As a typical Minnesotan, I talk about the weather a lot. Sometimes I marvel at the beauty of freshly fallen snow and other times I curse it.

Today was one of those cursing days as I sat in gridlock watching the minutes tick by on the clock and I had plenty of time to think about my bad eating habits as of late. Surviving primarily on take-out, quickie meals and little nibbles, I realized a deficiency in real meals with real food.

It was so easy in the summer when farmers markets were aplenty, but come winter, my brain has gotten a little slushy, just like the conditions outside. In an effort to avoid further brain slush, I’ve decided to take action and seek out inspiration and energy.

bite of minnesota, crystal grobe, winter food blahs

(credit: Crystal Grobe)

On Saturday from 10 a.m. to 2 p.m., Mill City Farmers Market is offering its monthly winter market hosted by Local D’Lish in downtown Minneapolis. Although the market is indoors, it still has the buzz of our much-loved summer markets with families stocking up on local goodies.

Customers can sample pork and beef from MN Valley Organics
and lamb from Shepherd’s Way Farms. Singing Hills Dairy will be sampling goat cheese along with other cheese vendors.

Fresh produce isn’t as readily available as it is in the summer, but Local D’Lish works hard to offer a nice selection of hothouse tomatoes, squash, onions and cabbage to round out a meal. Get there early as the popular items are known to sell out quickly.

Local D’Lish
208 N. 1st Street
Minneapolis, MN, 55401

How about you? What are your cures for the winter food blahs?

Comments (2)
  1. Aunt Jill says:

    My solution to the winter food bla’s are Clementines. They have been good this month, and they are so easy to peel and eat. I keep them on the kitchen table in a bowl and pass them around to family.
    I also have been enjoying dried fruit and nuts for snacking.

  2. Crystal Grobe says:

    Yum! Great way to perk things up. The supply from our Fruitshare is dwindling – time to restock!

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