By Esme Murphy, WCCO-TV

MINNEAPOLIS (WCCO) — A gaunt-looking Denny Hecker will be staying in jail for the time being after a hearing held Tuesday.

Hecker was in court Tuesday as his attorney pleaded for him to be released until his sentencing on federal fraud charges. He filed a motion late last week asking to be released.

Hecker appeared in court wearing an orange jail sweatshirt and pants.

Hecker has been jailed since late October. His weight loss in the 79 days he has been in jail has been dramatic.

Hecker’s attorney Bill Mauzy asked that Hecker be put under house arrest until his sentencing, which will likely come at the end of January.

Prosecutors said they wanted the one-time auto mogul to stay in jail because he is a flight risk and “an economic threat to the community.” They told the judge they believe Hecker is continuing to steal money.

Prosecutors say Hecker has a drug and alcohol problem and has no impulse control. They argued Hecker has continued to hide money and lie to the court even after his guilty plea. Those factors, prosecutors said, contribute to the likelihood that Hecker would try and flee.

Prosecutors also revealed Monday that they will ask for the maximum 10-year sentence.

Hecker’s bankruptcy attorney commented on his dramatic weight loss. Barbara May said, “My guess is that the holidays have been tough on him he looks down 35 pounds or more.”

Hecker’s girlfriend Christi Rowan was in court on Tuesday. She decline to comment afterword.

According to Hecker’s bankruptcy lawyer, being allowed out and then surrendering might have given Hecker more points in the federal system that determines what prison you serve time in. Hecker had been hoping to be sentenced to serve his time at the Duluth federal prison camp.

“Duluth is certainly preferable,” May said. “It’s a dormitory setting, no bars and slamming doors. Now it is much more likely he will go to Rochester, which would be a medical facility appropriate for someone with diabetes.”

While the federal facility in Rochester does have medical facilities, so do other federal prisons across the country. Hecker and any other federal prisoners don’t decide where they do their time; the Federal Bureau of Prisons does.

WCCO-TV’s Esme Murphy Reports

Comments (15)
  1. Kathy says:

    Sorry…but I don’t feel sorry for greedy people.

  2. Kevin says:

    Denny is what this country has become. Corrupt, greedy, self centered, and full of consumtion. The more I see this pile of garbage (and his white trash gold digger gf) the more I feel the need to shower. I bet Denny loves his showers now adays….really how much does a person need to be happy? 100 Rolex watches? 10 Houses? A trashy gf 1/3 your age? Good bye Denny and my the swartz be in you….

  3. Get a Life says:

    Nice picture, Grrrr “I’m Denny Hecker and I’m mad”. Looks like he is ready for the WWF.

  4. Janet says:

    Really it seems a bit of overkill to keep him jailed. He mismanged a business – or lots of businesses and like many businesses, his source of credit dried up and unlike the banks he had no govt bailout plan. Yes, he may be tacky and I agree with Kevin that he has poor taste in ex stripper and hooker girlfriends, but that doesn’t make him a criminal. He isn’t like Tom Petters.

    1. Molly says:

      I agree with you… the only difference is that Denny did not get
      a govt bale out like AIG execs and the GMC unions. Both were/are
      just as greedy and corrupt as Denny. But Denny just has one vote
      where the others have many votes and also could hide their crime in
      a “Business” where no one person could be blamed.

  5. Corky says:

    Rot in jail and burn in hell Denny.

  6. KK says:

    Nothing about his deal makes any sense! Why was he wasting the stolen life insurance money on country club memberships and spendy dinners, when he already knew he was going down? Why wasn’t he taking care of his REAL problems instead. On the other hand, I have always wondered why his girlfriend had to cough up items purchased with ill gotten gains, but his wife didn’t? Tainted money is tainted money isn’t it? I never saw where she forked over furs, jewels and cash.

  7. Tom says:

    you will look nice in the shower Denny say hi to bub baa you will get to know him well

  8. dd says:

    He looks good in Orange

  9. Middel Aged Guy says:

    This is disappointing….while he pleaded guilty, there is no reason to keep him in jail until sentencing…we need to balance what he is guilty of vs. respect for him…keeping him in jail is not showing any respect.

  10. MK says:

    You are all missing the point. He remains in jail because he continues to believe that he can flaunt the law and give a figurative finger to authorities and get away with it. He has continually lied to the courts and some of you feel sorry for him? Wow. You must be relatives. I agree with Kevin who says he is the epitome of corporation greed and corruption.

  11. Us says:

    To heck with hecker

  12. Lynn says:

    I’m so glad they’re keeping him in jail. I also hope that he’s sentenced to a Federal prison far, far away. He deserves what he’s getting. As for his weight loss, it might actually be healthier for him. It is for most people.

    Keep him locked up – I don’t trust him at all.

    By the way “middle-aged guy” what kind of respect has he earned? He has bilked millions out of corporations while living a lifestyle most of us will never see. He has continued to lie even after being caught. I respect people who live up their misdeeds and are then remorseful and honest. They too should do their time, but he has shown none of this. Throw away the key.

  13. MarioPlays says:

    hey – Denny is Denny and always was what he is so I give him that. Greedy, corrupt, some may call him sleazy and defiant. All fit and he will do time.
    Having said that – the whole shebang is outta control from Hecker to the Prosecuter to Judge(s). He’s a dirt ball but it becomes more and more apparent they are on the same playing field of arrogance, ego laden and sleazy. He deserves to be out pending sentencing – hell, you guy lets murders and the like walk around. Hecker has yet to physically touch a soul

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