FARGO, N.D. (AP) — Authorities say a Fargo police officer left her department-issued gun in the restroom of a sporting goods store on Friday.

Police told The Forum newspaper that Jessica Homan, a nine-year police veteran, left the handgun in the bathroom of Scheels in neighboring Moorhead, Minn.

Lt. Tory Jacobson says store officials contacted Moorhead police when the gun was found. He says Homan, who was not on duty, had already realized she had misplaced the weapon, and Moorhead police returned it to her on Friday.

Police say they are investigating the incident to see if any disciplinary action is warranted.

Jacobson says officers are encouraged to carry their weapons when they are off duty.

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Comments (8)
  1. My minds adrift says:

    aaaah shucks. What a chitty way to ruin a day eh!

  2. Dave W says:

    and that’s why women don’t make good cops 😦

  3. RC says:

    was she having some coke off the top of the tank? or meeting a special friend

  4. Emlee says:

    If you’ve never tried to carry a concealed firearm in women’s clothing, don’t criticize. Most women’s clothes don’t have pockets – except jeans, and the pockets there are just to show the shape of her backside- and the waistbands won’t support the weight of a gun with real firepower, belt loops aren’t big enough for a real belt. I know men who have left their guns on the roof of the car or tailgate and driven off– but women can’t get by with a roadside stop and have to find a real bathroom .

    1. BettyBoob says:

      hmmmmmmmmmmmm. Guys pack in a holster. Why can’t a woman? Shoulder holsters work if she can’t use a belt…just sayin’

  5. Kevin says:

    Must have been tired from fighting all those “Africans” the other night…..

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