ST. PAUL (WCCO) — One state representative would like to see more sex offenders listed online.

Rep. Tony Cornish (R-Good Thunder) introduced a bill to a House Public Safety Panel that would make it much easier for people to find out in there is a sex offender in their neighborhood.

Cornish says he’d like to see the Department of Corrections website add the names, criminal history and even addresses for Level 2 sex offenders.

Right now, only Level 3 sex offenders are listed because they are the most likely to re-offend.

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  1. Elmo says:

    They already can’t get jobs. Why do you like to Label people so much, so others can do Hate Crimes? Just list the Gays online, and see what happens. You will have more bodies for the News to report. Just like the one they found at the UofM this past few days.
    You know if you pee in public, you have to register as a Sex Offender. Now you want that online?

    1. Steve Iversen says:

      I agree with Rep. cornish. Why are we supposed to feel sorry for sex offenders?

      They should all be listed.

      1. Steve Iversen says:

        Sorry about the typo in Rep Cornish.

  2. Mulder says:

    Sounds like Cornish is a rednect wingnut—always looking at the rest of society as the problem, when it’s people like him who are the real problem. People like him deserve the utmost derision; he’s nothing but a hack who knows nothing about the democratic process— to him and the other wingnut Republicans, it’s all about “me, me, me.

    If he’s so fond of guns, maybe we should have the state setup a web site where we list all the gun owners, the make, model, and year of all their guns, whether or not they have a permit to conceal and carry, their home addresses, and their place of work.

    For a group that claims they’re “laser-focused” on jobs, this certainly doesn’t fit that criteria. It sounds like that bit of campaign rhetoric was just to get elected; they never had any real intention of following through, much less any plan.

    1. Scully says:

      Feel better Mulder? Perhaps we should also give out addresses for spineless, dimwitted liberals who believe that every solution to a problem is higher taxes.

      I believe folks like you are FAR more dangerous than any gun owner………

    2. Steve Iversen says:

      Are you serious, Mulder? You are comparing gun owners to convicted sex offenders?

  3. Todd says:

    Excuse me, these people are sex offenders and you want to give them a free pass. Let them live next door to you then.

    1. Maureen says:

      Excuse me, but a very small percentage of people labeled “sex offenders” earned their label, and there are real level 3 sex offenders who don’t have to register because they know someone, and may be living next to you. Contrary to what the public is led to believe, most of the people labeled sex offenders are not child molesters or pedophiles. Most of them pled to statutory rape or peeing on the side of the road. The SORB gets billions of dollars from the government because they drastically misrepresent the truth.

  4. Cassandra says:

    Comparing people who lawfully carry fire arms to those who molest children is moronic.

  5. Jeff says:

    They did their time. I’m sure life is tuff enough. Put your address online! It’s a little different when the shoe is on the other foot. Let us be more constructive with the time in office. Put more police on the streets. That would be considered “Public Safety”.

  6. All of them says:

    I would like to have published a listing of all people who have held public office and then rped the public.

  7. Ty says:

    I don’t think it matters if you have done your time, having a sex offense on your record is a part of your punishment. I believe that for the safety of my family and kids level 2 offenders should be listed as well. Then I can choose if I want to share a neighborhood with them in hopes they don’t repeat. If you pee in public, knowing you shouldn’t, oh well that was your mistake. Don’t do the crime. When everything else you are talking about becomes a crime, then we can talk about listing addresses, and names for that.

  8. Dee Dee says:

    I have mixed feelings about this one.. My idea of a sex offender are those S.O.B’s who go around raping women and children.. and lets go there, men too. You know the ones.. those nasy suckers who molest their sons and daughters or the neighbors kid. Or the serial rapist down the street who always seemed so nice, even the guy who thinks its ok to make his wife or girlfriend to sleep with him even though she says no. Those are the folks I DON”T want living next to me.. or anywhere else for that matter. But now if you so much as whisle at a girl you are considered a sex offender. Like a young man I spoke with who had to register as a sex offender because he slept with his 14 year old girlfriend and he was 18. Not that I agree with their behavior but it sure doesn’t seem like sex offender material to me. As a single mom, I have enough to worry about without me having to wonder what kind of people who are living next to me. For the safety of our neighborhoods, I say get that website up ASAP!

  9. Dave Seavy says:

    What’s so silly about this is that sex-offenders have been a politician’s meal ticket for many years. When they can’t come up with anything creative, they pull out the sex offender trump card. Brainwash the public into believing that there are violent sex offenders right around every corner. Then there’s the 400+ million dollar a year treatment center that treats nobody; it’s just a very expensive prison. Having their names/addresses on a website just gives the public a false sense of security. It is a joke.

  10. Eileen says:

    I believe I heard a policeman say at a neighborhood information meeting that the Level 3 offenders are not reoffending because they are publicized. However, the number of Level 2 offenders is growing. We still want to be vigilant about keeping our children and families safe, and we need to take personal responsibility to be informed. The information is not for the purpose of brainwashing or fearmongering, but is there for our safety.

  11. mark from says:

    Here’s an idea, Work on the economy and bringing jobs to Minnesota

  12. Cassandra says:

    I think some of you need to educate yourselves on what a Level 2 sex offender is, as you believe that whistling at a woman makes you one.

    One of the deciding factors in labeling an offender as a 3 instead of a 2 is penetration. If you only fondle your victim and not penetrate, you are a Level 2.
    These people arent folks who made one slip up, hit on an underage girl unknowinlgy, or some other minor oops. These are child molestors, people who have truly committed and offensive crime.

    As the victim of a Level 2, I think its a great idea. I was molested for 4 years begining at the age of 8. This man victimized me day after day. But because he never penetrated and it was “believed” that he would never offend again he is a Level 2. He’s someones neighbor. Maybe yours. Do you want people like that living in your area without you having some prior knowledge.

    Its not like theres groups of vigilantes going around burning the homes of Level 3 offenders, so Im sure the same will go for Level 2s. But people purchasing a home, moving to new neighborhood with their children should have the ability to see if someone that lives near them is someone who could harm their family.

  13. Mark from Minnesota Tax Waste says:

    Whats the cost of this? People need jobs!!

  14. Elmo says:

    Well the mother that brought her film in to be developed. She was on the Sex Offender list, because her kids were in the raw in the bath tub or with a towel.
    She thought the pictures were cute, like familys normaly do. But the laws don’t talk about innocent photos. There is no Nice Child Porn.

    This Rep did say “ALL” sex offenders. Not Level 3, 2, 1. He want ALL listed. So why do they have Levels, if they are ALL treated the same? Banished from Society. Are they Lepords of our Society, and we are affraid of ALL Sex Offenders? I pray none of you get Labeled as a Sex Offender. Not with this bill he is trying to put in.

    Be Safe and Watch Your Kids. You are the Best Protection as a Parent of Your Children. Be involved.

  15. Elmo says:

    You do know Congress is already trying to pass a Bill at “a push to force Internet companies to keep track of what their users are doing”

    So does that make You apart of the Sex Offenders trade? They have been working on it since ’05 and wonderful FaceB implemented Personality Patterns this week.

    So Internet has Boomed the Investigation Industry. And you are being watched soon.

  16. Mark from Minnesota Tax Waste says:

    With over 200 Level Three Sex Offenders on the Minnesota Dept of Corrections Web Site, Rep. Tony Cornish, a Republican and the Lake Crystal police Chief wants to add more than 1200 new people to the list. The cost of this would be around $250,000.00 to start and more than likely hit around $750,000.00 in just a few years.
    This is no more than a political move, it’s a scare tactic used by politicians when they are running for office or need something to show them in a good public view. We sent Rep. Cornish an email asking him the real cost and why is he doing this. We have not received an answer, and we don’t expect one. To put these offenders on a web site is not just paying a person to sit there and type names. It would involve hundreds of State and Local employees. Most Police Departments are working on small budgets, but we are sure Rep Cornish would not mind taking more of your money to pay them
    This is just one of those many State politicians who are not in it for the job of representing the people, but a politician who runs on W.I.F.M. What’s In It For Me.

    Rep Cornish,
    We are wondering what you are really doing for the voters of Minnesota? What are you doing to bring jobs to Minnesota? What are you doing about the growing Illegal Immigration problem in Minnesota? What are you doing about Taxes in Minnesota? What are you doing to bring business to Minnesota? What are you doing about Education in Minnesota?
    The Minnesota Dept of Corrections is doing a good job, please do yours. That job is to help us in this horrible economy not to think you can scare us. We are scared enough about where our next check is coming from and how we are going to feed our family.

  17. Victim Du Jour says:

    What makes a sex offender worse than a murderer?

    I think someone who gets out of prison for murder has a much easier time finding a new job.

  18. romina says:

    Mr. Corny… oh sorry! Cornish….. has a vendetta against all sex offenders. When he was a police chief a level 1 sex offender cut him with a knife and stole his gun. (true story!) He thinks he’s a wild west sheriff with his gun and holster and is trying to get his posse ( other congress people) to round up all the sex offenders, fence them in, and brand them. Sound like another time in history? Hitler and Mr. Corny must be related.

    1. Scruffy says:

      Maybe he should go work in Arizona?

  19. Sex Offender Issues says:

    Why not put all sinners on a public accessible registry so everyone’s dirty laundry is hung out to dry for everyone to see?

    If an online hit-list is okay for one group, then it’s okay for everyone, even those just born.