MINNEAPOLIS (WCCO) — Both Minneapolis and St. Paul were in snow emergencies because of the snow that fell Friday morning.

In Minneapolis, 581 cars have been towed and 900 people have been towed in St. Paul in this latest snow emergency.

The impound lot on Cathlin Street in St. Paul will be open 24 hours a day for a few days so people can pick up their cars.

In Minneapolis earlier Sunday there were plenty of people waiting in line to pay the fees to get their cars back.

If you have questions about the Snow Emergency rules call 612-348-SNOW in Minneapolis or in St. Paul, dial 651-266-PLOW.

WCCO-TV’s Liz Collin Reports

  1. Feeling Your Pain says:

    Who owns the impound lot on Cathlin Street in St. Paul? Who is profiting? How much do you pay to get your car out? I hope at least we are helping to support needy local families when we make parking mistakes than it does not seem as painful if it is going for a good cause? Unfortunately many who are parking in the streets are the needy. Don’t the rich park in the ramps?