By Jason DeRusha

I get quite a bit of e-mail through our Good Question submission form, but Friday I couldn’t miss the name on one of the questions. It was my 5-year-old’s kindergarten teacher. Turns out his class was learning about poinsettias on Friday, and wanted to know how they get all those crazy colors. So this morning I’m heading to Rice Lake Elementary School in Maple Grove to talk to the kids, and we’ll get some answers. I can tell you that they don’t get planted with special seeds that produce glitter on the leaves.

We’re hoping the Vikings blow out the Bears so you’ll switch over to the big 4 and check out the story.

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A quick personal note: You guys know that Joe Berglove is a critical part of every Good Question we produce. Joe’s the photographer who helped create the concept of Good Question more than five years ago. Joe’s a great outdoorsman, and he takes the station ice fishing every year (I’ve gone all eight years!). He also took me pheasant hunting last year, and did it again this past weekend.

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Jason and Joe's Pheasant Hunt

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I’m a city/suburb guy, so going hunting is a pretty hard core fish-out-of-water experience. Joe’s a great guide, his son Cullen’s an incredible shot, and we had a great time Saturday morning walking the fields of Little Falls, Minnesota for three hours. My calves still hurt.

Jason DeRusha