By Jason DeRusha

By Jason DeRusha, WCCO-TV

The word from some Minnesota astronomers this week is that the horoscope is all wrong. So is it? And does the president carry a wallet? Tonight we’re hitting Reply All to your Good Question e-mails.

What should my friend do to her Virgo tattoo now that she’s a Leo? – Brock, St. Paul

The original signs of the horoscope and dates that correspond were charted thousands of years ago. Now that the earth has shifted its rotation, a Minneapolis Astronomer is saying it’s out of alignment.

We’ve known that for some time. Traditional astrologers will still use the old signs, so keep that old tattoo.

When did we start having middle names? – 10-Year-Old Davy Urke, Northfield

Middle Names didn’t become common in English-speaking countries until after the Civil War. Just three of our first 17 presidents had middle names.

What started it? As the population got more clustered into cities, more people had the same name. So it was a way for people to not get mixed up with others of the same name.

Does the President carry a wallet? – Lee Bernick, Lakeville

President George W. Bush was asked in 2005 what was in his pockets. There was a handkerchief and that’s it. He said, “no money, no wallet.”

We’re not sure about President Obama. He certainly doesn’t need money because the White House staff is always around and they carry the credit cards.

Comments (5)
  1. smarty snow pants says:

    What’s in your wallet?…………….Ahhhh…….nuclear codes.

  2. Mark says:

    Yes, he does. That’s where Clinton kept his condoms.

  3. Patty Volk says:

    This submission is for your good question segment……..Who comes up with the statutes for MN Unemployment? (Sec. 13. Minnesota Statute 2008, section 268.085, subdivision 9) My story is…..My husband is a business owner of an ashphalt/concrete company who employs my 26 year old son who does not have any ownership in the business. This company has been in operation now for 4 years—-and MN unemployment is now dictating that because my son is employed by his father…the company has to pay my son $7500 per quarter for him to qualify for anymore unemployment benefits. How do you lay asphalt and pour concrete in the winter? My husband does not even make $7500 per quarter. And what really gets me is that my son could of worked for any other construction company and received the same pay had the same lay off date and collected his full claim with unemployment. I thought we wanted people to have jobs in this economic time. Thanks to MN Unemployment my husand will dissolve the business and have to find a new job along with my son. Please notify me if you air this question. Thanks

    1. Bday Love says:

      I was also effed by MN Unemployment. Makes me so mad. I sympathize.

  4. wanda stuntz says:

    It’s funny you should have this topic on tonight. In the last 4 days I’ve sent emails to my daughters college in New York and to the local paper there asking why they don’t have the same press releases for women’s sports, that they do the men. I got tired of only getting updates and schedules of the men’s sports and none of the women’s. The newspaper there also puts the men’s sports on the cover of the sports pages, but you have to get out a magnifying glass to find the women’s, if they’re even listed at all. I wrote some very firm, angry emails to both. I was very surprised to find out that it’s a woman who is the head of the department at the school that’s doing this! I told her how appalled I was and couldn’t believe something like this was still happening in the 21st century. So it’s not just the equal pay for equal jobs that are lacking. It’s also the recognition and respect that are also lacking. I’d like to see you do a “Good Question” about this subject.

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