ST. PAUL (WCCO) — Prosecutors say a plumber on a house call in St. Paul tricked a mom into leaving the room so he could molest her 2-year-old daughter.

People’s Plumbing owner Randall Ostebo now faces two counts of second-degree criminal sexual conduct.

According to court papers, Ostebo exposed himself to the toddler last month and made her touch his genitals.

Investigators say Ostebo was alone with the girl after telling her mother to help him out by going to the basement and putting water in the boiler.

Ostebo’s family members turned him into police after they say he confessed to that crime and to another incident that happened in 1990.

His son, who also works for the family business, wants anyone else who may have been harmed to come forward.

Ostebo was convicted of a similar crime back in 1991 and was sentenced to 30 days in jail and probation.

If convicted on the latest charges, he could face up to 25 years behind bars.

Comments (21)
  1. Karen says:

    What a horrible question. “Where are the fathers?” People should be able to have a professional come into their home without worrying that a child molester is in their midst. Don’t blame the father, he probably feels sick enough as it is.

  2. Kevin says:

    Bring this piece og garbage to my house….no jail…no trial…just drop him off…..I will do what society is afraid to do….

    1. Ed says:

      He’d probably kick your butt and we would end up paying your medical bills cause your unemployed. Just let the justice system run it’s course.

      1. Paul Bostrom says:

        Hahahahahaa ED!

  3. Jimmy says:

    This guy was listed on angie’s list, thanks Angie got any more perverts to send to us?

  4. rich says:

    i agree kevin, nail his balls to a stump and push him over

  5. Kiki says:

    Being involved in this case I am not sure what I am allowed to say but this guy has been a predator for 20 years! He was caught 20 years ago and given a slap on the wrist! I feel like everyone around him was more interested in forgiving and forgetting then seeing the sick pervert he is! Now more kids had to suffer for it. I do feel bad for his children who now will be forever linked to what he did. As you may have read his son worked with him do you think anyone is going to want to call their business again? I don’t think he even cares of the pain he has caused the victims and their families and the devastation he has caused his own family.

    1. Han says:

      That business doesn’t exist anymore. They shut it down. His family is devastated. I know them personally.

  6. Keith says:

    If I’ve said this once I’ve said a million times. These guys always do it again, it never fails and its time that get after our elected officals to pass legislation to take these preditors off the street permenatly. If they were removed from society, first to prison and then to a facility like Moose Lake and never ever released you’d see a dramatic decrease in this type of crime zero tolerance. None.

  7. SH says:

    Everyone seems to forget how many of these crimes aren’t reported. Zero tolerance does nothing, but make their methods more secretive and/or severe. I think if there was less shame in admitting sexual desires a lot of this stuff wouldn’t happen as frequently. If you’re going to remove people from society permanently, where do you draw the line? How sure does the verdict have to be to convict them? Do you so easily condemn people for life? No one wants to admit that he’s still human.

  8. Keith says:

    I have a daughter, you excuse this human debris as human? Because these offenders always re-offend I say take them off the streets for good. “Ostebo was convicted of a similar crime back in 1991 and was sentenced to 30 days in jail and probation.” As I said “they always do it again”. They have defective wiring and can’t be repaired. What do you think his punishment should be for molesting a two year old girl? I also favor the death penalty for certain crimes like the punk from MN that murdered those two clerks in Iowa. People have told me the death penalty isn’t a deterent. That’s incorrect. The death penalty works everytime it’s tried. They Never Do It Again!

  9. Linnie says:

    It’s an addiction. Yes, he did something horrible, but anyone is capable if they don’t have accountability in their lives. They need it daily, they need counseling, they need group therapy. Yes, time needs to be served. He’s an addict who needs help. He’s no different that the person who drinks away his sorrows, or the person who over eats. I am not excusing what he did at all. But he is HUMAN. Don’t be so quick to judge, because everyone here is capable. There are just more severe earthly consequences.

    -I agree with you. If someone doesn’t have the accountability in their lives, they probably will do it again. Just like, he probably didn’t have it either. 99% of offenders who are charged or punished are CAUGHT, any only serve what they were caught for. In this case, he wasn’t caught in the act. He confessed freely to his family. I think that was his way to ask for help and get help. He freely confessed every offense he made to the investigator!

    1. Kiki says:

      I am beyond angry you know nothing of this case so please stop talking like this man should get an award for confessing. I am one of his victims so how dare you talk about the treatment he should get and the consideration he should get! Is that what I should be happy about that he confessed to molesting me? And what about the children? Do you have any clue what it does to a child when they are violated like that? It stays with you for the rest of your life and effects them in so many ways. So please you know nothing and the SOB did get caught 20 years ago and you know what that taught him to go for younger kids so they don’t tell. Also you have no idea the reasons why he confessed do you really believe he woke up one day and decided to tell his family he is serial child molester? So to the both of you unless you personally know this man or this case keep your comments to yourself! Also he was in therapy and didn’t do a damn thing so please don’t act like he needs rehab no the man needs a jail cell and to never again have access to another child!!

      1. Han says:

        I’m sorry that this happened to you! I agree that men like this shouldn’t be free to be around children for the rest of their lives.

  10. Furious says:

    I know there is more to this case than the press released. The least he should get would be 50 -75 years without parole, add it to the 25 years they are estimating he will receive. It still wouldn’t be enough!! When he was turned in 20 years ago, I thought automatic castration was deserved. Unfortunately, I don’t think Minnesota has that as an option yet. Instead he got 30 days in the work house. The victim(s) of twenty years ago have had to live with that offence, and now they are having to re-live it again. We don’t know for sure know how many children he has molested and how many lives he has ruined through the years. Let the inmates serve his sentence!!

  11. MB says:

    This brings home the point … Take the time to hire a company that does background checks on their employees. Obviously, this is a one to two man shop where background checks wouldn’t be done. Research your plumber and don’t hire based on cost. I would rather hire an experienced, higher priced company that does background checks on their employees than one who is working out of his vehicle and coming into my home.

  12. Chico Jose says:

    Wow!! I knew this guy….. Never would have guessed!!! It’s always the people you least suspect I hope someone takes care of him in prison

  13. KK says:

    I knew him and his family back in the 90″s but was not a victim. I have no idea what to say accept that I pray for his victims and their families and for his wife, kids and grandkids who have all been affected terribly by his actions. To those people I pray for you and God bless. May you once again have peace in your lives. (hug)

  14. james says:

    Very Honest and professional

  15. C Jensen says:

    As a licensed Plumber in MN this news story has me VERY irritated in that WCCO felt the need to use “PLUMBER” right in the headline. This man IS NOT even a licensed plumber in Minnesota. With the economy in the shape that it is, its hard enough to get customers to call the plumber let alone having to deal with WCCO making false reports about plumbers sexually assulting customers….. CHECK YOUR FACTS, this man IS NOT A PLUMBER IN MINNESOTA!