By Lindsey Seavert, WCCO-TV

EDEN PRAIRIE (WCCO) — A controversial plan to change school boundaries in Eden Prairie will happen. On Tuesday night, the school board approved boundary changes for elementary schools.

After months of debate, the board voted 4 to 3 to move forward with drawing new boundaries, which will move 1,100 students.

The district rolled out a plan last fall, which it says is an attempt to solve demographic disparities within the 9,700 students in the district.

Administrators claim the new boundaries will balance out capacities of schools, and help close an achievement gap, especially when it comes to diverse populations the district says tend to be segregated under the current boundaries.

In public input, Parent Ahmed Jama urged the school board to support the plan.

“We need to change for the success of all our children,” said Jama, although he was the only member of the public testifying in support of the plan Tuesday night.

The plan has been met by fierce opposition from the beginning. Parents whose children would be moved from neighborhood schools asked the district to go back to the drawing board. Many members of the Somali community say they were not informed.

“I’m very disappointed because there wasn’t a lot of community input, the Somali community – we were given very little information if anything , not many know what is going on,” said Rukia Abdi, an Eden Prairie schools graduate and a member of Crossing Barriers, a group of student leaders advocating for the education of minority students in local schools.

Brenda Tonjes of Eden Prairie walked out of the meeting after the decision was made, saying she wasn’t surprised.

“This is not what the people want in Eden Prairie. It’s not because we are racist, it’s not because we are self-entitled, it’s because we want what is best for all kids and we don’t believe K-6 is going to do it,” said Tonjes.

The district says the proposed boundary map will not be the final map. They will finalize the map in January and the new boundaries will be in place before next fall, which is the 2011 school year.

WCCO-TV’s Lindsey Seavert Reports

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  1. Unknown says:

    Typical Eden Prairie people complaining because they didn’t get their way… Some people, not all, are very very spoiled and think that everything needs to be tailored to their every need. Sometimes in life sacrifices need to be made, and you might not like them but they are almost always for the better for more people than just yourself.

  2. Kwai Chang Caine says:

    They don’t want their spoiled little brats mingling with the lower class paupers!

  3. Maude and Me says:

    I been stating that I think part is class distinction and part just good ol’ racism here for a week. Having said that I also agree to a large extent with the parents – they moved and live in a community and pay a friggen TON in taxes willingly (they pass every referendum) for a high quality system for THEIR kids. Why should they pay again and again for others who suck the sytem dry?

  4. nick w says:

    yes i am racist i am tired of all these people comming to our country and change the way we celeberate holidays ect. and almost all of them act like we owe them……..

    1. PezzedOff says:

      I don’t feel I am a racist in the truest sense but I do pay an outrageous amount in proerty taxes, in excess of $6500 a year, to have the schools we have.
      Now I can promise you – every referendum gets a NO from me. You just don’t listen EP – we don’t want this. I bet 80% say NO. Put it to a vote and see

  5. Dave says:

    Once again people are forced to accommodate “less-privileged” persons by disrupting the boundaries. It’s no wonder that 1/3 of all Somalis in America live in MN. They get the royal treatment, while Americans get the shaft. Sorry folks, call me racist, but we are constantly redesigning society to benefit some special group. It gets old.

    1. Shawn says:

      I agree. We can’t call Christmas, “Christmas” because it might offend someone. We can’t have American flags at our desks for fear of offending someone. This is a classic example of the officials in government doing as they please with no regard for the constituents. Vote each of the four that voted for this out of office….end of story.

  6. BeatnDowninMN says:

    I read with amusement that the Somalian “community” was largely unaware of the whole thing that was going down around them. Just maybe this is a huge stinkin’ part of the issue – they and others who are benefactors of all things just take it all for granted they are always accomodated. I for one am fed up with it all.

  7. mark from says:

    They were voted in, and they will all be voted out.

  8. crbmn says:

    definitely a very, very SAD day for the kids in Eden Prairie. Vote out ALL the School Board members who voted for this social re-engineering. This crap better not come creeping into my school district !!!!!

  9. Buck Up! says:

    Maude, me and Nick W, Minneapolis still carries by far the largest portion of the less fortunate. Don’t act like EP is doing anything different than a few other suburbs have also started recently (Brooklyn Park, Richfield, etc.) Its about time all the Suburbs start carrying their fair share, and not just drive into the city sometime and give a guy on the corner $5. Minneapolis, has by far, the highest taxes, and one of the lowest service offerings.

  10. Really? says:

    Peezed Off, I will pay $11,400 in property tax in 2011, living in Minneapolis, for a home worth about $450,000. Don’t begin to think your taxes are high. Pull your head out of your sheltered hole!

    1. BostonBound says:

      time to move there …. why would you pay that for a shack in the city?

  11. Fascism says:

    This is just Nerdy White liberal race baiting. If anything, this is Nerdy White Liberals saying on record saying “Minority Students are dumb and need help”.

    I’ve seen stories about Middle Eastern Students doing well in Minneapolis Charter Schools.

    What an embarassing story, it’s always nerdy white liberals who profit the most from inciting racial tension.

    1. Bruiser says:

      Heil Hitler to you sir.
      what a moronand embarrassment to humanity you are

      1. Fascism says:

        Look up the music video “White and Nerdy” by Wierd Al. Pay attention to Donnie Osmand in the background.

        Nerdy White Liberal race baiting is a form of munchausen by proxy.

  12. PO'dGOPVoter says:

    To Ms Fascism – you a stitch there boy. Comments like a piece of Xmas fruitcake and grooving to Wierd Al. Holy chit – Al rubbed off. I get it now. LMAO 😉

    1. Fascism says:

      Perhaps Weird Al filmed this Video in Eden Prairie.