WORTHINGTON, Minn. (AP) — A Minnesota dairy farmer accused of selling contaminated raw milk that made 15 people sick is due in court on a contempt charge.

State agriculture officials say Michael Hartmann has ignored a court-approved embargo on his food. He has a court hearing set for Monday.

The state has cited Hartmann with a long list of violations. He has said his products haven’t sickened anyone, and he denied “knowingly or intentionally” violating a court order.

The state Health Department says it has linked at least 15 illnesses to his unpasteurized milk and other products.

Minnesota Public Radio says the state placed an embargo on Hartmann’s products last summer. After agriculture officials traced a second round of illnesses to his products they found that the embargoed inventory had disappeared from Hartmann’s farm.

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Comments (3)
  1. chuck says:

    I don’t get it, why do you think that we require pasturization anyway? TO KEEP PEOPLE HEALTHY AND SAFE. It is funny that manyof these people are the same ones who complain about lake of safe food!!!!

  2. Mariam Mpls says:

    Hartmann’s asking for whatever he gets.
    Actually – he’s kinda got the ‘tude like Hecker and Rowan and Petters and the rest of them. You gotta lock ’em up if they make a mockery out of the system. Can’t believe I am saying that but it’s fact.

  3. GomersPile in TC's says:

    Are there 15 ways to spell IDIOTS? 😉

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