We should be mainly dry overnight, which will allow the roads to dry a bit before the next system arrives.

Friday’s Recipe: More Snow And A Freezing Mix

After the first storm passes, cold air will come in on the back of the first storm. The second storm will move in from southwestern Minnesota on Friday morning.

There is blizzard warning in effect for west central and northwestern Minnesota until 4 a.m. Friday. Blowing and drifting snow will reduce visibility and there will be poor travel conditions.

“Closer to the metro, we will see a phase shift with the precipitation. Our temperatures at ground level will be below freezing, but the air aloft remains warm,” said WCCO-TV Meteorologist Chris Shaffer. “We could see a light freezing drizzle early Friday and then a change to sleet by lunchtime. The sleet could transition into snow during the afternoon.”

Shaffer says we will only see 1 to 2 inches of snow around the Twin Cities by the time it wraps up as flurries on Saturday.

Western Minnesota could get 6 inches of snow and some areas from Fargo to Bemidji could have close to a foot by Friday night.

There Will Be Cold

Friday night into Saturday Morning will get even colder with temps dropping back to 3 degrees on New Year’s Day and wind chills at about 20 below all day.

The storm will clear the area during the day Saturday. The wind will stay in the 10-20 mph range from the west making our high of 10 degrees feel more like the single digits below zero.

The wind will die down Sunday and we may see some sunshine, but our high will remain around 10. Expect a steady rise in temps into next week with dry conditions barring some flurries in northern Minnesota late Monday into Tuesday.

The ‘Bon Appetit’ Bottom Line: Drive Safely

Roads could get slippery by Thursday evening into Friday morning and evening as people are traveling for their New Year’s Eve Parties. But, with a pinch of slow driving and a hint of caution on icy roads, you will be sure to cook up a safe drive to your New Year’s destinations.

WCCO-TV’s Chris Shaffer Reports

See The Storm Forecast Slideshow

WCCO-TV’s Chris Shaffer Reports

Comments (3)
  1. Ruth says:

    And the usual idiots will be out driving when they should stay home and be safe. Count 100 of them near Fargo who all ran into each other on I-94. Why go out when the conditions are so bad?!? Too bad the highway patrol can’t give tickets for stupidity.

    1. Heidi says:

      Yes, we idiots who have children to bring to doctors, jobs to get to, etc. Idiots.

      1. Amanda says:

        Yes, but are those things really worth your risking your life in bad conditions?

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