There’s outrage over a proposal to put an ‘off the leash’ dog park inside Minneapolis’ Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. Park.  The park, located on Nicollet Avenue South and 42nd Street, is being considered by the Board as a possible site for an off-leash park. It’s in response to residents identifying a need for a dog park in the 6th park district.

WCCO Radio’s Chad Hartman talked to Minneapolis Civil Rights Activist Spike Moss about it Thursday afternoon on his show.

The Board will now create a citizen advisory group that represents both sides of the argument. Board President John Erwin said he hopes the board makes a decision sometime in February.

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  1. Margaret Dean says:

    I want to complement Chad on his method of handling Spike Moss yesterday. It had to be difficult to contain one’s personal feelings while on the air. Spike Moss is a racist of the 1st degree. The park is OUR park, not only the blacks. Turning part of the park into a dog park was only the gimmick to get him spouting his racial beliefs.

  2. Brook Lemm-Tabor says:

    Just for the record, the land on which the Dog Park Task Force proposed locating the park is actually owned by MNDOT and on easement to the park system. MNDOT has approved of the idea of using their land so it should be no problem at all. The only reason it was presented to the park board is because that is the process. There were several studies done (2001, 2002 and 2010) that all pointed to a need in the 10 CSA in which the best location to serve that need is in the park situated between 40th/42nd and Nicollet, which by the way is NOT a MEMORIAl park. When changing the name to honor Dr. King the name “memorial” was specifically not included so as not to confuse the issue of sacred or holy ground. Also, it is because of the work of the Dog Park Task Force that money was recently allocated to a memorial to be created in the manner appropriate to Dr. King at that very park. Maybe one day we all will walk hand in hand and share the dream but it appears that won’t be any day soon.

  3. DogLover says:

    Is Spike speaking on behalf of the Citizens In Action group?

  4. presto says:

    Mr. Moss’ tactics may be more agressive than I feel acceptable. However, after speaking with several of my african american neighbors, it is important to note that most are strongly opposed to the off-leash area at MLK Park. I tend to share Mr. Hartmann’s opinions on the matter and truly feel it would improve our neighborhood and personally would benefit my recreational opportunites. Tough for me to accept resistance on the proposal when I feel that MLK himself would think the proposal is a brilliant idea. Yet, I feel strongly conflicted on the issue when I speak to neighbors that I respect.

    1. Beware of Bias says:

      Current Reality = dogs at MLK park, on leashes, relieving themselves on 100% of MLK park, usually getting feces picked up, not always.
      Desired Future state = dogs at MLK park, off leashes, doing their thing in 4% of MLK park that is currently unused against the sound wall of 35W.

      Sounds like progress to me, reducing the amount of feces dropping on other public areas of MLK park?
      Someone needs to articulate the problem between current state and desired future state.
      Someone needs to articulate how this absolutely respectful and considerate proposal is an affront to any person.

  5. Will Sargent says:

    First of all I would like to thank Chad for taking on the tough subjects. I think Spike Moss has only one point, let the people decide. Why can’t we have a vote on things like this. Why do just a few hired or elected officials get to decide. We have enough technology these days to make it easy to vote. We have phones and computers that would be easy to set up. Let the people decide is that not what we fought for. I dought if Spike will ever read this, he is too busy running his mouth. What I would like to ask him is. How many white people died to free the blacks. It is not our fault what happen in the past, but lets move forward.