By Pat Kessler

By Pat Kessler, WCCO-TV

MINNEAPOLIS (WCCO) — Another hole in the roof of the Metrodome forced an emergency evacuation on Wednesday night.

It happened shortly after 6 p.m. when WCCO-TV crews were inside as it happened. Reporter Pat Kessler said he was finishing up a live shot when he heard a loud crash and saw tons of snow dumped onto the field.

Many of the workers who were already repairing the other rips were just looking up at the roof and didn’t appear panicked. A few moments later all of them walked off the field.

A spokesman for the Metropolitan Sports Facilities Commission said that all workers were taken off the field because it was not a safe situation. They said it was an emergency when the roof panel opened up.

The question on people’s minds now: ‘How many more of the panels are filled with snow, ice and water and waiting to break down?’

Meanwhile, the roof continues to drip and leak water and the next step for crews will be figuring out what repairs are needed to keep more panels from breaking.

WCCO-TV’s Pat Kessler Reports

Pat Kessler

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  1. M B says:

    I find it interesting that the dome didn’t collapse during the huge storm of Halloween 1991, yet it then had quite a bit more snow (31 inches, right?) than this storm (14 inches).

    What is different this time? Did they neglect to remove snow like they should have? I think that’s the bigger story here.

    1. Tc Radiodj says:

      The dome was only made to last 20 years. It now has exceeded that. However, I feel a new stadium is out of order as well. We don’t have a team worth building a new stadium for.

      1. Nate Hoffmann says:

        Source? The dome wasn’t only made to last 20 years

      2. D Rock says:

        The Halloween blizzard of 1991 didn’t pack the same high winds this storm did. The winds were so bad that workers had to be removed from the roof during this storm while the Halloween blizzard was basically three days of snow that just kept falling. Situations were not so dangerous where they had to evacuate people from preserving the integrity of the roof.

      3. Carl D says:

        Yea and they are making plans to Leave, ah la Northstair, except this time the LA Vikings along with the LA Lakers- not the britest bulb in the room.

      4. popkorn says:

        @Nate Birdair, Inc. the company that designed and installed the roof stated that it has a 20 year lifespan.

      5. Wilbur Post says:

        No problem. Los Angeles will welcome the Vikings. No snow to worry about in LA.

      6. Freddy58 says:

        The Vikings WILL soon be playing in a new stadium. Unfortunately, it will be in LA. The only time they’ll have to worry about snow out there is when Charlie Sheen takes in a game.

    2. jag21 says:

      The difference is the rate at which the snow came. In ’91, it was spread out over a few days, not an intense 18-20 hour period.

    3. keasha nenovich says:

      1991 was almost 20 years ago, im sure its aged alot since than.

      1. chairperson, dept. obvious says:

        I’m sure it’s aged 20 years since then… just a guess =)

    4. Jessica says:

      Almost MB, Storm of 91 had 28 inches and this year we received 17. Some snow, as you may notice when shoveling, is heavier than other snow. Winds blow, snow drifts and the dome is now 19 years older. There doesn’t appear to be neglect, why must there be someone to point the finger at? Is it a conspiracy? What’s to gain? There were people on the roof attempting to clear the snow, it became to dangerous and they were forced to stop.

      1. Idgarad says:

        What’s to gain? Billions in 0% interest taxpayer money and massive construction contracts.

      2. Robert says:

        Whats to gain is a stadium with some sound you can hear, that doesn’t sound like someone yelling into a Mr. Microphone.

      3. Jessica says:

        What’s to gain by conspiring that the dome has been neglected. . .not what’s to gain by building a new stadium. Sorry about the confusion. I wish I had the means to build a new stadium, talk about making some money in the long run, I’m in..

    5. Donfiness says:

      The problem is a wetter much heavier snow than last time.

    6. David D. says:

      The bigger story is a new facility needs to be built or the Vikes will be kicking of the new season in LA 2012. That would be the real neglect and we all will be wishing tax dollars made its way to fund a new stadium.

    7. Tom says:

      The difference this time is that it is 19 years older.

      1. tsiok says:

        Yep, pure and simple. Things don’t last forever. Seems like this is happening all over our nation and they didn’t plan for it.

    8. M says:

      The difference is 20 years of Minnesota winters. Duh. Stop trying to spread some ridiculous conspiracy theory rumors.

    9. Moderator says:

      Did anyone ask about your stupid daughter?? No one cares because this is not about you or a 20 year old snowstorm.

      Stay on topic, people.

    10. RHO1953 says:

      It has deteriorated since then. Your shingle roof on your house doesn’t last forever, does it? UV radiation, wind, rain, snow, ice, even diesel exhaust from monster truck shows all take their toll. Nothing man made is forever.

      1. nittanyray says:

        When you shingle your roof you put a structure capable of carrying the load underneath the shingles. Would you feel comfortable living in a house that had no sheathing on the roof trusses and just had a tarp draped over the structure. That is basically what they have done at the Metrodome.

    11. LightenUp says:

      Moderator- If you’re going to “moderate”, have a little maturity and class. Calling someone’s daughter stupid make you look like a 13 year old forum admin on a pokemon forum. In any case, the comment wasn’t that far off the subject and it wasn’t offensive so lighten up a little and don’t be a jerk.

    12. MODERATOR says:

      These comments are off topic. This thread has been closed.


    13. Vigilante says:

      God is punishing Minnesota for sending Al Franken to the US Senate.

      1. bluebutt says:

        Vigilante has it right!!!

      2. Dakota says:

        i think you are right Vigilante…… Send in the Clowns

    14. Wramblin' Wreck says:

      If I understand correctly, the fabric is a perfluoroethylene base. 20 years of exposure to UV radiation, ozone, low level NOx and SOx can cause deterioration of the fabric so it is no big surprise this happened now. I predict that they will need to replace all of the fabric this summer.

    15. Hank Dodson says:

      NO NO NO, the bigger story here, is the top is 19 years older than it was in 1991 and it probably has rot in it, and who knows what other wear and tear.

    16. Eric says:

      That was almost 20 years ago, the dome was probably in better shape back then.

  2. D says:

    In 1991 we didnt see the ice storm before the snow fall. That layer of ice adds a lot more weight and does more damage. Now I am not in the Metro so I dont know exactly how much ice there was there… I am speculating. But in an out state area that saw the storm as it headed your way… we saw about a quarter to a half inch layer of ice.

    1. Reagan says:

      No Ice here in the city

  3. Mike says:

    some people with their comments about not building a new stadium because the team doesn’t deserve it because of their record is absurd! An NFL team is not successful every single year. Look at the Niners and Cowboys (they are in San Fran and Dallas for all you Liberals that have no clue about sports) who dominated the past 20 years and now struggle. That didn’t stop Jerry Jones from building. I’d much rather give my tax dollars to something i will enjoy rather than giving it to the Democrats so they can spread the wealth to the people who refuse to get a job.

    1. lolatdome says:

      no NFL team is successful every year. but the Vikings haven’t been successful ANY year.

      love, your neighbor to the east.


      1. schumach says:

        They were one easy play from making it to the super bowl last year numbnuts!

      2. James Larken Smith says:

        You were in the NFC championship last year, how is that not being successful “ANY” year?

      3. kiltmaker says:

        Try living in Cincinnati. worst record in NFL for decades.

    2. schumach says:

      Great post! The libs do not like the truth!

      1. whatevs says:

        @schumach: I guess the play wasn’t that easy then, was it?

        @whomever else: Yeah, the Vikes do need a new stadium. If they don’t get it in Minnesota, they will somewhere else. Save the money, chop the roof off and play outdoors for a year while they build a new one.

      2. Now_here says:

        @whatevs: Great Idea!! peel off the roof & play outdoors

        Unless, of course, Minnesotans can’t handle it like our Wisconsin brethren over in Green Bay….

    3. Michael Mulligan says:

      Mike: And I’d rather keep my tax dollars. Subsidizing billionaires to pay millionaires seems out of place given my income is less that 50,000.

      1. J F. Xenos says:

        You make lass than 50K? Don’t blame us millionaires and billionaires. That has NOTHING to do with it.

    4. nfl sucks says:

      If you want a team that’s never successful, how about the Lions? And they have a new stadium?

  4. Bryan says:

    @ Mike – You have to be a republican to understand sports?


      Eugene McCarthy said you have to be smart enough to understand the rules, and dumb enough to think it’s important. He was a liberal Democrat , for what it’s worth.

    2. schumach says:

      Yes, liberals only follow the rules if they are in their favor….otherwise they make them up and call republicans racists to deflect their non-rule following.

  5. Ryan Lazenby says:

    @Bryan- No…. you have to not be a moron…i.e. not a democrat to understand that the “record” the team holds has NOTHING to do with a new stadium. I say bring on the new stadium. Let it generate revenue, unlike the welfare system that the democrats seem to love so much.

    1. Big e says:

      Ryan so you are a conservative which means you are against wasteful government spending but then you say you want the city to build a new stadium?

      For someone who is calling everyone an idiot you sir have the most idiotic comments on here.

      And I say this as a conservative.

      1. whatevs says:

        A modern day stadium can be built to be a year round revenue generating facility. See Cowboys Stadium and Lucas Oil Stadium as examples. A new stadium every couple decades is not wasteful gov’t spending. Oh, and let’s not forget the “it’s cool” factor. Everybody likes to have nice things in their city, this one just happens to also be economically feasible if handled properly.

  6. EdW says:

    > why not have no roof at all?

    Perhaps because it’s an INDOOR environment? You’ll get rain and snow and cold in places that aren’t expecting it since it’s normally around 70 degrees inside. They may even have interior paint instead of exterior paint in places. You’d have a disaster if you suddenly opened it up to the elements just like you would if you suddenly took the roof off of your own house. Pipes will certainly freeze.

  7. Random Anonymous Blackmail says:

    I love it when people use the term “liberal” in an argument in an attempt to insult someone who may not share their point of view.Mike there is a liberal mind set and the Liberal party, know the difference before spouting the same ignorant comments one would hear from Rush, or his lap dog Glenn Beck.

    1. donfiness says:

      Wow! you listen to Rush & Glen Beck!

    2. ncaanan says:

      Either way….the bell is tolling sweepingly for liberalism. And no, I don’t watch Fox News or listen to talk radio.

      1. Jessica says:

        Maybe you should. . .listen to MPR and quit being brain washed.

      2. blah says:

        The only problem with socialism is you run out of other peoples money…

      3. whatevs says:

        @ Jessica: I can’t find MPR anywhere. Instead, I’ll just gather my information from various sources and make up my own mind. Enjoy your spoon-feeding though. 🙂

  8. Monie says:


    i think it was 17.1 inched this round, and the one in 91′ was 28 inches. Some people also dont realize that they hosed water on top of the dome to get rid of snow, but it didnt work that way. It turned to ice weighing the top down, and well now we have a major problem.

  9. Diehard Independent says:

    Do the people deserve the $9.1M generated with each game? Mind you these numbers are based on seating of 65k people and a new stadium would hold 10-20K more AND allow us to be eligible by the NFL to hold a Super Bowl. Its not rocket science people, just do the numbers, oh wait Republicans don’t do numbers or they would see that 98% of the US makes less than $250k a year in taxable income. Or maybe you would just rather pay more tax to offset for the 2% of the wealthy people to have more toys while your NEIGHBOR, the middle class and poor struggle to buy food for their children. Ignorance is bliss. . .Republicans and Demorcrats are uneccessary evils. . .the truth is in the people. GO VIKES!

    1. Dougie says:

      Who the hell are you to tell those who have earned over $250K that they should pay more when over half the people in this country don’t even pay ANY income taxes?

      If ignorance is bliss, you must be in seventh heaven…

      1. Diehard Independent says:

        Isn’t it those people who make over $250k a years job to supply those others with jobs (or that’s the republicans arguement as to why their taxes shouldn’t be raised)? I believe everyone should contribute a percentage of earnings. The rich find whatever loop hole they can to get out of taxes, ie hedge funds and other non taxable income. . .I’m not ignorant and you are a fool.

  10. Hannah says:

    LOL my goodness…liberal = no clue about sports what a dumb thing to say. Why doesn’t anyone view building a new stadium as an investment, when you put your money away or towards something, it will pay off. Doesn’t anyone against the stadium invest your money in anything? Why not invest in our beautiful state. A stadium will pay for itself and the income the state receives from having it will increase millions and millions of dollars. And as mentioned above, we’ll host a Super Bowl upon completion which will bring at least $200 million in the week it’s in town! Open your eyes people and invest in our state if you love it! Contact your legislators and tell them we need a new stadium plan next session.

  11. Bill says:

    Certainly this is a “shovel ready project”.

  12. fran says:

    It’s clear that the Dome is nearing the end of its useful life. With the team saying they won’t renew the lease, we need a stadium solution. Why not use money from a racino to pay for a new venue? The money would be totally voluntary. If you’re opposed to a stadium or don’t gamble, your money doesn’t pay for the stadium.

  13. Other says:

    “know the difference before spouting the same ignorant comments one would hear from Rush, or his lap dog Glenn Beck.”

    Talk about the pot calling the kettle black!!

  14. Bella Dirche says:

    Methamphetamine, rednecks and abused wives abound in Minnesota. In contrast, try to find an intellectual, a warm smile, or even a warm day, and you will find yourself on a ceaseless task. If a lifeless existence in a frozen flatland is what you seek, than Methasota is your place. Dislike Mountains or the ocean, than this is your paradise!

    1. Jessica says:

      Top 10 cities in the US for meth use are Phoenix, LA, Chicago, Denver, Orlando, Atlanta, Boise and Little Rock. . .none of which are in MN.

  15. Former Minnesotan says:

    You Minnesotans better figure a way to lure private money into the state. Right now over 70% of state residents are living entirely off public sector. I escaped the ridiculous levels of taxation and government over 20 years ago and I’m sure it’s a lot worse than when I left.

    Good luck with that.. you betcha’, fer sure!

  16. Jane says:

    Wow Bella that’s generalizing so many people and pretty mean. You’ve never been to my neighborhood or my hometown. I don’t go anywhere without my smile! Merry Christmas to you and yours! I wish so badly that people could at least be nice during the Holidays if nothing else.

    1. No One Outside of MN Likes MN says:

      I like what Bella said. Minnesota is a tragic waste of federal tax dollars.

  17. Former Minnesotan says:

    Oh, I forgot, “yaw, yaw, you betcha’, fer sure”

    1. Jessica says:

      And we don’t talk that way, thanks for stereotyping us.

    2. Jessica says:

      Are you racist too?

      1. ncaanan says:

        Liberal idiot alert.

  18. ncaanan says:

    You’re an idiot.

  19. Monaco says:

    Wow.. I am in New Mexico and we would LOVE to have an NFL team here. Sure seems like you all dont really appreciate what you have, no wonder teams always leave.

    1. Jessica says:

      They don’t leave, they are sold. Do your research, get it right.

  20. defaxxer says:

    So they call it an ’emergency evacuation,’ yet the ‘workers didn’t seem panicked and walked off the field.’ What a great example of how the media likes to sensationalize things.

  21. jnsesq says:

    Gotta wonder about the “genius” of the design of a “soft” roof in a place that gets Siberian snowfall. Just surprised it took this long.

  22. Minnesota = Waste of Time says:

    I lived in Minnesota for 3 years and hated every minute of it. I grew up on the East Coast and have lived many different places, but Minnesota was, by far, the lamest place I have ever lived. The people are obnoxious in the Twin Cities, the roads are a complete mess–potholes that will rip your tires off and bridges that collapse during rush hour traffic. Now your stadium is falling in? TWICE? Your schools suck, no upper echelon universities, no 5 star restaurants/hotels, snow and ice 7 months out of the year, no real beaches, putridly pathetic politicians… What little time I spent out in the country though, I’ll give those people credit. They were pretty cool. Nearly everyone else is on meds or illegal drugs…

    Get it together Minnesota!

    1. Jessica says:

      Have you completely lost your mind or are you that ignorant? Where are you from “Perfectville” Top 10 cities in the US for meth use are Phoenix, LA, Chicago, Denver, Orlando, Atlanta, Boise and Little Rock. . .none of which are in MN. Top 5 total tax by state in 2010; New Jersey, New York, Connecticut, Maryland and Hawaii. . .again no Minnesota. . . I think I have proven my point, your ignorant and your mean and your not from Minnesota.

      1. Anywhere but Minnesota says:

        If Minnesota’s so great, how do you explain the population drain? Why are people and companies leaving the state in droves?

    2. David D. says:

      Clearly you are clueless, and Minnesota is much better with out people like you.

      1. @ David D says:

        Any you, my friend, are provincial rube.

      2. ncaanan says:

        I think @David D meant to say that you are a provincial rube. That just about sums up the passive-aggressive, liberal idiot attitude that saturates the Twin Cities.

  23. Acroamatic says:

    I never could figure out why the stadium was designed as a “rag top” in a region where severe weather, extreme cold and deep snow are features of the climate.

  24. Bob Bear says:

    Symbolic of the Viking’s season.

  25. Sailordude says:

    Maybe Obama got some o dat stash money left fo a new stadium?

  26. Jimmy Hendrix says:

    Y’all need to go back to the outdoors. The Vikings had a natural advantage in the winter when they played at the old stadium. Teams like New England, Green Bay, Buffalo, and Denver have all benefited from the fact their environments are much more severe than other NFL cities in December and January. Look at the four-time Super Bowl losers: Denver, Buffalo, Minnesota. Playing in their outdoor stadiums was a ______ because of the weather. Go back outdoors and you’ll probably pick up extra wins every year and get further in the playoffs. 😉

    1. Purple Bleeder says:

      The Vikings got father but couldn’t win in the warmer climates.

      They have won more road games since the dome but do not get to the big one. There are more southern and warm climate football teams than there was in the 60-70’s when the Vikes were playing in the snow.

      What helps the Patriots is that there are no dome teams in their division so there is no big advantage one way or another. If they can get through the season with home field advantage through out, they end up with a great chance to win one in the warm.

  27. WimpsinMN says:

    I agree – Green Bay and Chicago both play outside. No guts in MN apparently.

  28. TonyL says:

    This is a very poor designed roof. They need to redesigned a new roof after the season is over in about 3 weeks. Whoever designed this roof needs to go back to school and be able to use logic that a rag roof like this will never work in place like MINNEAPOLIS. They will be able to afford it now as Bret Farve will be off the payroll and they will be able to save enough from one season of his salary to put on a new roof.

  29. J.V. says:

    It’s Bush’s fault.

    1. Jessica says:

      Everything is Bush’s fault, LOL!

      1. ncaanan says:

        A liberal buffoon…I knew it.

  30. John Alverson says:

    Vikings need to build some charactor and tear the roof off.

  31. WimpsinMN says:

    Seriously – why are there domes in the NFL anyway? Just call it the NSL – National Sissy League.

    1. James says:

      You are insane. And frankly, cities that are in frozen wastelands shouldn’t be allowed to have NFL teams WITHOUT a dome.

      Total crap if you need weather to make your crummy team better.

      1. ncaanan says:

        How many SuperBowls have the VIkings won? Even with the indoor advantage?


  32. Hank Warren says:

    No $ for American infrastructure but endless $ to support Wars for Israel, it all started nearly a decade ago under a false flag attack.
    9/11 and Israel, here:

  33. WimpsinMN says:

    Hank, really? Is that all you can think to gripe about?

  34. Tron B says:

    They’ve got a real type of thing going down, getting down. There’s a whole lot of roofing coming down..

  35. TangentToWhat says:

    You don’t need it anyway. I attended the movies 5 years ago, and Al Gore said it was going to be really, really hot. There must be some mistake, Al knows everything—he invented the internet.

  36. Leonard Keefer says:

    LA Vikings?

    1. Mel Lingerman says:

      San Diego is moving there.

    2. Purple Bleeder says:

      LA Lakers?

  37. Vikings Fan says:

    The situation is the roof is in bad shape regardless of how it got that way.

    So do you fix it which will cost millions? Hold off for now and see if the state approves a new stadium and then move the team to the U beginning next season, or do you take a chance of the team leaving?

  38. Kevin says:

    Just because the roof caved isn’t a good excuse to build a new stadium.

    If the roof of your home caves, do you buy a new home, or a new roof?

    Think people, think.

    1. Vikings Fan says:

      I agree with you Kevin, but the Vikings are likely not going to stay in the Metrodome for too much longer. How do you resolve the situation?

      1. Kevin says:

        Maybe the best way to resolve it would be for Ziggy to have a meeting with the Univ of Minnesota officials, and they could come to an agreement of the Gophers new stadium expansion by splitting the cost, and then working out a lease agreement.

        Since the state doesn’t have the money, and the taxpayers will vote down any tax increase of any type, that’s the only resolution I can come up with that would be reasonable.

  39. JH says:

    How about they just take the roof off and let them play. This is football. They do it in Green Bay, Chicago, etc. Maybe it’ll toughen ’em up and they can start winning a few games. They are definitely not up to the calibre of deserving a new stadium.

  40. Mark says:

    I’m originally from MN and have been a vikings fan my whole life. I can’t understand why anyone would want to live in such a miserable, depressing, cold, and ignorant place as Minnesota; but I would be sorely disappointed if the Vikings were to move. As far as the Metrodome goes, it’s always been a sub-par stadium, and I can understand why the team wouldn’t want to play there. I’m really not surprised that a state as unionized as Minnesota has a hard time keeping roads and buildings in an adequate state of repair.

  41. David D. says:

    Wow the storm of ’91 Ill never forget that crazy day! These people who are so against tax dollars to fund a new stadium are clueless or from another state who want this team to move. Bottom line if tax dollars dont get funded for a new stadium they will be in LA in 2012. Then what will those negative people be saying then when the state loses all that revenue to business owners? And more importantly a loss of a Sports franchise that is a import culture to many who live and are from Minnesota, wake up tree huggers this is a bigger deal than you think!

  42. YoMammy says:

    The roof collapsing is all Obama’s fault!!

  43. Jason says:

    Fabric doesn’t last forever. The roof was bound to get weak at some point or another.

  44. Whaler Fan says:

    They should have built the roof with space frame steel construction instead of cables and fabric, like we did in Hartford years ago. Then you get a bigger stadium after the first one collapses.

  45. Obama 4 Life says:

    Really, what would a new stadium bring besides more jobs, more businesses, and more revenue…

    Instead of a stadium, MN should invest in building more Dorothy Day Centers. We need more drugs on the street. They can’t just be segregrated to that small block by the Xcel Center. We need them in Apple Valley, Anoka, Minnetonka, etc..

  46. Bobster says:

    Sun, Wind, Rain, Smog, Hail, Sleet, Ice and Snow will bring anything down over time. Minnesota has it all.

  47. Hickory says:

    Let’s see. An inflatable dome in a snow prone area. What’s wrong with this picture?

    1. whatevs says:

      And a bunch of guys wearing purple inside it. Is there anything “right” with the picture?

  48. badkarma says:

    Any state that gives us Al Franken as a senator should expect this!

  49. Al Gore says:

    GLOBAL WARMING caused the roof to collapse.

  50. Favre Head says:

    Favre’s ego put so much strain in the roof that it broke

  51. Caustic_Commoner says:

    Any fabric exposed to sunlight for years will lose its strength. Rip off the roof and play outside like the Packers and the Bears. As for the Vikings being successful, I guess you could say ALMOST winning a Superbowl meets the test if being a bridesmaid instead of a bride is an equal measure of success.

    ~Geaux Saints!

    1. Chippi says:

      You seriously can’t be for real! The Vikings OWNED that game minus one interception at the end of the game period and several terrible calls by the refs! The VIKINGS deserved to go to the Super Bowl, not the Saints. And I am a former Twin Cities resident (and proud of it). Lots of good people and one of the top charitable cities in the country, great arts community, education and lots of other good things, too numerous to mention. Do NOT want to be forced into paying for a new stadium though, like the Twins Stadium.

    2. Caustic_Commoner says:

      Hey Chippi! Last time I checked, it was the team with the highest final score who “OWNED” that game or any other football game, even in the People’s Republic of Minnesota which I admit has great people and a super quality of life for the temperature-tolerant. Don’t blame you not wanting to pay for another white elephant stadium, though. Taxpayer financing for stadiums rather than from the billionaire franchise owners amounts to some of the greatest con jobs ever perpetrated.

  52. Vikings Fan says:

    I have seen one comment on how to fix the situation by expanding TCF stadium and having the U and Vikings split the cost. Anyone else have a possible solution?

    1. Mark Cuban says:

      Move the team to LA!

    2. whatevs says:

      Two solutions:
      1) Build a new stadium.
      2) Don’t build it and accept life without a team. In a few years, the city will build a new stadium anyway, in order to draw a “new” team to the city.

  53. Rudy Rednose says:

    Why don’t they fire a few mortar rounds on top to induce an avalanche like they do with howitzers on the mountains?

  54. Scott says:

    Why don’t they just rip the whole roof off and make it an open-air stadium? Yeah, they’d have to build supports for speakers and lights, but then they could build a retractable roof OVER it and save a ton of money!

    1. whatevs says:

      That suggestion is hilarious in so many ways. The only thing to do it justice would be to add to it. to save even more money, we can all get together and bring our old grocery bags. We’ll make the “new dome” out of hand sewn double ply grocery bags. How very earth friendly would that be!

  55. Kyle S. says:

    Stupid question . . . Snow appears to be the nemesis of an inflatable dome; so why build an inflatable dome in a region know for … what? – SNOW.

  56. Ex-vikes fan says:

    A New Year’s Resolution for Vikes fans….free yourselves…Follow the Pack.

  57. james says:

    The news said the tinsile strength of the roof material was performing better than manufacturer specifications so the material did not fail per design tolerances. The weight of water and ice was probably equivalent to 50-100″ of snow in my best guess.5-10″ rain or water? Or more? Bright.

  58. Teddy Kennedy's SEARCH+RESCUE says:

    Our Founder had nothing to do with this.

  59. james says:

    Wouldn’t suprise me if pat kessler himself made the tear as a stunt for more publicity. He’s a hack.

    1. Chippi says:

      I agree. Pat Kessler is the bottom of the barrel in umm….. journalists. He is nothing more than a lib in sheep’s clothing. Oh yeah, the one thing I don’t miss about MN is the place is crawling with ultra libs and high taxes. Al Franken, seriously! What a joke. You see that clown being interviewed and I swear you can see the air blowing between his ears. The gray matter is dripping, Al!

  60. Bella Dirche says:

    Inhabited by meth-heads and wife beaters, this frozen wasteland is the only place that would accept such loathsome creatures. They lurk in ice huts drunk and pass the time through self-gratification. No oceans and no mountains, just cold temps and low IQs. Canada, when repeatedly offered, will not take Methasota, “Stop asking! We have some pride!!” Al Franken….enough said.

    1. Zigi says:

      Ummm…You mean Wisconsin

  61. RVA says:

    if they had left the heat on the snow would not have piled up on the roof. Poor Metrodome management.

  62. Mr. Smartypants says:

    Hate to tell all of you, plastic including teflon coated fiberglass only lasts so long in sunlight. It becomes brittle and cracks. There is no patching this as the patches will rip out. IT now has to be replaced, no choice. And teflon is highly toxic, how are they going to dispose of 600,000 pounds of it? I place my money on this is the end of that stadium.

    1. whatevs says:

      Grind it up and put it in hot dogs? Just a thought…

      1. Chippi says:

        hahahahahaha I bet it would taste like chicken!

  63. blahblah says:

    They can’t leave the dome, those bathrooms are so romantic

  64. Chris B says:

    This is what Denver International Airport will look like when there big top breaks down in several more years.

  65. Cliff says:

    The word “IMPLOSION” come to mind…

  66. YES WE CON! YES WE CON! says:

    Meanwhile, the INVA$ION continues…

  67. Ryan Solovjovs says:

    Dear Vikings,

    Los Angeles is beautiful this time of year; just beautiful.

  68. Sid says:

    II heard that last week Bret Favre sent pictures of the Metrodome roof to Jenn Sterger on her cell phone. Sounds fishy…

  69. Gregor says:


    “God is punishing Minnesota for sending Al Franken to the US Senate.”

    The best one so far!

  70. Tom says:

    I think they should just take the whole thing off and let the Vikings play in an outdoor stadium, just like they used to. Remember how intimidating it was for teams to go play there in December? Plus, maybe we’ll return to the day when the game was played by men instead of by pampered sissies.

  71. John Shoemaker says:

    31 inches in 1991, 14 inches in 2010. Is’t it clear that global Warming is the issue, not the roof?

  72. Ozymandias Keynes says:

    Fourth Amendment gone…
    Net Neutrality to attack First Amendment…
    Federal Reserve issuing us debts to pay our debts with….
    And we chuckle how the Vandals just walked into Rome, it’s no wonder how things got this way. But don’t worry guys, I’m sure we’ll still have TV to watch…

  73. Robertus says:


  74. wallace1303 says:

    I am sure this is a dumb question, but…can they not get enough heat into that bubble to melt at least some of the snow ???

  75. Rick Daniels says:

    from Vigilante “God is punishing Minnesota for sending Al Franken to the US Senate.”

    THAT WAS FUNNY! I don’t care who you are, that was FUNNY!!!

    1. Zark says:

      I think Vigilante is right.

  76. Obama says:

    It’s all George Bush’s fault!

  77. csp491 says:

    Isn’t the big story, the existance of a culture in Minnesota that leads to unrealistic deferred maintanence of public infrastructure: first the nearby bridge over the Mississippi that collapsed (resulting in several deaths), and now the dome roof that collapsed (fortunately no deaths so far. In both cases experts had recommended maintenance which officials had deferred.

    Excerpt from MSFC regular meeting 7/15/2010, page 5:
    As in the prior inspection report of five years ago, Birdair suggests the Commission consider planning for replacement of the roof fabric. In general they state it takes five years for planning and implementation of a roof replacement. Replacement cost in today’s dollars is about $12-$15 million.

    1. Ned says:

      I remember alot of “Deferred Maintenance” while I was in the service…..You’re correct, it is a great way to shovel the S___t in someone else’s direction. Ignore it for now and let the mishaps land on someone else’s watch……typical.

  78. Guidp says:

    Sorry sports fans, why should tax dollars go to a private sports arena? Football is big business, isn’t it? Can’t they foot the bill for their playground? In this day and age, with the recession and budget shortfalls and people angry about tax increases, why pay one penny more for frivolous entertainment spectacles that should be funded privately? Or do you want to pay more taxes?

  79. Zach says:

    I think Zigi Wilf is tearing the holes himself so his team will get a new stadium.

  80. IdleChatter says:

    Word is that the roof gave way because excessively HOT water and STEAM were being used to try and clear it off. Apparently they weakened some seams and away it went. Not sure who’s to blame for that but it comes from a very reliable boots on the ground source.