ELY, Minn. (WCCO) — A live Internet camera is again focused on Lily the black bear hibernating for the winter near Ely with her cub Hope snuggled in next to her.

When researchers with the North American Bear Center went to install the camera last week, they were surprised to see Lily come out and greet them. They had to wait until the sleepy bear went back in her den.

Lily chose a very remote area to hibernate this year where there are no power or phone lines for miles.

Researchers had a difficult time hauling in 500 pounds of batteries. They wanted to get everything set up before next month’s suspected delivery.

“The scenario here is so rare where a mom is probably pregnant, probably going to have twins, and has got a yearling with her,” said bear cam producer Doug Hajicek.

You can check out the live bear cam whenever you by clicking on the link below.
Lily & Hope Den Cam

WCCO-TV’s Frank Vascellaro Reports

Comments (4)
  1. Mike Jacobson says:

    Pretty neat to see this bear and her cub LIVE in nordern minnie-sotah!

  2. Clare McCuen says:

    Thank you for keeping this in the news. The work of the NABC and WRI is simply Wonderful!

  3. Michelle Morel says:

    loved last nights programme on bbc2 on these bears awesome jan 5th.

  4. Julie Nolan says:

    I just heard some outrageously ignorant ‘person’ has put a bounty on Lily and it is legal. Is it legal to put a bounty on the cruel sociopath who took out the bounty?