Charlie is a star on his own.  But he will be remembered forever as half of the legendary duo of Boone & Erickson.  Since leaving the Morning Show, Charlie has hosted Saturday mornings on ‘CCO.  After 51 years, Saturday, December 18th will be Charlie Boone’s last show on WCCO Radio.

Charlie greeted so many people on the radio every morning and countless more through his performances at the Old Log Theater, his numerous speaking appearances, charity work he did through the years and as Commodore of the Minneapolis Aquatennial.  Now, here’s your chance to take a moment and return that favor to a true Good Neighbor, Charlie Boone!

Click here to listen to some classic moments from Charlie’s career or here to see a photo gallery of Charlie!

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  1. Jimmy says:

    Truly a great job from a truly great man,

  2. Roberta MacDonbald says:

    We will MISS you Deep Resonant voice every Sat. I’ve been listening to you since we moved here in 60s., Just say you @ Old Log also

  3. Bill Endersen says:

    Congrats on a fabulous career, Charlie. It was such a thrill for me to work with and learn from the best including you and Roger when I went to ‘CCO in 1981. Have a great retirement!

  4. Cletus W. says:

    too bad the greed of human instinct has taken Charlie. how dare he retire and have a new life! I will miss you like a brother.

  5. Gary Paulson says:

    Thanks for the good memories. You made the trip to work so enjoyable. You & Roger will never be replaced; an outstanding team. WCCO morning show during the week has never been the same.

  6. RadioFan says: has many recordings of Charlie Boone & Roger Erickson along with other former WCCO Radio personalities.

    1. Ed says:

      Do they have any from his old day in Fargo N.D. at KXGO?

  7. Dorothy E says:

    Thank you very very much, Charlie, for all these 51 yrs of being the voice of ‘CCO. Your gifts and talents are unsurpassed; you feel like a member of our family. Best wishes in your retiremnt.

  8. Paul K says:

    You have entertained, amused and informed me for 50 years, You are a true star. I wish to you a good morning and a good day all the days of your life.

  9. Mankato kid says:


    Growing up in southern Minnesota, my fondest memories are of you and Roger doing the school closings. We eagerly gathered around the radio console, waiting to hear that District 77 was closed. Too bad the snow storm came over the weekend, it would have been fitting for the current generation of kids to hear Charlie do school closings for one last time.

    Best wishes in retirement!

  10. Bob Wetherall says:

    I remember the first morning you walked into the newsroom. What fun we had thru the years. Your retirement takes the last vestige of great radio from the twin cities. God bless.

  11. John Harper says:

    Hi Charlie…Congrats to the half decade of great radio broadcasting…You are a tribute to our industry . I hope you will still find the desire to get behind the microphone from time to time and thrill your many listeners who you have blessed with your talent. Warmest regards: John Harper Owner/President WMEL Talk Radio Cocoa Beach/Melbourne, Florida

  12. Dennis Netland says:

    Besst wishes, Charlie, on your retirement. Thanks for the many great memories. I especially remeber the Platter Partys you hosted in North Dakota when you were a DJ at KXGO in Fargo. Best regards, Dennis Netland, Plymouth

  13. Tom Mittelstaedt, Museum of Broadcasting, St. Louis Park says:

    Congratulations and all the best to you, Charlie. Radio won’t be the same without you.

  14. Montana Boy says:

    Charlie, I have been a fan of your’s since I moved to MN 26 years ago. You and Roger are the best. I am saddened to hear that you are leaving the airwaves. You have been one of the people who have made MN home. They just don’t make them like the two of you any more. You are the good neighbor.

  15. Roger Karjalahti says:


    Best to you in your retirement. You were great to work with on the Tennis Gophers booster club. Always there when we needed your help.


  16. Dave Coker says:


    Thank you for the many decades of enjoyable broadcasting. There will never be any like you ever again. You are an icon of an era that has been lost.

  17. Wendi Erickson says:

    I will always remember how nice you were to me when I came to visit my dad Jim Erickson working at ‘CCO I was always so excited to see you and Roger! I hope that you relax and have a a wonderful retirement!. Dad would never let us listen to anything else on the radio and you always made it enjoyable!

  18. Wade from New Prague says:

    In 1984 I called in and asked if you and Roger would sing the Good Morning Song again because my little girls would not wake up. When you called them by name and sang the song, you made them feel like celebrities. Thank you for the memories.

  19. Darrel Halverson says:

    All my best to you in your retirement, I have listened to you and WCCO all my life. Thank you!!

  20. Tim Russell says:

    Charlie: You’ve been a great inspiration for me. I remember hearing you and Rog doing the “Worst Jokes” segment with your many voices ( also on display on “Point of Law”), thinking how proud I was that the Twin Cities had that kind of world class talent. Best of luck and enjoy the next chapter.

  21. Karilyn Johnson says:

    God Bless you.Charlie
    You are truly a class act!! I only listen to ‘CCO on Saturdays-because of you!!
    It;s an end of an era, Many many thanks!!!

  22. Chad Crow says:

    So much of the talk radio environment has become shrill and combative. You have always treated your callers and guests with thoughtful and kind conversation. You will be the “benchmark” that many will be measured by in the decades to come. Godspeed you on your next adventure!

  23. Betty Kangas says:

    I still miss Boone and Erickson! You two were the greatest! I’ve sung the Good Morning Song to my children and now my grandchildren! Best wishes on your retirement.

  24. Mr. Dana W. Carlson says:

    Best wishes on your retirement. Radio will never be the same without you. I do think that radio in recent decades has seen it’s better days.

  25. Jerry Dilts (a/k/a "Jerry Edwards", NBC, Washington, DC says:

    Growing up in White Bear Lake, my parent’s kitchen radio was ALWAYS set on ‘CCO. As a kid, remember the “Good Morning” song of Boone & Erickson, Joyce LaMont’s “Special Events”, Howard Viken, etc., etc. At 7:10 AM every morning, the seemingly same commercial always came on: “Northwest Orient (gong) Air-lines”…we knew at that time the school bus was coming and we’d better hurry! Never again will there be anything close to the Great WCCO of yesteryear. Happy retirement, Mr. Boone!

  26. Nancy says:

    Thank you Charlie, for entertaining us over the years, for being one of the finest gentlemen I ever met, and for giving me my 15 minutes of fame. Years ago, you were a regular on a city bus route that I had the privilege of driving. At that time, I was writing limericks for fun, and one day I gave you some of them that used yours and Roger Erickson’s names, along with your famous line “A legend within their own minds.” Little did I suspect, you’d get off the bus, walk into the studio, and read them on the air, but you did just that. I discovered my “fame” that evening when I drove directly from finishing my afternoon run to choir practice. Thanks for everything! Here’s hoping you enjoy every day moving forward.

  27. Larry Greenberg says:


    You were the best. You are Roger will long be remembered by all of us old guys who awoke with you, 5 days a week. Never missed a day, snow, rain, whatever.
    I wish you a long, healthy life. Tennis really helps. Keep playing

  28. Kris Farley says:

    I was 5 years old when Charlie started. My parents had the kitchen radio set to WCCO and it was on early each morning as my dad got up to get ready for work. They loved WCCO. Boone and Erickson were a big part of our lisnteing. Even though I live in Wisconsin now, I have the radio in my car tuned to the station as I drive. God bless Charlie.

  29. Wendy Moore says:

    We will miss you so much! Still luv your Sat am program. I have to work next Sat so I will miss your last show. Good luck with whatever you do 🙂

  30. Dave K says:

    I met you in 1975 and to this day still remember how impressed I was with what a humble and friendly guy you were. Listening to you all these years only reinforced that impression. I hope you have many happy years of retirement.

  31. Pete Westby says:

    Every morinig you began my day listening with my parents as we started our days. Thanks to you and Roger for all the days off from school!!!

  32. Hannah says:

    Best wishes on your retirement! It’s been a great ride.

  33. Paul Coates says:

    Good Morning, good morning…. Its Grand to be on hand good morning, good morning…. Tooooooooooooo youuuuuuuuuuuuuuu! I remember those words well from the morning Boone & Erickson show. Charlie’s been doing this for almost as long as I’ve been alive. You had an impact on me in my childhood that I will live with till I die! Thank you Charlie & enjoy a richly deserved retirement!

  34. Rick Charles says:


    Wish radio still had your type of talent. Many years of health and happiness.

  35. Kent George says:

    Saturday morning wake-up without Charlie Boone?
    I know all good things come to an end, but I am really bummed about this ending.
    Thanks for the quality programming Charlie..I really will miss your program.

  36. Scott Overby says:

    Thanks for the memories…… How can anyone forget ‘POINT…..OF…LAWWWWW.
    Your leaving the airwaves is truly an end of an bygone era in radio. Too bad if can’t be continued.

  37. Paul Johnson says:

    Thanks for the countless hours of enjoyment listening to you. You were a true companion. And an inspiration. And a trusted friend. I feel like I know you yet over a lifetime, I met and spoke with you briefly just a handful of times. That’s the power of radio and a career well served by a giving individual. Via con Dios..Enjoy the retirement you have earned.

  38. Phil Nolan says:

    Thanks for introducing me at the Broadcasting Hall of Fame. And welcome to the wonderful world of the retired. You are one of the best.

  39. Brian Tolzmann says:

    Thanks for all the great years, Charlie! What a great time it was sitting in on the Boone & Erickson Show there in the studio, many times back in the 1970s. Talk about fun times!

    Anybody who hasn’t listened to Charlie and Dick Chapman from the night of May 6, 1965, please listen to them at That was the incredible night of multiple tornadoes hitting the Twin Cities. That night WCCO Radio won pretty much every award a radio station could win for its excellence in on-the-air coverage, perhaps the single most amazing local radio broadcast aired to that day. Certainly it was the single most-awarded local broadcast in the U..S. to that point in history.

    Best wishes in your future endeavors, Charlie!!

  40. Devoted Fan says:

    Dear Charlie,
    You have been a part of my life for 45+ years since I started listening to you when my children were babies. You saved my sanity many times with your calming voice and gentle demeanor. You set the gold standard for broadcasters and there have been none like you nor will there ever be another of your class. I am so sorry to see you go and will sincerely miss you and wish you only the best of health and happiness in your well deserved retirement with your wife, Carol. Best of luck, good neighbor. Good morning, good morning, its grand to be on hand, good morning and farewell to you…….

  41. JOHN STEWART says:

    Charlie: I always considered you one of the new guys as I grew up with Cedric Adams and company. Although I no longer live in Minnesota, I pick up CCO on the web and all of my cars have had 830 on the presets.
    Best wishes for a long retirement

  42. Lisa Wiger says:

    Hello friend, I just wanted you to know that how much I appreciate you. Thirty three years ago I migrated to Minnesota from Texas. Your broadcast helped me adapt to my new country, understand the culture and survive Minnesota winters. I now regard myself as a naturalized citizen of Minnesota and could never have done it without your help. I will miss you terribly but wish you all the best. Enjoy a long and happy retirement.

  43. Nancy Toth says:

    Charlie:I am not sure you will remember me, but I worked in the Men’s suit department at Dayton’s (2nd floor) back in the late 60’s and early 70’s. I was a young high school girl working behind the counter. The first time I saw you shopping in the department I stopped you and told you that I was your biggest fan and that I had been listening to you since I was very little. Since then, you always stopped and said hi to me when you were there shopping. I have listened to you all these year, and you are still my absolute favorite. Enjoy your retirement and God Bless you …

  44. Brian Tolzmann says:

    I’ll never forget all those times I was able to sit in your studio to watch you and Roger work your magic. What great memories those are!

    Anybody who wants to hear local radio at its best should check out for the May 6, 1965 WCCO coverage that Charlie and Dick Chapman did the night of the multiple tornadoes hitting the Twin Cities. They won every major national radio award that night, as a matter of fact it was the most-awarded single local news broadcast in the country to that time (maybe still is).

    Best wishes in your future endeavors, Charlie! Your voice has been Midwestern Magic for a LONG time!

  45. Lin Parkinson says:

    Charlie: It makes me feel old to have a Minnesota icon leave the airwaves for
    retirement. I have an unworn “Gill and Fin” T-shirt I will always treasure.
    Happy days!

  46. Betty & Frank Moon says:

    Dear Charlie,
    You have been a part of our lives for more thaqn 50 years. .You are the gold standard for broadcasters. .We are sorry to see you go and will sincerely miss your calming voice on ‘CCO! May the years ahead be filled with good health, much love and happiness for your and Carol.

  47. Kristen Van Nispen Gordon says:

    Chalie. Congratualtions on years of being the BEST on the air.
    I treasure the years I was blessed to work with You and Roger.
    You will always be a part of my life and fond memories!

  48. David Anderson says:

    Congratulations Charlie

    We (Joanie and I) travelled to France with U several years ago–Normandy/Etc–
    You and Carol made our trip so wonderful!! U have certainly earned a Rest!!

    I still think You are Taller in Person!! Hi to Carol
    Congratulations again


  49. Curt Johnson says:

    Hi Charlie…
    This is C-J from Explore Minnesota Tourism.
    It has been a pleasure to listen to you for these many years. You have inspired many new talents and demonstrated your immeasurable talents to untold numbers of fans via WCCO Radio.
    I sincerely wish you well and continued happiness.


  50. Dottie says:

    I never thought I would be old enough to listen to CCO – but then I blinked & it happened…. I look forward to listening to you every Saturday morning while I’m out running errands. You have a wonderful voice and seem like such a kind man who really enjoys life and the people around you.
    You will be missed.

  51. Kevin N says:

    I heard you on the air this morning with John Williams — I just wish the interview would have lasted for a few hours instead of a few short minutes.

    Best wishes for your retirement, Mr. Boone. I’m sure retiring just means more time to spend performing at the Old Log Theater, so all is not lost.

  52. Childhood Memories says:

    The sound of your voice brings me back to my childhood. Hearing the good morning song or waiting for the long list of school closings with my dad are some of my fondess memories – thank you for such a wonderful gift.

  53. Gordon Belk says:

    I remember listing to Charlie on KFGO in Fargo while I was in high school. I attended that very special Buddy Holly concert at the Moorhead Armory on Feb. 3, 1959 when Bobby Vee filled in with the Crickets. After Charlie left for ‘CCO and about 4 years later I was on air at KFGO (KXGO). Over the years I would talk to Charlie several time at CCO when I was visiting with Paul Jay on a Friday or Saturday night. After I moved to Phoenix in ‘66 and working at KOOL AM-FM-TV, I heard an interview with Charlie and Preston Westmoreland on KTAR in the late ‘80s and had to stop the car near Tombstone to listen to the whole ‘story’. What a talent. What a treasure for broadcasting. We will all miss you Charlie. Thanks to the internet we’ll be able to hear your last paid gig on the radio. Best to you.

  54. bruce bunnell says:

    all the best to you Charlie and thanks for the memories.

  55. BAMA says:

    Loved listening to Boone & Erickson in the morning. Enjoyed when Dave would call in while out working in the barn. So many of my favorites on CCO have moved on for various reasons. Sure do miss them. Enjoy your retirement!!

  56. Paulette says:


    For years my family listened to Boone and at that time with Erickson. Nothing was funnier that those two in the morning. My dad would be sitting listening to them eating his breakfast, while my mom would be fixing his lunch to bring to work. We might have been younger then, but they were so funny. It’s a memory that I’ll always remember and I wish him well on his retirement and want to THANK him for the many years of enjoyment. Now enjoy your retirement … you deserve it!!

  57. Nicole Schultz says:

    Look at that handsome man behind the voice! You’ll be missed Charlie! All my best wishes go with you!!

  58. Allison O'Day, braille proofreader says:


    I wish you well as you retire from WCCO, but I know you are not retired from the Communication Center. Thank you for all of your kind words and wonderful promotion of the Communication Center during your Saturday morning broadcasts.

  59. Linda Lingen says:

    Hi Charlie,

    I wish you well as you retire from WCCO – but not from your volunteer activities at State Services for the Blind. I hope to still see you around the halls of the Communication Center and State Services for the Blind. Enjoy yourself – you deserve it.

  60. Ed Lecher says:

    Congratulations Charlie! Its the end of an era.
    Here’s to the next adventure.

  61. Stuart Holland says:

    So glad you’re getting a chance to have a send-off like this. Recognition for a job well done by a good man. Glad we’ll still have you recording books for the blind for a while. Keep those chops active!

  62. Judy Sanders says:

    It has been a pleasure to listen to you on the air but what I appreciate more is your work with the Radio Talking Book. I remember sitting next to you at one of our dinners and having the benefit of your descriptive talents. Now you can spend more time here at SSB.

  63. Lee Ann Wahi says:

    Eskola’s gone; now you’ll be off the air too. I have no reason to listen to WCCO anymore- too many talent infomercials, too much sports.

  64. JD and Terri Stenersen says:

    A lot of good memories in your voice for this Maynardite.
    Good luck in your retirement and God Bless

  65. John says:

    Charlie: you will be missed! Thank you for the memories of Boone and Erickson – from when I was a kid and now, during my long runs on Sat mornings. You have such talent, thanks for sharing it with us! May The Lord bless you in the next chapter in your life, John – Chanhassen, MN

  66. Chuk Hamilton says:

    Charlie-I grew up listening to you on Boone and Erickson, and in later years on Saturday mornings.You are a great talent, and listeners like me will miss you. Luckily, I will still see you when recording at State Services for the Blind, where you have recorded for many years and chaired the Development Committee. Your gifts to the community are immeasurable, and we all owe you a debt of gratitude. Thank you!

  67. Chris Schmiesser says:

    It’s been nice getting to know you over the years. I’m glad you are not retiring from volunteering at SSB. Now you can have some new adventures.

  68. Sharon says:

    I’ve enjoyed listening to you (and Erickson) over the years. You will be missed. Enjoy your retirement!!!

  69. Darlene Plante says:

    I enjoyed the clever skits you and Roger wrote. I remember one in which each of you supposedly were giving on-the-spot reports of a dogsled race in which you spoofed state legislators as some of the racers. And your speed and accuracy in reading school closings always amazed me. Of course, it was Howard Viken who never read my school’s name in the school closings list..Wishing you the best in all your future activities. We at Services for the Blind are proud to have you as one of our Radio Talking Book readers

  70. Mike Manderfeld says:

    Charlie: You are one of the true stalwarts in American Radio Broadcasting. If there was a “hall of fame” for radio personalities, you would be inducted on the very first ballot. I remember the great interviews on “Boone in the Afternoon”, the very entertainiing “Point of Law”, and the bantoring back and for with Steve Edstom-aka Steve Jamison. You came on board back in the days of Cedric Adams, Clellan Card, Bob Dehaven, and Larry Haeg. Congratulations on a fabulous and outstanding career.

  71. John Kaul says:

    John Kaul

    What an honor it has been to work with a Minnesota institution. You’re a good man Charlie Boone.

  72. Nanci says:

    My Mom knew you way back when, Jane Kilroy, and we grew up with you on WCCO.. Hope you enjoy your retirement and thanks for the wonderful years.

  73. Paul Kraimer says:

    Mr. Boone,
    Congratulations on a GREAT career and thank you for the advice you gave me and I’m sure several other interns at ‘CCO. I was there in ’87 while you were still doing mornings with Roger and it was a perfect time to be at ‘CCO with a lot of great people to learn from. Enjoy your well deserved vacation.

  74. Dee Joos says:

    Mr. Boone,

    As a teenager in the early 70’s we lived out in Suitland, MD and every morning my mother would turn on the radio and we would listen to the your “Good Morning from Minnesota” song as we called it. Being from Minnesota and hearing your voices was a boost for all my family members.

  75. Dean Bruder says:

    Dear Charlie.

    Thanks for 51 great years in broadcasting! From “Good Morning” at 6:00 AM to “It’s 6:55. Land-O-Lakes Weather Time”. And who could forget all those school closing announcements. Your steady unwavering voice were like a your favorite Uncle! Thanks again!

  76. Nancy Cowell says:

    My dad and I went to Germany with you on a holiday travel trip. You made the trip that much more enjoyable. We especially looked forward to the “Good Morning” song on the bus each day!
    I also grew up with you and Erickson on WCCO each morning, Then I hated to hear the “Good Morning” song as it meant time to get up for school!
    Thank you for all the information and humor that you have given us all over the years. I hope to see you at the Old Log. Best Wishes to you always.

  77. cole grace says:

    Charlie: Your professionalism and humor (not mutually exclusive, btw) with Roger are legendary beyond measure. As a kid from New York Mills who never grew out of the ‘magic’ of radio, I felt honored to be in the same room with you and everyone at WCCO. I miss those years and always knew I was ‘home’ from travels wherever and whenever I heard your voice. Thank you for the magic you produced.
    Blessings to you and those around you –

  78. Chris W says:

    I’ll miss U terribly! “Good Morning” song, Worst Jokes, Point-of-Law are all part of my heritage. Your voice has been a constant in my life and immediately when I hear it I start to smile. Particularly as a kid, I got comfort and confidence that the world was good from your humor & voice. Best wishes in your retirement ~ and know, I’m not too far behind you in the same 🙂

  79. Susan White says:

    My Mom listened to you every day until she died. I remember hearing your bright, friendly voice every morning as a child. She loved Boone and Erickson and Wcco-830.You were a big part of our lives until your station turned conservative in the 80’s. She was very sad when the station turned Republican. Thank you.

  80. Barb Schaller says:

    Dear Charlie,
    Your retirement marks the end of an era when broadcasters were required to be intelligent, have command of the language, and project a presence with your voice. I listened to WCCO for 60 years and it was always a pleasure to invite you into our home via the airwaves—you are kind, decent, thoughtful, and well-spoken — a rarity in this day.

    Rob joins me in congratulating you on a stellar career at WCCO Radio and we wish you and Carol only and always the very best life offers!

    God bless you! Take peace!
    -Barb Schaller, Burnsville – your longest-listening fan, I think you always say. 🙂

  81. Sue Olson says:

    Dear Charlie,

    How many laughs and stories we all enjoyed over the years with Boone and Erickson? That voice or those voices always left me with a smile. I will miss you.

    Congratulations and best wishes in the next and happy chapter of your life.

  82. De & Duane Nawrocki says:

    thanks for the many years of entertainment.
    Have a great retirement!

    Hope to see you at the Royal wedding next Spring!

  83. ali says:

    Blessings Charlie. You and Boone made some of the hardest days of my life easier.

    Have a great time and enjoy.

  84. Tim Burke - Tennis Pro says:

    From Tim Burke, Tennis Pro who also shares his birthday. Congrats to you!
    Now you’ll have time to perfect that backhand.
    Charlie – the most respected and respectful person I know.
    Tim Burke

  85. Kathie says:

    I’m sitting here listening to your last broadcast and crying along with you and everyone in the studio at WCCO radio. I have no doubts people all over the state of Minnesota are crying today at the thought of not hearing you on radio after today. I grew up with you and Rog and have listened to WCCO faithfully for 50 years. WCCO is not the same and after today it will change even more. God bless you Charlie ..happy retirement..enjoy the next chapter in your life. Kathie

  86. Debbie in Forest Lake says:

    Listened to the last broadcast. I’m not a native but have enjoyed these 12 years of your program. My husband grew up with you and Roger and he tells me stories all the time. You retired with class, Charlie. Thanks for not holding it over our heads for a year like other broadcasters have. All the best.

  87. Chad Anders says:

    A part of Minnesota and WCCO lore has passed on today….but the memories and the past will live on forever, as all of us in WCCOland and YOU move to brighter futures. Your understanding of the people and our great place we call home made you an icon, and your voice will resonate for many years to come in the memories you have shared with all of us! May you enjoy your retirement with all the grace and glory you deserve! Minnesotans will miss YOU, the voice of the upper midwest!

  88. Steve Cheesebrow says:

    Congratulations to a great career. I can still remember walking into my mother’s kitchen every morning before school and listening to your program. There were many times she had to hurry myself and my brothers out the door to make it to school on time. Also listening to the school closings in the winter. You always seemed to on top of things.

  89. John Wicklund says:

    Charlie: You and Roger were like a father to me for the past 20 years after I lost my own father. The same wit and wisdom. There are so many moments I could talk about it. Once I nearly drove off the road laughing: Back in 1990 or 1991, the CBS news interrupted one of your skits with breaking news from Iraq. When WCCO came back, Roger said,”Charlie”. You said, “Yeah, Rog?” Roger quipped, “You know, it’s just one Saddam thing after another.” Best wishes in retirement and please, write a book or offer a CD with the Best of Boone and Erickson.

  90. glenn says:

    Hi. I grew up with CCO in the 70’s and early 80’s on nearly non-stop on the radio in the kitchen. I’m really thankful for all the warm and friendly tones that the whole CCO cast brought to my life. Thanks, Charlie, for being a key part of those defining tones of my early years. Best wishes to you for an enjoyable and healthy retirement. g

  91. Bruce Rosen says:

    About 16 years ago I brought a letter to the State Fair for Mr. Boone. My girlfriend at the time was dying to talk with him. I typed a 2 page letter and brought it with me to the Fair. Mr. Boone took the time to read the letter during commercials and gave me the “okay” sign. She had been leaving me messages on my phone machine .. how bad a day she was having at work .. 4 or 5 messages. Suddenly .. another message. “Oh my G-d! Charlie Boone just called me!!” A huge smile in her voice. I’ll never forget that day and how gracious Mr. Boone was. God Bless You!

  92. Bob Faust says:

    Thanks for all your fine work. Boone and Erickson (the Best). Point of Law. Boone in the Afternoon. Minnesota Hospital (sick humor, but what could we expect?). And all the other wonderful ways you would fill in. I loved Roger and you together — in fact if there had been a “dream team” at WCCO it would have been you added to Roger and Maynard Speece in that “milkin music” show they did at dark thrity. Again, thanks for making WCCO a station that was like having in a friend for a cup of coffee and some consversation. Enjoy your retirement.

  93. Alice Carlson says:

    A last Hurrah for you–I hope this isn’t actually an ending for such great entertainment. Was so great–Good American English without any disgusting language. You can be very proud of your career. I will miss you.

  94. Sue says:

    Charlie, WCCO will never be the same. I have been listening to you since 1965 and loved CCO ever since. It is changing now, and you are the last of the greatest to go. I wish you the best in your retirement with years of good health. I will miss your voice, wisdom, and overall charm.

  95. james robbins says:


    Best of everything in retirement. I loved your show BOONE IN THE AFTERNOON and everhing with Roger. I remember one show in 1976 when i was moving back to Minneapolis form Cleveland Ohio. You were Playing “afternoon delight ” and Jawing with Steve cannon.

    Like Steve, you will be missed. Hope to hear you on the airwaves from time to time.


  96. Hal Schardin says:

    Congratulations on 51 years of broadcasting with WCCO. You are a consummate professional. It has been an honor to work with you, and get to know you.
    My best to you.

  97. Jim Spoerl says:

    Where has all the radio talent gone? Although I couldn’t get ‘CCO here in Des Moines, I’ll always remember your DJ days @ KXGO in Fargo and of course the station where your immense talent really came to shine … “CCO. The few short years I spent in the Twin Cities and in SW Minnesota gave me many opportunities to listen to eight-three-oh.
    Best to you in your retirement!

  98. Joel Ampe says:

    Dear Charlie Boone,

    Thank you for all the wonderful moments we shared listening to you and Roger. Back in the ’70,s, I would always be tuned to WCCO and hear some of the jokes of the day…to pass on to my clients, when I reached the destination. You may not know, but we not only loved hearing your voice and the jokes, it was a part of my routine, talking and telling them what I had just heard on ‘CCO. You two were the greeatest gift Mijnnesota radio has ever been given. We were in FL. for the winter, and did not know of your retirement. My wife, Judy, and I went to the Paramount Theater twice to hear you and Roger, when you so graciously entertained us in St. Cloud,. Good luck in your retirement, and we will truly miss your golden voice. You are the BEST. God Bless. Joel Ampe

  99. Fred Glasser says:

    Dear Charlie: I became a fan of ‘CCO when my wife & I moved to Minnesota in ’71, and soon also a fan of Boone & Erickson. I listened all the time, and recorded some of the great skits from those days. When we moved to Iowa, we continued to listen, and when the “Worst of Boone & Erickson” was published, I ordered a copy, requesting that it be sent in a VERY plain brown wrapper, a comment that you read on the air! Many years have passed since we were in the ‘CCO listening area, but we remember fondly our years in the Cities and the two guys who brought so much fun to the daily radio. Charlie, as you retire, know that you have brought much joy to many. May your retirement be blessed with health and those you love surrounding you to en enjoy this next chapter in your life. Sincerely, Fred Glasser (Bethel Seminary 1975), Westerville Ohio

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