MINNEAPOLIS (WCCO) — Taxes seem to be getting easier to file and easier to spend this year.

Some Americans will be getting their refunds on plastic. The IRS says low-income taxpayers who don’t have bank accounts will be able to get their money on pre-paid debit cards from the government.

And as people are starting to work on their tax returns, TurboTax has come out with an app called SnapTax. It’s an iPhone program that lets taxpayers file a basic return on their phone in about 30 minutes.

The app is free but there’s a $15 charge to file your return.

Click here to see the app.

  1. Charlotte says:

    We ralley enjoy the Early Morning Show but just wish Erica would not talk over Chris and their guests. This morning in the segment of the most influencial women we could not get the 1st lady’s name because Erica was talking while their guest was telling about her. We ralley enjoy Chris’s sense of humor. He is actually funny and adds a lot to the program. Just tell Erica to think before she opens her mouth when someone else is talking.

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