EAU CLAIRE, Wis. (AP) — Two northwestern Wisconsin men are accused of sexually assaulting a woman with a live snake.

Twenty-four-year-old John Bullock of Altoona and 25-year-old Domonta Jones of Eau Claire pleaded not guilty to the assault Monday in Eau Claire County Circuit Court. Each man is charged with first-degree sexual assault.

A criminal complaint says the woman told police she was knocked out in the bedroom of Jones’ home on Nov. 11. And, when she regained consciousness, Jones was holding her while Bullock assaulted her. She says Jones then got his snake and used it to assault her. Bullock says the sexual contact was consensual.

The Eau Claire Leader-Telegram says the men are jailed on $30,000 cash.

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Comments (196)
  1. Steve says:

    And was there copious amounts of alcohol involved?

    1. ASISEEIT says:

      Snakes don’t drink alcohol unless it is a corn snake

  2. Buffmuffin says:

    I think i feel worse for the snake…

  3. redneek says:

    That’s not the snake is it. What is the snake in the picture?

    1. So Sorry says:

      Sure is. Brett Favre just sent it over in a picture text.

  4. baldguy says:

    This is kinky, even by cheesehead standards! It would seem that the snake is also a victim here – why are they showing pictures of it?

    1. snake_soiled says:

      But they’re not showing its head to protect its identity as the victim (possibly under-aged?)

  5. red says:

    that is disgusting

  6. what next says:

    Why is it that most weird stuff happens in Wisconsin?

    1. Catherine A. says:

      Hey, I’m just thankful that this time it wasn’t Alabama.

      1. HelpAlabamaStopSucking says:

        I know. We take enough heat as it is.

    2. Hisssterical says:

      It’s the long, cold winters.

    3. JustFollowing says:

      because they are liberals… their moral boundaries do not exist anymore… welcome to the “modern world”…

  7. Mel says:

    Where’s PETA when we really need them?

    1. bob bobberson says:

      Off spending all that money they nominally receive to protect animals against abuse to instead buy themselves another mountain top mansion or lobby congressmen to pass laws against hunting (ya know, those howwible hunters who pour more money into wildlife conservation than all the rest of the conservation organizations combined, as well as being about the only people who set land aside for wildlife rather than just paving it over with parking lots and shopping centers). Seriously, peta doesn’t have anything to do w/ protecting wildlife, they’re just a bunch of self righteous moronic city dwellers who don’t know sht about sht and have found a good way to scam money and get away w/ public assault.

  8. MandiTakesAll says:

    Aaah Sinn …. you really dumb enough to think a gal wants a snake doing the nasty to her? If she did I can guarantee ya she wouldn’t be going public like this – what’s she got to gain?
    BTW – share some of that stuff ya smoking with us, eh!! 😉

  9. Read the Bible says:

    Who cares if she wanted it or not. What the heck is going on in the world when this happens? Does Sodom and Gomora sound familiar to anyone??????? Get ready for the rain of fire

    1. krall says:

      The snake sodomized her??

  10. Torch'em Now says:

    Bingo — you have the WINNER.
    they are some sick b@sterds. Gross and sick as they get. Prolly lacking their own “stuff” too if this is what it takes to get themselves off. fricken disgusting

  11. F. Thomas Cain says:

    We have way too many people like this in our society today!

  12. Zack says:

    These men are not Israelis, why is every bad thing these days blamed on Israel?

    1. obama says:

      you can thank democrats and obama for that.

    2. bob says:

      Because that’s the way we’ve been doing things for millenia. The christians hate them for being the chosen ones, everyone else hates them because the christians have been drumming up that histeria for thousands of years. Oh also because we went and carved a country out of the middle east for them because we felt bad about letting the nazis kill all them off and for some reason couldn’t just carve them off a chunk of germany. So yeah thats why the arabs hate them

      1. Agent 0 says:

        really good reponse and true..more people died during the crusades than anything…

      2. Vulpinedave says:

        @bob & Agent 0

        Epic fail in history, grammar, and basic intelligence.

        Total number killed in the three big events libs like to cite from Christian history is between 110,000 and 261,000. (Includes Crusades, Witch killings, and Inquisition) Total number killed by atheistic communism = about 150,000,000.

      3. steve says:

        bob – i think you need to correct your statement. true Christians don’t hate anyone, particular those of Jewish descent. I think i know of what i speak…i am both a believer in Jesus (Christian), and I am Jewish.

        The Jewish people began emigrating to the land where Israel is in the late 1800’s. There was no Arab territory there then, nor was there Arab territory there at the time of the formation of Israel. The land was not taken from anybody…it was owned by Britain at that time

  13. MariaP says:

    Gads grannycb …. what kinda crap are you into? :-O

  14. MariaPO'd says:

    LMAO …
    but this remains sick nontheless

  15. Paleo2k says:

    Mandi…apparently you’ve never explored some of the darker corners of the internet.

    1. MandiTakesAll says:

      To Paleo2k … no I have not. My mind struggles enough with the day to day trash I see. I have no reason to make things any darker. Curious – why do you??

    2. crystal says:

      someone who does is probably a sicko

  16. KC says:

    “Asping”. Crap, that’s funny.

  17. Doggone It All says:

    must not be brightest bulbs on the tree huh.
    Did they envision “Girl digs snake other than Black Momba”? as a headline or what??????

  18. Sire Mix-a-Lot says:

    My anaconda don’t want none unless you got buns, hun!

    1. FunnyGirl says:

      ha ha ha … not sure why … but this cracked me up.

  19. Va Girl says:

    Ummm..for the woman of for the snake? My guess is neither of those two consented to anything of the sort.

    1. JMWinPR says:

      May I ask what you are talking about? VA Girl made a comment that she felt the woman and snake were not having consensual sex.
      I think you missed her point and owe her an apology.

  20. Patrick says:

    Why WCCO? Why would you open this story to comments? Whhhhhhhhyyyyyyyy? That being said, I hope the SCALES of justice come down on the right side and these two jerks get what’s coming to them.

  21. Patrick says:

    Unlucky snake and unlucky girl more like it.

  22. Patrick says:

    You mean hisssssterical.

    1. fatfaquer says:


  23. A teachable moment says:

    Good luck getting a date now guys

    1. MariaPO'd says:

      they couldn’t , hence the booze and knockout blow. And the toy thing … their very own snake. Imagine that … they play with a snake when alone too. SICKO BASTIDS

      1. I'm confused!! says:

        Ewwww I was thinking the same thing!! LOLOL

  24. Jag says:

    Different strokes for different folks, I guess!

  25. MIkeyB says:

    I once received an email with a video of a woman servicing hereself with a live eel.

    If these three were a regulat sexual 3-some, I can see how they might have mutually agreed to take their sexual exploits to a new level.

  26. Janet K. says:

    She likely thought it a good idea at the time. People can think weird stuff when the bars have closed and they hook up. I don’t think I would have reported it if it happened to me. Think about it, nothing is kept secret after it’s reported to the police. “Hey world, I just got stuffed by a snake!” Not good.

  27. Elmer Fudd says:

    The snake has its own rubber, it simply sheds its skin before it leaves its womb

    1. Billy says:

      I want a womb wid a view…

  28. Rachel says:

    Where’s the charge for cruelty to animals as well?!

    1. bob says:

      How do you know it wasn’t the snake’s idea? THE SNAkE WAS THE RINGLEADER!

  29. vendelavee says:

    Hey what’s the problem? The Snake had a good time. Just a couple of overzealous pet lovers. Ha. Ha!

  30. Bone says:

    Redneck snake moan

  31. djrother says:

    Funny comment out of someone with a monicore of “MandiTakesAll”….

  32. djrother says:

    Yeah…. That was relevent. Find a political article to post on.

  33. Janet K. says:

    Your comment makes a lot of sense but I’d be VERY camera shy if I were her

  34. txdfwjdf says:

    Yes jail them before they’re proven guilty,…

  35. bryce says:

    crazy elizabeth…worried about a snake being abused. More worried about a stupid snake (they dont have conscience moron elizabeth) than a women possibly being abused? this is whats wrong with society…..focuses on snake instead of human.

    1. Hp Loveshaft says:

      Speaking of stupid moron…

      Nowhere did Elizabeth say she was “more worried” about the snake. Perhaps you flunked reading comprehension, or perhaps you’re just an annoying troll desperate for attention.

      She just pointed out a F-A-C-T that hasn’t been addressed, that this assault on a human also constitutes abuse of animals.

      Seriously, there are some major nutbags with PETA who are truly more concerned with animal life over human life. Go pick fights with them, genius.

  36. Cousin Eddie says:

    These dudes may have likely sodomized a woman with a snake, and you are worried about if they own any more pets?

  37. Jax says:

    Surprisingly enough the assailants are Black. What a shock! One is a registered sex offender.

    1. SnakePliskin says:

      Cut off Their Snakes!

  38. ashamal says:

    Amen! I am a firm believer of the death penalty for violent sex offenders.

  39. bobo says:

    Being “knocked out” sounds fishy.

  40. keepyosnakes says:

    Let’s be honest. These are not Northwestern Wisconsin men. One is from Milwaukee and the other is from Racine. They are in Eau Claire because our un-elected HUD people and our un-elected Eau Claire Housing Authority are promoting the portable Section 8 voucher concept, wherein Milwaukee’s crime gets moved out to “non-traditional” areas like Eau Claire. Look it up; the HUD 5-year plan is available on the internet, so are the Milwaukee and Eau Claire plans.
    The Social Engineers are moving the poverty and crime from Milwaukee to Eau Claire, formerly one of the 10 Best Places to Live in the USA. Momma or a girlfriend gets the voucher, and the bureaucrats facilitate the move into non-traditional areas. The bad boys tag along. Who thinks this is a good idea? The law abiding citizens, those of us who BELONG here are nothing more than collateral damage, apparently acceptable collateral damage to the over-compensated bureaucrats.

    1. bob says:

      Basically, yes. The city is a larger more important voting block so if they want the projects and all the crime that lives in them moved out then they get it. Welcome to democracy, and one of the many reasons this nation was originally a republic (along with the basic fact that democracy has been known for millenia to not work beyond bodies of a couple thousand where everyone can conceivably know all the issues).

  41. kim says:

    I am amazed this took place in the north.

  42. Barney says:

    Yep…she was “axing” for it by hanging with degenerates.

  43. magda says:

    animal abuse of the snake also. let’s not forget that. poor snake.

  44. Dale 6 says:


    1. Patrick says:

      Liberals generally would find this type of thing very upsetting because we tend to dislike the mistreatment of women and animals for that matter. Sorry Dale but as much as you want to you don’t get to blame Democrats for this. Might want to turn off FOX news and try thinking for your self if you have the stones for that.

      1. bob says:

        Or just turn it to msnbc or cnn and let THEM think for you. Lol.

      2. Billy says:

        The only people who criticize FOX are people who never watch it.

      3. SJ Rogers says:

        I have to agree. Nobody is concerned about the woman….It was all her fault? How sick….guess this logic is why the child molesters and rapist literally get off free… the victims asked for it.

  45. Duude says:

    As punishment the state of Wisconsin ought to bring in Richard Gere to administer punishment. He will show everyone how to encourage a gerbil to enter the body cavities of these men

    1. smarty snow pants says:

      Yeah, but then the snake going into someones body comes into play again.

  46. Stu Cozza says:

    I blame Bush.

  47. Patrick says:

    I love how some of these comments are being pulled but the worst ones are still up. way to go WCCO. Why did you even put this story up?

    1. bob says:

      Your mistake was mentioning tobacco. tobacco is evil and must be stamped out of society just like cannabis and alcohol… except wait no alcohol is okay now despite being the single most damaging drug in human history, its totally cool and the gov’t while completely correct in banning it was also completely correct in unbanning it because in the period of prohibition alcohol went to rehab and became socially acceptable again. But yeah tobacco is still evil and the government must hunt it down like osama bin laden to protect us poor poor subjects from harming ourselves. The moderator simply removed your comment for its insidious and treasonous suggestion that tobacco can be pleasureable when in fact one single cigarette will give you pneumonia and coat your lungs to asphalt consistency and magically give you cancer even if you have no family history of it. You see your mistake now? Just talk about nice safe things like snakes in vajayjays.

  48. Why Fret says:

    You can’t blame Bush…maybe there wasn’t any. Hey do snakes smell or are we still talking fish taco?

  49. max says:

    To everyone making light of this: I hope that no woman you care about (or you, for that matter) ever has to experience the pain and humiliation of sexual assault. I also hope that if someone you knew told you that this happened to them, you wouldn’t respond with lame jokes.

    1. Why Fret says:

      With all due respect to the snake…look at the choice this “woman” made in men! Doesn’t make it right, just makes her stupid!

      1. max says:

        If you could tell just by looking at someone that they were likely to commit rape, then the sexual assault rate wouldn’t be as high as it is (1 in 4 women will be sexually assaulted in their lifetime). There’s no way someone can get themselves raped.100% of the responsibility rests with the attacker–ALWAYS.

    2. Janet K. says:

      All we know is the accusation. She said they did, they say they did not and the snake is typically not saying a word. We’ll find out if she was a willing partner or a victim who was knocked out, drug into a room and ravaged (I doubt that) during the trial.

      1. Max says:

        It’s extremely rare for people to lie about having been raped–rare enough that there’s not much reason to automatically assume that she’s lying. Reporting a rape is humiliating and time-consuming.

        Of course, they are innocent until proven guilty. But keep in mind that they wouldn’t have been charged in the first place if there weren’t some kind of compelling evidence against them.

  50. Another American says:

    krall, Torch ’em Now, and Rowdy Boots – I’m with you guys.

    Buck N Farack – honorable mention.

    Good posts!

  51. Tyrone says:

    “She says Jones then got his snake and used it to assault her. Bullock says the sexual contact was consensual.”

    Lol, she was into having sex with a snake.! Gross.

  52. cj says:

    was this a fabreez ‘does it stink anymore?’ with damonta jones. i’m damonta jones…

    see the snake went in, so i am pretty sure, it doesn’t stink anymore.

  53. Another American says:

    Make that Read the Bible, Torch’em Now, and Rowdy Boots.

    Honorable Mention – Buck N Farak.

    Good Posts!

  54. Bob says:

    Jail is to good for them they should be turned over to her male kin and left alone with them.

  55. Gr-ma Josie the ellder says:

    12-21-12 is just a short time away!

    Nature (GOD) will straighten the world out – but how many will survive to tell the tale – no one knows. Not many will be left to reflect!

  56. Smitty says:

    Was the Geico gecko unavailable?

  57. ugwfucvbew says:

    How romantic!

  58. carol says:

    These men are sick in the Head and should be put away for good!

  59. Victor Patterson says:

    All I can think of is Mel Brooks’ History of the World Part 1. “They shove a living snake up your ***

  60. BiggyUn says:

    Gary — ya still got the tail in yer mouth and the head in your rear we all can guessing so the question is what one do you think ? 😉

  61. porky says:

    They _WILL_ be if they are jailed, every day a “cornhole event”

  62. michaelp says:

    so $ 300.00 and you have bail ! pretty cheap bail for rape ! still something don’t seem right. did she change her mind ?

  63. porky says:

    Getting “snaked” and “taking snakeoil” are two old ways to have a good time. Egyptian grils used snakes for warm ups before tangling with the guys who gave ramses their name!

  64. BSnow says:

    They may have gotten the idea from the author James Patterson. Ever read “Kiss the Girls” ?

  65. rich says:

    did police interview the snake yet? does he back up the men, or the victim?

  66. Billy says:

    I was not my fault, the snake is the one who did it. LOL

  67. Billy says:

    I have a pet snake at home and a little wiener dog that I sometimes trip over on my way to the bathroom..

  68. anonymous says:

    where did the people commenting on the perps being black men, read that they are indeed black? I missed that part in the article….

    1. Max says:

      The Smoking Gun’s report goes into more detail and has photos of the accused.

  69. Hp Loveshaft says:

    Augh said: “Fail”

    Perhaps you don’t see the irony in using the overused and ineffective “Fail” meme in a comment…

  70. porkyisamoron says:

    Are all of the commenters as Stupid as this PORKY As—le? Hey PORKY, you freakin moron, do you show your stupidity outside of your moms basement or something you save for these comments. your an As- and in addition to being a high school drop out and completely ignorant your also a world class FK! Dang wish and i could have a face to face meeting you moron. Got to h-LL. and dont waste peoples time with stupid As- comments that make absolutely NO sense whatsoever and in addition make you out to be the Moron you are. Is everyone in Minn. this freakin stupid/ Backward as part of US, what an embarrassment and if we are lucky enough PORKY and anyone else as ignorant and stupid as him we would be lucky if head met the end of a tire iron. DF!

  71. Eric says:

    Were Jimmy Page and Robert Plant staying in the same house?

  72. Will Ingwersen says:

    if they are found guilty

  73. Will Ingwersen says:

    PETA in the house


    Yes We Can Build a http://www.NewNation.org


  75. edwoodjr says:

    When did Led Zepplin move to Wisconsin? Oh wait, a SNAKE – NOT a fish.

  76. dave says:

    Where is PETA, I am sure they are going to have something to say about this….lmao

  77. Rickman says:

    Everyone is getting worked up about nothing here! It was just a legless trouser lizard. There’s also an internet rumor going around that if you put Domonta’s and John’s peni together head to head, they’d be shorter than most peoples pinky fingers.

  78. Julie says:

    How very sad that you’re just as concerned about the “abuse” of the snake over the abuse of the woman. Then again, what’s pathetic is most people who are “bunny huggers” are usually pro abortion too. Go figure. Priorities I guess. The world is indeed upside down.

  79. Libby says:

    What is the matter with so many of these posts!!??!?!?! This is NOT funny but a disgusting and depraved act. It really frightens me to think there are sexual sociopaths like these two guys walking around among us.

  80. Natas says:

    But, was the snake in the grass, or was the lawn recently mowed?

  81. BiggyUnder says:

    we got all the low life a hangin’ out here , no?

  82. Tom Butler says:

    Jones is a registered sex offender who is monitored by a GPS tracker.

  83. Peter Quint says:

    Trouser snakes get no love these days…

  84. Anon says:

    I bet they got the idea from 4chan

  85. Michael Mastub says:

    What kind of snake was it? Where can I get one? Just curious….

  86. Catherine A. says:

    Good one, Buck!

  87. Fed Up says:

    AND…the accused men go to jail on $30K bonds. Both their names are included in the article, but not her’s. She was ‘knocked out,’ so the article claims, but by what? I board? A club to the noggin? Or maybe she passed out drunk. We’ll never know, will we?

    But since she’s a woman, automatically she’s the victim by fiat.

    How did she arrive in the bedroom, since she reports she was knocked out there? Perhaps she awoke later and realized that the boys (not really men) had actually carried out her proposed fantasy, and being more sober, she was suddenly appalled by what earlier seemed like such a good idea.

    Publish the guys’ names(?)…then publish hers, too! She isn’t a minor, or the article would have trumpeted that. Let her name be known, so that others who know her can testify to her credibility.

    When did the media become the first gateway to our court system?

  88. TxnByBrth says:

    We’re talking a really sneaky snake…

  89. TxnByBrth says:

    Or possibly a snaky sneak…

  90. jimonthebeach says:

    That snake gives new meaning to the phrase “unprotected sex!”

  91. javigonzo says:

    Had to be, “100% pure Alabama Black Snake.”

  92. Abraham Humpy says:

    If a snake in the grass is an asp in the grass,
    Why is a grasp in the ass a goose?

  93. Gonzalo Fargekneipper says:

    Was that by any chance a Northern Pants Python????

  94. Bender says:

    Ah yes… another attack of the one eyed viper…

    (i.e. see greaseman dot com bit vault – recomend the planetrium bit )

  95. ibetiny says:

    Just acting out that new movie “snakes on a blonde”

  96. Erbal Magurbalitz says:

    Adder Boy…!

  97. robert g says:

    There is a job waiting for those 2 at the TSA

  98. Buddy says:

    Snake in the grass…or in this case…snake in the bush

  99. Knowinso Jones says:

    What kind of snake was it.
    Was it the infamous one eyed
    trouser snake ??

  100. The Watchman says:

    Has anyone heard if P.E.T.A. is going to weight in on this obvious abuse and animal cruelty.

  101. tjse7en says:

    Is she now known as Cobra Commander?

  102. pynaetlb says:

    Is Domonta an Irish name?

  103. GetALife says:

    Read the Bible

    Who cares if she wanted it or not. What the heck is going on in the world when this happens? Does Sodom and Gomora sound familiar to anyone??????? Get ready for the rain of fire

    Agreed! You guys better get real and get off the jokes….. wont be so funny when it happens to your mother child sister grandmother or YOU!

  104. Charmer says:

    She was unconscious so the act wouldn’t rattler.

  105. maplonline says:

    that really sucks for her!!

    good @ poker?
    join the leauge!!
    win a chance for a major touney!


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    find out how I make easy residual $$


  106. nonagzone says:

    Maybe it was the snake’s fault.

  107. Miko says:

    That is some sick stuff right there!

    This is just sad!



  108. aubreyfarmer says:

    The lack of maturity is beyond obvious in many of the remarks. All that time parked in front of the JewTube and watching internet porn has eaten away what little gray matter you ever had. Try picking up a book sometime that discusses issues that are relevant to living a moral and productive life. If the dumbing down of America continues, I forsee a time when people will be too stupid to even care about the future.

  109. dave b says:

    Liberal press code is so predictable…as soon as I read “two men” sexual assualt etc and no pic I knew it was two black men…had it been two white men the headline would of had their pics.

  110. SSSaam Fisssher says:

    These guys need to go to the airport and let the TSA grope their junk. Hope it was venomous.

  111. The Shadow Knows says:

    Will Obama pardon the Snake…since it’s probably a relation?

  112. my name says:

    yep, i googled john bullock, altoon, wisc and the results showed both pics.

    1. my name 2 says:

      Just looked it up, that is funny. Makes you wonder if Eric Holden will stop this trial. maybe they can join acorn and help the community. They are obviously “people friendly”, good with animals and asp ire to do sssss..well things with the townsssssfolk.

  113. Tim says:

    I’m confused… She never mentions actually seeing a snake or anything just ‘feeling something inside of her’ and ‘feeling a sharp pain’… How do we know there was actually a snake involved? A lot of males have a tendency to name their “junk” and how do we know this man wasn’t one of them and just happened to call his “junk” “The Snake”… The sharp pain could be one of a million + things not necessarily a snake bit…It would have been a lot more painful if the snake actually bit her anyway…

  114. Polkadot says:

    GROSS! How sickening and I can only imagine what kind of damage was done to the snake and her. Sick bastiiids! She might have consented to sex with them but I doubt very seriously she gave the OK for the snake..ewwwwww! My question is how are they going to rehab the snake to introduce it back into society. lol

  115. Marty says:

    I wonder if they rolled a condom onto the snake?

  116. BlownfuelCoupe says:

    I am personally outraged! Have you people no shame?

    Sincerely yours,

    Richard Gere

  117. Jim0001 says:

    Mister Wiggley!
    Were these guys congressmen?
    They’ve already snaked the taxpayers….

  118. Alex says:

    Where is the Rev. Jesse Jackson or Al Sharpton when you need them?
    Why are they not there? This is sick. One of these guys was a registered sex offender, go figure.

  119. JF says:

    from what i hear the snake wasn’t HIV positive…

  120. D chas says:

    Whats the status of the snake

  121. Chukkal says:

    Was it good for the snake?

  122. nik says:

    maybe the dude was just well hung, and she THOUGHT it was a snake…. 🙂

  123. Quiet Riot says:

    Why didn’t she leave when Jones “left to get the snake” since she was no longer being “held”. Somehow I don’t believe the statement.

  124. Patrick Martin says:

    Well, let’s hope for the snake’s sake the gal was pretty good looking, otherwise it becomes reptile abuse!

  125. Micky says:

    It’s Bush’s fault

  126. the_evil_clown says:

    Damn lucky snake!

  127. Rhonda says:

    would you want this to happen to your grandmother/mother/sister/daughter/wife?

    if not, quit laughing about it because this crap happens everyday and becomes more socially acceptable as you crack your sophomoric jokes.


  128. I'm confused!! says:

    I agree with djrother but I have to ask….. Black on white crime??? Whites have commuted crimes against black people since the beginning if the US …

    And why are saying to impeach Obama for so called “crimes” against the constitution that happened before he was even president??

    We are supposed to be talking about how freaking disturbed these two are but now I think you might be into stuff like this b/c you skipped over the topic to spew your hate.
    So which one is it…are you a perv or a racist??? I think both!!! LMAOO at you!!

    1. chakra says:

      Are you really that bad a speller, or are you trying to be clever? You’re not, and neither are you a brilliant logician, so just close the trap and move on to things that entertain you more, like hanging a dummy dressed in white, in effigy.

  129. Large Texan says:

    In Texas we use ANACANDA as our date video teaser.

  130. Blaze says:

    Which end of the snake…?

  131. Harley2002 says:

    Agent0 said:really good reponse and true..more people died during the crusades than anything…

    Estimates range from about 50-70 million killed in World War 2.

    Wow over 70 million died in the Crusades? Man they must have been hacking people with sword 24/7 for a long long time. Do me favor don’t work with any sharp oblects OK LOL.

  132. madge says:

    Why people would think there is anything funny about this, is mind numbing to me.

  133. Jason says:

    I’ll try thjis again. If the woman is who I thin she is, she sufferes from an affliction called zoophilia and she’s done similar stuff before. This time the men who were helping her tok photos wihout her permission and thretened to go public with the. The only thing she could do to save face is to make an assault claim. To learn more about zoophilia check out the movie “Zoo” which was introduced a few yars ago at Robert Redford’s Sundance Film Festival.

  134. claspur says:

    They still wake-up drunk in Eau Claire?

  135. Tyler says:

    the snake was just looking for the gerbil. calm down

  136. afistfulofreptile says:

    Obviously the guy who used the snake had none of his own

  137. heelllooooo says:

    Wow, what a bunch of dumbasses here. A woman claims she was sexually assaulted by two men using a snake. It COULD be true b/c – having worked in a county hospital – believe me it wouldn’t be the weirdest thing ever. If true, it’s terrible and ONLY the fault of the two men – not Obama, not ACORN, not ‘libuls’, and especially not the woman. If not, well, that’s why innocent until proven guilty.

    Get a grip morons.

  138. doublej says:

    the snake is a metaphor…right?

  139. Red Ruffansore says:

    Do you know what the difference between a fetishist and a pervert is? A fetishist will tickle you all over with a chicken feather. The pervert will use the whole chicken.

  140. Wadedawg says:

    Was it an Alabama Blacksnake?

  141. Sicario says:

    A goverment program now must be introduced to rehab the snake. Barny Frank will introduce the bill, and hands on workshops.

  142. Jacopone says:

    How old is that snake? Could we be dealling with snake abuse?

  143. Minnesota says:

    Did they have to give the snake some viagra first? no one likes a limp snake.

  144. Snake Luvr says:


  145. brian says:

    Lock them up and throw away the key… I hope the girls dad kills these two

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