ROCHESTER, Minn. (AP) — A 23-year-old Rochester man is in jail after police say he was caught with two handguns in a duffel bag at Apache Mall.

Police say one of the guns was loaded.

The man told police he was looking to take the guns elsewhere for target practice.

Capt. Brian Winters tells the Post-Bulletin it didn’t appear the man had any criminal intent. But Winters say the man has a previous conviction that prohibits him from carrying a firearm.

The man met a friend who works at the mall Sunday and told him he had two handguns, briefly showing one to the friend, who notified mall security.

Security officers detained the man without incident and took the bag away from him before police arrived.

The man has not been formally charged.

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Comments (14)
  1. Allah Is Coming To Town says:

    Why no name? Must be a Somalian…..

  2. CryingGOP says:

    Oh what about his 2nd amendment rights… Don’t come down on the poor fellow. I’m sure he was just exercising his right to bear arms.

    Or…he could be just another right wing gun nut with zero common sense…

    1. Grizzlyman says:

      Typical lefty……read what you want to read. Did you miss the part that said he had a previous conviction that prohibited him from having weapons? This is not the type of person the 2nd amendment applies to. Convicted felons have forfeited some of their constitutional rights. Not the best idea to advertise your ignorance.

      1. Lyle says:

        I thought clearly crying gop was trying to make a joke. When you have to explain your joke then either the joke was bad, or the responder was stupid.

      2. Ben Bets says:

        @Lyle 😉
        dead on dude

    2. Bob says:

      maybe he was from the looney left and he was sad and depressed. Crying or for help and not getting what he wanted from society.We should have a fundraiser maybe a bake sale to help him our…..

  3. Wally says:

    Well, those two comments are sure to start things going!
    How about a Right Wing Fiscally Conservative Liberal Somalian?

  4. Whining GOP says:

    LOL Wally!

  5. Dark Knight says:

    Now the gun totting guy knows that his “friend” told mall security. Great police / journalism work.

  6. Tom got Jill says:

    they’d be safe if I was the dude….my gal says all I shoot are blanks. small caliber to she says … :-O

  7. Common Sense says:

    “But Winters say the man has a previous conviction that prohibits him from carrying a firearm”

    So what “restrictions” would you like to see?

    1. RIII says:

      It was sarcasm. We have enough laws. It would seem many in our country lack common sense.

  8. RIII says:

    We should have a law to prevent people from having guns that cannot legally have guns because of a previous conviction.

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