CHASKA, Minn. (WCCO) — A 14-year-old from Eden Prairie, Minn. was killed in a crash in Carver County Monday evening.

According to the State Patrol, a 1999 Ford Escort driving on Highway 101 lost control near Pleasant View Road at about 8 p.m.

The Escort swerved into oncoming traffic and was struck by a 2004 Ford Explorer, which tried to turn to the right of the car but struck it in the passenger side.

The driver of the Escort, 48-year-old Paul Delmain, sustained minor injuries, but the car’s passenger, 14-year-old Rosie Delmain, was killed in the crash.

The Explorer was carrying five teenagers. Only one sustained minor injuries.

Comments (22)
  1. Sherlockann says:

    So sad! God Bless everyone involved!! Yet, another angel taken waay too soon!

  2. grannycb says:

    So, you talk in a confrontational manner but declare “peace” after the fact?

    Sounds like you need to “outgrow” and get over yourself, markH. Every person has the right to believe in something, including your right to believe it is “nonsense”.

  3. Jessica says:

    well said markH

  4. Pamela says:

    Praying for the families involved in this tragedy. May you feel God’s presence through this difficult time.

  5. Beth says:

    How about some empathy and respect for the family that just lost their child? markH, how disrespectful and immature to point out your view points when someone was showing empathy for the family. Grow Up!

  6. Elle says:

    Very tragic news during this Holy season of Christmas. My thoughts and prayers go out to all involved and their families. My heart just breaks for this young girl and her family. May God grant them peace, comfort and understanding.

  7. Joanne Preston says:

    That’s not how God works my friend! We don’t know why bad things happen to us, but they do and God is with us through it all. He doesn’t LET them happen, or KILL us…..the world is the way it is because we ate the apple and got free will! Its horrible to have a young girl die….but God does have a plan for that family and He is with them!!

    Mark H…you don’t have to believe, I hope you do someday, but telling the rest of us to outgrow this “nonsense” is not fair either. Please let others believe what they want. We let you!

  8. Joyce Bertossi-Storm says:

    markH, I couldn’t have said it better myself.

    1. Sasha says:

      Interesting comment from someone using a Christmas tree for their Facebook profile.

  9. Chad says:

    I had a buddy that was married about 2 years ago, him and his wife are expecting their first child in 2 weeks, and he died in a snowmobile accident on Sunday afternoon near Glencoe, MN. There is a reason for everything…sometimes only He knows why…think about this statement…

    “I would rather live my life believing there is a god and die to find out there isn’t, then live my life as there isn’t and die to find out there is.”

    Merry Christmas to you and yours…

    1. Pamela says:

      Very well said, Merry Christmas to you and yours…

    2. Pamela says:

      Well said….Merry Christmas to you and yours…

  10. Holly W. says:

    I know this girl and her family. I used to babysit her and her brother. She was a sweet, bright, lovely, intelligant, vivacious girl. What happened to her is tragic. She had so much to offer this world. I used to sneak her tootsie pops when her parents weren’t looking and give her hot chocolate when she came in from playing outside and her cheeks were as red as apples. Peace to you Rosie. Peace.

  11. Joyce Bertossi-Storm says:

    “Interesting comment from someone using a Christmas tree for their Facebook profile.” Christmas trees have NOTHING to do with God/Jesus, or believing in God/Jesus. Did you know December 25th. is not the actual day Jesus was born, and that “God never intended that it would be observed and celebrated”.

  12. djgalkdjgalkdjglakdjglakj says:

    I knew Rosie and she went to my school. She was an amazing, funny girl and she will be missed by everyone.

  13. Annie P. says:

    I’ve known the Delmain family since 2003. Unfortunately, I haven’t seen any of them in the last few years. I will always remember watching Rosie run around camp with her brothers and all the other kids. She truly had a heart of gold.

    I will be keeping the Delmain family in my thoughts and prayers, and I hope they will have some sort of holiday spirit in light of such a tragic event. She will be missed by many people, all around the world.

  14. Sarah says:

    I grew up with Rosie since the time I was five. I am now fifteen and her death has shaken me severly. People seem to think that we will all die gracefully – when we’re old and in our sleep. This isn’t always the case, and so we need to cherish each other as much as possible. Rosie is forever a 14 year old girl and the memory of her will be celebrated around the world she explored so avidly.

  15. Mo says:

    Rosie was the nicest and brightest person alive. She would brighten everyones moods to a full shine even if our moods were in the ditch. I knew her since she first came to our elementary school maybe five six years ago. We couldn’t imagine the school without her and now she is gone. The school has never felt and will never feel the same way again. My sincerities to her two younger brothers and her parents. Rest In Peace Rosie, you will be missed dearly missed

  16. SharonH says:

    My husband and I were driving north on Hwy 101 just seconds after the crash occurred. We stopped and saw people standing outside around the crash scene just before emergency vehicles arrived. We were devastated to learn the crash took the life of a wonderful 14 year-old girl. Our hearts go out to her family. You are in our prayers.

  17. Jake M says:

    Rest in Peace Rosie. You will be missed

  18. Sophie says:

    I loved and still do love you like a sister, Rosie. You were the first person to reach out to me when we met at camp, the first person who made me feel like maybe I didn’t have to be afraid. I’ve never wanted to believe in heaven more than I do now, because I know that you’re an angel.

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