have hopes and dreams. Does that mean the entire legal system should be ignored?

  19. vixxen36 says:

    I feel sorry for these folks losing their jobs but when you enter this country by illegal means, its a risk you take.

  20. mark from says:

    Pack up the bus and send them back. We have for years tried to almost go out of our way to help immigrants come into America. It’s time to end this once and for all, you come to America illegally YOU go back! End of Story. We also fine the companies $10,000 per violation, this would fund more money into ICE and send the warning.

  21. Mike Sell says:

    your report seemed quite biased,you never once used the term “illegal aliens” when you refer to the workers.I think your bleeding heart agenda is showing .
    The only ‘uproar’ was from the very small number that share your views

  22. Steve says:

    When applying for a job there is a question on job applications “are you entitled to legally work in the US” yes/no. What part of the ‘illegal’ immigration rights group doesn’t understand. Its a clear question. You are not here illegaly, you are not entitled to work here. Simple as that. Its the law.

  23. Chris says:

    So the business that hired the cheap labor and breaks the law doesn’t have to go to prison? Well they are more guilty then the immigrants. And they are still allowed to serve the food to the cheap customers? What a food chain.

  24. Jack says:

    Be nice to people who are here illegally. They’re people looking for a better life. Get rough with the ones who hire them. Where’s the $50,000 fine for each one hired or jail time? The companies that hire them should be going to jail.

    1. Gregor says:

      Good one Jack, and while we are at it, lets be nice to the poor guys who accidentally flew those planes into those buildings in 2001. We should fine and jail the people who built those buildings in such an inconvenient location, and while we are at it, fine and jail the people who let them onto the airplane in the first place. With all of these horrendous violators of human rights out of the way, then we can all get along, and the unicorns will finally decide to reappear. Yay!!!

    2. johncs says:

      You can be professional, compassionate, and civil. You do not have to give in to illegal immigration. Businesses that knowingly hire illegals should be held accountable, but sometimes illegals use stolen identities as proof (another criminal act).

  25. Boot Them Out says:

    You don’t know Jack!
    If they hadn’t entered this country illegally no one could hire them to begin with.

  26. The MAN! says:

    I have to poop!

    1. Mark says:

      suppose that means you’ll have to hire an illegal to clean up after you too. Couldn’t have a white face do it now as they wouldn’t of course.
      Then call ICE
      You da man

  27. More To The Story says:

    With over 200,000 legal Minnesotans out of work and looking for jobs, this is a good thing, but the fired workers should not have had jobs at Chipotle’s in the first place. Why are they only checking for the I9 forms AFTER a federal immigration audit? It is the law that all companies have employees fill out an I9 form and provide TWO forms of documentation, such as a birth certificate, social security card, green card or work permit in addition to a drivers license or state ID. It’s obvious Chipotle did not adhere to the law when hiring their employees and are only now firing the ones who didn’t fill out an I9 or didn’t have the required proof of citizenship. The undocumented workers were just trying to have a job to support themselves and their family’s. Can’t blame them for that. IMO, Chipotle is more to blame here for not following the law to begin with and most likely hiring illegals at lower wages then they pay other workers.

  28. Matt Clauson says:

    For everyonme who stated that illegal immergrants don’t contribut to society is a crook. They do many of the jobs that Americans don’t want to do. How many of you individuals who keep saying boot them are going to clean poop stained tiolets. These individuals support more then most people working to taxes because even though they would get a refund they don’t do their taxes because they fear being caught.

    1. PaulP says:

      Amen — but the arrogant or those who live here and work the system deny the facts. Sad state of affairs in the USA

      1. LizP says:

        Matt you also forget to take on the fact that most of them have been told to put down 999 dependents on your W-4… (FYI when you do this, you get no money taken out of your check for taxes because the government thinks you have enough deductions to not have to owe taxes)

      2. DHS REP says:

        Please call Department of Home Land Security and bring a bus. Fill it and drop off at border in Tiajuana. Salsa verde for everyone.
        Get a green card or GO HOME – i love NAFTA – North American Fleeing Transient Agreement

    2. Jeff says:

      Matt, your argument contradicts itself. There are 2 issues: Wanting to do a job, and legally being able to do the job. You are correct that a lot of US citizens may not want to clean toilets or do the dirty jobs, but that does not mean we should simply hand the job over to someone who is here illegally (not paying taxes, not supporting our Gov’t, not buying car insurance, not supporting our economy, etc). And those that happen to also be criminals eat up even more of our tax / Gov’t funded programs like ICE, and our judicial system – tax dollars to arrest them, book them, provide a lawyer for them, try them, then deport them.

      1. Mara Alexander says:

        You forgot to mention: “wanting to do a job” usually depends on how much it PAYS. The availability of “cheap” (for the employer) illegal alien labor helps to drive down the wages it would take to attract AMERICANS to these jobs. I may not want to make a career out of cleaning toilets, but if it paid enough, I sure as heck would.

      2. BostonBob says:

        Mara – you might at that. But I sure as hell ain’t gonna pay you $20 an hour to do so and you and I know that’s what you and others would want.
        IF you folks didn’t all desire..make it demand…a lifestyle that you maybe never could afford before just imagaine kicking wages up 100% from low 20’s to mid-40’s for all. And based on all comments above that’s what you want – won’t work cheap but DEMAND cheap things. A Wacked out America is what we have today.

    3. survcon says:

      Matt and Paul don’t want to give up their slave class and don’t want to clean up their own mess. Buy a plantation, guys. Sheesh.

      1. GOOD NEWS says:

        This news article was a link from the drudge report – thanks MATT DRUDGE.
        Fun stuff – Fark is funny too.

    4. Dennis says:

      Maybe these Americans that don’t want to do these jobs should be compelled to take them rather than being on the dole. As long as people are paid not to work they will decide not to work.

    5. Enough says:

      Matt, Most of the people I see cleaning the riolets are white or black Americans. The job these illegals are taking is in construcion. This is real jobe being taken from real AMERICANS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

      1. Nice MN says:

        You tell them – roses are red riolets are blue i would rather have a bottle in front of me than a frontal lobotomy.
        Now the jobe is on you too – enough is enough
        Nice MN

    6. Brian says:

      THESE PEOPLE ARE STEALING SOCIAL SECURITY NUMBERS TO GET THESE JOBS!!! Don’t you people get it? They aren’t just walking into Chipotle and starting to work. They come over the border, get fake docs with someone else’s SSN on (identity theft) and then work. Hell, they may even take out a credit card with that SSN too. I hope your SSN get stolen and maybe you will understand the depth of the problem.

    7. karen says:

      The Cost of Illegals at a glance:
      Great photo map

    8. Mongrel says:

      Matt, that’s a myth created by the Open Borders crowd and perpetuated by leftist pols. There’s downward pressure on wages for those jobs precisely because illegals are willing to do them for less. There are plenty of legal citizens more than willing to do them, but because they can’t/won/t work the system the way illegals do they need higher pay and get underbid. 99+ weeks unemployment also makes it more attractive to stay home rather than “step down” to a less attractive job.

      Like it or not, the huge mass of illegal workers is a major factor in the economic crisis, as it leads directly to higher unemployment, which erodes consumer and business/investor confidence and constricts the flow of commerce needed to get our economic engine moving.

  29. Matt Clauson says:

    What should be more looked upon is the people who are here legally here that work the welfare system by EBT (food stamps). There are many people who get money using illegal means then also collect food stamps. Many times the people will have a cash side of the EBT. these individuals can get money back and use the money for anything like drugs, and alcohol. How many of you like your taxes going to buying people cigeretttes. lots of these people don’t pay taxes because they don’t have taxable incomes.

    1. Jeff says:

      Matt, again, two different issues. One is the illegal immigrants that do not follow the rules on how to come the US legally, and geta job, legally, and support our system, and then those who exploit the system and work the loop-holes and short cuts to steal and profit from illegal operations. This thread has been focused on the former, and the impact it has on our society. If you want to compare the US’ policy on immigration against other countries, let’s take a look at China, where they have arrested and detained 3 hikers for over a year without a trial and without eveidence, simply because the hikers were in China ILLEGALLY.

    2. Mara Alexander says:

      You do know that illegal aliens can get WIC, don’t you? And collect welfare on behalf of U.S.-born kids? In California, which has the highest number of welfare recipients in the country, 30% of these live in households headed by illegal aliens.

      1. sean patriot says:

        Thats nothing a good cullin couldn’t fix

      2. Crowd controler beijing says:

        It’s known as ethnic cleansing and work real good in China – one child – one pet – no fun but it keeps the population down to around a billion or so.
        Fu LEE FUNG

    3. BostonBob says:

      You are talking mainly white and black people Matt – I own 4 small corner grocery stores and know my clientel better than you do 😉

  30. Merry Christmas says:

    Could the people who think the illegals should stay, please post your addresses? I would like to come to your house on Christmas. I expect that you will have a meal ready for me, gifts bought, a bed for me to sleep in, and I will be treated just like a family member. I won’t knock. I will just walk in when I want and I will be staying as long as I want. Merry Christmas!!

    1. sean patriot says:

      You had better arrive drunk as well

      1. Jaeger man says:

        Bull blasters for everyone – chilled 12oz yum – free for all

    2. Maria L says:

      Naaaa – you would steal all I had is what you’d do. Then maybe take it to your Christian right based church and accept the priases from those who thought you actually bought the stuff.

      1. American says:

        Hay Maria, L, let me take a wild guess. Mexican right!.. Is that a lot like Hispanics who line up at these same churches to take the freebies given. They line up for clothes. They line up for food. Or anything else they can get free. Then set the calendar for there next trip to the church giveaway. Viva la rasa!

    3. John Smith says:

      You are lucky we give turkey to your great grandparents after they arrived on the Mayflower. It will be nice if you repay the favor.

  31. rick says:

    for totally selfish reasons I’m pissed. The Latino workers have been far and away better workers at the Grand ave. location than the others. Two of them spoke more proper English than all the people I assume were American born. I still plan on going back but I’m prepared for the quality to suck until the lady who looks a lot like my grandma gets up to speed.

  32. Todd says:

    Fifteen years ago the INS raided a Minnesota school bus company. 33 drivers (10% of the driving fleet) were caught as illegal and deported. Ten more never reported back to work afterwards. The press would not air any of that. Today a few illegally documented worked get fired from a fast food joint and it is front page news.

  33. jas says:

    Wow, censorship at its finest

  34. Bob says:

    100% of illegal immigrants are criminals, what about the people who work for there citizenship. You want citizenship, 4 years in the Marine Corp. gets you to the top of the list…..

    1. BeatnDowninMN says:

      You work for your BOob or receive it from mamma and pappy? just asking 😉

      1. Mongrel says:

        So you’re sayin’ we should just forget about where you’re born and let all 2 billion+ people who want a better life move on i? Just askin’

  35. Bob says:

    Merry Christmas, I’m with you man…..

  36. Mara Alexander says:

    Just think. These illegal aliens could be back in their home countries in time for Christmas!

    1. sean patriot says:

      It would be a Feliz Navidad miracle

  37. jojo says:

    What makes people think undocumented workers don’t pay taxes? I believe most employers withhold taxes from employees on each paycheck. And undocumented workers probably don’t file an income tax return so the withheld taxes are kept by the state and federal governments

  38. omh-G says:

    BTW RE: taxes. Most low level employees get a refund, if they can file. Illegals can’t or won’t file so they leave THEIR ENTIRE WITH HOLDING with us. (unless of course their employer isn’t filling their part of the tax code. They also pay into social security, but can’t collect any social security benefit. SO they are actually subsidizing some of us. LOL

    1. Mara Alexander says:

      If they’re “paying” taxes and into SS, it’s under a STOLEN ID. If you need a stolen ID to work, then you’re doing a job an American would do and displacing him from paying taxes and into SS as well. So, Americans get stuck not only with paying the costs of identity theft, providing services to illegal aliens that the very low taxes they “pay” won’t cover, we also get to subsdize the Americans who are out of work with unemployment benefits and welfare. Illegal aliens are quite a “bargain”, aren’t they?

      1. Mara Alexander says:

        And of course, omyh-G, your argument’s logical conclusion is that we can NEVER afford to legalize illegal aliens because then we’d lose the “benefits” you identify.

    2. Washington Report says:

      Not when they claim 8 ficticious kids on their W2. How much do you believe they gat taxed when claiming 8 kids & making minimum wage?

    3. USMinuteman says:

      Actually, they CAN get a refund. It’s called an ITIN #…I know an illegal alien who worked for Dennys. She used a fake social SS #, she used an ITIN # to open her bank account at Washington Mutual and received a tax refund with the ITIN # because she claimed her 2 daughters.

      Go Figure.

      An ITIN # is a number given to foreigners who work so they can file taxes.

    4. Mongrel says:

      @omh-G and JoJo – oh please! I’ll bet you knew the truth and posted that anyway. Better than half work either partly or entirely for cash. As for the rest, being illegals, they have no incentive to stick to the truth so they claim excess dependents and have very little withheld to begin with. And of course they file, why not? There’s very little risk for them, since getting caught just means buying another stolen SS number, and filing gets them not only a full refund but EIC $ as well. In sum, they’re a huge negative drain on the economy.

      People need to STOP SPREADING THIS LIE – illegals do NOT “contribute” unclaimed tax refunds, they actually use the tax system to steal even more money.

  39. Greg Laden says:

    Wow, it does not take much to get the racism and hate to fly out of the woodwork! So much for Minnesota Nice.

    The article does not indicate that any of the workers were “illegal.” It does indicate that where management had a hard time with the documentation, the worker was fired. It will be interesting to see, if it could eve be determined, who was really fired.

    1. Mongrel says:

      No Greg, what you’re seeing is a near-universal rejection of the liberal dogma that apparently still controls your thought process. As always there’s a scattering of racist rants here & there, but an objective reader can’t help but notice that the overwhelming focus is on the law and the American economy.

      But I guess one shouldn’t be surprised that you failed to notice that, given that the sentence “It is an I-9 audit” (among others) was also somehow unable to penetrate your Progressive Truth Barrier. Then there’s the fact that substituting ad hominem attacks on posters for fact-based attacks on their arguments really just doesn’t work any more, hasn’t for some time now. No doubt you found it emotionally reassuring, but trust me, you persuaded nobody.

  40. Karen says:

    What don’t people understand about the word ILLEGAL? It means that people don’t have the LEGAL right to be in the US or LEGALLY work in the US. I have worked with two people the LEGALLY entered the US and worked very hard to become citizens. That is the way it is suppose to happen.

    1. sean patriot says:

      Because it doesn’t fit in their agenda

  41. CountriesHaveBorders says:

    Adios Illegals!

  42. Bogey says:

    Where would you draw the line on how many we welcome with open arms?
    One million? Ten Million, Fifty Million? Time to come to grips with reality!!!

  43. Steve Miller says:

    Fifty Americans will now get the jobs that the fifty Illegal Immigrants stole – sweet!

  44. Chris says:

    Yeah because there are no latino gangs. MS13 is all rich white kids.

  45. it's you're says:

    learn grammar.

  46. Tillman says:

    Illegal is against the law; an Illeagle is a sick bird…

  47. XTruckerWill says:

    While I feel for those fired; they onlt did it to themselves. They chose to brwak the law and they chose not follow the correct procedure in getting a visa. I have a several neighbors from Mexico and all of them have Visas or are now are US citizens.

    There are mant Americans out of work that should have those jobs. I would also imagine that all of the restaurants nationwide are going their own audit.

    1. XTruckerWill says:

      Sorry about the spelling …darn smart phone keys. 🙂

  48. Tim says:

    Jobs for legal residents! It should never have been anything different. Good for Chipotle for firing illegal workers, and how pathetic of illegal immigrant “rights” groups for standing in the way of jobs for American citizens. The economy is in the gutter and imigration laws are being enforced. Sounds like the illegal alien gravy train is finally leaving the station.

  49. Washington Report says:

    Pardon me if I take a pass at feigned outrage over our laws actually being enforced. This needs to happen on a wider scale.

  50. Billy says:

    Good. I will be eating more Chipotle now that I know they are trying to employ actual Americans

    1. BostonBob says:

      I’ll be watching the new hires spitting in your taco too I imagine as they just got back from smoking a joint. 😉

  51. Tim says:


    I bet your neighbors who obeyed are laws are fine people and have become an asset to your community.

    Immigrants are welcome with open arms, but only if they obey our laws.

    1. sean patriot says:

      They broke the law to come here.

  52. Tara says:

    Send all the illegals home and unemployment rate will drop dramatically because there will actually be jobs available for the people that have the right to be here.

  53. Steve says:

    That’s right, and we have a LEGAL process in place that they may follow to come to this country and work, LEGALLY!

  54. Yeah Baby says:

    AWESOME! Now some Americans can go back to work. Don’t stop there… fire the morons that hired them.

    1. BeatnDowninMN says:

      Hell ya — oh wait. They counting all the millions they made over the years and now will be opening and exploiting folks in China and elsewhere outside the USA to avoid taxes. Oh…that they already do! Lordy Lordy Lordy – what we to do. Goodnes – 1000 folks working cheap and 1 exploiter all taking away the same dollar in total. Get me a gun – I need to shoot that business dude first

      1. Mongrel says:

        Umm, so jobs serving food at Chipotle are going to be shipped overseas? Man, that’s going to be some slow service…

  55. sean patriot says:

    “immigration rights group ”

    You mean illegal immigrants right. You forgot to use the term “illegal”. I wonder why that is. DEPORT THEM ALL and their rotten kids.

  56. Keith in Seattle says:

    They are illegal, they don’t have a “right to work”. Enough actual citizens are out of work…

  57. Michael Wolfe says:

    If they aren’t here legally then not only should they be fired they should be deported as well.

  58. mnkraut says:

    Just inforcing this country’s laws

    Born here, or moved here………you are subject to the law of the land.

  59. Cody says:

    Maybe now they will hire some people who can understand my language and get my order right.

  60. Anawynn13 says:

    Don’t just fire them, deport them, and every illegal family member connected to them.

  61. Jim Sweet says:

    If, in fact, this is a result of an I-9 investigation, how does Chipotle have any other option than firing those who cannot document their legal status?

    MIRAC is VERY confused as to who is at fault here.

  62. Kevin says:

    By by….see ya’………dont forget to write….miss you already…swim back across when millions of real Americans are not unemployed….

  63. Griff says:

    And you should learn to use the word “you’re”, a contraction of “you are”.

  64. See it says:

    These people are taking from the producers. Why should my children and I be required to pay for these people?

    Why can’t these people turn their home countries into nice places? Why are you excusing their laziness?

    If Germany which had nearly a quarter of its population wiped out by the Bubonic plague, hit by the depression, and devasted by WWI & WWII and the Hitler dictatorship and Communism can come out and become one of the top 10 economies in the world, then why can’t these people do the same for their countries?

    There isn’t a plague or world war going on in their country so what is their excuse?

  65. SpfldJimbo says:

    Ummm, waiter!
    I’ll take Ms. Swanson’s table.

  66. Mr. Latino says:

    Latino workers? Latino’s are born in the United States…Mexican’s are born in Mexico….you just insulted the Mexicans that were fired….

    1. Get a map says:

      Latinos are from Latin America as a demographic group. Don’t get your color caffee mixed with your caffe latte. Open a geography book and find the panama canal. Everything above that and below Vancouver is yours.
      Everything below is Latino – south america is still in the amaericas – did you pass 5th grade hmmmmm?
      Get a Map

  67. Jerry says:

    to BB Your ancestors traded their land for trinkets and guns. PS: Did the Spanish treat the Indians they encountered in Mexico any better???

  68. Harry Downs says:

    The operative word in this story is illegal.If the people fired in this story are illegal then they deserved to be fired. They are breaking the law and so is the place that hired them. They are taking jobs that Americans need.Let them go back to where they came from.

  69. Michael says:

    This is what happens when the government actually ENFORCES the current law. If this happened on a national scale, the “illegal” problem would solve itself.

  70. Bast Hotep says:

    Yes, nobody’s perfect, but somehow I think I’d remember sneaking into another country to live and work there illegally.

  71. Juan V says:

    Something is very wrong in this country when criminals openly whine and complain through a support group about the enforcement of laws in our supposed republic. Illegal immigrants need to shut and go home to whatever country they belong, and stop leeching off of teet of America and taking jobs away from Americans. If ALL the laws were enforced their arses would be in a detention facility awaiting deportation.

    I just bought $500 in gift cards from Chipotle as Christmas gifts for friends and family. All you law abiding, criminal hating, patriots do the same.

    1. Local law says:

      I’ll take you in to the local precinct on the way home Juan. Oh and I need those gift certificates for the blue santa drive bring them too.
      Officer Frederickson

  72. Chicago Nick says:

    Time to do this across the country. These people don’t run this place, we do. Send them all home and finish the wall, electrify it and then institute death penalty for illegal immigration into the country afterwords.

    This has ruined America and made it unsafe not to mention bankrupting the nation. Send them all home now by firing anyone who’s not a legal born citizen. Period done end of story.,

  73. Doc says:

    What a ridiculous article.

    If you fire the illegals that gave FAKE SSN’s, in reponse to a government query, you are a bad guy.

    If you let them continue to work there, you get fined by the government.

    No win scenario for Chipotle. Stick to the letter of the law, Chipotle.

    1. More SSN please says:

      We are all out of the real SSN you sold us to fake the doctor visits. We used the ones up from your dead patients last month. thanks Doc
      Fired up in MN

  74. My morals are fine says:

    Open arms for LEGAL immigrant, yes. As for the rest, fire them, deport them and give their jobs to LEGAL US citizens and/or immigrants. There are plenty of people who need a job AND have a right to be here.

  75. Topher says:

    I’m just curious whether the non-latino employees (yes, there are some at Chipotle) were also required to provide immediate verification of their legality to work. i don’t know about all of you but I don’t normally carry my Social Security Card, Birth Certificate or Passport with me at all times. So if I were to be the subject of one of these audits, I wouldn’t pass either – and I’m a blue-eyed, Minnesota-bred Norwegian.

    The issue here for me isn’t whether illegal immigrants should be able to work or not, it’s whether it’s fair to expect these people to have all of their documentation on them at all times. I wonder if any latinos who were born and raised here were fired because they did not provide their birth certificate or SS card on the spot?

    1. Mongrel says:

      Just a suggestion – there’s this new thing called “Google”. You can use to to search for a term (say, one like “I9 sweep”) and it will return “links” to all sorts of information about how they are conducted, and how they then sometimes lead to these mass firings. It takes a little more time, but is a lot less embarrassing than exposing one’s willful ignorance to the world at large.

  76. Folkgirl says:

    Just so you know, there’s a reason the restaurant industry is built on hiring hispanic workers, legal or not – they’re hard workers and great cooks. Ask any executive chef and they will tell you that the kitchens would shut down without them. Oh well, I guess we could all use a few less giant burritos.

  77. Double R says:

    Who care if they’ve “worked there for years”…they’ve also broken the law for that same amount of time.

  78. Robin says:

    Sick birds of prey are a tragedy.

  79. Dave says:

    I’m real curious is George Soros in any way connected to funding the Minnesota Immigration Rights Action Committee (MIRAC). I am definitely against illegals or anyone that unlawfully invades our borders and steals opportunity from lawful residents. Its obvious these long term invaders are no different than terrorist sleeper cells to subvert our culture because they arrogantly refused to assimilate and remedy their error.



  81. Michael says:

    Those who do speed, roll through the stop signs, etc. don’t expect to be free from the consequences if caught. We have openly self announced illegals walking around with zero fear of being deported.

    If the feds won’t enforce laws against them, why should they do so with anybody?

  82. ega says:

    My firend has been out of work for 10 months, and would take ANYTHING HE CAN GET! Deport Now!

  83. SharpShtik says:

    You’re an Idiot. Learn how to spell you’re.

    1. Mongrel says:

      You’re a spelling lamer AND an idiot – learn how to spell “Shtick”. 😉

  84. johnny drama says:

    … Its pretty funny when obeying the law becomes controversial. Its like :
    ” motorists outraged because cops ticket speeders “

  85. Fred says:

    We have a 20% unemployment rate in the USA. Like other countries, the jobs here should be given to USA citizens and legal immigrants. End of story.

    No race baiting please.

  86. johnny drama says:

    @ BB, please spare us the poor native american routine. The american indians were happily slaughtering eachother for hundreds of years before the europeans came. lets talk about now.


    Yes We Can Build a YES WE CAN! YES WE CAN!

    1. Mongrel says:

      Aryan hate group? No thanks man. Get a clue, ok?

  88. John Geary says:

    Go Minnesota!!!

  89. Troll Slayer says:

    One just opened up nearby my office. After reading this I will have lunch there today!

  90. Frank says:

    Melissa Swanson sounds like a real fun girl. I think I’ll go out and have a double-down at KFC in her honor for lunch on my way to our hunting camp to kill Bambi and his mom.

    Anyone got any dolphin steaks for sale?

  91. VIVA LA RAZA! says:

    “We Are The Ones We’ve Been Waiting For” –


  92. Geoff says:

    To all those willing to forgive illegal immigrants of their law-breaking: I admire your generosity, and advise all illegals to pitch a tent in your backyard.

  93. Eric says:

    I like most of America am the son of a son of a son of immigrants. I welcome immigrants LEGALLY. The problem we face now in this country is the lack of assimilation. Our forefathers came here and became Americans. Today, people come here and want the bennies of America but not the intent of what this country is about.

  94. 38 Police Special says:

    I agree with Jas. The “southern invasion” is the foder for the massive unrest planned by the uber-leftists that are now running our governmnet and need a good “crisis” to bypass the Constitution.

  95. Greg says:

    I guess this means they’ll have a few openings for Americans to work there?

  96. Juan M. says:

    re-think morals: “Whatever happened to welcoming people into this Country with open arms?? Oh that would be intruding on all of your self financial gains….”

    By “financial gains” if you mean putting food on the table for my family; buying them clothing and paying the rent and medical costs – then yes you are correct.

    I am a legal immigrant from Mexico who is struggling to become an American. Not a hyphenated-American.. an American.

    I have to deal with illegal workers driving down the wages paid by employers and the fact that as so many are paid under the table it is far easier for them to get jobs.

    American citizens have welcomed me with open arms, it is those who are here illegally that have made life far more difficult for me and my family.

    So I suggest you drop the patronizing, holier-than-thou, ignorant attitude and consider the plight of legal immigrants who are welcomed by Americans with open arms and how undocumented/illegal immigrants negatively effect us as well as citizens.

  97. Ralph Gizzip says:

    Chipotle is now #1 on my lunch time list.

  98. lastamericandude says:

    hey awipe. its my business. i can hire and fire anyone i want. the govt doesnt own it, and illegals definitely dont own it. how damn brazen are these people to think they can force a business to hire or keep anyone employed. go start your own business. were at a point where these people have no shame now. theyll sue, theyll boycott…after all…the illegals own chipotle…its mexican food. this has go to end.

  99. I will now be a Faithful Patron of Chipotle

  100. 38 Police Special says:

    Amazing how ironic irony can be sometimes.

  101. unexploded muslim says:

    i say shoot illegals on sight! i guarantee it will stop this illegal migration quick! and better yet, lets deport all these a-holes that want to stand up for the right of ILLEGAL IMMIGRANTS to take AMERICAN TAXPAYERS MONEY! its not a right, and ill fight against it with my own life.

    1. Mongrel says:

      And I say we just ignore borders, after all, they’re just arbitrary lines drawn on a map. Really, none of us deserve what we have anyway, we’ve gotten it all by raping Mother Earth and repressing/enslaving warm fuzzy indigenous people all over the world. We own NOTHING, we have NO RIGHTS to anything except what Gaia gives us. So let’s open our arms to the ENTIRE WORLD, yeah, let’s just let them all in, then everyone on the planet can enjoy the same peasant-level of life. Just don’t bogart that joint though, ok?

  102. Chris Kronenberger says:

    I will now Faithfully Support Chipotle with my business

  103. Rico Suave says:

    Hasta La Vista Baby!
    BTW, I went through the immigration process when I was 21 from Uruguay

  104. Kari Ju says:

    Yay Chipotle! I freekin love the left! They can always be trusted to take the least appropriate position in any political battle.

    I didn’t like Chipotle that much before, but I’m going to give them another try! Let’s all have a burrito today!

  105. lh says:

    The illegal aliens are having a huge impact here in California. California colleges are essentially full, impacted, and every illegal in college is taking the place of a legal resident. Oh yes, they pay in-state tuition but out of state Americans have to pay the out of state rate. Outrageous.

  106. Griff says:

    The “occurrences” you cite don’t cost the taxpayers billions of dollars and are, for the most part, misdemeanors (as opposed to the felony of entering the country illegally).

  107. Rick Z says:

    No No NO !! ….. We need to give them free medical care. …

    Don’t want to have them ” ill eagles ” flying around.

    Next thing you know, they’ll be getting Laid, instead of Laid Off. …..

  108. Enough says:

    You can’t compare being in a country illegally to a traffic crime. You’re trying to compare apples and organes. A traffic violiation is just a misdeminor, but being in a country illegally is a felony. Oh by the way, Merry Christmas

    1. Smedley says:

      Uh, no. Unfortunately, only entering illegally is a crime, and it’s just a misdemeanor. There is no Federal law that makes it a crime to be in the country illegally. This needs to change, but it will not.

  109. John says:

    Looks like I found a new place to eat.

  110. John Galt says:

    Thanks for that Janna. I can certainly see how speeding is equivalent to sucking resources as an illegal alien. I choose to cast my stone at the crimaliens 🙂

  111. George Washington says:

    It’s time for America to support the New DREAM Act;
    Every &
    And then we’ll move on to Muslims and every other shade of diversity that demand to live outside of US law.

  112. truth speaker says:

    It is simple…DEPORT ALL OF THE ILLEGALS HERE NOW! Pray tell, why the confusion? Americans are not even confused by this issue. Run the Illegals out!

    Oh, and ask a LEGAL immigrant how they feel about the illegals! I have. The legal immigrants show the illegals no love at all.

    Illegals…va a casa ahora!

    1. Doodle says:

      YEA! Good Job Truth Speaker!

  113. Phil Kammer says:

    Finally someone is obeying the law – I wish people would respect the laws –

  114. Lucy says:

    What part of the word illegals don’t some people understand?

  115. Chris says:

    A family of 7 snuck into my house in the dead of night. During the night they mowed my grass, cooked me breakfast, washed the dishes and painted my kitchen.
    I awoke the next morning and found them sitting on my couch, buying movies on my TV, washing their clothes in my washing machines, enjoying my cold AC and asking me to take their kids to school.
    I said, “But you snuck into my house in the middle of the night.”
    They said “Well yes, but we did all these other things you didn’t want to do. Were just trying to make a better life for ourselves. Where we are from we don’t have these things.”
    I said, “But you broke into my house and now you’re using up my electricity, my water, my cable and want me to take your kids to school. I have to pay for those things. While I appreciate the work you did, I would have / could have done it myself. I didn’t ask you to do those things and you did them AFTER breaking into my house.”
    They said “Well were already here now. You cant just evict us. We just came here for a better life. Now we want you to take care of us if we get sick and pay us and educate our kids and make us part of your family.”

    And THAT is the absurdity of the Illegal Alien issue. They broke into this country. Period.

    1. Lee says:

      Let’s emphasize that illegals do jobs Americans WILL DO. I’ve been out of work, needing money, no jobs needing my training. So I applied for jobs that don’t require training… and got told NO because I didn’t speak Spanish.

    2. Mongrel says:

      Brilliant! 🙂

  116. Matt Clauson says:

    Jeff nothing i have said contridicts each other i never said they have a right to work here. 2nd they pay more then their share in taxes. 3rd they buy stuff like everyone which supports economy. 4th i was bringing up another point about ebt and the gfact is that is more of a strain on the goverment then illegals. Lastly China has not help 3 hikers it is Iran and one has been releasd. If you are going to argue know your facts.

    1. Mongrel says:

      Matt first then if they shouldn’t be working here, should they be living here? Second no they do not pay their fair share, they work the tax/EIC system with their phony SSN’s and actually pay less. Third I’d rather see LEGAL workers buying stuff to support the economy instead of being unemployed (and collecting unemployment) wouldn’t you. Fourth welfare fraud is a problem that should also be tackled, not used as excuse to not deal with immigration. Lastly, China is in fact quite brutal with illegals, like many. many other countries (say, Mexico for example.) Maybe check your own facts before lecturing others, hmmm?

  117. LAW and Order says:

    Guess I will be eating al ot more now.

    Enforce the LAW and if you dont like the LAW work to change it.

  118. Lee says:

    What part of illegal don’t they understand?

  119. Nicole says:

    Yes, we’re all sinners, and I get a little irked when someone uses a passage of Scripture to their own ends. Yes, we’re to be forgiving, but the part of Scripture you reference, you failed to tell the whole story. Jesus forgave the woman caught in adultery, but He also told her to go and sin no more. Christ never promoted anarchy and the ignoring of law.

  120. Joe says:

    A good start! Now, let’s move on to audit every landscaper, general contractor, restaurant, hotel, and sweep every Home Depot parking lot. Free bus rides south! Oh, and take your anchor babies with you. We wouldn’t want to “break up families” now, would we?

  121. dewey.james says:

    I have to show paperwork everywhere I work. I pay for a license and take all test required. I do not break the law to take other American’s jobs. What is wrong with that >

  122. retranger says:

    Americans are willing to do any job. They just are not willing to work for 8$ and hour as this will not support a family. Illegals do it by having 20 people in a house and two cars between them. Tax payers furnish their food, medical, and give them money to boot, things Americans are not willing to do because we have PRIDE.

  123. MrSpkr says:

    The same guy who talked about letting him who is without sin cast the first stone also said to render unto Caesar what is Caesar’s. If you disagree with our nation’s immigration laws, work to change the law. Don’t encourage people to break them.

  124. Jose Gonzales says:

    Going to Chipotles for lunch after reading this! Great story!

  125. SharpShtik says:

    Americans are already burdened paying for everything for minority Democrats – blacks, Hispanics, indians, etc. Why not millions more minority Democrats illegally invading America to help finish the fundamental transformation traitors want.

    1. Jose says:

      oh, I see, we need an ALL WHITE COUNTRY… Got it… White= better…

  126. Dmacwired says:

    The irony is, while Immigration audits force employers to fire illegal immigrants in their work force, ICE does not follow up and deport the illegal immigrant. They know who and where they live, but do nothing.

    The fact is that deportations have been reduced in number by in large because the cost of processing them via the courts costs too much. So, what we end yup with is a total debacle in orchestrated by our government. We allow illegal immigrations by letting them to scurry over the boarder to nestle in and find employment then we pull the rug out from under them by threatening their employers with fines.

    The message from the federal government is articulated from a mealy mouthed position because politicians want it both ways. They speak out of one side of their mouths, and say, “Vote for me Latino, I’m a nice person”. Then they gin up a half hearted policy that attempts make an inhospitable environment which they hope will persuade the illegal to give up and go home. By soft pedaling the hard facts of about demands of the law the politician attempts to keep up appearances with a block of voters. Thus, the ICE, Home Land security and Obama’s Justice Department subvert at worse and act passively at best when it comes to implementing sound policy that enforces immigration law.

    This approach is a weak position and idiotic in my humble opinion. I’d like to see the Congressional Budget Office release a report that analyzes the direct and indirect cost to the government, the tax payer and the economy resulting from the politician’s dithering over how and when to enforce immigration law.

    The constant talk about the need for comprehensive immigration reform has only succeeded in putting off enforcement of our law and in the end it harms the very immigrants who are here illegally as well as the rest of us and that includes those who abided by the law – waited as required and immigrated legally.

    Immigration laws are a necessity for every nation if they desire to exist and prosper for another day let alone for generations. The implementation of immigration law must be accomplished with vigilance – of this there is no doubt, do not be fooled otherwise.

    That said, all laws must be enforced; the good with the bad. When a law proves to be bad it must be changed by clear thinking leaders who put the interests of the nation above their own. Picking and choosing which laws to honor only serves to instill disrespect and undermine confidence for and in government. We have politicians to thank for that and the need to embrace the error of their ways instead of denying their obvious negligence.

    Politicians may think they operate behind opaque walls, but their arbitrary and capricious decisions manifested by their selection of which laws are worthy of enforcement only highlights how they manipulate the system to serve their own ends. By their actions they appear transparent as clean new glass and deserve the disdain of a weary nation.

  127. Steve in Honolulu says:

    Sounds like a bunch of new job openings for American workers. Good news for those looking for a job.

  128. Chuck Curry says:

    How can a vegan give money to Chipotle? Surely she understands that even the non-meat products are shipped over the road. The road, of course, is hacked out of the environment. What is 1,000 miles times 40 feet wide? That’s the acreage of natural land that was destroyed to ship her tomatoes from Texas to Minnesota! Think of all the innocent creatures murdered and displaced in that effort! Cruel evil vegans!

  129. Greggers says:

    Ah, the sense of entitlement out there blows me away. . . almost as much as Janna’s attempt at moral equivalency between being an illegal alien and speeding.

  130. R Smith says:

    Hmmm . . .
    I’m going to CHIPOTLE for lunch EVERY DAY! Illegal means ILLEGAL, send ’em back where they came from, let LEGALS get the Jobs!!

  131. Dave says:

    but being legal isn’t the same as being illegal!

    1. Faride12 says:

      Te difrents i that Illegals will do the job that Legals won’t do or don’t want to do.

      1. Lee says:

        Not a true statement. People legally in the USA will do what ever they have to do to survive financially. There are alot of legal people on the streeet right now and it will get worst befreo it get better. The jobs in this country are for people who are here legally. I’m sorry but that is the way it is.

  132. Cat says:

    Read up on the North American Union (NAU) and you will see why we do not want to upset those south of the border

  133. jerry says:

    Throw the illegal bums out…& give the jobs to American kids.

  134. Onte-Eyed-Jacks says:

    Interesting, firing employees because they’re breaking state and federal laws. I guess I not sure what the problem is here….these now ex-employees are lawbreakers, right? It’s more of a liability to keep them on it would seem to me. I’m sure they’re cleaning things up to the IPO.

  135. Robert says:

    Using your logic, we should let all the murderers and child molesters out of prison because we’re all sinful.

    We still need laws, and we should enforce those laws. Jesus was not an anarchist. In fact, he encouraged (read Paul’s letters as well) for use to be law-abiding members of our communities

  136. Skeeterbeagle says:

    So what part of “Illegal” does MIRAC not understand?

  137. Milwaukee Liar says:

    Kick every illegal out of the United States – Or deny them the ability to work – Then they will go back to South and Central America and Mexico on their own accord.
    Good for ICE for finally doing their job. I wish ICE agents would come to Woodman’s stores in Madison, Janesville, and Milwaukee and kick all of the illegals out of there.

  138. Chuck Curry says:

    Hey BB, I would work for $7.85 an hour if it was all I could get. A lot of people would, and do. We’re not all riding on our parent’s wealth out here 😉

  139. dan says:

    wow, so they fired people who shouldn’t have gotten the jobs in the first place? what a shock. it’s amazing that people think they can live here illegally but still enjoy all the rights and privileges of people who aren’t breaking the law.

    good for chipotle.

  140. Steve says:

    If ur here illegally, you babe no grounds to complain. Hit the road!

  141. Doodle says:

    If they are Ileagle, they have no right to take jobs away from leagle teens that need jobs,. Heck, Adults might try to work there as a second job in order to make ends meet! Good Job in getting rid of the law brekers that need to go back to where they came, and go through the immigration system the right way. Do not come here and try to change America, and I do not want to learn Spanish, and English is our language. You have no right to take our jobs away.

  142. flash says:

    Illegal aliens cost Minnesota tax payers $744 million dollars currently. The governor’s study of five years ago stated those costs around $200 million with $140 million just to educated the children of illegal aliens. Remember, an employer of illegal aliens is getting a tax payer subsidized employee!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    AND DID YOU KNOW THERE IS A MEXICAN CONSULATE IN ST. PAUL THAT IS GUILTY OF AIDING AND ABETTING ILLEGAL MEXICAN NATIONALS TO LIVE AND WORK IN MINNESOTA???? Call your local reps and lets make illegals unwelcomed in Minnesota!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  143. MikeC says:

    “I am an ethical vegan, I care about animals and humans,” said Melissa

    Wonder if Melissa will be voting for Sarah Palin in the next election?

  144. Dmacwired says:

    (should have proofed read it better)

    The irony is, while Immigration audits force employers to fire illegal immigrants, ICE does not follow up and deport the illegal immigrant. They know who and where they live, but do nothing.

    The fact is, deportations have been reduced in number, by in large, because the processing them via the courts costs too much. So, what we end up with is a total debacle orchestrated by our government. We allow illegal immigrations by letting them scurry over the boarder to nestle in and find employment, then we pull the rug out from under them by threatening their employers with fines if the business does not fire them.

    The message from the federal government is articulated from a mealy mouthed position because politicians want it both ways. They speak out of one side of their mouths and say, “Vote for me Latino, I’m a nice person”. Then they gin up a half hearted policy that attempts create an inhospitable environment – one they hope will persuade the illegal to give up and go home. By soft pedaling the hard facts about the demands of the law, the politician attempts to keep up appearances with a block of voters. Thus, the ICE, Home Land security and Obama’s Justice Department subvert at worse and act passively at best when it comes to implementing sound policy that enforces immigration law.

    This approach is a weak and idiotic position in my humble opinion. I’d like to see the Congressional Budget Office release a report that analyzes the direct and indirect costs to the government, the tax payer and the economy resulting from the politician’s dithering over how and when to enforce immigration law.

    The constant talk about the need for comprehensive immigration reform has only succeeded in putting off enforcement of the law and in the end it harms the illegal immigrant, which angers them all the more. Moreover, Americans, and that includes those who abided by the law by waiting as required to immigrate legally, are made furious by a pathetic situation foisted on the nation by our elected officials.

    Immigration laws are a necessity for every nation that desires to exist and prosper for another day – let alone for generations. The implementation of immigration law, therefore, must be accomplished with vigilance – of this there is no doubt – do not be fooled otherwise.

    That said, all laws must be enforced; the good with the bad. When a law proves to be bad it must be changed by clear thinking leaders who put the interests of the nation above their own. Picking and choosing which laws to honor only serves to instill disrespect and undermine confidence for and in government.

    Politicians may think they operate behind opaque walls, but their arbitrary and capricious decisions manifested by their selection of which laws are worthy of enforcement only highlights how they manipulate the system to serve their own ends. By their actions they appear transparent as clean new glass and deserve the disdain of a weary nation.

    1. CBS WEB MASTER says:

      Wow all these hard working well paid folks taking valuable time out of their day to post comments that 0.0001% of the population will read. Thanks for your support. CBS web master

      1. Mongrel says:

        That’s still bigger than MSNBC’s audience. 😉

  145. J says:

    Why would the ethical vegan boycott Chipotle now?
    Seems to me they are having to fire workers because of an ICE audit, not because they” corporately” want to. Perhaps, a better thought would be to have boycotted Chipotle previously for unethical and illegal hiring practices. The corporations are wrong . They put these workers in jeopardy by hiring them in the first place.

  146. Keith Johnson says:

    I’m pretty sure Christ commanded people to obey the laws of the land – isn’t that the consensus on “give Caesar what is Caesar’s”? It’s very un-Christian to think one’s self to be better than others, which is exactly what illegal immigrants do. They think they’re better than those of us who wait patiently in line. Go back to where you came from, be it Mexico, Poland, Russia, China or Timbuktu and go through all the hassles the rest of us did. Get fingerprinted, background checked, AIDS tested and pay the required application fees! Who the heck do you think you are??

    1. Father Flannigan says:

      Keith good point – if you need to take a urinalysis to get a secure job, then you should test once a month to get food stamps and unemployment benefits.

      Please send donations to the local church and sperm bank – good Christians should not let any sperm get wasted because God gets quite irate.
      Bless you and your families in the season of thanks and praise.
      Father Flannigan – MN central catholic church

  147. Steve says:

    The system worked in this instance, good.

  148. BornInTexas says:

    You’re out of your mind.. Following your “logic” we should release everyone on death row too.

  149. Hal McCombs says:

    Liberals should never try to sound religious. You just come across as hypocritical.

    1. mesmerized chuck mesmer says:

      I’d rather be hypnocrital and be in a trance as i ruminate and defecate

  150. Jeff says:

    When I went over the speed limit and got caught, I paid the fine. When I made a mistake on my taxes, I got audited. When I presented the correct information, I was cleared.

    Don’t have correct immigration paperwork — Bye Bye!

    I’m taking the family to Chipotle”s for dinner.

  151. Doug Thoms says:

    I am on my way to the nearest CHIPOTLE restaurant, where I will eat 3 meals a day for a week.

    What great gift to give AMERICANS and right before CHRISTMAS!!

  152. sam says:

    What law is being broken if you return something after you use it

  153. the truth says:

    If I do recall, each of these who has a fake Social Security number and card has indeed committed a felony. It’s also known as identity theft as well. But hey they mean well and after all with liberals and socialists the ends justify the means right? That’s why they have on problem with taking our hard earned money in the form of taxes and giving it to those who are too lazy to get off their rear ends and work for themselves. Liberalism truly is a mental disease.

  154. JohnF says:

    Janna .. I hope you will remember that the next time someone breaks into your home and steals something or even worse, murders someone. Just turn the other cheek because you once ran a stop sign.

    Sure, I’ve done things that are illegal. And when I got caught, I paid my fines and didn’t whine like a little baby about how unfair the world is. I knew it was illegal to change lanes that way, but I did it anyway. And even told the police man I knew it was illegal. After he gave me my ticket, we chatted about motorcycles for another 10 minutes before he went on his way.

    So I guess what you are really saying is anyone who is doing something illegal shouldn’t whine like a little baby when they get caught. Is that about it???

  155. ea says:

    you’re dumb and your comment is irrelevant

  156. chas says:

    Typical liberal bs from a moron who changes the issue to spout some bull! you morons make me puke

  157. JonnyUTSA says:

    “attack on immigrant workers”?? How about finally obeying the law! LEGAL immigrant workers did not get fired. Current federal law requires all non-citizens to carry their imigration papers. If they cant show they are legal to work in the USA, fire them! There are millions of citizens and legal residents who need those jobs.

  158. Eric in New York says:

    ILLEGAL immigrants should have NO rights, no matter their country of origin.

  159. Berto says:

    One more reason to love Chipotle! I hope this isn’t a temporary move for them. Now that they are apparently following the law and not hiring criminal aliens, I am willing to spend my money for their fine food. But if it comes out that they resume these illegal hiring practices (employing criminal invaders), I will take my money elsewhere. Way to go, Chipotle!

  160. Not a lib says:

    Jeez, what a novel concept! Finally some people are following the law. Way to go Chipotle!. Now if others will do the same maybe we can begin to get a handle on illegal aliens.

  161. Mosin Nagant says:

    stone cast…make it two stones…now three

  162. Raja says:

    And if you get caught when you “go over the speed limit, roll through a stop sign, return an item you’ve already used, keep the mistaken overage in the change from the cashier, fudge your tax returns, etc….” You pay the penalty as the law allows. Next time think things through, not just the part that feels good.

  163. AtlasObjectivist says:

    It’s about time. These illegals are taking jobs from Americans.

  164. Troy says:

    I find it sad that there are Americans who endorse these illegals. This just proves that many Americans have no respect for those who sacrificed their lives, and sound bodies to create an America where these ingrates grew up.
    By your support, you enable yet more of these criminals to reside within our borders, taking resources which should be used for our own poor and downtrodden.
    Oh, and I’m tired too of those who would use their religion as an example of why the illegals ought to be allowed to be here. Look it up people, Christ might have told people to love their enemies, but he also abhorred the influence of the Greek/Roman interlopers. They were considered impure, and a bane to all devout Jews.
    Send them back, make the criminals swim home if necessary.

  165. Harpotoo says:


    Let’s continue this move with a NATIONAL campaign to throw the LEECHES OUT!

    1. RobertG says:

      Yes and the illegal aliens too! (or is that two? I am so confused now)

  166. and what happens to the people who own the social security #s that the illegals have been using? what happens when the IRS comes to the “real people” and notify them of under reporting of earnings? what happens then? illegal is illegal.

  167. Dave says:


    Let’s do this NATIONALLY!

  168. libertymatters says:


    WE THE PEOPLE means everyone who came here, was born here, or who comes here for as long as there is a USA.

    If it only meant taxpayers with drivers licenses and social security numbers, not even the founders who drafted the declaration would be considered “legit”

    taxation is theft. government welfare competition between taxpayers with valid papers and taxpayers without valid papers notwithstanding.

    It is better now- not to be an American citizen, as witnessed by the fact that even if you renounce and leave, the USA will still consider you a citizen and tax you leaving, and for the next 10 years on your earnings outside the USA.

    Let freedom ring…

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  169. graeme says:

    Good on ICE and Chipotle for identifying and removing the criminals who broke into the country. Let them apply for a work visa like other law abiding people do from other countries – me included.

  170. Josh Destardi says:

    Do a Google on Bill Clinton and diversity.

    He does a VERY good job of explaining why Americans should support LEGAL immigration, and expectations of LEGAL immigrants, and clarifies that even a country of immigrants MUST have laws about illegal immigration.

    It’s NOT a liberal/conservative issue; it’s an American issue. Both parties have done NOTHING to curb the tidal wave of illegals because they both benefit in some way.

  171. NIndGirl says:

    OMG!! Chipotles is obeying the law! We can’t have this, what an outrage.

    GOOD!! If they are in the country illegally, they shouldn’t have been working there in the first place. Period.

    Is only illegal immigrants who can pick and choose the laws they want to obey or can we all choose? There are a few laws I would like to opt out of too.

  172. Jack Kennedy says:

    illegals get tossed back at mexico and America wins

  173. Maria says:

    I for one, as a 5th generation Hispanic American, DO NOT FEEL SORRY FOR ANY OF THESE DAMN ILLEGALS OR THEIR ILLEGAL KIDS FOR BEING FIRED! I want them to leave my country before they completely destroy it and we won’t be able to recover. Ya BASTA! Send all illegals back home NOW! I’m so sick and tired of 50% of my paycheck goint to pay for them to live in this country!

    1. bodidit says:

      Right on Maria! We need to uphold the law and to lower our taxes. We can’t save the world and save the country too!

    2. Aldo says:

      What the heck is a Hispanic American? Someone whose ancestors are from Spain? Some who speaks spanish?

      1. Art S. says:

        Esxactly my point!! You’re either an American or you’re not. You cannot be an hyphenated American and say you are loyal to the USA because you have a divided loyalty!!

    3. xJonx says:

      I have never understood why more LEGAL immigrants don’t support closing the border. After all, if we didn’t HAVE an illegal alien problem, then Arizona (and all other southern states) would not have had a reason to even contemplate the type of law they enacted. It’s because the problem exists that a solution was needed at all.

      1. Burgie says:

        Many “legal” immigrants in AZ, TX and CA are only legal because of previous bouts of amnesty, both the “big” kind given by the federal government and the “little” kind given by thousands of individual court cases. Those legal residents still think and act as illegals…

    4. Rational says:

      Hear hear! From now on, I am a loyal Chipoltle customer. At least some businesses in America are following the law. The Illegal Immigration Rights Groups (that is what they are) need to get their heads in the right place. No illegal immigrant should have any job, any services, any education, any housing, in this United States.

    5. Brian says:

      Good for you Maria – you don’t fit with the media’s agenda so your story will not be heard.

    6. Stop counting says:

      Wow 5th generation – you can count to ten generations soon and put the family tree out really wide. Nice picnic.

      1. Maria says:

        To ‘Stop Counting” – I mention 5th generation because I know there are so many, many people out there who are totally ignorant/uneducated and who typically stereotype that all Hispanics/Latinos are liberals, progressives, want and expect handouts. I stand on my own accomplishments or failers and proud to call myself a conservative (not Republican) who’s a true Patriot. There are many Hispanics/Latinos who are true Patriots, care about this country, but have been silent for too long as they still don’t get what’s going on in this country.

        1. Maria says:

          i meant ‘failures’ vs “failers”. was typing too fast!

    7. Carrie says:

      That’s exactly right, Maria! You are truly a patriot.

  174. Pete says:

    What is the meaning of our citizenship when the rewards to illegal aliens trump the penalties for their illegal presence and give them financial advantages over citizens and theos who came here legally?

  175. Illegal is Illegal says:


  176. jefcostello says:

    You leftist morons and union hacks better be careful, you continue to attack thriving businesses and you will have nothing. Where is President Hussein supporting this business?

    1. Secret Service says:

      Please send us your home and work address.
      Further posts will be tracked by your consent to using the thread posts.
      Agent Johnson

  177. Ed Atkins says:

    if you come across that bord illegally like ole barrack-you should be rounded up and sent back-no question-what you did is illegal-kidding like robbing a bank-some bank robbers are looking for a better life also-but once again-robbing banks is breaking the law—like illegal immigrants working here-it is breaking the law-no slack-get them out of here…

  178. robert m says:

    Good. illegal immigration has no rights. THey are nice people but cannot break laws any more than I can. When is the NY congressman going to jail for tax avoidance? Has he paid Bill Clinton for a pardon?

    1. Late but not a criminal says:

      Release WESLEY SNIPES.
      He is no criminal

  179. Lindy89098 says:

    Before you criticize the spelling errors of others, learn the proper spelling of “you’re”, which is a contraction for “you are”. Your is possessive, as in “your car, your book, your house”, etc.

    1. Keith Johnson says:

      Well said! How about educating people on our and are. Some people don’t even know this one… and is SHOULD be pronounced differently! English as our official and only language might help elevate our nation’s linguistic ignorance!

  180. Jay says:

    Chipotle needs to make sure all it’s eagles are healthy.

  181. Michael Spurlock says:

    The slimebags who protect these invaders should be kicked out, too.

  182. Tailgunner says:

    Why were they hired in the first place? CHIPOLTE should be slapped with MAJOR fines for thier ignorance in VIOLATING Federal laws……….

  183. libertymatters says:




    WE THE PEOPLE means everyone who came here, was born here, or who comes here for as long as there is a USA.

    If it only meant taxpayers with drivers licenses and social security numbers, not even the founders who drafted the declaration would be considered “legit”

    taxation is theft. government welfare competition between taxpayers with valid papers and taxpayers without valid papers notwithstanding.

    It is better now- not to be an American citizen, as witnessed by the fact that even if you renounce and leave, the USA will still consider you a citizen and tax you leaving, and for the next 10 years on your earnings outside the USA.

    Let freedom ring…

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  184. Blorg says:

    I am an ethical vegan, I care about animals and humans

    Gotta feel sorry for those poor fruits and vegetablkes that go to nourish this waste of space.

  185. libertymatters says:


  186. Hank Warren says:

    Out-of-control illegal immigration, yet another violation of our rights. Add it to the list of gov’t violations of our right:
    They violate the 1st Amendment by placing protesters in cages, banning books like “America Deceived II” and censoring the internet.
    They violate the 2nd Amendment by confiscating guns.
    They violate the 4th and 5th Amendment by molesting airline passengers.
    They violate the entire Constitution by starting undeclared wars for foreign countries.
    Impeach Obama and sweep out the Congress, except Ron Paul.
    (Last link of Banned Book):

  187. Holden Magroyne says:

    Guess it’s back to picking their noses for now….

  188. B. Samuel Davis says:

    Notice how biased this article is – typical for CBS. All they have is statements by the immigration rights group, nothing on the other side. Americans are overwhelmingly against employment of illegal immigrants, yet CBS News is on the other side – it favors it. That’s why traditional media is dying – it’s leftist views are recognized as being out of step with the viewers it serves. That being said BRAVO to this company for following the law – and not getting fined for not doing so (although OBAMA has decided NOT to enforce our laws).

  189. Javier says:

    1) It is a lie, a huge lie that Americans will not do the jobs that illegals take. This is a Liberal/pro-illegal immigration meme which the media love sto push.

    2) I, as an immigrant from Latin America, am more than glad that the United States of America is enforcing its immigration laws.

    3) Those who cry and whine about the USA immigration laws being enforced should really turn their attention to countries like Mexico which treat illegal immigratns like animals. The USA treats its illegals as if they were in Disney World compared to how the rest of the world treats it illegal immigrants.

  190. Javier says:

    Americans, caucasians mainly, need to have way more children than they are having now. By 2050, if the birth vs. death rates stay where they are right now, caucasians will be a minority in the USA. The only good thing about this is that it is Liberals who are not having babies. Too many of them are too selfish to have them, thus hopefully not long from now Liberals will be an extinct species. LOL

  191. aplitude jones says:

    that sigal freak traitor pig needs to be arrested and hanged. Promoting criminal activity is a crime, whether or not the morons of minnesota made it illegal..and promoting the invasion of the USA is treason. Chipotle should be fined for having hired invaders whether or not they now fire them. Illegal invaders captured should be held for involuntary organ donations. Americans who have not been criminals need kidneys and hearts…

  192. libertymatters says:




    1. amplitude jones says:

      why waste time searching earlier comments. Illegal aliens- that is, invaders from other countries, ignoring our laws, ARE illegal aliens….

  193. B. Samuel Davis says:

    When I was young most of the restaurant jobs were held by African Americans – in fact, blacks are probably the most vehement anti-immigration groups out there, but they have been sold down the river by their leaders, who care more about being Democrat than helping out the group they purportedly represent. Illegal is illegal, and if these jobs were available at a decent wage, other people would go for them – there aren’t any jobs Americans won’t take – there are wages for which Americans won’t work. Restaurants are NOT entitled to cheap labor – any more than slaughterhouses ($20/hour in 1980, $9 per hour now thanks to illegal labor). Plus the American people are AGAINST illegal aliens working.

  194. smokehouse56 says:

    My great grandfather had to wait ten years (1841-1851) tobecome a US citizen. Now get the hell in line and you will be welcome.

  195. chipolte rocks says:

    I’m going to Chipotle for lunch!

  196. Scott A says:

    If they are here illegally, then they should be fired and deported back to their own country. Each and every one should be turned over to ICE for investigation.

    I will now visit my local Chipotle much more frequently due to their actions in this mater.

  197. Bob says:

    If they are illegal, they need to go home. NOW.
    Who cares if they worked there 2 minutes or 2 years, being lucky and getting away with it doesn’t mean it should make you legal.
    if they are illegal, they don’t deserve a U.S. job until they go, and come back in legal.
    They should get in line and do it legally like everybody else ever had to do.

  198. danny says:

    yeah these people work hard while the rest of american sits on its backsides collecting 2 years of unemployment benefit. There are milions of $8 an hour jobs out there but people would prefer to sit at home and collect on the tax payers dime and do nothing, How about in order to get unemployment benefit you have to do 20 hours community service every week, that would get people back into work asap. The unemployment bill is a joke and the longer they continue to extent it the worse it will be. You are telling me that americans arent double dipping, getting unemployment and working off the books for cash. Those are the people conning the system. Why get rid of the illegals the jobs they open up people will stay at home and collect rather than going to work for the same money

    1. Brian Kelsey says:

      I see, danny. The ILLEGAL ALIENS are doing jobs Americans wont, right? Like custodial and landscaping work, right? Yeah, Americans wont…wait, I’m an American legally by birth and I work full time as a custodian and own a small landscaping company on the side. So danny, I guess your idea that Americans are just too lazy and wont do that sort of work is just plain wrong.

      1. Jose says:


        1. jose says:

          oops, sorry grammar patrol… You’re

    2. George Sprankle says:

      These ‘people’ are taking jobs away from Americans…They don’t belong here in th first place….These are tough economic times and we really need to give Legal citizens and residents a chance to hold these jobs instead of paying Illegals slave wages….send them back to wherever they came from.

    3. Steve says:

      That old lie? Seriously? Then why was there a very long line to be hired at the meat packer’s in northern Iowa when the illegals were rounded up? Why do hundreds apply to those jobs you talk about? Why does even the administration admit that the seasonal hiring binge along with normal hiring for the entire country was only 38.000 people (roughly) and that the net was a loss of 431,000 jobs for the month? I suppose the wealthy think they need illegals to do menial chores so that they can be paid less than minimum and in unsafe conditions on fear of being reported to ICE? I don’t find that remotely ethical.

    4. Mongrel says:

      You have the right facts but draw the wrong conclusions. There are many jobs that are currently very low-paid because of the huge mass of illegals willing to do them for less. The combination of their impoverished backgrounds and willingness to commit tax fraud (virtually penalty-free for them, but not for a legal resident) gives them at an extreme competitive advantage, and drives the entire blue-collar pay scale down. A legal worker can often collect the same if not more $ from unemployment – if you faced that choice and had a family to feed, are you 100% sure you would do “the right thing”?
      Unpleasant as it may be, the clear choice is self-deportation by making it increasingly difficult for illegals to find work. Your community service idea sounds good in principle but think it through. First, I can keep collecting the same money or more than that $8 job, and work 20 hours instead of 40? Deal! Second, doing what that actually contributes to the economy? The only solution is to take the pressure off the job market, what’s needed is to slowly ramp up the I9 sweeps, then go after things like these cash-only landscaping “businesses” that are really just tax evasion schemes.

  199. Quick Draw says:

    I am SO SICK of hearing Illegal Aliens do jobs Americans won’t do. How did we ever get along without them? Of course Americans won’t work for $3.00 an hour picking lettuce because we live one family to one house and couldn’t afford to make $3.00 an hour. SO…Illegals go home….Americans pick lettuce for a decent wage……lettuce prices go up…….SO WHAT. American lettuce pickers are now taxpayers, have health insurance, don’t take welfare or food stamps…..15million taxpaying jobs become available……economy recovers…….PROBLEM SOLVED!

  200. hcool says:

    They should never have been hired! They should also be deported!

  201. Crosscut says:

    Chipotle is now my favorite restaurant. Illegal is illegal. Adiós amigos.

  202. J Ridge says:

    I’m going to start eating at Chipotle 3 times a week. If they’d fired AND deported the illegals, it’d be 5 days a week.

  203. Jose says:

    Well, lets get rid of the damn Somalis first… They are the ones truly ruining this country. Mexicans, legal/illegal have been here forever… Somalis just came in the last few years… Mexicans are indigenous to the land. Somalis, not so much…

    1. Native American says:

      I think indigenous people really own the land – they were here first and should have given the conquistodaors some malaria. We smoke the peace pipe and tabacco long before you built wooden boats to dirty our shores – go home.

      1. Twinsfan says:

        But you’re not totally correct. What about the Hispanics of the southwest? They’ve been there for hundreds of years as well? Arizona, New Mexico, Texas, Hispanic and native Americans.

      2. Dmacwired says:

        Native American: According to your logic, every nation should revert back to the earliest indigenous peoples that can be found. And that is about as realistic as free lunches for everyone forever.

        It just does not work that way, but hey… if ya got-em smoke-em.

  204. pedRO SANCHEZ says:

    I theek u guyz shuld eat morr chipotlay and talk to me about a new job soon coz ill be in line for uneploymunt next wek. I gote farred from the storee an now i have to finde anuther playce to cooke. I WEESH THE f7 SPEL CHEC WERRKED

  205. forrest says:

    Well done Chipolte

  206. Bunny Lebowski says:

    Chipotle gifts cards for Christmas!!
    Now maybe we’ll be able to place an order with an English speaking employee.

  207. RobertG says:

    Political action groups live in a state of outrage and being furious. Boring.

  208. Mike says:

    If someone can’t make a distinction between “immigrant” and “illegal immigrant”, then I don’t care what they have to say. That distinction is EVERYTHING.


    Well i got here in 1982 then got green card and went the miltary for 20 years. Drop the hyphens – we are just americans. Oh and affirmative action is redundant since Obama is in the top seat in goverment.

  210. Charles Bradford says:

    Excuse me but they are committing Identity Theft and fraud by using someone else’s ID and SSN. That’s a Felony right? They should be arrested in addition to being fired.

  211. Bunny Lebowski says:

    And where is the uproar??
    All the comments seem to support the firing of illegals (and a proper education).

  212. Oscar Oscuro says:

    Sorry, folks, but if you snuck across the border you don’t get to work. Go back, and apply to return legally. Then you won’t have to worry about any of this or look over your shoulder. It can’t possibly cost as much to become a citizen as it does to pay a coyote to sneak you across the border. Let’s do it the right way, hombres.

  213. Lindsey Seavert - columnist says:

    Hi there – thanks for reading my article on the local eating establishment preholiday round up. The I9 surveys will soon be conducted at all food service centers in the WCCO area. Please send us your email address for an online coupon for $10 at your nearest Chipotle provider. As Glenn would day Happy RAMAHANAKWANSMAS. Sincerely Lindsey – CBS staff writer.

    1. Marc says:

      I am in San Diego and we have similar problems. Ever wonder what the unemployment rate would be if the jobs illegals hold were open to legal residents or citizens. Plus, I would pay extra for vegetables or other items if that is what it takes for legal citizens to get a living wage.

      Thanks for the article keep it up.

    2. libertymatters says:

      why not give coupons for the local mexican restaurant we would like to eat, that does not discriminate based on government preferences???

  214. Turd says:

    Illegals…When ICE ask you for your papers just tell them you have a long form birth certificate in Hawaii but you just don’t feel like showing it to them! IT WORKS FOR BOZOBAMA

  215. Greg says:

    As american citizens find themselves unemployed and exhaust their unemployment there will be calls for boycotts of companies that hire illegal foreign nationals.

  216. deserttrek says:

    illegal is just that. never been to a chipotle before. now I just might, they did the right thing, now let’s see if the illegal aliens are deported as the they should be.

  217. Agrippa says:

    Well that is a start. I would like to eat at Chipolte but I wont eat food prepared by backwater barbarians after finding a big nasty toenail in my burrito at one of their restaraunts. Most of these invading peoples rarely bathed when they were at home and their habits improve little after they squat down on our land.

    After that incident I look very hard at who is cooking the food and ask myself, “how clean is the cook?” Needless to say I rarely eat out anywhere, and when I do the cooks have been given the visual once over first.

  218. Steve says:

    So, Chipotle was hiring (and thus doubtless underpaying) illegals when countless Minnesotans are going without jobs. Makes one think that maybe other restaurant, law-abiding ones, should be granted their spaces.

  219. stovepipe says:

    i love chipotle but i’m going to quit eating there because I live in illinois and now i can assume MANY of the people working there arent supposed to be here and I don’t want to support illegal activity.

  220. John Spurlock says:

    If the individuals fired were illegal aliens, it should be noted that it was illegal for ‘Chipotle’ to hire them in the first place. Firing them just brings the business in complaince with the law.

    I’ve never eaten there before, but I’ll be having dinner there tonight.

    Bravo Chipotle!!!

  221. patches12 says:

    Good – maybe LEGAL CITIZENS can work there now!!

  222. AnneP says:

    There are consequences for entering a country illegally. Just ask all the Guatemalens who enter Mexico illegally. They get kicked out on their ears.

  223. Rick says:

    All businesses should be checking their green cards with a “Green Card Authenticator” that is made by LaserCards. They can quickly determine a valid green card from a fake.

  224. Patricia says:

    I don’t feel sorry for them I feel sorry for the AMERICAN CITIZENS not havingJOBS

  225. Susan says:

    What is it about the word “illegal” that people can’t or won’t understand? It means they don’t belong here so why should they be working here?

  226. Bob A says:

    Its about time. Now there are 50 more jobs for Americans. Especilly those minorities who don’t graduate from high school.

  227. bye George says:

    ‘Splain 2 me’…how hiring illegals who do not pay taxes and send money out of the U.S. ecomony is a great deal for taxpayers or the U.S. Treasury…bye George…(~.-)

  228. Maddd_doggg says:

    “I am an ethical vegan, I care about animals and humans,” said Melissa Swanson, a St. Paul resident who says she hopes she learns the truth. “If it doesn’t fit my ethics, we won’t be coming back.”

    … from freakin’ Venus!!

  229. Philip Nelson says:

    It’s great to see Chipotle following the LAW! Makes me want to go get lunch there!

  230. John C says:

    You don’t have a right to a job no matter how long you’ve worked it. If you’re an illegal immigrant, you don’t have a right to be in the country.

  231. Ellie Light says:

    Illegal is Illegal
    go back across the border you moochers take your anchor babies with you……….

  232. arg2015153 says:

    “Uproar over mass firings”? Pat these fringe community organizers on their pointy little heads and send them on their way. Preferably for a long walk off of a short pier.

  233. Tyrone says:

    A bunch of illegal aliens were fired for being illegal. This is news? Why? The only people outraged are those who make money off the illegal alien problem.

  234. Ellie Light says:

    Bye Bye dont let the door hit ya on the ACE

  235. mike says:

    The restaurant should have known in the first place that hiring illegals can put them out of business.

  236. cqmam says:

    In certain counties in California, they are going to stop impounding cars because its too expensive. A car in held in storage for thirty days and it costs 3000 dollars to retrieve the car. Immigrant rights groups are ecstatic because they say impounding cars of people without a license unfairly targets illegal aliens.

    I am wondering what will be the next legal dispensation the illegal crowd will ask for. It seems this is the only group who don’t have to comply with any law.

    Stopped in traffic in AZ, you must produce ID unless you’re illegal.
    Need a job.?you must produce valid ID and prove you can legally work unless you are an illegal alien.
    Can’t pay for medical care in an ER? Have your credit ruined for nonpayment. If you’re illegal, disappear into the night and/or the feds pick up the tab.

    I think I want to be an illegal alien. They have way more rights than us poor American schlubs………

    1. George says:

      cqmam,, next they will say banks don’t give free money to them because the discriminate against illegal immigrants, So we’ll have to give them our money. When did lawbreakers get so many more rights than the rest of us?

    2. St Paul Paul says:

      Meet me in Tiajuana – we’re coming back with a tan and a bottle of Patron.
      Right to the state welfare office. Time to party like its 1999

  237. George says:

    What part of Illegal Immigrant are people missing here. Seriously, if you break the law you cannot expect to have those who live within societies rules to feel bad for you because you were punished for it. Be glad they didn’t deport them all, they just got fired.

  238. HerrMan says:

    Tasha Scott, just because you can work, doesn’t mean you ‘should’ be working at that specific place. It is the owners of the company that should have the right to hire who they want (with all the legal requirements in place, also).

  239. HerrMan says:

    Marc, you have it exactly right. Jobs for legal people, not illegal people. I also would be glad to pay more for fruit and veggies, but a recent study showed that would only be about 5% more. Unless the growers got greedy of course.

  240. Bill says:

    The US has a system to become legal. These illegals should use it.

  241. p says:

    The US allows Mexico the largest percentage of LEGAL immigration. All these groups call themselves defenders of immigration like its really hard to legally immigrate but Mexicans have it easier than anyone else in the world. The groups are solely focused on acting like illegal immigration is the same thing.

  242. Walter says:

    I will be spending more money at Chipoltle>

  243. Reginal Riff says:

    What does being an “ethical vegan” have to do with illegail aliens?

    Other than you are a dipxxxx liberal!!!

    I am a vegan as well and I think that illegal immagrants can eat their veggies in their own county and not here.

  244. Born in Minnesota says:

    I agree with this — File your papers – get a green card or GO HOME

  245. john don says:

    thats what they’re supposed to do. i love u chipotle

  246. american says:

    no amnesty in 2010
    no amnesty in 2011
    no amnesty in 2012

    I dream they all LEAVE

    /will they ever take the hint that they are not welcome here illegally

  247. Pablo says:

    I love the headline…”Uproar”. Who’s causing the “uproar”? Those of us that are happy that the law is finally being enforced, that’s who.

  248. law says:

    Way to go CHIPOTLE!!!! I’ll be eating there tonight.

  249. Craig says:

    Good work Chipotle!! Let AMERICAN’S hold those jobs!!!

  250. Heidi says:

    I’m surprised, it is known here in Denver(where Chipolte was started) that they purposefully hired illegals, so that they could sponser them, educate them and get them into this country.
    Illegal is illegal.

  251. Dmacwired says:

    Speaking of rights:

    The special interest groups pushing for softer immigration laws also defend the law breaking of those entering the nation illegally. These groups lobby for our taxes to pay for benefits to the illegal immigrants. When lobbying fails, they use the hammer of litigation to smash our laws, justice system and the in the process create huge court costs all paid for courtesy of the tax payer.

    If rights are worth all this effort, and I believe true rights are worth that and more, why not spend the energy to improve life in countries like Mexico. I know for a fact that Mexicans have a love for their nation, its heritage and their pride is as deep and abiding as any American’s for the United States. I also appreciate that these hard working families and individuals do not leave their country frivolously. They shed tears upon the decision to leave and ever afterwards remembering their homeland.

    All this begs the question, why don’t the special interest groups push an agenda that changes life in Mexico rather than arguing ideas so patently specious and offensive to Americans that they earn the derision and contempt of Americans? So much of what we have heard from these rights groups amounts to little more than a burglar demanding to rob your house and expecting you to help load the loot into their get away vehicle.

    Having begged the question I’ll attempt to answer it. Mexico, apparently inhospitable as it is given the number of its citizens crossing our boarders, owes most of its problems to its corruption and the violent lawless criminals. The criminal element preys on the people and the economy while their politicians stand by and do nothing substantive. Their inability to reckon with crime lies in the fact that the criminal is more powerful than the government and the politicians fear for their lives and/or are enriched by payoffs received from the criminal element. Furthermore, another tragedy in the life Mexicans and Central Americans is that they live in fear of their government every bit as much as they fear the criminal element. All too often the distinction between the two reveals nothing more than the difference of one wears badge.

    So, is their land too barren and the resources so lacking that there exists no other form of livelihood in Mexico but crime? I doubt that and know of law abiding business owners in Mexico who have been gunned down because they would not pay extortion. It’s not for lack of heart the people languish and cross over our border – it’s for lack of real honest law enforcement in Mexico.

    Crime thrives like a parasite – it lives off the productivity of others and eventually, like the parasite, it kills its host. This may well be the fate of Mexico in the near term.
    Nations do die, but they also behave like Hollywood zombies that raise dead flesh and begin to feed on live bodies. As corruption proliferates in a nation its byproduct is poverty and poverty becomes pervasive and severe. The abject suffering and misery cultivates fertile ground for political upheaval and is further promotes by radical opportunistic political movements. Mexico is ripe for a major political shift and I have no doubt their environment will invite the likes of a Hugo Chavez to power, in due time.

    Stepping back for a moment, ballistic missiles capable of reaching the United States are being provided to Venezuela by Iran. Russia and China have been and are making establishing relationships with Venezuela. Bolivia has been running a bad fever and presenting signs of socialist communism as well as is the case for Guatemala. Don’t think for a moment any of these nations have our best interests at heart or that they wouldn’t work behind the scenes to install a regime in Mexico that is hostile to the United States. The global chess board is never ending, always active and forever looking for opportunity to project power to the disadvantage of the opponent.

    If illegal immigrants are a problem now just wait until they are declaring themselves to be political refugees – whether they are or not. Should Mexico’s politics shift to that of Venezuela’s, Bolivia’s or Cuba’s then illegal immigration will be the least of our problems. Bolivia and Venezuela interfere with and send forces into Columbia to disrupt their economy, government and to murder their citizens in the process. Our politicians will be hard pressed to articulate a cogent policy to the international community or one that gives much comfort to Americans when hostile hoards really start pouring into Texas, New Mexico, Arizona and California.

    At that time we will wish the border crosser was only a hard working type trying to survive and feed their families. The horrific reality will demand a president and a Congress with spines of steel, the wisdom of the ages and a lot more than the National Guard to halt the resultant and subversive invasion.

    It will also require a very healthy economy to withstand the new threat to our democracy. As it is now, we are sorely lacking the president, congress and economy to deal with just the run of the mill illegal immigrant.

    1. john Smith says:

      We will solve half the problem if Americans didn’t use any type of illegal drug, but who in the USA gets in trouble because is a user, or even a seller? We never see any drug lord being arrested in the USA (Miami and L.A. are full of those guys), like they do in Mex and latim America. Enough said.

  252. Heidi says:

    I’ll continue eating at Chipolte, thank you very much.

  253. PeterMac says:

    An uproar over the firing of illegal aliens? How about an uproar over their having been hired in the first place? This so-called “rights group” is nonsense. It is the law of the land and what some group or other thinks about it is worthless.

  254. Susie says:

    If they can’t stand the heat of producing proof of legal residency, they need to get out of the kitchen – and the country.

  255. Maria L says:

    I want, no DEMAND, that all europeans and others who invaded the land now called the USA, to be either deported or hung in Mankato, MN on December 17th, 2010.

    All who desire to partake in this celebration of taking back of our land and country are welcome.

    ss/The RedMan Nation

    1. henry Bowmna says:

      Go back to your fathers country…..Spain !
      You RACIST

  256. JohnJohn says:

    Only illegal alien criminals and their apologists would protest over the enforcement of our laws. Illegals flee their corrupt, lawless countries for a reason, then they turn around and want to turn this country into another archaic banana republic cesspool.

  257. John says:

    Who cares what this lame, Leftist, group thinks or says, except for other lame, un-American Leftists wackos.

  258. MandiT says:

    What the heck is an American???
    They surely are not thin skinned white people now are they.
    Ship them all back to Europe

    1. AuntieTaqiyya says:

      Ahh–Sweet little Mandi–such a pathetic racist you are. Perhaps you have not benefitted from all the free opportunities those evil “thin skinned white people” have afforded a mental-incompetant like you.

    2. Henry Bowman says:

      You Racist !

  259. Henry Bowman says:

    Keep up the good work Minnesota. You are making us proud here in Arizona.

    1. dewey.james says:

      thank you minisota, say hello to olle lol

    2. BettyBoob says:

      Stay down there Henry as we hate rednecks

      1. Henry Bowman says:

        Betty, I grew up in Mankato. quit being such a racist. quit being so quick to give up our sovereignty. you misguided person.

  260. Bill Alvarez says:

    If you can’t prove you’re here legally, you can’t work here. Seems pretty clear-cut to me.

  261. John says:

    Three cheers for Chipotle!!! Finally a President/CEO of a company with some guts willing to stand up to these subversive, loud-mouth organizations. Where does their money come from? That is what I would like to know! Let us find out who is funding such front groups….that would be a really good story. It certainly is not coming from the average Joe on the streets. Most likely it can be traced back to communist trash like Soros.

  262. eatmilos says:

    Well done Chipotle!

  263. melissatx says:

    We should be having sweeps nationwide, daily. Everyone who is not a US citizen should be made to go home and take their anchor babies with them.
    We should not be paying for them nor for their children.

    Immigration lawyers can do their work at the consulate because as far as I can tell, they have not rights here because A. they are not citizens and B. they are breaking the law by being here illegally.

    Any business that hires them should be subject to the same rules as ITAR; a $50,000 per each worker found to not be a citizen. The problem would resolve itself rather quickly.

    No illegal should be in this country taking jobs that citzens who are out of work could be doing.

  264. Tim says:

    My wife is a legal immigrant. We paid a lot of money and waited a lot of time for her to immigrate legally. Why should all the illegals get a pass? They are rewarded for breaking the law.

    Some of you really need to wise up and realize uncontrolled, illegal immigration will destroy almost any country. People who run/promote sanctuary cities should be sent to live in Mexico and deal with all the crime and corruption there.

    A speeding conviction can land you in jail. In many states 21 mph over the limit is a felony offense. Come to the US illegally and abuse the system and there is almost no consequences, not even a slap on the wrist. We hunt down speeders for just 6 mph over the limit but illegals get a pass.

    I grew up on SoCal and it destroyed the state. Now I lived in cursed Minnesota and it is happening here too. Some of you need to worry less about someone’s grammar and more about the points of their argument. If you can’t debate their points and only attack their grammar, that speaks to your inability to debate the validity of their arguments and instead attack them. A very common tactic of liberals. For the record I an not a conservative at least socially. Fiscally I am very much a conservative.

    Governmental spending is sinking this country into a debt whole we might never escape from. Illegal aliens and overly vast social welfare programs are destroying this country. If you want these programs then contribute out of your own pocket. Don’t confiscate my money through taxes to support your more social engineering. Nobody can afford to pay the bills. Increase taxes even more and wealth will flee the country even faster. Minnesota still hasn’t figured it out that high taxes drive businesses (and their jobs) away. Even an amazing place like California was ruined by too many liberals and socialists…

  265. Capn Jack says:

    You’re lucky they weren’t taken out to the back ally and done away with. Keep pushing that illegal stuff and it will begin.

  266. Pat says:

    Thank you ICE for doing your Freakin’ job! I was beginning to think that I could start picking and choosing what laws I should start obeying as an American citizen.

    I will continue to patronize Chipotle!!!! Way to go Chipotle!!!

  267. Ann says:

    Sounds like a great night to have Chipolte for dinner! I like companies who abide by the law 🙂

  268. Jim in HOuston says:


  269. Bryan Abbott says:

    Get out,
    It’s that simple. We owe you nothing. Get in line behind the rest of our immigrants and stop behaving like you are entitled to US citizenship.

    We owe you nothing.

  270. daveinaz says:

    I hope this does NOT mean that the illegals will soon be moving back to AZ. We had to endure a Fed lawsuit just to get them to move away.

  271. Eric says:

    Wasn’t there an uproar when the Rep candidate for CA gov didn’t fire her illegal immigrant nanny fast enough?

  272. AuntieTaqiyya says:

    VIVA LA MIGRA! I will cheerfully patronize this frnachise! Unemployed, LEGAL folks can apply for work. I’m sure Chipotle is now hiring…

  273. Manuel says:

    Good, I am glad. If I incorrectly put down my GPA on a job application then I can be fired for it. These people lied about their work eligibility and immigration status on their applications. They deserve to be fired! I am going to Chipotle for lunch today and celebrate. This is the proper way to lower unemployment in the USA!

  274. Jimbo says:

    Let’s hope that ALL companies will follow Chipotle’s example – whether or not they were forced by INS!

    In simple terms (for the idiots out there): if you are in this country illegally YOU HAVE NO RIGHT TO WORK! I regularly wake up at night in a cold sweat thinking about the fact that people who don’t believe this actually vote – which, come to think of it, explains why we have a total marxist in the Oval Office!

    It used to be that restaurant work was an avenue for students and housewives to make a little money – but no more. When people are willing to make these jobs a career (all the while demanding a “living wage”), what chance do the kids have?

    I have never been particularly fond of Chipotle’s but I will definitely give them another try.

  275. CAL girl says:

    CA has multiple millions of illegal aliens from many countries around the world. Officially they say 2 million but it’s more in the neighborhood of 8 million. It’s turning the state into a 3rd world country. Stealing jobs from Californians. Stealing college placement from Californians. It’s a multi-billion dollar burden each YEAR. I support any company, city, state, that obeys the law. I will frequent Chipotle more often.

  276. Mary says:

    Braco, Chipolte! I’ll support my local Chipolte’s because they enforce the law. It doesn’t matter what time of the year it is or how many years an employee has worked there; if they’re illegal, they need to be fired and deported, period! Illegals cost us too much money in social services and Americans need the jobs they’re taking. We need the money spent here, not send back to Mexico!

  277. chucky says:

    Chipotle rocks!

  278. Allen Rogers says:

    We need a national E-Verify Act which would require every employer and every provider, of any level of social service or welfare, to verify the legal status of every person given a job or social service. With no job and no ‘freebies’, most of the illegal aliens would pack up and self-deport, without the need of massive ICE roundups. Illegal aliens are taking jobs which US Citizens or LEGAL residents would have if they were not here and exploited by dishonest businesses. Illegal aliens are costing taxpayers $700-800 Billion every year by the time you factor in all expenses, including $10-12 Thousand per student per year. Each illegal alien family of four costs taxpayers over $21,000 per year, before schooling costs are added. Even if an illegal alien pays taxes, it is at the lowest rate, which does not come close to paying for all the ‘free’ services they get from the rest of us. In addition, about 3% of voters in this country are ILLEGAL ALIENS ! We already have our election process corrupted, because too many “Progressive Liberals” resist the requirement for showing photo ID when voting. Why is showing photo ID required to get on a plane, but not required to exercise our greatest right as a US citizen – voting? E-Verify works. Let’s give it a try nation-wide. BTW, it is already required for ALL companies doing business with the federal government. Visit numbersusa ‘dot’ com to see a great website exposing much of what is wrong with this issue.

  279. AuntieTaqiyya says:

    @Maria L: Word to the wise Mariasita: THOSE EUROPEAN COLONISTS ARE LONG DEAD, CENTURIES AGO! Did you forget to take your drogas this morning queridita? Or did you drink the marxist Horchata at your local chapter of La Raza? Better yet, go to your closest centrifuge and detatch your Spanish/European hemoglobin from your Indio blood. Your savage, Aztecan heritage is surfacing. What a pathetic primative you truly are…

  280. Allen Rogers says:

    I have many friends who are “LEGAL” immigrants and they are mad as h-ll about illegal aliens getting a free ride at their expense. If you immigrate here legally – welcome. If you came illegally, go back to where you came from, and apply the right way.

  281. CAL girl says:

    I support a well-managed immigration policy. If they want to increase the number of legal immigrants each year, fine. But America cannot fling open its doors and accept unlimited poverty. That’s what is happening now and it is ruining the country. Look to CA for what the future will be for other states if we don’t force our elected representatives to enforce the laws on the books. (To do their jobs!)

  282. Matthew Weaver says:

    Wow, a good corporate citizen! I’m putting Chipotle at the top of my list for restaurants to eat at.

    Thanks! And, I’m sure you’ll get thanks from the 50+ Americans that can now get jobs in place of these illegals.

  283. jb80538 says:

    Chipotle should also have to pay a fine for hiring illegals! Glad to see them removed from the payroll!

  284. Edgar says:

    The number reported by the establishment are pure fantasy. Most illegals DONT work under the table but with fake papers. So that means they pay taxes, social security ect. and can’t file for a tax retrurn at the end of te year. What that means is that there are millions of dollars of uncollected taxes that uncle sam pockets. Stop the hate!

    1. Fred says:

      So what! They are here illegally and taking a job that someone here legally could use. We don’t care if they pay taxes!!! It is the immigrant front groups who hate all things us because we want to enforce our sovereignty.

  285. 1776 says:

    This is NOT their country & they don’t belong here. We don’t need any further 3rd world usurpers invading our (once) sovereign Republic!

  286. Renny says:

    What is it with “immigration rights”? Either you’re legally here or you don’t belong here. You wouldn’t be illegally in Mexico or even Germany or Italy. Bork’em.

  287. bob barker says:

    Never eaten there but may start now. You have to respect a corporation who put national sovereignty above cheap labor.

  288. Desi Erasmus says:

    The resentment of illegal immigrants, and the roadblocks to becoming a legal immigrant are closely tied to the unpleasant features of the warfare/welfare state that has grown up over the past century. In 1910, there was no system of passports (no concept of “legal” vs “illegal” immigrants), no income tax, and no systems of “entitlement payments” that could be subject to pilfering by newcomers. The withholding of income and FICA taxes from paychecks was introduced as a WWII “war emergency” measure. Oddly enough, like many other ’emergency’ measures, it remained in place after the war was over.

    The warfare/welfare state has been forging golden chains for its inhabitants who increasingly are treated like inmates (e.g., TSA searches at airports, soon to come to road checkpoints near your?). Naturally, the inmates become angry when newcomers who have not been vetted for the entitlement chains ‘regular people’ wear show up and get in line for the ‘entitlements’ that the security state provides (to keep the inhabitants immature and dependent on its favorable attitude towards them, as long as they behave themselves), in fact they get all bent out of shape. It’s ironic that so many who categorize themselves as “conservative” have this view. They’ve got their place at the trough, and don’t want all these illegals dropping in on their sweet deal since it might mean less boodle for them. The jealousy, pettiness, and pinched souls of these inhabitants of the warfare/welfare state is not “conservative” in the least, but simply a natural outgrowth of their acculturation to the ‘entitlement state’ they have consistently voted in for many decades now. Enjoying the ride, folks?

    1. libertymatters says:

      Well said sir! Thank you.

  289. CM says:

    A Minnesota immigration rights group …. lol … do non-immigrants in Minnesota have a “special” group just for them to uproar over their layoffs/firings? [no doubt for no cost]

  290. Fairplay500 says:

    Allmost all traitors/spies in this country are whites.

  291. gert says:

    Everyone knows Freebirds is the original, and they are better by far.

  292. Desi Erasmus says:

    “Ever wonder what the unemployment rate would be if the jobs illegals hold were open to legal residents or citizens. ”

    Oddly enough, the unemployment rate in the construction trades would be much higher if the builders and developers had not been employing lots of illegal immigrants. When the housing bust, and then the commercial real estate bust hit a few years ago, a lot of the resulting job loss was “outsourced” to Mexico, and numerous laid off construction workers, along with their families, returned to Mexico (raising the vacancy rate for rental housing, and contributing to the severity of the downturn in real estate values). Places like San Diego, and the “hot markets” in AZ and NV were especially impacted.

  293. MarkoT says:

    Burgie baby – we seem to have better than 98.7% of the US population here now, today, that are 100% illegal as the Native Americans didn’t want us here.

    Me bad – I forget. Kill off and conquer rules. You best hope the ones you after don’t so onto you what you done onto the Native Americans. I know junior – Seig Heil is your motto

  294. Waldo the Racist says:

    Remove the White Man who stole the land…. remove and send them to Mankato for the neck stretching payback. God is Great

  295. textee says:

    I have been to a local Chipotle a few times. Some of their employees are good, but some of their employees are HORRIBLE.

  296. TB says:

    Does this mean I will need need a translator to place an order at Chipotle any more?

  297. tacobell says:


    Does this mean I will not need need a translator to place an order at Chipotle any more?

  298. Judge common says:

    Chipotles WASN’T following the law and so far the only thing that has happened is they have been forced to respond to arm-twisting. Still waiting for ICE to follow through with penalty. Maybe eat at your local mom and pop if you want to support a good cause.

  299. James Trainor says:

    I don’t have much sympathy for the fired folks. Businesses can get in severe trouble for hiring illegals, so it’s only due diligence to weed them out when at all possible.

  300. tom says:

    I love Chipotle even more now.

  301. Grapost says:

    GREAT! Every Illegal Immigrant SHOULD BE FIRED! They are taking jobs from Americans. Go back where you came from you parasites. They only come here to sponge off our country. Firing Illegals is a great way to reduce the AMERICAN unemployment rate because now these companies will be forced to hire America Workers! BEAT IT PACO!

  302. Arrrrr says:

    Everyone heaping praise to Chipotle needs to reevaluate their position. It was only after ICE audited them did they comply. They didn’t do this on their own recognizance. If they weren’t audited they would still have illegals employed.

  303. Judge common says:

    Rice and beans for brains. Why do you love Chipotle?! They got caught breaking the law..Surely you must intend to invite the folks at ICE out for dinner at a real American establishment.. Buffalo Ted’s.

  304. Eric says:

    “I’m an ethical vegan. I care about animals and humans”
    I’ll have to look into this radical new philosophy some more. It never occurred to me that one could care about both animals AND humans at the same time!

    Does this chipotle place even serve vegan food? Every time I’ve tried vegan food Its been virtually inedible.

    Seriously, if that girl is older than 17 she needs to go live under a rock somewhere LOL.

    1. Clydefrog says:

      I, too, like both animals AND humans, so this “ethical vegan” thing is an earth-shattering revelation for me… I’ve always just called myself a “conservative republican.”

      I wonder what an “Unethical Vegan believes in”

  305. craig .eliot says:

    A “rights” group? Since when is it a right to be illegal, or noble to promote the United States from becoming like the very countries these people are fleeing from?

  306. susan white says:

    Tell them to sell drugs or gang bang like the other illegal aliens. Selling heroin, meth and pot is tax free.

  307. Judge common says:

    A proposal for punishment to Chipotles Mexican grill:
    1. Close all US based restaurants.
    2. Open equal # of restaurants in Mexico with illegal American workers.

  308. Michael Dean Miller says:

    Americans should care for their own citizens.
    Non-citizens get nothing.
    Mexicans should peacefully return home to sort out their own country’s mess.
    If Mexicans insist on a Reconquista attitude….give ’em the boot and a bus ticket, if they don’t get the hint….. a bayonet in the butt.

  309. Maggie says:

    With unemployment as high as it is, it does not make sense for any jobs to be held by people in this country illegally. Citizens need these jobs.

  310. Rick says:

    Good! It’s way past time to throw these third world, criminal leeches out in the street. The sooner we deny them a job, the sooner they leave on their own and if the don’t, round them up like animals and ship them off. Better yet, chain gang the criminals and use them for slave labor to build highways. Sell their kids into slavery in China. Could always chop them up and sell them as dog food too.

  311. Wally Dexton says:

    I was craving a taco and went to local Chipotle and it was shuttered. Went to GV – shuttered. Edina-shuttered. Finally found one open in Bloomington. They had all these nice old people working there they had hired from Terrace Town Nursing Home. Thankfully there are people willing to work for this wage still in MN. Mixed results – by the time I sat down to eat my taco was cold. Slooow service. The place is open anyway.

  312. Waldo says:

    Zumbo rhymes with Dumbo

    Dumbo is Zumbo

    how come he gets a ‘fuser to use in the slammer is my ?

  313. Ryan says:

    sueña, immagrant ilegal.

    The government must do its job. This is a country based on the rule of LAW.

  314. Burt says:

    If you break any country’s law, you are a CRIMINAL.
    If I break the law, I am a criminal. You break, you are.
    Illegals broke more than one law – so they are criminals many times over.
    If you don’t understand that, you are a total idiota, capisce?

  315. Idgarad says:

    Still find it amusing that they cannot see a difference between ILLEGAL immigrants and LEGAL immigrants. If they don’t come here legally you have no way of stopping the bad people from coming here too. It’s that simple. Legal immigration gives us the capability to stop human trafficking, stop murderers, drug lords, and the most vile of criminals from coming here. Anyone that wants an open border policy, answer this: How do you separate murders fleeing their homeland and coming here? I know 8000+ convicted drug dealers in the USA, 800+ in California alone, that were kind enough to come up from Central America. No due process, no control. Just how many more dead can your ‘open arm’ hold?

  316. Ryan says:

    ¿Alguien puede trabajar en México? No. Sólo los mexicanos pueden trabajar en México.

  317. ishgood says:

    So they used illegal workers to run their profit and stock price up to 236 bucks a share and now they are canning them all? If you work at CMG demand a raise. Your owners and shareholders are rich.

  318. Brandy Baron says:

    Zumbo, the real racists in the illegal immigration battle are the disrespectful lawbreakers who, with some erroneous sense of entitlement think that they can duck our laws by hiding behind the color of their skin. Only one group of people is doing that… Latinos/Hispanics. It is disgusting.
    And before you spit that racist whine at me know that I am a proud American of Mexican descent (2nd generation).

    1. falconflight says:

      You go! Americans are Americans!

  319. ford says:

    hey. yah. why not?

    why not hire citizens in the firstplace.

    get RID of the mexican menace

  320. DavidArizona says:

    Tomorrow there will be 3,000 Americans applying for thiose 200 jobs. VIVA SB1070

  321. DavidArizona says:

    Viva SB1070

  322. Haley says:

    Our Neighborhood Association Block Rep (an Hispanic realtor) ‘coordinated illegal relocation and employment’ — working hskpg for her friends at chump change and less hours. She got a cut. When a Mexican gal came to my door looking for hskpg work, we chatted (in Spanish) and I hired her, called her references, including her ‘boss’ who demanded who I am, where I lived, worked, how I came upon stealing ‘hardship Mexican monetary opportunity from this poor deluded waif’, ‘taking advantage of them’ — and then she threatened legal action. I reported the rep. Next hskpg day, the young gal brought a bottle of saddle soap, saying her boss ‘required’ she use it alone to clean all her ‘non-approved’ customer homes. Many neighbor’s vintage homes were ruined — walls, porcelain, counters, floors, furnishings. Quite the scene ensued. This is a typical story in our So Calif county.

  323. Jon says:

    It’s the law stupid, no proof of citizenship no job… here in NJ it’s easy see how many bicycles are parked in the rear of the restaurant, the problem no one enforces the law, Americans can’t get these jobs!

  324. ben says:

    Awww just when they are about to pass the DREAM act 🙁

  325. Stephen Strachan says:

    Frankly, Chipotles food SUCKS. However, I’d actually be willing to return and further support the company due to their ‘recent’ observation of federal law regarding employment of illegal aliens. How’s that for a turn of the card? Actually rewarding the violator for doing what the violator was supposed to be doing in the first place?!?!?! ss

  326. Falconflight says:

    I fail to understand the uproar over the firings. The uproar should be from Americans without jobs…99 weeks of unemployment, no welfare payments. If the alien foreign nationals were sent packing, our OUR unemployment rate would be around 6%. Anyone who prefers 10 plus percent unemployment due to alien foreign nationals here illegally is NOT a good Amercian. That’s right, Not a good American. You care more about illegal aliens than unemployed Americans. Shame on you.

  327. jes2 says:


    Well i got here in 1982 then got green card and went the miltary for 20 years. Drop the hyphens – we are just americans. Oh and affirmative action is redundant since Obama is in the top seat in goverment.

    You are on target!

    And…. thanks for your service. Go Air Force!

  328. Achilles says:

    Chipotle Restaurants should not be applauded for firing these workers. It’s my guess that the management knew they were illegal’s but chose to ignore it in hopes that the Feds would not find out. They rolled the dice and got caught. They should be charged with immigration violations, and if convicted, management personnel should spend time in jail. That will send a strong signal to others to stop the hiring of illegals.

  329. AuntieTaqiyya says:

    America should adopt the same border policy as Mexico: ZERO TOLERANCE! Mexico has militarized its southern border to keep out those evil, little Mayan decendants from Central America! The Mexican Army enjoys target practice on Central American “migrants”, as they ride the trains across the border. The Mexican Army routinely rapes and murders “migrant”women and girls crossing their southern border. It’s a Latino “thang” . Ask any Central American illegal if he likes Mexicans–he’ll spout a line of Spanish invective a mile long!

  330. mark from says:

    Put them on the buss and send them back. Fine any company $10,000 per violation

  331. Deb says:

    If the restaurant knowlingly hired people who are not allowed to work in the United State, then I will no longer go there; restaurants are a dime a dozen.

  332. Tom Harris says:

    I’ve heard illegals spit in white patrons food at most restaurants.

    1. William Baskerville says:

      Ypu have GOT to be kidding. I’ve heard they perform human sacrifice in the back room too! Spread that one around. I mean, really, are you being ironic or are you just a troll?

      1. ByteRider says:

        Irony can be soooo ironic, Will.

  333. Joan says:

    Wow. Just think if Bush was still president. How come you libs let Obamy off the hook? It’s his ICE dept doing this.

  334. Lisa says:

    I ate at the Richfield Chipotle once, and a woman working there making my food spoke completely to me in long sentences in Spanish as if I understood her. Good for Chipotle. Give those jobs to Americans.

  335. SalC says:

    This will cause more people to want to eat there.

  336. Mauna says:

    Hooray for Chipotle Restaurants. I have never gone to that restaurant, but you can bet I will now. Any company or person who stands up to these undereducated, diseased, alcoholic, demanding criminals deserves a medal.

  337. barneyg says:

    which part of illegal do you people not get?

  338. Hedley Lamar says:

    Illegals don’t have any labor rights. The only thing they’re entitled to is the right to go back where they came from unimpeded.

  339. JM in San Diego says:

    I hate the term “illegal immigrant.” An immigrant is somebody who wants to be an American. These slugs just want what they can get.

    My wife worked with a woman whose husband, a Mexican, lived and worked here legally for almost forty years. He was a Mexican until the day he died — never wanted to be an American.

    1. libertymatters says:

      That Mexican had something conservative govt tit moochers lack-


    2. William Baskerville says:

      Wow – so we hate LEGAL immigrants now, too, huh? Real hard empirical evidence you’re working from there, too – “I knew a lady who knew a guy who talked to somebody once who was Mexican, and they’re all like this.”

      Sorry, does this kind of posting make ANYONE here feel ashamed? No matter what side of the debate you are on? (And I am probably not on the side you think I am.)

  340. HarryObrian says:

    There is no such thing as immigrant rights so why does this socialist group even exist???
    Chipotle should have just dropped a dime on them to ICE…. you try to be nice and these bleeding heart communists just get in the way.

  341. Justin Case says:

    I like eating at chinese restaurants because the staff is so diverse. There’s one from an eastern chinese provence, one from a northern chinese provence, one from a south chinese provence, one that speaks english without a super heavy accent, etc. etc.

  342. Stacey P. says:

    The company I work for just did the same process. Although irritating, I had to comply. Due to the fact that I am legal here, I was able to provide my info asap. Get over it people. If you are illegal, watch out!

  343. Justin Case says:

    Mexico should give back mexico land to the french and spanish. The real truth upside the head is, if you can’t defend something, someone else will take it away. That is the law of animals from the last several hundred million years. Fish can’t stop fishing so we, and other fish, eat them. It’s not just a good idea, it the law of life.

  344. commonsense247 says:

    “I’m here illegally and now I’m going to demand the right to work, even though it’s against the law for employers to hire those here illegally.” That sums up the irrational idiocy of those who’ve jumped on the bandwagon of entitlement and absence of critical thinking. The mere fact this is their statement illustrates perfectly that they are not interested in becoming a law-abiding citizen who supports and agrees with our nation’s foundational principles of personal responsibility, liberty, and the rule of law.

    1. libertymatters says:

      you will be better off WITHOUT A SOCIAL SECURITY NUMBER, DRIVERS LICENSE, OR PASSPORT= DO NOT BECOME A CITIZEN- trust me- those living here today know ABSOLUTELY NOTHING about questioning authority, defending themselves, self-ownership, liberty, anarcho-capitalism, voluntaryism, libertarianism, anarchy…they want instead, THE GOVERNMENT TO LOVE AND CARE FOR THEM JUST THE WAY THE TSA DOES.


  345. Pancho says:

    The mexican mantra

    “Por La Raza todo. Fuera de La Raza nada” “For the race everything, outside the race nothing”

    All of the laws should be enforced equally, regardless of race, religion, and/or national origin. That is with the exception of mexicans, and they should be above the law and exempt from the law. And the only purpose that a tonto gringo serves is to pay taxes to support the superior and noble mexican.

    Anyone who disagrees with this philosophy is Xenophobic and a Racist.


    All animals are equal but some animals are more equal than others.
    George Orwell, Animal Farm, ch.10, 1945

  346. Gary Pate says:

    Isn’t “ethical vegan” just another way to say “gullible moron”??

  347. pokey5735 says:

    Why did they wait for a federal audit to check the immigration status? They should pay a stiff fine for violating the immigration laws. Without enforcement there is no respect for our laws.

    I hope we see a lot more enforcement. It will solve a lot of problems in this country if the government gets serious.

    Hire American citizens!

  348. Eddie F says:

    # 1 Illegal in this country…Maybe you know him…Barak “Insane” Obama, Can you imagine how sick this nation has become…

  349. germina60 says:

    If they didn’t have all the papers required to be working in the US, then I don’t have a problem with the firing.

  350. magnoliabel says:

    What citizens don’t understand is that immigration authorities can close a company down for hiring illegals. I don’t blame anyone if for firing people if their papers are in question. It is the illegals person responsibility to get their papers in order and keep them in order.

  351. Johnny says:

    Very misleading headline for this story. It appears the only “Outrage”, based on the relies seen here, is regarding the fact these illegals are even here to begin with. Looks as if the sentiment is running 15-1 against the law breakers.

    There are and always will be the hand wringing bed wetters on the Left who so easily have their mush brained heads filled with the nonsense from the left.

    1. libertymatters says:

      there are a few of us defending them, and liberty in general…

  352. Johnny says:

    From now on Chipolte’s is my place for friday night takeout for the family. Good deeds should always be rewarded.

  353. Mark says:

    To all illegal aliens displacing legal American workers: Return to your own country, roll up your sleeves and get to work fixing it so that you never again have to leave. Adios and buena suerte.
    To all American citizens: Keep exercising your 2nd Amendment rights, regardless.

  354. brianvree says:

    Maybe this will open a few jobs for unemployed Americans.

  355. im a. citizen says:

    the illegal immigration rights people scream that the government should go after the companies that hire these people and when the companies crack down on them they cry louder. on the ccw: better to be tried by twelve than carried by six.

  356. Jose G says:

    Chipotle is now my FAVORITE restaurant!! Go Chiplote!!!! Too bad other employers don’t have the guts to do an I9 audit. Please pass the carnitas!

  357. Superpower says:

    The Minnesota Immigration Rights Action Committeee is a committee based on protecting unlawful activity. Hey MIRAC, I’m gonna come to your headquarters, set up shop and run my company out of your offices – you’re cool with that, right?

    1. davec says:

      “Immigration”? These ILLEGAL ALIENS are NOT immigrants.

      Immigration is a LEGAL process and theres no part of a legal process that involves the CRIMINAL act of sneaking across the border in the trunk of a car at night.

  358. HMichaelH says:

    What does Melissa Swanson’s position about being a “vegan” have to do with this article. Apparently she isn’t an illegal, and there is no evidence she works at one of these restaurants, or that she has been fired!

    Why are her comments included at the end of this article? Am I missing something? Is she aware she can order food at Chipotle without any meat? Does she know she’s nuts?

  359. VotersOfNY says:

    Waah, waah, waah. Go and get your papers to become a citizen. These people come here using phony social security cards. They don’t pay their share like the rest of us. What part of illegal isn’t understood? Do it legally or get the eff out and go back home. Yes, we WANT you here but legally.

    1. libertymatters says:

      every sentence describing the social security card that comes with the card, is a lie.papers, please is nazi germany all over again

  360. davec says:

    Looks as if “immigration rights groups” are:

    1. CRIMINALS else they would not advocate CRIMINAL ACTS (criminal conspirators if you ask me)


  361. davec says:

    Notice how the illegal Mexicans try to latch onto the Indian movement for credibility? What LIARS!!

    Of course we expect CRIMINALS to LIE to attempt to cover up their crimes. And thats manipulation on top of it…

  362. says:

    Fill up the buses and send them back, we are spending 3.4 million alone on health care for them, as they (Illegals) send their income back to Mexico

  363. Scott says:

    And I thought I couldn’t love Chipotle any more….

  364. GitErDone says:

    The real issue is that Mexico is a dictatorship. That corrupt gov mt wont provide basic needs.

    If we can make it impossible to storm the Rio Grande, maybe they will storm the presidential palace in Mexico City instead.

  365. American says:

    I am Hispanic. A legal one I might add. Since birth. Even so you might think that i would have a sensitive spot about this subject since i love my culture. Well I do. But i was raised to use my head and think. So her is my thought.

    1. Here by choice crossing the boarder illegally or not by choice being made to cross the boarder and risk the life of the child through the desert and to young to resist your parents wishes to come here, which part of that does anyone not understand that it is illegal. Illegal to be here without permission to stay by our laws.

    2. The wurst part is which part of illegal do those American citizens not understand who are fighting for this cause to legalize these people who have broken our laws.

    3. Why aren’t these people paying the fees and getting in line like the others who want to come here. Just wait there turn. They pay the Coyotes thousand to help them cross. So it can’t be the money that stops them.

    4. Why do we tolerate our schools preaching social justice to our children using this subject as the cause celeb rather than teaching our children math, science, and critical thinking? Look at where we rank against the rest of the world in these critical skills. No they will prefer to teach social studies and how the Gringos took this land away.

    5. Why don’t these little minded liberals see that these illegals don’t want to assimilate into our culture. Instead they bring there cultures here with them and want us to assimilate to them. If there culture is so good, then why are they leaving there country to come here? Could it be that its because the countries they are leaving are lead by little dictators who suppress the people and do not provide for the well-being of there own. So now we have to provide for them out of our pockets.

    6. Gosh forgive me for being so insensitive. I shouldn’t be so selfish. I forget that the American public is the most giving group of people on the planet. Probably in the history of the planet. Even when you add up all the other countries together, it does not equal the giving that Americans give to the world regularly. No sham in that. But the white folks have been to good to the rest of the world and now this is payback time. And the payback is that Americans are being given the shaft by having to support the rest of the planet. The rest of the world does not think like America does. They take. And now they think they are entitled to what has been created here in the states.

    7. So they come here illegally, we give them shelter, educate them, we give them health care, dental, jobs and God only knows what else. And they would rather not assimilate to our culture? If the culture they came from so great why aren’t they there?

    Your children are being used in our US schools as little socialist soldiers and the white public better wake up! This thinking that this is OK is being spoon fed to our children to change our culture. So i ask you. What South American country would you rather look like. Name one.

    And for those who disagree with my point of view. So be it. I will not be quieted by socialist who do not have a better way to offer the world. I stand apposed.

    Good Job Chipotle. I think i will start voting with my money and not spend at places who use illegals any longer. And take my money to those who do what is right by the law.

    1. libertymatters says:

      i want out of the borg hive, free to live unmolested anywhere in the world )including the US which says it believes and stands for we the people. search we the people above to see my comment on who they are.

      I want to un-assimilate. No taxes, no welfare, just let me live where I want, and I won’t bother you. The rule is simple: first, do no harm.

  366. seamusnh says:

    Excellent. A good start. I’ll be patronizing Chipolte more often. Maybe they could put up a sign:

    “Chipolte does not employ illegal aliens”
    sort of like other signs in restaurants:
    “No MSG added”
    “All employees must wash hands after using the restroom”
    “No peanuts are used in any of our menu items”

  367. Looking4WorkLongTimeNow says:

    Minnesota where they will get all bent out of shape about a bunch of ILLEGALs geeting caught doing illegal things. yes it is against the law and when yoiu get caught you will be fired and hopfully deported.
    Looks like I will be dining at Chipotle tonight. least I would be if I had a job, been out of work 23 months and I will take one of those now open jobs.

  368. Daniel says:

    My wife is a Mexican Citizen. We met in Mexico and were married in Mexico. She had never been to the United States period, legally or illegally. We waited over 8 months for her paperwork to be filed correctly and for her get her visa to come to the United States. We didn’t skip that step because we wanted to do things the right way. Is it a sacrifice? Of course! Would we have considered doing it any other way? Of course not! We have paid thousands of dollars to do this correctly, and I agree that it should be easier, but if it weren’t for so many people coming illegally, then it would be easier. It is a double edged sword. For now my wife only has a two year visa and we are in the process of getting her permanent residency (another 1000 something dollars). And when we do, I will be proud to have done it the right way and not to have to worry about the consequences of immigrating illegally.

  369. Jay says:

    I almost always have to prove I’m a citizen BEFORE I start working; at most, less than a month after. How is it some of these yobs have been working “for years” without proving they’re eligible?

    For you protesters: illegal immigration is a crime. Check out the first word: “illegal”. It’s a slap in the face to those who took the time, trouble, and expense to do it legally, like my dad’s parents.

  370. Peter Goesinya says:

    Yea, I guess I must be an ethical vegan too. I don’t eat humans either!

  371. Pamliko says:

    Nice work. I’ll make my first visit to Chipotle this week

  372. lunaticcringeradio says:

    i love the quality of chipotles food. now i like the quality of their management for booting out the law breakers. if you want to live and work ina country you aren’t from(not just america) there is a process to becoming a legal citizen. if you choose not to do it, then you are an illegal alien no matter what country you are from or in. this is not just a one way racial issue for mexicans to america.

    good job chipotles you have lots of support for doing the right thing. your management should look at all the silly lame arguments from the selfish illegal mooching class and not fear doing the right thing like you have done. your management will see you are going to be even more profitable now.

  373. tbirdszz says:

    The firings are the price paid for the decisions they made. Just because you want a better life doesnt mean you can break the law. Id like to be a stock broker and just because it would improve my ecnomics situation doesnt mean I dont need to a license from the SEC.

  374. Patior4USA says:

    Please! Those same people who complain would want the owners fined for hiring illegals in the first place! Chipotle did the right thing. Get rid of the problem before it becomes one! Fire all of their illegal @$$3$, and hire legal workers, or Obama will come down on you for hiring illegals, and the illegals will end up owning the shop!!!

  375. georgann marks says:

    Chipotle should be commended. round em up… and head em out…

    now let’s do something about all those anchors they dumped in the desert!!

    anchors AWAY”!

  376. Lee Gallyhere says:

    Congratulations to Chipotle, and I only wish more companies would do the right thing.

  377. Rowdy Boots says:







  378. Rcleme8 says:

    About Time someone enforces the Laws of this country.. Great Job Chipotle’s..
    I will eat their as often as I can….

  379. Reg Pinder says:


  380. Marty says:

    Make the penalties so severe for employing or housing illegal aliens that nobody would risk it. When they have no place to live and no place to work, offer them a free bus ride to the boarder. once they’re gone, stock the Rio Grande with crocodiles.

  381. jim shortz says:

    this is a WIN – WIN. 1. people working here illegally (taking jobs from people here legally and americans) lose their jobs. 2. Jobs are now available to americans and legal immigrants. this is the best christmas gift an unemployed person can get

  382. mtb says:

    What is it that people don’t understand about Illegal immigrants?

  383. suzie says:

    What the hell is an ethical vegan?

  384. Jon says:

    Hire illegals instead of local high school and college children! The 1946 UN Treaty on Genocide states that is a no no.

  385. mark from says:

    Put them on a bus and send them back. Fine every company $10,000 for every count. The words the Indians were here first holds no air, they came through Russia down the west coast.

  386. idiot basher says:

    Hey Bill, why don’t you stick the problem which are Hispanics who are 90% (+) of the problem and leave the rest of what you and your ilk call the “other” people of color alone. In other words, keep your comments to Hispanics 90% of the time or will you get kick out of the club for that?

  387. mark from says:

    The liberals have messed up this country for to long, picking away at the rights of true Americans. They got what they deserved in the last election, and its coming again in 2012.

  388. Thomas says:

    No one has a right to work.

  389. Mel Lingerman says:

    What “Uproar”? Chipotle got rid of employees who had broken the laws of the United States. Nothing to see here.

  390. Keith says:

    “I am an ethical vegan”. What does that have to do with anything. They hired illegals got caught and had to fire them after ICE checked I 9’s. Too bad. There are people that are LEGAL that would love to have those jobs. No wonder Al Franken got elected with people like Melissa voting.

  391. Robertf says:

    The correct term is ILLEGAL IMMIGRANT! These are persons that came across our Southern border with the intent of breaking Federal Immigration laws, and thus they are FELONS. The restaurants in question broke Federal laws by employing them, and thus should be liable to fines, and imprisonment.
    With an unemployment rate Nationally of 9.8% and unofficially closer to 20% companies that hire illegals, and municipal governments that allow this practice will come under increasing pressure from the electorate to force these companies to fire the illegally hired employees and offer these positions to United States citizens, and legal residents.
    The democrats, and Obama’s proposed “DREAM ACT” is wildly unpopular, and by legalizing millions of persons that broke Federal law, and allowing them to continue working here, and availing themselves of our expensive and generous social programs will eventually lead to social unrest and possible violence.

  392. kc says:

    Thank you Chipolte for following the law!

  393. KyzerS says:

    My sympathies are with immigrants who respect our laws, and will mean it when they do the Pledge of Allegiance.

  394. Mike says:

    Mass firing of Illegals = Mass Hirings of Legal Workers. The only uproar should be that they were hired in the first place. make the fines so high that nobody would be crazy enough to hire them. 11 Million fine to walmart. I love it!!

    Poor Chipolte, they’ve been getting hammered lately. Recently they lost an American with Disabilities Lawsuit filled by a guy in a wheelchair who complained that he couldn’t see his burrito being made (becasue the wall was too high) I can’t belive the case was even heard, and the idiot judge ordered that all Chipoltes would have to lower their walls. That judge needs to be removed!!

  395. Ponle_mas_pollo_porfa says:

    HUMAN BEINGS ARE NOT ILLEGAL / borders are big business

  396. Pico says:

    Hosta la Vista, Baby!

  397. tnmccoy says:

    Sounds like a mass firing of illegals. Nothing wrong there. If all companies would do that—including the Hollywood brain-deads—our illegal immigration problem would begin to abate. In order to work at something, these illegals will have to start back to Mexico. If they want, they can start over and do things legally.

  398. deep says:

    When I was in Brazil for 5 months and inquired about working as an illegal the threat of jail and deportation was very real………

  399. JWS says:

    As someone who has spent thousands of dollars in filing fees and waited the long wait on USCIS to make sure his immigrant wife has a legal right to live and work here, let me just say: Thank you, Chipotle restaurants, for following the law.

  400. Jay Fourtwenty says:

    Everyone complains about the illegals when unemployment is high. People who can not currently find jobs are suddenly “gung ho” to pick produce – serve fast food – clean bathrooms – do landscaping etc for minimum wage – how the mighty have fallen lol.THEY TOOK OUR JOBS!!! right? Hahahaha. And what happens when unemployment goes down? Are those same people going to stay in their “demeaning” lower paying jobs or will they revert back to wanting those high paying cushy office jobs? Then we will all be happy again, making money while “bottom feeders” perform all the jobs we REALLY don’t want to. But lets kick out hundreds of thousands of people that are paying rent – buying food, clothes and other basic necessities. Lets have more business close down due to less customers. What we need in this troubling economy is less spending que no? hahaha

  401. Jay Fourtwenty says:

    Everyone complains about the illegals when unemployment is high. People who can not currently find jobs are suddenly “gung ho” to pick produce – serve fast food – clean bathrooms – do landscaping etc for minimum wage – how the mighty have fallen lol.THEY TOOK OUR JOBS!!! right? Hahahaha. And what happens when unemployment goes down? Are those same people going to stay in their “demeaning” lower paying jobs or will they revert back to wanting those high paying cushy office jobs? Then we will all be happy again, making money while “bottom feeders” perform all the jobs we REALLY don’t want to. But lets kick out hundreds of thousands of people that are paying rent – buying food, clothes and other basic necessities. Lets have more business close down due to less customers. What we need in this troubling economy is less spending que no? hahaha

  402. Skeeter says:


  403. Terry says:

    If they are illegals, they need to go. Period. No qualifiers, no excuses. Don’t care how long they’ve been here, or if they have “legal” kids. If the kids got no where to stay, they go back with their parents. You want the full protection of the US, immigrate legally.

  404. Dave Templeton says:

    Just don’t send them to Arizona, we have all we can support!

  405. TruthTeller says:


    Companies should be FORCED to hire workers they don’t want or don’t need! Isn’t that the backbone of our American system?

    PUNISH the successful!
    REWARD failure!
    100% Tax Rate!

    Let us all become wards of the State!

  406. Grrrrrrrrr says:

    Yank those welfare/unemployment checks out from under those worthless roostersuckers and then just they might just want to work.

  407. Greg says:

    Heck, We have an illegal alien for President why shouldn’t we fire him?

  408. Hoth says:

    Bravo Chipotle! If only all companies were so devoted to the law.

  409. jdc says:

    let me help you out “immigration rights group” your clients are here illegally are entitled to nothing. So if you want to be of service help them pack their stuff and get the heck out of here. Your not welcome here, so leave.

  410. BurritoBandito says:

    The fact that this is a newsworthy story is pretty sad.

    People without proper identification or with misrepresented SSNs are let go…SO?

    When is it okay to break the law?

  411. sammy says:

    You know what? Who cares? These “immigrant” groups always seem to forget to put the word “illegal” in front of the word “immigrant.” these “immigrants” should be glad they were even able to work as long as they did, instead of complaining about getting fired for doing somehting they knew was illegal. illegals should not have any rights in this country, much less complain that they don’t have enough rights. Idiot.

  412. HUGO says:

    Illegal aliens should be deported. They are breaking the law.

    “I am an ethical vegan, I care about animals and humans,” said Melissa Swanson

    Vegans should be deported as well.

  413. Ruckus says:

    So–these groups want the restaurant to break the law by keeping illegals, who also broke the law. by illegally being here. What am I not getting here?

  414. j powl;edge says:

    Hey, makes me more likely to dine at my local Chipotle. Anything that gets rid of these illegals and restores sanity to our nation’s immigration and security meltdown is a welcome relief. Too bad they are probably only doing this because they were caught because of a mass hire of illegals.

  415. Guy Threepwood says:

    Ever try communicating with some of the folks at Chipotle. See that scared look in their eye? Who’s surprised they’re illegal. Give me a break. Chipotle knew and they’ll be lucky they don’t still get stuck with multimillion dollar fines. And lawyer fees up the waz to boot.

  416. Carla S. says:

    Chipolte should have checked their I-9 status before hiring them in the first place. and it’s not like they are not going to hire more illegals to replace the ones they fired. It’s a never ending process that must be stopped.

  417. MPD Jail Rosenberg says:

    We can deport Joel Rosenberg back to Canada. One he has a felony conviction we can deport him back to Canada. He seems to eat a lot of Chipolte. He’s going to be an illegal immigrant soon enough.

  418. Steve Thomas says:

    Duh! What part of ILLEGAL don’t these idiots understand? Good for Chipotle, they are doing the responsible thing. The comments from the brain dead libs at the end of the article are the icing on the cake.

  419. FLOYD IN FLORIDA says:


  420. Boris says:

    Quien es mas macho el illegal o ICE?

  421. FLOYD IN FLORIDA says:

    The Mexicans & Illegals come to the US seeking you got freedom, a better life from the hell hole they just came from and yet as soon as they get here they band together and create another little hell hole that they just came from?

    Why do Muslims come to the US? They say for freedom and to have a better life than the hell hole they just came from?
    Then they proceed to try to change the US into the hell hole they just came from?

    Why did George Soros come to the US? For freedom, a better life and to escape the hell hole (Nazi /Comunist Romania) he came from!
    Then he proceeds to try to change the US into the Romanian hell whole he just came from?

    Sadly the US Goverment Encourages them? HEAVEN & HELL DO NOT MIX!


  422. firstpoppa says:

    Maybe this ‘immigrant rights’ group should publish a list of ALL the laws that ILLEGAL immigrants can break without any repercussion.

  423. betsp says:

    Why would these employees feel so abused when they had to lie to their employer in order to get the job in the first place? Sooner or later, the law must be upheld. Sooner or later, illegals will be caught and will feel the consequences. Easy come, easy go. It’s the right thing to do. They are taking a job away from citizens. Not fair, not legal, and not acceptable.

  424. Frank says:

    “I am an ethical vegan, I care about animals and humans,” said Melissa Swanson, a St. Paul resident.

    Hey Melissa do the world a favor and go off yourself in the woods so a hungry animal can have a meal!

  425. dare2sayit says:

    Too bad liberal mayor R.T. Rybak’s unlawful illegal alien sanctuary city policy is attracting so many illegals here. People should be outraged!

  426. TJP says:

    When the feds come to audit you, you can either cooperate and fire illegal employees, or you can not cooperate, get fined and/or have your business shut down, then have the illegal employees fired anyway. And they’re ILLEGALS, most don’t pay taxes and they and their kids are still given free citizenship and massive subsidies (schooling, medical care. etc.) Even citizens don’t have an inalienable right to a job, judging from the 10% or so unemployment.

  427. Legal American with right to opinion says:

    Mexicans disregard for the rule of law, and respecting the rights of others IS why Mexico is a complete $h1+hole. FIRE ‘EM if they are Illegal. They are taking jobs from LEGAL law abiding American families.

    Americans are reaching a breaking point with the whole Illegal alien invaders thing..

  428. Tingmajig says:

    The law is the law. My folks came here during WW2 from Latvia and had to go through the process and red tape to become citizens. So should everyone else.
    The way I see it is they are called ILLEGAL immigrants because they are ILLEGALLY in the USA. WHAT part of ILLEGAL doesn’t everyone understand.
    If the Government of this land allows this to be, then every ILLEGAL act out there that people perpetrate should be O.K. because the Government is acting ILLEGALLY to begin with. Right????

  429. J Jonah Jamison says:

    Good for them, Hopefully the rest of America will follow their lead.

    This is one small step for America , only 20 million more steps to go.

  430. Ed says:

    The ethical vegan is a trip. So does she think it’s ethical for Americans to be out of work while illegals have jobs?

  431. jon says:

    Good for Chipotle. Gosh illegals, if you dont like our laws why dont you go home and get a job.

  432. jon says:

    People who shout racism all the time are half wits, I mean liberals.
    The while racism thing is a tired out, boring, meaningless, empty way for a liberal to substitute insults for facts, thought, and intelligence. The word is so over-used it has lost all meaning and now means nothing at all.

  433. MAKE MY DAY says:

    Someone posted….Gee, they were working in this country illegally. That’s one crime. If they were working here illegally, they must be in the country illegally, that’s a second crime. In order to work, I wonder how many of them had false IDs (identity theft), that’s a third crime.

    That’s 3 strikes and you had better be out of here – It’s past time to E-VERIFY every employee in EVERY business…There are MILLIONS more that are stealing jobs from Americans – They ALL need to be arrested and sent back over the border….This is out-of-control!!

    PS. Identity theft is a FELONY!!! Read my lips!!! A “FELONY”!!!

  434. mark says:

    In Arizona you have to actually break the law to be asked for proof of residency; but for Obama and ICE all you have to do is show up for work. Hmmm now who is the bad guy?

  435. KipNoxzema says:

    You know that it’s no fun, being an illegal alien.

  436. Coco says:

    I love that the immigrant group tries to justify their outrage by saying “some of them have worked there for years”. Just as outraged as you are over, the fact that they have worked there for years, so are we…for that very reason..that they’ve done it for years… and not done a thing to correct the situation in the way of becoming a they can pay their fair share into the system, like the rest of us. Bet they are giving their real identity out for some benefits now, aren’t they?

  437. Surveysays says:

    You have zero rights here. Don’t let the door hit you on your way back to your home country.

  438. Marie says:

    This article is a joke; way to go for Chipotle. Every business in America should follow suit.

  439. Corny says:

    The fact that someone is upset and “investigating” because the workers were all Hispanic shows what racists they are. Like somehow being Hispanic trumps the law. I have been out of work nearly 2 years without unemployment insurance and my family and I have been surviving on food stamps. We ran out of savings and all my retirement was gone two months ago. I am constantly looking for work, but I have an advanced degree and am over 50. Guess what happens when I apply for a cashier job at Lowes or any position that is entry level minimum wage? They tell me I am overqualified and tell me good luck. Meanwhile I see the positions being still posted and nothing but younger women running the registers so tell me. Lately I saw a report that many employers are screening applicants out who are not currently holding a job because they think somehow we become dumb as stumps because we are out of work. It is nothing but code for “don’t hire anyone over 40.”

    Meanwhile I am 2 weeks from living in the car with my family, so spare me the sad song about the losing their jobs for Christmas. I had someone I know give me a check to buy something for Christmas for my family. You know what we bought? We bought another week of having a roof over our heads.

  440. weet says:

    put down the leftist nazis supporting the infiltraton and destruction of this country. there are plenty of out of work hunters who will gladly use ammunition and rifles to hunt down the demons of the left. REVOLUTION !

  441. Aki Bola says:

    I demand to know who is responsible for this. So I can send a thank you card and flowers. If we’re not careful, all the foreign criminals might leave.

  442. eric says:

    I’ve never been inside a Chipotles before… Finally a company standing up for what is right and decent in this country. Good for you Chipotles… thank you for standing strong for a strong America. You have a new customer.

  443. Thomas P. Jamesson says:

    i have lived in Thailand for several years and I CANNOT work because I am NOT a Thai Citizen or I do NOT have the work permit papers. W”HY should it be different in the USA? IF I am found without a visa in Thailand I go to JAIL and then deported – again why should the USA be different??

  444. snowboardpete says:

    This is now my most favorite restaurant! Good work! Hire legals only!!

  445. Joey Boots says:

    I-9 checks should be happening across the country. Let’s get Americans back to work….Feliz Navidad ya criminal invaders who are raping our country!

  446. Zarkin says:

    Good. all those illegals are the reason I have not gone back. I could not understand the employees.

  447. Bob says:

    “… It appears to be a statewide attack on immigrant worker who are longtime employees most of them been working there for years…” (Sic)
    Hardly. It appears to be an attack on ILLEGAL immigrant workers. BIG difference.

  448. Deron says:

    Brad Sigal. “It appears to be a statewide attack on immigrant worker who are longtime employees most of them been working there for years.”…..NO SIR…it is an arrest of ILLEGAL criminals……enforcing a law that is on the books….now deport them

  449. mtnbay says:

    I like my Fast Food without Free Range Immigrants!

  450. Miguel says:

    The Revolution is just beginning! When Chipoltle does this in California, this California will again go to Chipoltle. We are just beginning, in that the just past election will be added to in the next election when We The People of The United States of America finally recognize that MSM is our lying, deceptive enemy which acts only in service to it’s editors’ Marxist hatred for America and American Prosperity.

  451. Vince says:

    IMMIGRATION RIGHTS GROUP?????? But they are ILLEGAL IMMIGRANTS!!!! Illegal immigrants have rights now????

  452. Tara says:

    maybe now I can place my order and have someone understand me YEA going back to Chipotle

  453. Arthur says:

    Good for Chipotle. My parents immigrated–legally–from Austria in the late ’50s. My wife immigrated–legally–from Russia in the ’90s. These illegals are scofflaws who have imported their disdain for rules and laws from the first moment they broke our immigration laws. They are lazy, they take shortcuts in everything, and their culture of manana is unwelcome.

  454. MadModerate says:

    It’s all very simple: the Democrat party relies on illegals for illegal votes– and they consistently get them. That is why they make such a fuss when the law is actually enforced, ala Arizona.

  455. Snidely70448 says:

    I don’t understand what the Ethical Virgin is all upset abut. And why would she go to a restaurant to get laid anyway? Very strange people in MN.

  456. Jesse says:

    Just because they disregard our laws does not mean the businesses have to do the same. Hiring illegal workers is ILLEGAL.

  457. SorryIThought for myself says:

    Criminals should definitely have first dibs at all US jobs over all these unworthy unemployed citizens. Anyone defending illegals should be tried for treason

  458. mile says:

    The unemployment numbers must be bogus. Illegals have no trouble filling positions.
    They are the majority in construction here in Florida. The point being that they have no problem finding a job. They do all the jobs I did when I was in my teens. And no one in the projects wants to lift a finger. This problem / issue will NEVER go away.

  459. Krammer says:

    It’s a Festivus Miracle!

  460. John says:

    These immigration “activists” can’t have it both ways. They can’t demand that a business keep illegal immigrants employed and then demand that businesses be criminally prosecuted for hiring illegal immigrants!

  461. Michael Roberts says:

    More nonnsence and then the US wonders why it is bad shape. Deport all illegals and see how fast the country bounches back and get rid of anchor babies why you are at it. The people during the Great Depression would not put up with this. Well what do you think we are in, it is going to get worse and when it gets to either you eat or an illegals eats then the crying liberals will want them deported immiediately.

  462. Minnesota says:

    It’s MIRAC-ulous they actually think anyone cares illegals were fired! Give the jobs to legals!

  463. WakeUp says:

    With 15 million illegal people in the country, ICE is just making a show by “closing in” on a single company in a singl