MINNEAPOLIS (WCCO) — A new federal study found that 70 percent of men being booked at the Hennepin County Jail tested positive for drugs.

The study was done in 2010 and found that the number had risen 10 percent compared to the year before.

The data says the most common drug detected is marijuana, with 52 percent of the male population testing positive. That’s followed by cocaine, opiates, oxycodone, and methamphetamine.

About 70 percent of those entering the jail for violent crime tested positive for illegal drugs.

The study used booked inmates who volunteered to be interviewed. The information they provide is verified with drug testing. Most have used drugs in recent days or weeks – and some may still be under the influence of an illegal substance when they get to jail.

The Hennepin County Sheriff’s Office said that drug use costs them more money because those inmates may have behavior issues and may need additional supervision from deputies. Also there may be inmates that go into withdrawal and need medical attention and treatments, which are required by the jail.

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  1. mark from mntaxwaste.com says:

    Wow!! Really! That’s news to us!! You caught me off guard on that one! Money well spent on that research!! Never would have guessed that!! Did anyone at WCCO try to look at how much this cost us taxpayers?

  2. Brian says:

    I agree with Mark. No, really? 70% wow, shocking. Do these people suddenly have to much time on their hands for these stupid surveys. Just like a couple weeks ago they posted a study shows people drink at sporting events — duh! Really? News? I don’t think so. Nothing new there. Or even the other one just earlier this week, MN Vikings fans showing they’re routing against the Packers in the super bowl. Seriously? This is Vikings country, of course we’re going to go against them.

  3. Angelo says:

    LOL @ Brian ans Mark’s comments, I’m also laughing at the “there may be inmates that go into withdrawal and need medical attention and treatments” I never knew people went to withdrawal for weed

  4. simon says:

    Here is a few more interesting facts-

    1)of those people almost 90% were arrested for a drug offense or drug related crime.
    2)78% of men in prison are from single mother homes.
    3) 94% of custody cases are awarded to mothers.

    Think on these, and here are some more…write some stories on these! Last interesting fact, in almost all the custody cases awarded to mothers, the fathers made almost double to triple the income of the mothers, now couple that with the county being given $3-$4 in federal incentive cash for every dollar collected in child support paid in by the father, please tell me why the courts are giving custody to mothers and not fathers, or the correct 50/50? Money!!!!

    1. mark from mntaxwaste.com says:

      @Simon Very good point Sir

  5. scott says:

    Now how much is it going to cost to treat all of these offenders? You know that will be coming next.

  6. Tom Valentie says:

    They didn’t finish the story. 80% test positive when leaving jail. Our government can careless about drugs in this country since prisons are now Big Business,

  7. simon says:

    The courts are creating business for themselves, and are funding themselves, and why are you all sitting back and allowing it? People complain about the HealthCare bill, shoot…that is nothing in comparison to the family court injustice, and how that effects the criminal court system.
    If we gave 50/50 custody as a rule, you would see less trouble in the US, this is proven through statistics, numbers and facts don’t lie.

  8. Joel M says:

    Hell – test the folks walking on the streets, int law offices, banks, you name it folks. They’d be about the same – mostly legal Rx stuff which is banned and counted as a bust in a perp.
    This country just loves to use ….. it’s alcohol, dope, legal dope, health store dopes, man o man it is everywhere. Insane America — just as most want it I guess

  9. insignificant says:

    of the 70% testing positive for drugs,the % that have an underlying mental condition should be added to the equation too…and @Joel M …don’t forget all the junk added to foods ,too that effect the brain function of te masses

  10. insignificant says:

    of the 70% i wonder what % of them have an underlying mental health condition that should be added to the equation

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