DIAMONDHEAD, Miss. (AP) — The 34-year-old sister of Vikings quarterback Brett Favre faces drug charges after she was arrested Wednesday in a raid on a Mississippi condo where people were making crystal methamphetamine, authorities said.

Brandi Favre was among five people arrested in the Diamondhead bust and was charged with manufacturing methamphetamine and generating hazardous waste, said Hancock County Sheriff’s Maj. Matt Karl.

“She happened to be there and she was arrested along with the others,” Karl said.

Two of the other suspects face the same charges as Favre. The other two were charged with sale of a controlled substance. And one of them also faces a charge of possession of methamphetamine with intent to distribute.

The four other suspects ranged in age from 25 to 53.

About nine grams of the drug — worth about $1,000 — was recovered and hazardous materials teams had to clear the condo, Karl said.

Brandi Favre was in custody and has an initial court appearance scheduled Thursday morning.

A message left for Brett Favre’s agent James “Bus” Cook wasn’t immediately returned.

The arrest was first reported by WLOX-TV in Biloxi.

It is not the first time Brandi Favre has been in trouble with the law.

In 1999, Favre, her sister-in-law and another woman were booked with felony shoplifting. In 1996, she was charged with unlawful use of a weapon in connection with a drive-by shooting at a motel in Slidell, La. At the time she was a student at Southern Mississippi, where Brett Favre played.

She completed a program in Louisiana that allowed her criminal charges to be erased.

Karl said officers are “very familiar” with Favre. “She’s always in trouble,” he said.

Karl said such drug operations had slowed to almost a trickle — from 108 a month about two years ago to 6 to 8 last year — since the enactment of a law requiring a prescription for cold and sinus medicine containing pseudoephedrine, one of the main ingredients used to make crystal meth. Criminals are now traveling across state lines to nearby St. Tammany Parish, La., to buy the pseudoephedrine and bring it back to Mississippi, he said.

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Comments (21)
  1. So it goes says:

    Tough year for the Favre fam.

  2. Lynn says:

    If her last name would have been Olson, they’d lock her up, throw away the key and no one would know or care.

    1. Ronnie says:

      Maybe there they might? – here they’d slap the pinky, give 90 days w/ 10 served and “off” she goes.
      First timers in MN get off mighty easy … assuming one is white anyway. I’ve got 3 co-workers that been there-done that. Top time was 73 days….and he had a few other prior things. So I guess Lynn I’d maybe bite my tongue 😉


    Shake and bake

  4. tiredandretired says:

    Just about every family has a member or two who really mess their lives up. Hope this gal gets it turned around.

  5. Brady Allan Kalk says:

    must be the black sheep of the family

  6. dont care says:

    well i know the way to get a slap for meth is to rat on an other person so u might want to watch who ur friends are so

  7. TrapStar says:

    That may be true Lynn, but as you can clearly read….this took place in Mississippi.

  8. Dalton says:

    And this is news why??? With all thats happened in the world this past week you find this to be news??? Shame on CBS

    1. MET says:

      So jump on the other networks too, because apparently they thought the story was newsworthy also!!

  9. Mr T says:

    If her criminal charges were erased after she completed the program in Louisiana, how could you report on it?

    I hope she accepts help and moves on with her life. By the time you are using crack, you aren’t having any fun. The addiction pulls you so far down you don’t even realize it’s happening.

    Before you criticize, remember there is an alcoholic or addict in almost every family

    1. The Truth says:

      The charges are off her record, but that doesn’t mean it never happened. Arrest records are public, and the arrest was also probably reported when it happened as well. Getting a conviction off your criminal record is not the same as getting arrests removed – that doesn’t happen often.

  10. FOR REAL!?!?!?!?!? says:

    ok so who is brandi favre??? and did anyone know bret even had a sister till now?? come on ys its the sweet lifeto be that rich but when something even stupid happens to u or your family the whole world knows about it thats really gotta suck u have no privacy if u a star!!!

  11. jweb says:

    I guess that’s the price you pay for making millions playing a game!

  12. IsaacP says:

    How is this newsworthy? She is not a celebrity and cannot control that her brother is…

  13. Darren says:

    never heard of her, didn’t know Brett Favre had a sister, oh since that is so important, who were the other 4 that were arrested, I mean come on if they know Brett Favre’s sister then they must be as important as her. Or do you just not have anything better to write about.

    Very poor decision making whoever approved this to be written about.

  14. johnnycmoun says:

    Why do you drag Brett Favre through this mess? He has nothing to do with his sisters actions and the way you right the article you can clearly see your linking him in this situation by referencing his sister by Favre instead of her first name. Knock it off and start reporting fairly… unbelievable media losers