By Dennis Douda, WCCO-TV

WOODBURY, Minn. (WCCO) — Just like in Santa’s workshop, some of the best gifts are hand-made. It makes the story even better when the busy elves are only 8 years old.

Saturday, 22 Woodbury third-graders got to present their hand-made gifts at Sharing and Caring Hands — dozens of thick, warm hats.

They created them using knitting looms.

“It was fun and sort of hard in the beginning,” said one boy.

The project started back in October at Liberty Ridge Elementary School.

“I’m working on my third hat,” said a girl.

While it was about art, colors and learning a craft, there was more woven into it than just that.

“The kids and I talked about what it would be like to be without a home to go to after school,” said teacher Diane Maslosky.

It’s a lesson likely to live on long after the holidays have passed.

“I learned you can be more helpful to other people and not be begging for something,” said third-grader Hannah Lulich.

All told, they donated 75 hats.

“To help the homeless kids in need so they aren’t cold,” said another girl.

Givers and receivers alike felt the warmth of the gift.

“I am so pleased that they are as caring as they are. A lot of times you aren’t that worried about others when you’re 8 and 9 years old and this group of kids is just beyond belief,” said Maslosky.

The students had so much fun that they are going to keep on making hats for others in need.

WCCO-TV’s Dennis Douda Reports

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  1. Frosty says:

    I believe you are on to something big! Great job kids! Diane Maslosky ‘thankyou’ for teaching the children and showing them how they can give and have fun while they are doing it! I hope you inspire other kids and teachers around the world even adults!

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