MINNEAPOLIS (AP) — With state government facing a $6.2 billion budget shortfall, Minnesota lawyers are campaigning to protect the justice system from further cuts.

The initiative is called 1,000 Supporters. The Minnesota State Bar Association says it’s a group of more than 1,000 attorneys working to secure adequate funding for the state’s courts, legal aid and public defenders.

In a letter to members this week, association president Terry Votel and Chief Justice Lorie Gildea say Minnesota’s justice system is already strained to the breaking point. They say that if the system is cut further, it will begin to break down.

Gildea’s predecessor, Eric Magnuson, led efforts to blunt court cuts proposed by Gov. Tim Pawlenty.

The new chairman of the Minnesota Senate Judiciary Committee, Warren Limmer, has also said Minnesota’s judiciary should be spared.

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Comments (7)
  1. Dev says:

    We all need to sacrifice. You’ve been on the gravy for decades.

  2. Norge says:

    First place to start, forbid judges from using any of their three + months of vacation every year until their dockets are cleared. Second pass laws forbiding them from any speaking engagements (which they get paid time off for to prepare and deliver ‘remarks’) especially paid engagements, until dockets are cleared. Forbid participation in judical junkets (usually to the carribean during the winter) for so-called peer-to-peer gatherings to discuss judicial ‘trends’ and other BS. It would be a start>

  3. Jbmg says:

    Want to shave millions of dollars and save thousands of court hours? Revamp family court and change the adversarial custody process to one that promotes co-parenting and joint legal and physical custody of children. If parents went into the system knowing that this was going to be the outcome there would “not” be long drawn out custody battles. The courts wouldn’t be tied up and Sheriffs officers wouldn’t be serving all the bogus orders that are so prevalent in divorce. After 13 months, $60,000 dollars I was awarded joint legal and physical custody of my son. Something that should have taken a month or two was complicated and drawn out be the legal process that is in place. Revamp family court and you will find all the money, manpower, and resources needed!

  4. Kevin says:

    The first thing we do is….kill all the lawyers…..William Shakespear

  5. Victim Du Jour says:

    All you have to do is make it a serious crime for Lawyers and Judges to ignore the US and Minnesota State Constitutions and it will correct itself.

    At least disbarr the Judges and Lawyers who don’t know how to read, and it will correct itself.

  6. RMK says:

    I would agree with the comment abot the family law judicial system!! Unfortunately I was forced to be involved in a lengthy and expensive trial and was shocked at howjudges actually contribute to delays!! Just the TWO HOUR lunch breaks are a waste of time and money!! Who gets TWO HOURS for lunch?? And why do they grant every request for coninuances and breaks??

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