ST. PAUL, Minn. (AP) — Gov.-elect Mark Dayton visits Washington Wednesday to meet with members of Minnesota’s congressional delegation, raise money and attend one of President Barack Obama’s holiday parties.

The Democrat has meetings scheduled with Democratic Sens. Amy Klobuchar and Al Franken and Republican Reps. Michele Bachmann, Erik Paulsen and John Kline.

Dayton is the guest of honor at a private fundraiser with some of his former Senate colleagues, including Democratic Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid.

The holiday reception at the White House with the president and First Lady Michelle Obama caps Dayton’s day in the nation’s capital.

Dayton takes office Jan. 3. He served a single term in the U.S. Senate and became Minnesota’s incoming governor last week after a five-week recount ended with his opponent conceding defeat.

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Comments (7)
  1. Gaylord says:

    What, no comments at all? Okay, SOMEBODY has to be excited about Dayton so here goes:


  2. Gloria says:

    I’m excited about Dayton becoming governor. Now thousands of people will be eligible for Medicaid and get the health care they need.

  3. Hunter says:

    Is that all people want…to “get” something from gov’t? That is not what we elect a governer for. His job is to get help get the economy running better by getting out of the private sector and letting it create jobs so peole can take care of themselves.

    1. cali says:

      Minnesota is going to be sooooooooooooooooooo sorry they elected this guy! You will be in the same toilet CA is in, in no time at all!

  4. Tish says:

    And where is this private fund raiser? George Sorros is providing the accommodations and funding. Sorros has said many times that his goal is to have America economically collapse by overwhelming the system with entitlements and any other socialist program that will accomplish his goal. Once that happens the government will take total control of everything…
    Dayton is just another Sorros puppet.

  5. Cali says:

    Yep, you are right on! Look at California, that’s what your economy will be looking like in the next couple years with that liberal freak show in office! He’ll tax you to death and hand over your money to all the illegals, entitlement leeches and those who don’t care to work. Socialism isn’t the answer! I know, I live in CA and we are bankrupt from social programs and out of control spending! You guys are nuts for voting him in!

  6. Gloria says:

    I didn’t realize I had commented on such a conservative site. My bad. But why are people so bitter? Not enough sugar in the kool-aid?

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