VADNAIS HEIGHTS, Minn. (WCCO) — The family of the young woman found dead in the Vadnais Heights home she shared with her husband says the couple was dearly loved by family and friends.

The bodies of 19-year-old Katherine and 21-year-old Kalen Pohjonen were found dead Tuesday. The medical examiner has classified the deaths as a murder-suicide. Both died of gunshot wounds.

A handgun was found at the scene and an investigation has determined it to be the weapon that was used.

Both were graduates of Hudson High School.

Police were called to their home after a worried co-worker called 911.

They haven’t said yet how they died.

Kalen Pohjonen was a member of the Minnesota National Guard. He was scehduled to be deployed in the next couple of months.

Katherine’s family released a statement saying, “We are touched and thankful for those who have reached out to us in this trying time. Kathy and Kalen will be missed and forever in our hearts and thoughts.”

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  1. flutegirl says:

    Kathy, I am so sad at your tragic death. All of us from the HHS class of 2009 will remember you fondly. I remember our fun times in band and home ec class in middle school! You were a kind and caring girl and you always had a smile on your face. You were always so nice to me. You will me missed but never forgotten. Even though I didn’t know you very well, you made a positive impact on me, and you were always a joy to be around. I am encouraged today to see all the outpouring of love towards you and your family on Facebook. You were obviously a very special person, and 19 is way too young to pass away. I am so sorry your life was cut short so tragically. All of us found out today, and many of us were at school when we got the news. I wish you could see how much everyone loved you and cared about you. I know you’re in a better place now, but you should still be here with your family and friends. Rest in peace. ❤
    -a former flute section member ❤

    1. Linda O says:

      You have given us wonderful memories “flutegirl”.

  2. Richard Mienke says:

    Kathy, you will be missed my many. I always remember the smile you had on your face everywhere you went. Going through the swim lesson / lifeguard training with you was always fun. There was never a dull moment being around you and everyone enjoyed many laughs through the years. You have impacted many lives at Church, School and in your Community. I wish we knew what was going on and were able to help, as you are leaving many friends and loved ones here. We are all praying for your family, even though we know you have gone home to Christ. You had many more lives to touch and many more days to enjoy here. You will be missed. Rest in Peace with the Lord Kathy :”(.

    1. flutegirl says:

      Richard, thank you for sharing your memories of Kathy. It sounds like you two were pretty close. I am sorry that you have lost a good friend. She was a joy to be around, and you’re right, there was never a dull moment when she was around us. Peace be with you, and my condolences go out to you. May you find peace and happiness in your memories of Kathy.


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