By Esme Murphy

By Esme Murphy, WCCO-TV

MINNEAPOLIS (WCCO) — Former Gov. Jesse Ventura’s lawsuit against the TSA and Homeland Security over pat downs at the airport is prompting a lot of reaction.

Ventura, like many Americans, has metal in his body from an operation. The former governor had his hip replaced two years ago.

In his lawsuit, he said because of his hip replacement, he always sets off metal detectors and that results in him having to get the new, more invasive pat downs at the airport.

Ventura said the searches amount to an unconstitutional search and they are an invasion of privacy.

This is not the first time that the governor has voiced criticism and opposition to the practices of Homeland Security.

While Ventura is a legendary tough guy, but he has shown a sensitivity to the practices of Homeland Security. Last fall, he told a radio host that the agency should be compared to Hitler’s feared police.

“They’re supposed to be there for our protection. I am now viewing them as the Gestapo,” he said to radio host Alex Jones.

Ventura also said he would not go into one of the body scanners.

“I won’t go through them. I would rather be handscanned,” Ventura said.

But in a new lawsuit, Ventura said the TSA’s new, more invasive hand pat downs involve “offensive touching, gripping and rubbing of the genital and other sensitive areas.”

That meets the “definition for an unlawful sexual assault.” Ventura is, of course, not alone in having surgery that has left him with metal in his body. Judy Savoie, 63, knows where Ventura is coming from, but that doesn’t mean she’s in support of his lawsuit.

“I have a drug-infused pump in my abdomen and I have a replaced knee and I have a metal plate in my ankle,” Savoie said, adding that Ventura’s suit is ridiculous. “When you have these things implanted, you get a card that shows you have this metal implanted in you and all I do is show the card.”

The TSA, on its website, does advise people with medical implants to carry medical cards and talk to screeners about their condition.

But also on its website, the TSA makes it very clear that having one of those medical cards and having an implant does not let you bypass security.

Instead it allows you to avoid the body scanner machine and go directly to the full body pat down.

Esme Murphy

Comments (25)
  1. Randall Lape says:

    ‘Offensive Touching, Gripping, Rubbing Of Genitals’…

    Sounds like professional wresling.

  2. G8BBGG says:

    Hey Body afraid that they will find out what happened to your body? LOL old age and over 50 flab bites… I live in the real world and know people who died on 911. Keep it up TSA.

    1. Kieron says:

      What a brownshirt you are.

  3. Sam says:

    Ventura is crazy.
    That doesn’t mean he’s wrong here.

    Just like all of the other “crackdowns” in the past decade, this is just a bit of security theatre, made to make us _think_ that we’re safer. The truth of the matter is that all of the plots that have been stopped have either been stopped before the perpetrators got to the airport, or by security/passengers on the plane. All of the stuff happening at the airport is just the smokescreen to make you feel like the government is doing something.
    Your tax dollars hard at work.

  4. Hejlena says:

    What a crass hole

  5. Rich says:

    I can’t understand hoe this nut case continues to get so much attention. Everything he does is meant to get publicity and draw attention to himself and the media continues to feed that obsession. How can anybody take him seriously or care what he does or says.

    1. Kieron says:

      Yeah, isn’t it interesting that your comment applies just as well to Glenn Beck and the rest of the nut cases on the hard right fringe.

  6. Aint Got Time to be Normal says:

    Jesse just go away. Mars would suit most of us just fine. What an arrogant, self centered, narcissitic moron (and those are his good qualities)

  7. Rat says:

    True Jesse, just more wind.

  8. Pavel says:

    Yeah. Forget this one. He is “way” past his prime. You know what they say, “First the body then the mind”.

  9. feeling mighty sick of Goofy says:

    what’s ol’ Jesse gonna do when they cease to give him any more press or air time? Gawd – I hope he doesn’t resort to blowing his own brains out. That’s be a mess for someone to clean up. Oh – I forgot he had none. No problem then …..

  10. Pete says:

    You kidding, I had my hip replaced JUST so I could go to the airport and get assaulted. Good times!!!

  11. Todd says:

    This is interesting. Where does this fall with HIPAA regulation and the federal protection of medical information of citizens? Why should someone be forced to declare that they have a medical condition?

    1. shen chin says:

      Excellent point.

  12. Mulder says:

    Savoie and the rest of the sheeple who don’t like his lawsuit simply have no regard for the rights our forefathers fought and died for to protect and preserve, and they certainly don’t believe in them. If they did, they wouldn’t be complaining when people stand up to the unconstitutional invasions of privacy that the TSA is currently engaged in.

    TSA is providing no security; just security theatre, and it costs taxpayers hundreds of billions of dollars in useless procedures and dangerous equipment, with no gain in security.

  13. Lee says:

    Before these body scaners I set off the detectors with a barrette in my hair, if I had to go thru the full body scan just to figure it was something on my head, in my hair that set it off I would be horrified!!! I don’t support his reasons for filing this lawsuit but there does need to be something done about how/why we would have to be subjected to such “groping”

  14. scott says:

    Kind of ironic timing with this when the ratings for his show has tanked. I’m not saying that he doesn’t have a point. But if he still was built like he was 20 plus yrs ago, I don’t think that this would be an issue. Besides, how many TSA employees wake up everyday thinking to themselves “Boy I get to pat down people of every shape, size and health condition while on camera, my supervisor right there and the angry public also staring at me today. Good times. Maybe Jessie the Body will go through my line. That would be sooo AWSOME! “

  15. Vic in Minni says:

    Jesse is w/o any junk so he’s a 2 second pat down anyway. Not much to get excited about – even if one dug that stuff. lol

  16. Blinkey says:

    Obviously none of you have a medical device that singles you out for enhanced pat downs. I don’t want my pacemaker yanked at and I don’t like fingers down my slacks with unclean gloves. This violates my rights under the ADA laws.Try singling out Blacks or Hispanics or Muslims and see what an outcry there is!

  17. shen says:

    Go Jessie!! Something has to be done about the sexual assault we are subjected to at the airport. First it was wanding, then pat downs with the back of the hand, now open palm over the entire body including genitals with a hand between your pants and underware is a bit too much. If you think all that bull is keeping you safe you’re dead wrong. A pilot I know who flies for a major airline said 95% of it is just to give the public a false sense of security & let them think that Washington is really doing something to keep us safe. Someones blue gloved hand all over my body doesn’t make me feel safe it makes me think I might catch something from the last person who had those same gloves in their pants. What next rectal exams to be included as part of the enhanced pat downs.