DE PERE, Wis. (AP) — If you have any suggestions for what the Green Bay Packers’ chaplain should tell the team right before the game, he wants to hear from you.

The Rev. Jim Baraniak will deliver the homily for the Packers a few hours before the Super Bowl.

He says the team will hear the same readings as everyone else in Catholic churches that day, but he wants to tie the readings in with a homily that addresses the importance of the Packers’ situation.

On his blog, he lists the readings and asks people what they think the team needs to hear.

Baraniak tells WLUK-TV he expected simple responses like, “Go Pack Go.” But he says people are suggesting broader themes of unity, discipline and commitment.

He calls the response “tremendous.”

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Comments (13)
  1. Aurora says:

    How about, “You are all paid disgusting amounts of money to play a GAME that means absolutely nothing in the grand scheme of things. If there is a God, he should be highly affronted that it’s even acceptable to waste his time with prayers for the outcome of a GAME. Most of you are roided

    1. Darryl says:

      I agree. It is just a game. So I wonder why all of the animosity? If you call yourself a Christian, perhaps you need to do sort of a self examination. A lot of people enjoy Packer football. And the sane ones all realize that these games are “God neutral” events. To pray for the outcome of an athlectic contest is absurd, unless you are doing it just for fun, which I think is this priest’s intent.

    2. Packerbacker says:

      typical Roman Catholic ,like the real god is gonna hear his prayers ,anyways,as he is stooped in ancient Babylonian sunworship(the roots of catholism)…And i see the viqueen fans out there still need cryin’ towels ’cause their bunch o losers didn’t even make te play-offs…boo -hoo!!!! Have a little respect…the Pack is in the super bowl again!….GO PACK!

  2. Aurora says:

    Oops, wrong button— “…roided out freaks who contribute nothing of substance to society.”

  3. Annie says:

    You are going to lose!

  4. Big Deal... says:

    Aurora – you stole my thunder…. Well put.

  5. PackersStillSuck says:

    Anybody see the moron on American Idol from GB, WI. She thought everyone knew and cared about the Green Bay fudge-packers. Appearanlty, nobody did and nobody does. How about a sermon about talking about spending a few weekends a year doing something for someone else, versus watching a stoopid football game.

    1. Packerbacker says:

      “nobody did and nobody does”?…LOL…ya whiney little viqueen fan…boo-hoo

  6. Bill says:

    I would ask him to pray for safety for all the players and that the game is played in such a way that honors the GOD who created everything including the men who play sports. The super Bowl is a great american tradition and it should be played with passion and respect. Good luck to both teams. As a vikings fan i will be rooting for the neighboring packers. The packer fans ,while sometimes over the top are true fans who always back their team.

  7. withheld says:

    Idol Worship and Idolatry!

    The wages of sin is spiritual death!

  8. Bobby Banks says:

    Lombardi Trophy VIOLATES God’s Ten Commandments, does it not?

  9. Ruben Erickson says:

    Hah, Italy protesters rally against Berlusconi

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