BLOOMINGTON, Minn. (AP) — Gov. Mark Dayton says he doesn’t want to get rid of state permits that provide “reasonable” background checks for gun buyers.

Dayton took his first public position Thursday on a Republican move to repeal state gun permits. He made the comments in a speech to a newspaper convention in Bloomington.

A House panel approved legislation Wednesday that would abolish Minnesota’s permits for gun buyers. Supporters say the state requirement duplicates federal laws.

The Democratic governor says the background checks required for the state permits balance gun rights with public safety. He says current law doesn’t prevent law-abiding citizens from owning guns.

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Comments (8)
  1. Doug says:

    The repeal saves us money and make services efficient. Why doesn’t Gov. Dayton see that?

    1. Ignorance must be bliss says:

      Do not know about you Doug, but I will pay some extra $ to keep people that have mental problems, backgrounds in violence, and the people that do things like travel to TX to buy a gun same day and then shoot up an office a reasonable time frame in which to buy a gun and make sure that they are going to use it correctly. Nobody should need a gun in the next 30 minutes unless you have something bad in mind. Never heard a hunter say anything like that, but have heard of people that are not thinking clearly and have some bad intentions talk like this.

  2. herbert says:

    Severance package for laid off public employees…$100 and a Glock!

  3. don mcquisten says:

    Not sure what this means and how it would pertain to a person with a conceal carry permit?

  4. Kevin #2 says:

    The Federal Programs has holes in it as indicated from the testimony below:

    “Bloomington Police Sgt. Mark Elliot, who supervises the city’s gun licensing, backed up the general concerns with specific data. Last year, he said, 541 people in Bloomington applied to purchase a weapon. Of that number, 37 were denied, he said, adding that none of them would have been denied by the feds because of holes in the system.

    He pointed out that those convicted of gross misdemeanors — which might include such things as domestic abuse, crimes on behalf of a gang and stalking — would not have shown up in the federal background check. Additionally, he said, those who are awaiting sentencing or those who are placed by judges in diversion programs, also would not show up.”

    1. Rob Doar says:

      The Federal Background check contains what ever the state reports it to contain. If someone is not eligible to own a gun by state law, then the state needs to report that to the FBI.

      What we are saying by having our own background check is, “We catch the ‘dangerous’ criminals who we don’t bother to report to the federal system”.

  5. common sense says:

    criminals don’t buy guns legally no matter what the laws say.