ST. PAUL, Minn. (AP) — The Minnesota Department of Health is reminding residents to test their homes for dangerous radon gas during January, which has been designated Radon Action Month.

The department says it has distributed to about 3,500 radon test kits to 30 local public health agencies around the state, which will distribute them to homeowners.

For details on how to get a kit, contact your local public health agency. The department has published a list of participating agencies on its web site.

MDH estimates that about one-third of Minnesota homes have radon levels that a pose a risk to health if exposure continues for many years. Radon is the second-leading cause of lung cancer in the U.S.

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Comments (8)
  1. Jeremy Pettit says:

    Radon test kids? I believe there is a typo and guessing they mean test kits.

  2. Michelle P. says:

    “test kid” …..heee-heeee…..thats a concept!

  3. Me says:

    Does anyone know of a company that can install the radon mitigation system that is affordable?

  4. Norge says:

    Tried a couple of different kits in my small basement, but all the ‘rules’ of placement made it impossible to get a real reading. IE: stay so far away from walls, so far from washing machine and dryers, so far away from waterheater, so far away from furnace, etc. Conclusion; no way to get accurate reading in small house/basement. Results of kits used indicate my wife and I should have been dead years ago. I am begginning to think radon is another ‘man-made-global-warning’ hysterical science rant

  5. Norge says:

    Altho the part of ‘test kids being distributed’ is a bit of a chuckle, pretty sure someone from metro will be ‘offended’ . Kinda surprised there isn’t a rant posted already.

  6. Norge says:

    Sweetie wants to know how to get one of the ‘test kids’ and if we have to feed them while they are here?? Do they also do vacuuming and dishwashing….maybe fold and iron the clothes?? LOL

  7. Roger says:

    How in the world does the picture of a natural gas meter on a home have anything to do with radon gas. The story gives the home owner the idea that they need the gas meter checked.

    I feel sorry for the gas company who now have to explain to the thousands of home owners calling it to have their meter checked.