DULUTH, Minn. (AP) — Five Minnesota conservation groups are suing an economic-development agency in Eveleth over its $4 million loan to a mining company.

The loan was approved in December by Iron Range Resources & Rehabilitation Board.

The money is intended to help PolyMet Mining acquire Forest Service land for a mine. Critics fear the mine would create sulfuric acid pollution.

Environmental groups say the board shouldn’t have agreed to lend the money while the project remains under review.

Minnesota Public Radio says the Environmental Protection Agency filed objections last year to a draft environmental-impact statement, prompting a review. The conservation groups say providing state money for a project under review violates the state’s Environmental Policy Act.

A message left Monday with the Iron Range board was not immediately returned.

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Comments (4)
  1. lib says:

    I think it is about time we sue these conservation groups, they use bogus science and voicelsss entities to keep jobs and growth from people and cities. One of the major reasons we have such high unemployment is because of the endless regulations imposed by these groups.

  2. gtV says:

    It’s one thing to be conservation green conscious for the the environment and the environ’s future but opposing any new development for the economic resources benefits and social good is ludicrous. If there are forthcoming environmental impacts or environmental problem issues to be addressed then propose cogent and plausible solutions to such!!!

    For example, a state forest, in another state, had a rampant overgrowth and underbrush problem. That state’s DNR wanted to have controlled burns and controlled gleaning logging to bring that state forest to better health. The environmental groups protested against such conservation efforts by that DNR. The end result was a storm caused wildfire that cost millions to contain while racking up nearly a billion dollars of property damage!

    If only, folks would have looked at the costs (est.$250,00) to prevent this calamity the forest would be healthy and rejuvenated, usable by the public, and the cost to restorative forestation would have been minimal due to the logging that needed to be done.

    Minnesota is blessed with natural resources that could be mined in a very Green way. However, I do not hear environmentally friendly commentary coming from conservation groups offering plausible cost-effective scientific solutions for resource developments.

    Yes, there are environmental lemons to resource developments but how can you make the proverbial lemonade to benefit all concerned? The suggestion box is available for such…..

  3. pat says:

    kudos to the two comments above.

  4. b says:

    Treehuggers just need something to complain about they use there scientific facts that are not proven and dont make any sense. Treehuggers need to get a life thats all they are doing is making the process become more complicated and more expensive obviously it is going to happen so like i said you worthless treehuggers keep your mouth shut this has to deal with the iron range it is not hurting you. If you havent been able to tell the iron range is called that for a reason. Maybe because it is mining country so if your a treehugger this is what you do take all your overeducated knowledge and go sit in your office stare at your computer screen and get overpaid your worthless.

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