By Esme Murphy, WCCO-TV

MINNEAPOLIS (WCCO) — Police are investigating the first murder of the year in Minneapolis. Now, authorities are trying to figure out if an online ad had anything to do with the homicide.

Forty-five-year-old Christopher Paul Bates, 45, was found dead inside her apartment on the 1300 block of Linden Avenue on Tuesday afternoon.

According to the Hennepin County Medical Examiner, Bates died as a result of complex homicidal violence. Police reported possible stab wounds.

The apartment’s caretaker found Bates unresponsive and called 911. EMTs determined Bates was dead and that the death warranted a police investigation.

Bates, whose legal name is Christopher, used Chrissie as her first name and lived as a transgender woman. She had reportedly told friends recently that she was scared for her safety.

Police are looking into an ad posted on, an online classified listing, because Bates’ number was used in the post. The ad, posted on Dec. 17, 2010, was for intimate services for $100 an hour.

The apartment building also has a history of problems. In just 2010, police got 95 calls to 911 from the building. Police will investigate the history of 911 calls to the building.

Outfront Minnesota is an advocacy group that is monitoring the case. The group says both local and national records show that transgender women are vulnerable to attack.

Police are not saying how Chrissie was killed.

The Minneapolis Police Department Homicide Unit requested anyone with information about the case to call the TIPS line at (612) 692-8477.

WCCO-TV’s Esme Murphy Reports

Esme Murphy

Comments (15)
  1. Joe Hanson says:

    Why does the media report that Bates was a transgender woman? Are they trying to imply that this was the reason for the homicide?

    A human being was murdered in Minneapolis…

    1. Momma of 2 says:

      I agree. Not sure why that little tid-bit of information was necessary. I’m sure they are trying to point out that maybe he feared for his safety, as in being targeted or harrassed.

      Still, I think that piece of information could have been left out of this story!

  2. wcco_blows says:

    Hey Joe, can you say with absolute certainty that Bates orientation was unrelated? It’s tragic that someone died before their time, but the point I am trying to make is you don’t know anything about the facts of the investigation. Only what you are spoon fed by the media, which all too often isn’t providing factual details.

  3. soyouknow says:

    Joe and Momma…get your undies out of a wad. It’s a respect thing. They reported the legal name of the victim. If identified as Christopher Paul but then referred to the victim as “she” or “her” people would have been confused and concerned about the discrepancy. She was living her life as a woman, they were respecting her in that way by identifying her by her legal name, then clearing up what otherwise would have been an onslaught of people crying what the heck…

    The way they went about reporting this was, accurate and PC, all while respecting the way the woman chose to live her life. Grow half a brain next time you open your gob and settle down.

    1. Kyo says:

      You’re right, it confused me at first. I’m glad they clarified.

  4. Nigel King says:

    I lived in this building for one full year until December 1 of 2010, and During my stay there where So many terrible things that happened there. I was in constant fear for my partners safety and my myself. When we first moved in we would come home to our apt. and tenants had put condoms on your door knob. There was the near constant smell of pot in the hallways people coming and going all hours of the night and serious fights that would also break out in the hallways. There was a flood that took place there as well during a rainstorm last summer and the building smelled of lung locking mildew and mold.
    We also found out that summer the entire building was infested with bedbugs and we contacted the management company, whom shall not be named.
    and they refused to admit there where bed bugs in the building and also refused to exterminate them. We even took them to small claims court to try and have them pay for the monetary value of our belongings we had to get rid of. The judge threw out our case and didn’t even give us the time of day to go over all the hours of work we put into it the case. countless calls to the city to check for violations, we ended up moving with absolutely nothing but the clothes we could launder. the year I lived there was by far the worst year of my entire life. between the horrible management company, the security of the building, sleepless nights due to bed bugs. I was constantly in fear of something like this happening. When we moved into that building we never once imagined the belongings we brought with us we wouldn’t be able to take.
    I seriously regret it took something this devastating to happen before the city would even pay attention. I hope this is the wake up call mpls housing services needs. I am so sorry it was as the cost of your life Chrissy may you rest in peace.

  5. Mike Jacobson says:

    WHY MOVE THERE? WHY STAY THERE? If it was as bad as you say, why would you stay for one day? There are hundreds if not a thousand properties in Mpls to rent. If the rent is cheap, it’s for a reason. Don’t give us this sad song could have left if you wanted. You act like it is the only cheap place that turns it’s back on certain activities, in the area. I hope they condemn the building, not for bed bugs, but for criminal activity the tenants rented.

    1. Tim Bates says:

      @Mike. Your ignorant comments only show a great lack of empathy, and shoot from the hip logic. Tru thinking instead of typing. We live here, you don’t

  6. Nigel King says:

    honestly you have no idea, the amount of income i brought in at said time. and to leave and pay two places at once if your financially bound somewhere because your income isn’t enough to afford any other place. that would be an even worse option. the move was financial if i could have afforded to leave believe me i would have. But it isn’t just that simply for everyone in this world.
    nor is it a sad story, it is simply the point of view from one tenant living there events that that lead to this explosion. Next time take one moment to even try and imagine what is must have been like before you fly off the handle with solutions to problems that must seem simple to you. There is always another layer.

  7. Tim Bates says:

    @ Nigel King. This is one of your other gay neighbors, Tim. I have been trying to locate you and your partner. I took your and Gary and Melinda’s advice, and started filing complaints. 3 thus far. Was assisting Chrissie for filing her own complaint a week before this tragedy occurred. Contact Monica@ outfront Minnesota 612.822.0127 I am spear heading a vigil for next friday. This company. Needs to be taken to task! Contact Diana Buckanaga@ mpls 311 housing complaints office, mn dept of human rights, The human rights campaign in D.C. The FBI is looking into this too! It’s time to unite and fight!

  8. Nigel King says:

    I most certainly will Tim

  9. Jade Scottie Bates says:

    Krissy (which is how she spelled it.) was a good friend of mine. She was a sweet and fun loving person. she cared a lot about those that were close to her and would have been sad hearing them call her by her “boy” name (let alone calling her a man). She wasn’t ashamed of who (or what) she was. I will miss her greatly. Tim… Krissy had been trying to introduce us (she thought you were a good person to know) I would love to meet you

    1. Lindsey Seavert says:

      Hi Jade – I am Lindsey Seavert, a reporter at WCCO. I am going to cover Krissy’s vigil tonight and would really like to speak with some of her close loved ones, family or friends. We haven’t heard from anyone close to her yet. Are you around today? I can be reached at 612.330.2509 or Thank you so much. I hope to better be able to tell her story.