By Lindsey Seavert, WCCO-TV

MINNEAPOLIS (WCCO) — Former Vikings quarterback Brett Favre is denying new accusations that he sent inappropriate text messages to a Twin Cities massage therapist. This time, the controversy involves a woman who worked with Minnesota Vikings players. And she’s not just accusing Favre. says 31-year-old Stephanie Dusenberry came forward earlier this month when she thought Favre got off easy in another “sexting” scandal involving a sideline reporter in addition to massage therapists for the Jets.

Stephanie Dusenberry, who calls herself the therapist for pro athletes on her website, told the sports gossip site that her clients are Vikings players, a good gig that went awry last September when she received a text from Brett Favre.

According to Deadspin, he asked, “Do you have time to work on me tonight? No, hurry, I am alone. Dusenberry claims that when she said no, Favre responded: “You don’t know what it’s like to not be touched by a woman for three weeks, come over and no one needs to know.”

Dusenberry also says she also received advances from former Vikings defensive back Dwight Smith, and wide receiver Aundrae Allison. She even claims back up running back Albert Young texted her a nude photo.

However, sources within the Vikings raise questions. They told WCCO-TV that Favre denies ever meeting Dusenberry, and the Vikings fired her due to ongoing problems.

Dr. Dale Healey heads up the massage school at Northwestern Health Sciences University in Bloomington. When he heard about this latest scandal, he had one thought:

“Here we go again basically, professional massage therapy struggled for many years to distance itself from that perception,” said Healey.

Healey admits massage therapists can be vulnerable to sexual advances, but he says the training he gives students focuses on how to handle situations ethically. He also adds that Minnesota is only one of six states that doesn’t have a state licensing program for massage therapists.

Currently in Minnesota, massage therapists are only licensed in cities that choose to regulate the profession. Healey and others in his profession are pushing for a statewide massage therapy licensing program, something he believes would be a resources for massage therapists who encounter problems with clients, and vice versa. He says clients should have a place to file complaints as well.

“We are still hearing these disturbing stories about boundaries being crossed one way or the other. It’s disheartening,” said Healey.

Dusenberry didn’t return calls or emails.

She told Deadspin she talked to an Eden Prairie police detective about Favre back in September and filed a report.

However, the department spokesperson said they have no record of a report filed that day.

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  1. Wake up and call the Skanketto Police says:

    Tough times bring out all the gold digging Skankettes.
    One can only trust when she’s shown to be what she is that one of those she accuses get a shot at what she owns too. Oh – she has nothing? Wow. I never would have guessed that.
    Skanketto Alert – here comes Stephanie the Wannabe

  2. Stephanie Dusenberry Freako says:

    Let’s see now ….. so simple. Terminated. Pouting girl child in need of a job or $$
    Please trash this freak in the dumpster with the garbage. Thanks

  3. Joel M says:

    Slimey media is the real story. Sexting scandal – what is with you lousy reporters nowadays. There is NO friggen scandal here. There is a late to the party unemployed woman making accusations. Does not seem to be anything behind it. You are calling this a scandal? Why do you even have it here?
    You are getting to be as sad as the wackos you report about. very sad

    1. insignificant says:

      yeap…that’s wcco and the rest of these frauds called news…grasping for anything to get attention…just put “sex” in te heading for a read…good greif…the guy is retired and gone now…let it rest!

  4. Embarassed for you says:

    If it was so traumatic (if it even really happened) why wasn’t it reported immediately? Agree with the other posters. I’m guessing you though it was pretty cool to give Vikings players your cell phone number, if that even really happened. Funny how it’s all “former” players??

  5. betty says:

    Did she respond to Brett via email? I wonder if her texts will be released.

  6. Ally says:

    Yep, the media once again on the rampage and without all the facts- once again. Report the stories but please, we wouldn’t want to complicate the story with ascertaining the facts first. Typical. Yet so many readers are automatically willing to hang Favre or this girl that claims this scandal, depending on their bent in life.

  7. markH says:

    If she said it happened, it probably did happen. Just like the stories in the Bible; why on earth would someone bother to write these things and make these claims if they were not true? People just need to face the facts and stop looking for all this “evidence” stuff. Peace.

    1. BrandonMN says:

      Right…..because no one ever writes anything Fictional. Nothing written on paper is EVER wrong, or made up. Right? Oh wait….there’s an entire Fiction Section at any local book store. Your statement is ridiculous. “Face the facts and stop looking for “evidence”. Because Evidence isn’t facts, right? How would you go about facing the facts of ANYTHING without first gathering the evidence? The evidence IS the facts. What a meat-head.

  8. HA HA! says:

    Hmmm.. It was a “good gig” until the texts from Favre? What about the other names she drops?? Those didn’t bother her? Especially not the nude one? And why does it sound like she only reported Favre? Because he’s the biggest fish she could financially fry?

  9. PIG says:

    Favre is a pig, no longer a hero.

  10. Dan says:

    Check out the video at the 41 second mark when they show the Deadspin website, I didn’t know that they could send the F-word right into my living room on the screen. I have a 42 inch TV and that Finheimer was plain as day last night. Anyone know how to contact the FCC?

  11. Another Massage Therapist says:

    The media, right or wrong, is not as credible as it once was. Getting it first seems more important than getting it right.
    I am not sure that the accusation of these players is credible or not. The lag time between the incident and the accusation is odd. I do find it interesting that the same people decrying the “media” for getting this story wrong are also making assumptions on infromation that they do not have. Often, victims of sexual violence wait to report because of the perception that they were to blame. This person might be looking to exploit her former position as a therapist for the team. Maybe not.

  12. Kong says:

    Farve would not hump this woman anyways. She looks kind of nasty.