MILWAUKEE (AP) — Two men accused of stealing a Salvation Army red kettle from outside a Milwaukee Walmart this week have each been fined $363.

The kettle was stolen Monday while the bell ringer took a break. Authorities said it had between $400 and $450 inside.

Surveillance video captured the thieves but police couldn’t identify them. Then police backed up the video and watched the men pull a car close to the front doors earlier to help their aunt return a mattress. The aunt didn’t have a receipt so the store took her personal information.

Police used that information to contact her, and she led them to the thieves. Authorities told WTMJ-TV she didn’t know the two had taken the kettle.

News coverage of the theft prompted an anonymous donor to give $500.

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Comments (4)
  1. punishment? says:

    Why did the thieves get fined $362 which is less than what they stole in the kettle $400 – $450? Good grief judge! .

  2. punishment says:

    OK… I see. If combined it is more. Fair enough. Please forgive me for this oversight judge.

  3. hattie carroll says:

    the world has gone mad.

  4. little rex says:

    let me guess this happened where ? i have a good idea where

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