TOWN OF DEERFIELD, Wis. (AP) — Wisconsin state wardens don’t think it was a cougar that killed a horse in eastern Dane County this week.

The horse was found dead Wednesday at Freedom Stables in the Town of Deerfield. Its throat had been ripped out.

The horse’s veterinarian says its major neck artery and airway were deeply cut, as if with a single swipe. He says horses sometimes cut themselves on machinery but not this deep.

The stable owners suspect a cougar, but the Department of Natural Resources isn’t sure.

Spokesman Greg Matthews tells WMTV-TV that if a cougar had attacked, it probably would have dragged the horse away to eat it. In this case the horse went about 60 yards and collapsed.

Matthews also says a cougar attack would probably have left more marks.

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Comments (18)
  1. Craig Mensing says:

    And if it wasn’t a cougar what was it, how about some other suggestions. Wolverine, Wolf, & a 200 pound cougar dragging a 1200 horse any distance doesn’t seem possible either. More questions than facts. AP strikes again.

    1. JackieM says:

      I agree… I don’t think a cougar could have pulled a horse of that size. Bear? Let’s get some more suggestions.

  2. Kelsey says:

    I agree with Craig. I would like to hear about he DNR’s ideas for possible causes. On the other hand horses always seem to find new ways to hurt themselves and I have seen some pretty nasty self inflicted wounds, but never one this bad so IDK on this one. Maybe a tiger that escaped from a zoo?

  3. Sandie says:

    How about a deranged human? Makes more sense than some of the suggestions.

  4. Meg says:

    I would have to suggest wolves. The population is higher then what the WI DNR has let on. I’d like to see what the WI DNR thinks it is, but the chances of that hapoening are slim to none.

    1. BigMowma says:

      Wolves don’t do hit and runs. They didn’t say anything about tracks. A wolf/coyote kill would leave a mess, and they didn’t say anything about that, either. DNR = Do Nothing Right

  5. Jeri Matten says:

    It was a suicide….feed prices are through the roof. Ok but seriously, there must not have been any tracks in the snow, which would eliminate any other animal. A flesh wound like that would leave blood and hair on the “machinery”. Missing facts in this story.

  6. Ann says:

    It is winter now. Did anyone think to look for tracks in the snow?

  7. Karen Lynn Eaton says:

    There is an all black large cat around here that the DNR completely denies exists even though a hundred people have seen her. I’ve personally seen her twice. She is impressive and could easily take down a young/lame/not in his prime equine.

    I have so many questions. We’re there tracks? How many healthy adult horses were in the same enclosure? That cat could have killed that horse and not have had time to eat on it if the other horses came after him. If the horse got cut on machinery there would be a distinct blood trail. Easy to see in the snow. We need Scooby Doo for this one cause i don’t think all the clues are gonna be revealed until the end,

  8. Sue says:

    Im with sandie, deranged human

  9. Cody Rife says:

    It very well be a cougar if the wis dnr is like min dnr they won’t admit we have resident cougars but they are around

  10. joe mamma says:

    I think Big Foot is resposible. I saw one this morning.

  11. Kay says:

    I like how they said that there were not other marks on the body, but forgot to mention that she was wearing a winter blanket. That could explain the missing marks.

  12. Norge says:

    Cougar will cling to neck of large preyu using their weight to cause teeth to rip and tear horrendous wounds, unlike clinging to smaller(deer-size) prey with claws. DNR=damn near Russia, too many college educated morons behind desks making excuses and to few actual field wardens with decades of experience. Drifting snow=no tracks, should have left alone to see what returned to kill, but DNR no longer functions with brain-cells.

  13. linda says:

    It was a single SWIPE. Not bite marks. Horse could have cut it on barbed wire, etc, OR maybe the stable owners know more than saying since so anxious to blame on cougar.

  14. Chuck Ashley says:

    Wisconsin has it’s own Chupracbra

  15. Jeanna says:

    a gal that lives a little ways out of Stillwater had her golden lab killed by a cougar on their property. they have heard growling howl sounds in the woods and yet the DNR claims there are no cougars. i have heard of more people seeing cougars and i cannot believe all of these people could be wrong. for some reason the DNR does not want to admit there are many running around even as far into town as near Rosedale mall. people watch out for your little ones and pets. they will attack any little miving thing.

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