By Frank Vascellaro

MINNEAPOLIS (WCCO) — They’re calling it the parcel puppy. A Minneapolis woman is charged with animal cruelty after police say she tried to send a puppy through the mail.

The poodle-mixed pup is being held temporarily at the animal control office in Minneapolis but still belongs to the woman who allegedly tried to mail it — 39-year-old Stacey Champion.

“Clearly there wasn’t a whole lot of thought that went into this,” said Sgt. Angela Dodge with the Minneapolis Police Department.

Dodge said last Tuesday Champion took the puppy to the Loring Post Office. The puppy was in a box with a priority sticker on it.

“A puppy is a definite no-no,” said Pete Nowacki with the U.S. Postal Service.

Postal workers didn’t know right away about the puppy inside, until the box fell off the counter.

“Apparently the puppy must have moved at that time and the box had shaken and fallen. At that point, the clerk and supervisor could hear a sound like panting coming from inside the box,” recalled Nowacki.

“They could hear it in the box, they opened the box and discovered a live puppy on there with no food or water,” said Dodge.

Champion did want the puppy to get there quickly because she mailed him 2-day priority. Officials say she was mailing the puppy as a present for a relative.

“The notion of putting a puppy in a box, putting them on a plane with no food, no water, no place to do their business, it’s not going to work,” said Nowacki.

The puppy is doing fine. Champion has until Friday to make an appeal to animal control to get the puppy back. If animal controls says she can’t have the puppy back, it will go up for adoption.

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Frank Vascellaro

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  1. memyself&i says:

    I hope someone from PETA or Human Society is watching this VERY closely!!! PLEASE!!!

    1. Sean says:

      If it fits it ships !

      1. memyself&i says:

        Ha-ha….you so funny….

      2. Lou says:

        That’s what the USPS advertises on TV. Their ad doesn’t say anything about contents. Just “If it fit,it ships” Very clear

      3. Jamesb3 says:

        Liquid? NO
        Fragile? YES
        Perishable? YES
        Hazardous? NO

      4. Scott says:

        no not cool it doesnt matter in this case if it fits it ships. its a puppy and that is animal culety.

      5. dianna says:

        it is alive and it breathes air just like a human.. and it needs water food and a pup needs to pottie alot… a pup can get low blood sugar and die… thats why you feed pups 4 times a day FOUR TIMES A DAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!THAT WAS STUPID and very cruel. just not right… she shouild not be allowed to ever have any kind of pet.

    2. Chris says:

      The Humane Society or the ASPCA – sure. But PETA? Please!!! They’re a radical, boarder-line criminal group that condones violence in the name of “total animal liberation.” Please don’t group them in with legitimate organizations.

      1. Bill says:

        PETA is clearly out there in left field. I’m all for protecting the animals, but trying to stop people from hunting and fishing for food….give me a break. This woman just has no business with a pet. I hope she doesnt have a kid.

      2. Josh S. says:

        she had a kid, he got FedEx standard overnight

      3. Tanya L. Cain says:

        Thank you so much for saying that. I loathe PETA with a passion. They are the most misguided, irrational, radical group out there. I follow stories about them in the news that make them look like complete morons, like protesting circuses that have never even used animals. But yes, this woman is an idiot and if she does not have enough sense to know you don’t ship a live animal, she probably should not own animals or children…maybe plants 🙂

      4. Genie Murphy says:

        HSUS is no better than PETA. They believe in the same thing, total elimination of all human interaction with all animals, ie. no more pets, period.

      5. Rachel Kanarek says:

        The HSUS is no better than PETA – they’re both extreme groups with extremist views, and they share many employees. The HSUS is often referred to as “PETA in business suits”.

      6. Rocky says:

        Yes Peta! They are a VERY legitimate organization no matter what anybody thinks. Sorry you don’t think so. Pffff!

      7. Bridgett says:

        HSUS is worse, especially with that idiot running it who said Michael Vick would make a good dog owner!

      8. Emily Hilgenberg says:

        HSUS is VERY radical, just with a better front. They are not “legitimate”. They do not run a SINGLE PET SHELTER, and they give less than 1% of their money to other pet shelters. They are in no way affiliated with your local humane society.

        The founders of HSUS have been quoted several times saying they would like to do away pet ownership, etc. They have the same end goal as PETA, and have ties to many violent animal rights groups.

        “My goal is the abolition of all animal agriculture.”
        — HSUS grassroots coordinator John “J.P.” Goodwin

        “The life of an ant and that of my child should be granted equal consideration.”
        — HSUS senior scholar Michael W. Fox

        “[T]he Humane Society of the United States (HSUS) is not affiliated with, nor is it a parent organization for, local humane societies, animal shelters, or animal care and control agencies … The HSUS does not operate or have direct control over any animal shelter.”
        — From a 2001 disclaimer issued by the Humane Society of the United States (HSUS)
        Please do some research.

    3. Joan A says:

      As if PETA or HSUS will do anything. Get a clue HSUS and PETA are not shelters… wait PETA is but kills nealry 90 percent of its animals. HSUS is just a money eater. They do not own any shelters nor do they give more then a tiny tidbit to a few shelters. not enough to make a difference. Having PETA and HSUS get a hold of this just takes money from real shelters who really help animals

      1. Dirk says:

        The humane society does have shelters and care centers. Obviously you don’t know what you’re talking about. You need to get your facts right before you starting blowing hot air from your pie hole.

      2. Dirk says:

        Joan A, Rachel Kanarek: Furthermore, I volunteer at two shelters and a humane society care center. If you think the Humane Society isn’t doing anything for animals then you are as deranged as your comments. Why don’t you get off your butts, and stop negatively blogging about groups you obviously don’t know anything about and get out and do some good with your life. Sitting on your butt and bashing groups that are doing good while you perpetuate negativity. You are what is wrong with our society, you like everyone else just sit around and complain about groups that are trying to make a difference. While all you do is sit on your high horse and do nothing. Why don’t you put down the laptop, “you blogging buffoon” and do something positive. Go Volunteer your time. Obviously you have time to spare.

      3. Emily Hilgenberg says:

        Hi Dirk,
        You’re confused, pal. Here’s a quote from the HSUS themselves:

        “The Humane Society of the United States (HSUS) is not affiliated with, nor is it a parent organization for, local humane societies, animal shelters, or animal care and control agencies … The HSUS does not operate or have direct control over any animal shelter.”

        No shelters. None. They’re not you’re local humane society, sorry. This is a fact.

    4. Trayce says:


    5. marie says:

      The idiots just keep coming…please who is even considering giving her the puppy. I hope they made sure she doesn’t have any others to try to mail. I hope that she is charged.

  2. JamieinMN says:

    Worrrrrrrrrrrrrrd. Check out her facebook page. She sounds whacko.

  3. roger says:

    I bought sea monkeys through the mail. They were fine.

    1. frank says:

      Here is another dip in the gene pool!

      1. John M says:

        You need to tune your sarcasm detector there genius. Roger was obviously making a joke.

    2. Rahni Sims says:

      .They freeze dry the poor things before shipping. Lol. I guess they have to do that, or they will start to stink, good thing water brings ’em back as good as new. I would have been upset if my sea monkeys had arrived dead and rotting.

    3. theresa says:

      at least the sea monkeys had water

  4. three-m says:

    Animals are shipped through the US Mail all the time.

    From the USPS web site (

    Mailing Live Animals
    Customers shipping live animals must ensure all packaging requirements are met. Live animal shipments may be presented at any Post Office; however, the service standard may be affected depending on the availability of transportation from the drop-off site.

    Customers sending Express Mail shipments containing live animals should expect a 2-3 day transport of their shipment. Shipping early in the week is suggested, and holiday weeks may have limited acceptance days and times. Express Mail postage will not be refunded unless the delivery or attempted delivery is more than three days after the day of mailing.

    1. JamieinMN says:

      Obviously………But this is a lengthy process and a taaaaaad spendy. Someone on food stamps SURELY cannot afford that.

      1. memyself&i says:

        You CAN NOT mail a puppy in a box-no food nor water, through the mail!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    2. Little Bow Wow says:

      So why would the postal service deny that shipping animals is allowed? Is it because they don’t know their jobs?

      1. Steve W. says:

        The animals that are allowed are animals that don’t need food or water on a constant basis. Reptiles (no snakes), spiders, etc. Basically cold blooded species.

      2. John Galt says:

        I’m with you. As stupid as the move was, the USPS is just as derelict in having that information on their web site. She may have a lawsuit pending once a lawyer find her.

      3. davec says:

        steve w has no idea what hes talking about. The PO ships LIVE CHICKS

      4. susan says:

        They don’t blindly accept them, They are specially handled. Helloooo.,

      5. jpbrody says:

        davec . . .

        Those aren’t live chicks — they’re eggs that weren’t expedited!

      6. Rhonda Smit says:

        Also chicks (just hatched, with yolk sac supplying food/water for up to 3 days) and bees. The post office will call the recipient and all my chicks and bees arrived alive, overnight, with me getting a call, and they opened the post office early so I could pick them up. They prefer chicks to bees 😉

    3. memyself&i says:

      Clearn and EXTREMEMLY obvious that she did NOT meet the requirements!

      1. Colin says:

        I got live chicks in the mail. They came in a special box with proper holes, and lots of straw, packaged carefully, and the mailman had us sign for them.

    4. frank says:

      From USPS regulations regarding the shipment of live animals:

      9.3.6 Warm-Blooded Animals
      Warm-blooded animals, except the specified birds under specific conditions in this section, are not mailable (e.g.,
      hamsters, mice, rats, guinea pigs, rabbits, cats, dogs, squirrels, parakeets, and canaries).

    5. USPS says:

      3-m: As a former postal worker there are exeptions to the rules. Baby chick, ducks, guineas, full sized chickens are among the few warm blooded animal allowed even then it is required food be included. Normally, that is an apple. I assure you this puppy does not qualify.

      We delivered bees, worms, gold fish, etc. but the one I saw that takes “the cake” was when a 4′ alligator was found among parcels about five years ago. Not a happy gator.

    6. vll3 says:

      yeah, properly, in approved carriers of specified dimensions, with food, water and a veterinary certificate!

      three-m = stacey champion?

    7. Tanya L. Cain says:

      My first dog, Toby, was shipped to me from my cousin in Texas back when I was a kid, but they are shipped knowing there is a live animal, they are NOT shipped in a box with no air holes. They are basically shipped in a crate (like a standard doggie crate). And they are not placed in the cargo holds where temperatures reach freezing and below.
      This puppy would have been placed in a freezing cargo hold where it would have died. The no food and water is bad enough, but the pup would have froze to death if the starvation did not kill him first.

      1. undrgrndgirl says:

        i believe this is done through an airline – NOT the post office…

    8. Frank says:

      I checked and three-m is right. Clearly the USPS needs to more clearly define the rules for people so stupid as to send a dog is a closed, dark, padded (?) box without food or water and living with its own excretia for 2 – 3 days.

    9. we enter says:

      She posted her phone number under recent posts on Facebook if you want to get in touch with her..

  5. reno says:

    Would love to see a picture of this TOOL…..ill bet i would not be surprised

    1. al s says:

      I think we all know exactly what she looks like. The tip off is that there was no photo with the story.

      1. The Bobster says:

        Yes, the MSM like to hide enwerd crime or stupidity.

  6. BikerBen says:

    …and, if not adopted, the puppy will be killed.

    1. JamieinMN says:

      Highyl doubt that. Someone is most likely already inquiring, if not in the process of adopting that puppy.

      1. Concerned says:



      2. Gary says:

        Why not, she had her return address on the package.

  7. CrazyMan says:

    What about cats? Can we mail cats? And kittens?

    1. Reika Ratnam says:

      let’s just start packing ourselves in boxes and delivering us to other places..

      1. claire says:

        Cheaper than flying…

      2. Herb says:

        Can we insure ourselves, so that when they lose us, we get paid for it?

    2. frank says:

      From USPS regulations:

      9.3.6 Warm-Blooded Animals
      Warm-blooded animals, except the specified birds under specific conditions in this section, are not mailable (e.g.,
      hamsters, mice, rats, guinea pigs, rabbits, cats, dogs, squirrels, parakeets, and canaries).

  8. leslie says:

    Let me guess, they will give her the puppy back. Let’s just hope she hasn’t bred any humans. I hate to see what kind of parent she would be.

    1. Nick says:

      I second that.

      ““Clearly there wasn’t a whole lot of thought that went into this,”” Now there’s an understatement of the day.

  9. JamieinMN says:

    This has NOTHING to do with Obama. Take your political baiting elsewhere.

    1. memyself&i says:

      Um…..wrong conversation “We are in trouble”.

    2. ericholder says:

      Free country dude…deal with it.

      1. George Johnson says:

        Hahahahahaha…… yeah, you can just go around killing puppies without a problem right? How about killing people?? There’s laws against that too. Your “free” country isn’t nearly as “free” as you seem to think it is.

        So DEAL WITH IT!!

    3. robertv says:

      MN?? Isnt that where they elected Al Franken as a Senator? Explains alot.

      1. wordtypist says:

        When I saw the Minnesota dateline I thought sure it would be Michelle Bachman. Didn’t think there would be two people in Minnesota that dumb.

        1. Denver says:

          Just to point out, chicks and bees are shipped by post.

          Bachman has a LL.M. degree in tax law from the William & Mary Law School. Are you smart enough to be accepted for an advanced degree from William and Mary Law School?

        2. Jack says:

          I love Michele Bachmann
          She drives liberals so freaking crazy they eat their own poo
          Rest in Peace wordtypist 🙂

      2. vcolson says:

        What explains the education program where you’re from?
        “alot” isn’t a word you mental midget.

    4. attila_the_huney says:

      This country wasn’t founded for people like you. Time for you to leave…..and stay out.

  10. Kevin says:

    Jail time. Only, box her up and send her 2-day priority mail.

    1. memyself&i says:

      Too expensive….do the 5 day economy mail….

      1. jess says:

        Not too expensive if you are on foo stamps like she is.

    2. Ditto says:

      Great Idea Kevin!!!

    3. stpaulnative says:

      Great idea, Kevin! It’s time that cruelty is punished. No reason to treat an living creature in such a way. Shame on her!

  11. Thomas says:

    It says she can appeal, not that the puppy will be given back to her.

    1. WT? says:

      I realize that. My point was meant to be that there shouldn’t even be a chance!

  12. memyself&i says:

    And I thought I was clever and resourceful! But, are you sure this is the right Stacey C?

    1. Aurora says:

      After your racist comment above, no one thinks you’re clever.

  13. Nick says:

    What a freaking moronic ditz.

  14. SailorAP says:

    This has to be Obama’s fault!!

    1. nevatu says:

      I don’t know if it’s Obama’s fault– but I am sure this woman voted for him

      1. SamiHami says:

        IF she voted at all. I hate voter apathy but in her case I’d make an exception

    2. nevatu says:

      Bushyboy, I suspect you might be from the dull-witted side of the family. SailorAP was beisg sarcastic about this being Obama’s fault.

      I, on the other hand, am 100% serious that this woman was an Obama voter. You, too, but this is getting way too easy.

    3. John Galt says:

      You have been blaming Bush for 2 years. And who the hell made it racial? That’s the trouble with you moobats libs. Blame your boy wonder Obama for any he has done and in your distorted mind you make it bigotry. Your handle Bushyboy says it all. After all you leftist fools did elect Al Franken. That takes the cake.

  15. DavidArizona says:

    The end of the world is coming. Society is getting dumber and dumber

    1. memyself&i says:

      I would agree to that sir….

    2. says:

      That is correct. It’s been done through government run American schools intentionally.

    3. Yup says:

      Are you surprised? Our stupidest, least productive citizens are given welfare payments to stay home and breed. Our most intelligent and accomplished citizens are responsible for themselves and so only have a few kids, later in life. It’s reverse evolution.

  16. Peggy G. says:

    Please tell me it ain’t so! That this idiotic woman could actually get her hands on this puppy again is beyond ridiculous, it’s insanity. Can you even begin to imagine the fright, cruelty, torture and injuries this poor puppy would suffer before it finally ran out of air and died? Not only should this woman never get this puppy back, but she should be barred from possessing any other animal for the rest of her life.

    1. Pat says:

      I totally agree. She should never possess another animal – ever!

    2. stpaulnative says:

      Please — is anyone from animal control reading these comments? If so, please, please, do not give the puppy back to that woman! She’s a nut and the puppy deserves better … the shelter is much safer for the puppy than with a crazy person!

    3. PuppyMillGrinder says:

      She’s just trying to get Michael Vick’s attention.

  17. Kevin says:

    She is the epitome of the average US voter today. One doesn’t need to wonder why we have so many stupid laws and live in a complete nanny-state. Now go watch TV sheep.

    1. Brian Macker says:

      Yeah, stupid laws like “Don’t ship puppies in the mail” which were violated by one probably non-voter out of 300 million citizens. Think again.

    2. CaliMan says:

      Hey Kevin, unlike Brian Macker, I get your point. Hey Macker, you’re a miopic simpleton if you think Kevin is referring to a law banning mailing puppies. He’s merely pointing out that freeloading dullwits like this ghetto turd woman are the reason why petty, nannying politicians feel they have a mandate to control our lives.

  18. Mark says:

    Oh goodie, Thomas/Phil/Alan/Charles/tenbillionothernames is back on the website to correct everybody and try to show how smart he is compared to everybody else on the site. Yippee. Hope you get buried in the blizzard that’s about to hit Maryland.

  19. Allah says:

    Yes we can….yes we can….she prob thought that the Govt mail service was free….hows that whole change workin out for you? Obami Care is in trouble……oooopppppssss….

    1. Tom says:

      I thought we were getting away from incendiary speech and comments after the Arizona shooting, yet here you are insinuating someone should use a firearm to kill himself or another person.

      Oh, of course you lefties can say whatever you want. Any rules you put on Conservatives don’t have to be followed by yourselves since you’re morally superior.

      But then, those of you on the left can’t ever argue with facts. You know you would lose the argument every time so you either wish violence upon the other person or resort to personal attacks.

      By the way, I guarantee there are plenty of members of the NRA who are Democrats and Independents. The NRA is not a Republican organization. It’s simply an organization of people who wish to retain their Constitutional 2nd Amendment rights. But then, you only support those parts of the Constitution that further your own cause. Like, it’s your 1st Amendment right to say whatever you want, and Olbermann and Maddow have a 1st Amendment right to say whatever they say, but Rush Limbaugh, Sean Hannity, and Fox News have no 1st Amendment protections themselves because you disagree with what they say.

      1. CaliMan says:

        Tom, awesome comment! Nail on the head.

      2. Jimjammajay says:

        Thanks Tom.

  20. George Johnson says:

    If you look at what she “likes” on her face book page, everything BET, you can be dang sure she voted for odumbo.

  21. tiredandretired says:

    She’s not the sharpest knife in the drawer. Good thing they noticed this poor dog before it turned into a pupsicle.

  22. Sandi Tudisco says:


  23. Reika Ratnam says:

    what a racist comment

  24. Captain Kangaroo says:

    And yet another Obama voter that amazes me! Never! the utter stupidity is infinite

    1. Bushyboy says:

      get back into your hole and stop bringing politics into something that isn’t political!

  25. Lost says:

    Hey, she was mailing it 2-day priority – that makes it OK, right?

  26. Susan Milillo says:

    ‘memyself&i’ Are you insinuating that her thoughtless action has ANYTHING in the world to do with her being ‘non-white’ ?! I’m not ‘non-White’, but connecting a lack of brain power or anything of the like with the color of her skin is WAY offensive.

  27. Captain Kangaroo says:

    I knew the perpetually offended lefty loons would go off. Works every time. It’s like throwing rat poison in a New York sewer. Here they come screaming racism. You knuckledraggesrs just been had.

    Now back to the defenseless puppy

  28. Borats Brother says:

    IF ANIMAL CONTROL SAY SHE CAN HAVE THE PUPPY BACK????? After what happened in Canada with the Husky massacre, no animal control officer worth his pay would give this dingbat the dag back. What would she try next;FEDEXor UPS? And I hope the post office kept her money to buy some dog food.

  29. ken in baltimore says:

    Black, white, pink, or purple, the woman is an idiot. And it seems to be going around these days. First, you had the woman who returned her newly adopted little dog to the pound because the dog clashed with her curtains. Then you had the mass murder of a hundred sled dogs in Canada, that made me sick. Then you had two morons here in Baltimore that thought it would be cool to trap a cat in a milk crate, pour lighter fluid on it, and then light the poor creature on fire.

    What is happening to humanity?

  30. Zach says:

    Yeah, who needs freedom. Lets let the government make ALL our decisions.

  31. Micky says:

    Oh boy. Just when I was freaking and peaking about the state of the world. Egypt, the Middle East, all that stuff, I’m thinking the world’s gone crazy. But you don’ t have to look further than your own back yard to find crazy. Mailing a puppy? She’s whining about not getting her food stamps and she can afford to send someone a puppy? And she just got a degree? What kind of person is this? My oh my.

  32. Tom says:

    OK ny luck the puppy was saved. No pun intended. Is she blode and may she get her brain shipped the way – but opps. Someone dropped it. No problem, she’ll never know anyways.

  33. aleebama says:

    She posted her phone number as a comment on a friend’s status. Wonder if her phone is ringing off the hook?

  34. Calvin Hobbes says:

    Another stupid xxxxx.

  35. Ward Ciac says:

    Must be an Obama supporter.

    1. The Bobster says:

      Or a Michael Vick supporter.

  36. lynnette says:

    what do you mean our free country, where are you from? and if you don’t like our country why don’t you leave.

  37. JamieinMN says:

    Once my ex shipped me a wig and when I opened the box I thought it was an animal..

    1. NoOneCares says:

      This one time at band camp…

    2. TheOriginalJamieinMN says:

      Hmmm I didn’t type that. Quit trying to be ME!

  38. Dave Seavy says:

    Why did the postal worker not inspect the box after he/she was told it might make some noise? So much for security.

  39. Bushyboy says:

    Get a life, you republican’s are the biggest bunch of bigots and racists I have ever seen!

    1. Tom says:

      Never pluralize a word with an apostrophe. This is basic, second grade grammar.

      An apostrophe is only used to make a word possessive or in a contraction. There are no other uses for it and there is no exception to this rule.

    2. attila_the_huney says:

      Hey Hussien-hussey– this country was not founded for people like you. You are living in the WRONG CONTINENT. Get the hell out of here… and take your bolshevick friends with you.

    3. CaliMan says:

      So generalizing about Republicans is NOT bigoted? You’re the typical 2-faced, Lefty, victim-baiting child. How’s that for a generalization for ya, breastfeeder?

  40. Matt_B says:

    There is no way this woman should get the puppy back. If she does not understand that a living animal should not be shipped in a cardboard box with no food, no water, no place to defecate or urinate and no heat (it will definitely get cold if shipped in this weather) then she cannot be trusted to care for it.

    I also know for a fact that when you ship anything Priority Mail they will ask you if the package contains anything hazardous, perishable, liquid or fragile. Most would consider a puppy perishable and fragile so assuming the postal official did their job then she also lied about the contents of the package.

    Case closed.

    1. stpaulnative says:

      Brilliant, MattB! No way should this crazy woman get the puppy back. She is a nut job! Ship her but make it a very slow shipment!

  41. Marcus says:

    Put HER in a BOX and ship her!

  42. Craig Ramage says:!/laverne.foster/posts/159749260722506
    She put her phone number up on her Wall on Facebook…give her a call and let her know how you really feel…I already sent her a message.

  43. Tom says:

    When did Palin ever call Africa a country? There’s no proof she said this – someone said she said it. That’s called hearsay.

  44. robertv says:

    Probably voted for Obama, too.

  45. robertv says:

    Probably believes in global warming, too.

  46. attila_the_huney says:

    … another obama voter. No clue. No compassion. Ruled by stupidity, egotistical and a true narcissist. Give her a post at the Democrat National Committee.

  47. julijanus says:

    This woman needs to have her nose rubbed in something.
    612 516 2253

  48. attila_the_huney says:

    First mistake– she should have gone to FedX– IF IT POSITIVELY HAS TO BE THERE OVERNIGHT….. “$13.00… wha, huh, I’m like, I don’t think it should cost that much!!”

  49. Steven NYC says:

    Didn’t even have the compassion to mail express.

    Glad the puppy is OK. Anyone who is cruel to animals is the scum of the Earth.

  50. Mary Fikse Jorgenson says:

    What are people thinking!

  51. mark says:

    The whole story hasn’t been told yet, and when it is people will have a different view of this woman. I understand that she also mailed a bowl of water and four cups of kibble in two other boxes.

  52. Allah says:

    $100 says you swollow and I a bear stains your polaris jacket

    1. vcolson says:

      Your insult would mean more if you could spell correctly and make sense.

  53. Donna says:

    There is no excuse for what this insane, ignorant, unthinking woman did! She should be thrown in jail, and forbidden to ever have any kind of pet in the future!

  54. Gary says:

    This gal. doesn’t hold a candle to that fellow from Canada. He put a 100 sled dog’s down, he then sold the carcsses to the Mong’s.

  55. markH says:

    Jesus Christ! I really don’t think someone could be any dumber and live outside the walls of a mental health facility, but obviously some do. Peace.

  56. Patti says:

    Absolute dumb ass. She should be taped up in a box for 2 days without food & water.

  57. Flannigan says:

    She should have tried Greyhound!

  58. Steelers Rule says:

    I’m guessing she’s a Packers’ fan…. GO STEELERS!

  59. JimAKAblue says:

    Give this woman a break would ya? She put some water in there but the dang dog drank it!

  60. N says:

    Wow. New level of idiocy. And to think this person is out there in society. Who would ever think to MAIL A DOG???

  61. tiredandretired says:

    ATTENTION! Puppy packaging is NOT political! I repeat: Puppy packaging is NOT political! Now, back to our regular programming…

  62. ROTTIE MOM says:

    Stacy Champion’s age is 39, must also be her IQ. I’ve raised, trained and shown dogs since 1969, and this incident takes the cake!!! A puppy should not even be taken away from the mom until it’s 6 weeks old. SHE SHOULD NOT GET THIS PUPPY BACK!! GOD ONLY KNOWS WHERE SHE WILL TRY TO SEND IT NEXT.
    I have a novel idea. Let’s get a box big enough for Stacy, ship her to Georgia, no food or water and no air holes. Let’s see if she makes it. Dumb BROAD!!!!

    1. kickapup says:

      Uhhmmm relax you animal nutjobs! It’s just a dog. And she going to mail it 2 day. Get a life people. It’s not like she was mailing a human baby.

    2. KickAMoron says:

      If we can include kickapup I will contribute.
      Hey kickapup, mail goes on in the cargo hold on planes. That means no air and no heat. The puppy would have suffocated. Get a brain stupid.

    3. Bloodofmyfather says:

      Thats why animals have it bad. Primitives like youi

    4. Trinnity says:

      Rottie mom: what she did was very wrong. But for you to suggest putting her in a box is also wrong. I’m sure you didn’t mean it, but it sounded petty and immature.
      Let’s all try to be civil, shall we?

    5. Rahni Sims says:

      Great idea!!
      It is hard to believe we have SOBER people that stupid. Not so hard to believe now.

    6. henderson says:

      Yes ROTTIE MOM, condemning Champion to a slow death shows what a great and compassionate person you are. What she did was wrong and you, are an idiot.

    7. Rahni Sims says:

      I’ll lend ya a hand with kickapup!
      Apparently that person does not know that living things have feelings, so I suggest an experiment with kickapup, and we can see if kickapup actually has any feelings at all. ie…hunger, fear, pain. etc…..

    8. The Max Pax of Rats says:

      One word from me….PINHEAD !!

    9. love pets but sane says:

      I am not an animal nutjob, but I believer you may be nuts. Priority mail goes into the cargo hold of an airplane. The dog wouldn’t have lasted 5 minutes in 40 below. I hope you don’t own pets either.

    10. slconfidential says:

      The sad thing is ..are there more puppies?

    11. Kickadork says:

      Stacy and Kickapup are Obama supporters. If you go to and do a search, you will see she is a first cousin of Al Franken, seriously. It took me 5 mintues to find this and send it to the Minneapolis Star.

    12. UntilTheyAllHaveAHome says:

      Maybe if we start treating the people who treat animals like this like they treated the animals people would think twice before doing cruel things like this.


    13. Laurie Greif Guck says:

      While I agree with you that this incident takes the cake, nowhere in the article does it mention the puppy’s age; only that she tried to mail it via 2-day priority mail. So your comment about how puppies shouldn’t be taken from their mothers, etc., is irrelevant in this context.

    14. Dave says:

      Fer cryin out loud, Why do you want to send that nutjob down to us here in Georgia. We just adopted a pound puppy. We don’t need her here to create more pound puppies.

    15. hueypilot says:

      Hey – I live in Georgia and I find your ideal offensive, we don’t want her!

    16. NY says:

      Are you kidding me? “Just a dog”? Where are your feelings? It’s animal cruelty. Plain and simple.

    17. newjersey says:

      I cannot believe most of the posts that are here. This should never have happened. No living thing should be put in a box and shipped ever. period.

    18. ROTTIE MOM says:

      For those of you who don’t watch the news, the puppy was 4 WEEKS OLD! As far as being called petty and immature, I’m 65! You can ask any veterinarian, the worst death for an animal is suffocation! Stacey is beyond the realm of being human. She was ticketed for this offense. HOW SAD!! She should have been locked up.

  63. MAC says:

    No AIR no CIRCULATION OF FRESH AIR!!! This person is below the necessary intelligence level to even have a puppy in her possession, much less to mail one.
    Hope she’s not a voter.

  64. Nancy Aleshire says:

    That woman should be barred from owning any animal. Pack her up and mail her to Afghanistan.

  65. Dennis says:

    What a numbskull! This woman is a f-n loon. The dog has more common sense than her kook owner

  66. tiredandretired says:


    1. Wilbur Post says:

      LOL. Good point. But you have to admit, it does bring to mind Obama’s handling of the Egyptian situation!

  67. meeester says:

    It’s been tried, but the clerk at the counter needed his papers.
    rut ro Reroy!

  68. JFitz says:

    The most freightening thing is this woman is probably a registered voter.

  69. Puppy Love says:

    Everybody knows the proper way to mail a puppy is to package it with a bowling ball inside the same box.
    I am really shocked that she forgot the bowling ball.
    What was she thinking?

  70. Erik says:

    Who was that Republican candidate that drove 500 miles with a dog in a crate on the car roof? Did he vote for Obama too?

  71. Rob G. says:

    Surprise, surprise…it was a Minnesotan.

  72. wallabylove says:

    Whew, that was one potential tragedy gone. As far as the lady who tried to send the puppy via Priority Mail, it wasn’t too bright; creative yes, but the idea was not well thought through. Deep down however, I don’t think she meant to do the puppy any harm, but the negatives in the plan sure outweigh the positives (if there are any).

  73. Eyeball says:

    Hi Stacey. Your a moron Stacey.

  74. CaliMan says:

    Another stupid ghetto turd. Why do we keep supporting these people with our taxes? Pathetic, useless freeloaders.

  75. Curtis Johnson says:

    612 516 2253
    4chan would probably love to give her a call[phone blitz] and let her know what a fantastic piece of [human] garbage she is.

    “where i come from, we box up and send animal all the time..if it no make it we just eat problem.”-SC

    so this genius didn’t care whether or not the puppy died but also how it would be received on the other end..”oh..heres a didnt make it?!? sorry..i’ll mail you another one and maybe i’ll put some kibble in the box this time.”

  76. CJ says:

    Ah yes, a pathetic, simple-minded, linear extrapolation masquerading as wit. vcolson, I guess you feel that YOUR head is out of the sand, oh enlightened one? Typical liberal reactionary. Loser.

    1. vcolson says:

      Simple-minded? No… simple minded would be exhibited by the following:
      He’s an Arab, because his name has Hussein in it.
      I can see Russia from my house
      We gotta fight ’em over there to keep ’em from comin’ here.
      They hate us for our freedom.
      Or perhaps sitting still for seven minutes while the nation is under attack.
      You redneck bigots are too stupid to realize you’re ignorant.

  77. CJ says:

    Ah yes, a pathetic, simple-minded, linear extrapolation masquerading as wit. vcolson, I guess you feel that YOUR head is out of the sand, oh enlightened one? Typical liberal reactionary. Loser.

  78. yiddishlion says:

    Please attempt to have your posts make sense in the future.

    1. John M says:

      It would make perfect sense if you were not technologically challenged. Please remove post, insert foot into mouth, Yiddishbuffoon.

  79. yiddishlion says:

    Ten bucks says she’s a liberal Obama supporter.

  80. FGH says:


  81. RockyDawg says:

    Everyone knows you send puppys next day with FedEx. What was wrong with her. They should put her in a box and mail her to Egypt!

  82. Isaac says:

    Post this her picture with the article. I want to see what this idiot looks like.

  83. James says:

    “African” is not a continent.

  84. Uri Nader says:

    Does it get anymore ghetto than this?

  85. Gretchen says:

    This girl did a stupind thing trying to mail a puppy. I can’t stand cruelty to animals , I also can’t stand the thought of an innocent baby being torn from limb to limb, decapitated and this is not frown upon but a woman’s right?
    If you have the right to kill the innocent unborn then we should be able to mail puppies!

  86. John M says:

    From the pen of Stacey Champion: “Yes I would especially a Italian man that is hard to find in mpls,mn and Jews that is hard to find in mpls,mn help me find a nice white TTY with phat pockets and love to spoil there girlfriend lost without a man in mpls,mn :)”

    She’s a keeper. There’s more, but I don’t think it would be appropriate for a news site forum.

  87. santa clause says:

    Give the puppy back to it’s owner

  88. Steve says:

    it’s a f- ckin dog,,,,not a person?!?!?!!?!?

  89. FHL says:

    Well, she does seem to have money to mail a puppy, and money for a smartphone that she uses to update her Facebook profile (yes, her wall is public). But she also laments the fact that she’s not getting the food stamps she feels she’s entitled to (hint: drop the smartphone and puppy mailing and *buy* some food). And what a potty mouth! Expletives aside, her writing is completely incomprehensible.

    Sigh… she also seems to be politically involved to the extent that she’s a fan of the Congressional Black Caucus. I’ll be the first to say that yes, of course she’s entitled to vote. I’ll also be the one with guts and say that in a perfect world… never mind. I’ll just shut up and pay my ever-increasing taxes so people like her don’t have to.

  90. roenigk says:

    Everyone knows you send puppies and kittens by FedEx! Don’t trust the USPS!

    1. OrangeSunshyne says:

      Yes, I’ve always used FedEx to send puppies or kittens.
      Highly recommended.

    2. lwlfnm says:

      You can trust USPS. Just send animals by registered mail.

  91. ms. liberty says:

    she’s as stupid as sarah palin. sarah palin would shoot the little puppy from her helicopter

    1. Steven says:

      And then you’d eat it because you are too much of a wuss to kill your own animals for the dinner table.

    2. Jack says:

      I love Sarah Palin…
      She makes liberals so crazy they eat their own poo and die…
      RIP ms. liberty

  92. Melinda says:

    Hahahha check the names of those involved

    Nowacki………(wacky story yes?)
    Champion ……(story heroine NOT !!!)

    Save the puppy
    PUT DOWN the woman…cleanse the gene pool plz!

  93. Grover Johns says:

    A run-away slave named Box Brown mailed himsels to freedom in the 1850’s. If it worked for him it should work for a puppy.

  94. mid america says:

    if nobody claims the puppy, it’s history. The SPCA cuts out their genitles and sells them for 50-90 bucks. If you are an not so cute puppy, or smell, or just plain unlucky, If I be the puppy I ‘d take my chances with the plain and mailmen.

  95. mid america says:

    in dallas the SPCA director let a cat die stuck inbetween the walls. I cried for a week and nobody came to it’s aid. It died and started stinking and only then did they cut a hole in the wll and fish out the carcass.
    Some expert kindness pet people……goog it

  96. David P says:

    Always use overnight Express Mail when shipping a puppy.

  97. mid america says:

    nobody has talked about the temp in minn, The poor puppy would have frozen to death on the ramp. Where was it addressed to? Detroit? NYC? Chicago?
    Thats one lucky puppy. For every thousand feet you go up you lose 2-3 degrees of temp. at 30000 ft, it would have been flash frozen. Even next day would have killed it. Not to worry about food or water. Puppies can’t eat rock or subzero ice. The puppy would have been history.

  98. mid america says:

    As far as the political slant to this conversation. If you can’t read, write, make life and death decisions, you should not be allowed to vote. IN fact should be sent to a re-education center to save their lives. What have our society and our schools done to these poor people? NO votes for sure. Mental health probably, drug tested, Jail…big tiem

  99. Clearly a supporter of Sarah Palin and Michele Bachmann. (On a side note: I hear Bachmann actually can kill a puppy with her unblinking alien stare.)

    1. robbindave says:

      I love Sarah Palin and Michele Bachmann
      They make liberals so freakin crazy they actually eat their own poo and die
      Rest in Peace daviddrobbins

  100. mid america says:

    goodnight puppy people who don’t particularly care for each other
    Puppy is safe, thats the main thng…and warm

  101. red says:

    2/2/2011 I saw this sorry at 5:30 am this morning when I woke up What the h….. How would she feel being put in a box with no food or water, gasping for air that is not there. That is down right sick. Please do not give that puppy back to her. I have worked with animals for years had seen the saddest situations and abusers, etc, so please put it up for adoption so this adorable dog can have some real love.

  102. Mike Merryman says:

    Whenever I see a stupid story with a Detroit dateline, I know it involves a black person.

  103. Sue says:

    I love Sarah Palin
    She makes liberals so crazy they eat their own poo and die
    RIP vcolson

  104. Hank Warren says:

    Absurd laws for pets, yet another violation of our rights. Add it to the list of gov’t violations of our right:
    They violate the 1st Amendment by placing protesters in cages, banning books like “America Deceived II” and censoring the internet.
    They violate the 2nd Amendment by confiscating guns.
    They violate the 4th and 5th Amendment by molesting airline passengers.
    They violate the entire Constitution by starting undeclared wars for foreign countries.
    Impeach Obama and sweep out the Congress, except Ron Paul.
    (Last link of Banned Book):

  105. kartis says:

    If it fits……it ships

  106. luvpuppy says:

    Was the puppy a boxer?

  107. BR says:

    Who doesn’t like PUPSICLES.

  108. MCDAWG says:


    1. Ana Argo says:

      The reason you can get baby chicks through the mail is because they ship the like 5 mins after they are hatched. Chicks keep food and nutrients in their stomachs for up to a week after they are hatched. My father also get chicks, but I would not recommend trying to get puppies this way.

  109. TransAmer99 says:

    @kickamoron: Not exactly. you can bring a pet with you when you fly, but said pet must be in an approved crate kennel. They ride in the cargo hold just fine. There is plenty of air to breathe, but it is not pressureized or climate-controlled like tha main passenger cabin. As many of the flight systems and controls run through the cargo hold, any inflight emergency might require a crew mwmber to go into the hold to investigate the cause. Furthermore, most USPS (as well as UPS and FedEx) packages fly via cargo planes (no passenger cabin) so the entire fuselage is a ‘cargo hold’.

  110. Frank King says:

    Once again the letters on here show how stupid some members of the human race are. To suggest that sending the puppy through the mail is no big deal shows there are some chromasones or DNA is missing in the pea brains of these people.

  111. art says:

    Wait a Minute. Don’t send her down her to Georgia. We have enough dumb broads uhhh blonds as it is.

  112. Phlbert Desenex says:

    If it fits, it ships! I thought that was their slogan?

  113. DEEDEE says:

    Guess she took the SLogan to heart..”IF IT FIT’s It ships” Maybe the USPS has to come right out and Tell people that Puppies Dont ship, Priority Mail. Now Puppies need to come with warning labels , when ya read stuff like this…thanks to the stupidity of some. I ‘ll adopt this puppy and pick it up in person.
    Some people need that” Where’s your Sign ” Sign taped to their forehead.

  114. Greg says:

    2 day? How about overnight with padding, air holes, and fragile this end up stickers?

    Nobody has common sense. With one method the puppy would be comfortable and not sit in filth too long – but still considered “cruelty”. The other way it is tosssed around, cramped, cold, filthy and suffocating – but not considered cruel by that foolish woman.

    She should lose the puppy, but we should gain some common sense. You cant even discipline your kids anymore.

  115. robertg222 says:

    She should have used FedEx overnight 8am delivery. And put holes in the box.

  116. professor says:

    HughJardon enjoying your poo sandwich?
    Your video is 3rd person innuendo.
    Palin isn’t even in it….
    Have a nice day 🙂

  117. carolyn says:

    well for one thing why is she breeding mutts enough unwanted dogs in the world without a nut case doing that! i hope she gets fined not get the puppy back and is never allowed to own a animal again!

  118. googoogaga says:

    I am so glad they caught this in time. The dog is a mechanical dog and wired with explosives. If they had looked closely, they would have noticed that that the dog reacted in the same manner each time, the tail wags, the tongue drops out… Sure sign of a mechanical dog. Good find USPS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  119. The Bobster says:

    Sheboons are not exactly known for their intelligence…or nice personalities or good looks or anger control or sexual virtue or….

  120. OGShocker says:

    This woman is an idiot! UPS is the only way to properly ship live puppies.

  121. scottinva says:

    @kickapup May a pit bull someday feast on your entrails.

  122. The Bobster says:

    She’s an enwerd.

  123. Vikes says:

    Just another ‘educated’ liberal in MN. Nothing to see here, move along….

  124. Samsam says:

    I love how everyone uses comment threads to attack each other. This was a dumb thing to do, and Rottie Mom was making a joke about shipping the woman in a box. Get over it people. It is completely asinine to do something like this, but it is also asinine to verbally attack each other about comments. Shut up.

  125. gobnait says:

    Trinnity-when a human being is capable of putting a live, defenseless animal in a box to mail or of killing 100 happy healthy sled dogs, the era of civility has long since died a painful death. Let’s get real here. Our humanity is profoundly diminishing and the reaction of many is cold and callous. I’d say that a lack of verbal civility is the very LEAST of our problems.

  126. WHY? says:

    I thought we were discussing a Puppy being shipped in the mail! You guys are ALL funny!!!

  127. gj says:

    Maybe the post office needs to re-think its slogan, “If it fits it ships”!

  128. kickapupidiot says:

    Kickapup, your an idiot, you must be related to the other idiot who sent the pup via mail. As for people injecting the politcs here, your idiots too. It’s walmart people like you that gives me an ego boost.

  129. postmaster says:

    “If it fits it ships”

  130. vcolson says:

    Conservatives love Palin and Bush because it makes THEM seem smarter.
    RIP? Poo? Love it! Classic.

  131. DemocratsAreFunny says:

    Another 0bama voter in action

    1. vcolson says:

      Republican voters just believe in sending our troops home in boxes.

  132. DigitalBob says:

    A puppy would be fine for 2 days in a box.

  133. I’m understand about women tries to mail puppy for her family big surpisre and maybe she just learn one mistake something about box. But I suggest buy cage it easy way and too buy long lasting chew it easy for puppy more wise. And it first time happen. Then please forgiven her got mistake about box. That not big deal. Women is nice kind support for family for grandchildrens it never know. Maybe birthday or something support. And please don’t inuslt or negtive something. Thur comment more respect about her feeling. IF Different for Exmple abuse with tape no breath it then danger topic but she is Innocent 4 no reason. Then if ya want to contact me then I apperittie hear fr your information. Amen. 612 424 4220 fr Pre Paid Legal. Own business office. Truly
    Thank your

  134. Dolores Thompson says:

    This is not funny! The woman is a moron! The pup is a living creation of God & it’s life like every life large or small is precious! To those who laughed? Congratualtions you are a sociopath!

    1. dogsrule says:

      amen Dolores. The creepiest comments are those who seem fflabbergasted that someone would care about tje welfare of an animal.

  135. BD in IOWA says:

    >>But for you to suggest putting her in a box is also wrong. I’m sure you didn’t mean it, but it sounded petty and immature.
    Let’s all try to be civil, shall we?<<

    Geesh I hate PC – it's because of the "can't we all just get along" attitude" that people have gotten so stupid. If Darwin's laws still applied, people as stupid as the puppy-mailing idiot would not even be around, they'd have been killed off or died off for lack of survival skills. No, when someone does something THAT moronic, they deserve a taste of it. Only a huge slap like that will wake them up.
    Ship her on the cargo hold of a plane and then maybe she'd understand. How can a human in this modern world of communication be so dumb and dense?

  136. Tyrone says:

    Why is this woman not sitting in a jail cell?

  137. JoyceS says:

    Well at least it wasn’t a baby!!

  138. Dennis says:

    If she really cared about the welfare of that puppy she would have sent it via FedEx instead.

  139. Christina Link says:

    She should be shoved in a box and mailed to whereever she was going to mail the puppy. Let’s see how her journey turns out…and if she survives she should go to prison.

  140. Detter says:

    Have they enacted the Stupid Act! Hurry we now need a new law, a new regulation and a form to fill out. :sigh:

  141. jewfromhell says:

    Sould of Fedex’d it!

  142. old hippee says:

    Remember , ” If it fits , it ships ” ! ! USPS

  143. Amgreider says:

    And these people vote! Hmmmmm

  144. mrsharfer says:

    Just proves that we need to weed out the terminally stupid!

  145. Thomas Mueller says:

    Not only was this a stupid idea, but as a person who used to work in the airline industry if this puppy had been put on a plane it would have died. All mail is put in the un-pressurized portion of an aircraft unless a special notation is on the mail.

    This would have been quite the horrified experience from a relative who opened this box to find a dead puppy.

    Some people just don’t think.

    1. PlaneGuy says:

      I’m curious as to what you did in the airline industry. The cargo bay below is pressurized and heated to the same degree as the passenger compartment above. Ask an airline pilot, because many animals in proper kennels fly down there daily. You have a common misconception.

  146. jason keen says:

    stupid dog why did it get in the box

  147. sad country says:

    Just imagine, these are the same idiot people who vote. That why this country is in such bad shape.

  148. Al says:

    I sent some fish through the mail once, but all the water leaked out. I’m putting them in a plastic bag next time.

  149. USArtguy says:

    “I can’t mail a puppy?” she asked.
    “Well doggone it!”

  150. Computer Ron says:

    Let’s remember, this is the state that elected Al Franken to the U.S. Congress!

  151. max says:

    Wow, people will take any opportunity to politicize a story and/or spew racist garbage. No doubt this is a sick lady. But stupidity knows no race or political affiliation. Sorry folks.

  152. sean says:

    The freak needs to be locked in a small dark jail cell. This is a story of cruelty, not stupidity.

  153. Cant Fix Stupid says:

    Call the dumb broad and tell her what a moron she is!! (612) 516-2253

  154. RIPPER says:


  155. bob oh says:

    post office takes live chicks for shipment and they have no fod or water and no place to do their buisness. They also take bees.

  156. McKenzie says:

    kickapup, we should all kickyerass.

  157. ohtheabsurdity says:

    this woman strikes as someone who would attend a sarah palin rally.

  158. osprey says:

    bump to rottie mom, with a couple of reservations. First why would you foist this mental midget on Georgia, but more important ly why waist the postage; box yes…postage no!

  159. PlaneGuy says:

    To KickAMoron: You’re wrong. The cargo bay of any airliner is pressurized and heated to the same degree as the passenger compartment above. This is not done out of any desire to keep your luggage warm, but to save weight by lightening the structure of the aircraft. Your’s is a common misconception.

  160. Adam Smith says:

    Absolutely no doubt that Stacey is a democrat. Doubtless she supports abortion rights too. All consistent with not valuing life. . . . . and being thoughtless and stupid.

  161. ChillyWV says:

    When I mail a puppy… I always use FedEx. Only cats get the USPS. DUH!

  162. Raymond says:

    LOL! This is hilarious!! I wonder if they discovered it in transit instead of the PO if they would just put it on another plane to Seoul.

  163. Sr says:

    “If it sh!ts, it ships”

    New slogan

  164. says:

    Actually the cargo space of most all commercial and cargo aircraft are pressurized, therefore enough fresh air, oxygen to readily support life and the temperature is only somewhat lower than that in the main cabin. The cargo area is where most all animals on flights are place, albeit with water and food.

  165. Kickahumane says:

    Odd that folks who abuse animals have been shown to harm people as well. But you just can’t fix stupid.

  166. erickester says:

    WOW every one of you need to think about what your doing and may i even suggest getting a life or a job!!! This is pretty pathetic considering you have animal activists and morons all in one spot and the only thing we can do is scuffle over the internet!!!! This is a chat room not a debate forum, GENIUS’

  167. erickester says:

    wait so white people are the only morons, cool heres a link for you
    check this one out

  168. SMH says:

    chicks should not be shipped either. they must be frightened to death enclosed in a box and mailed….God help you stupid people. It is amazing how many stupid people there are in the world. SMH

  169. Wayne says:

    Take her to court and convict her. Then place her in a box and mail her off to prison.

  170. Kay says:

    Poor little puppy – thank God someone investigated the box and found him. Can you imagine the fear this little guy may have felt! It is dark in the box and hot, you can hear loud noises but can’t see what it is, you are thirsty & hungry, if you use the bathroom in your box there will be odor and the chance that you will be covered in your waste. What a nice gift that would be to give someone ~ a smelly half dead (or dead) puppy. Have you seen the way a box gets treated in the mail?

  171. Steve says:

    obviously a democrat woman who voted for Obama

  172. John says:

    >>> Postal workers didn’t know right away about the puppy inside, until the box fell off the counter.

    Goods being mishandled and damaged? That sounds about right for the Post Office.

  173. Jeannie says:

    They are not SERIOUSLY going to give this puppy back to this woman? Are there? Thats absurd!!!!

  174. Todd says:

    Can someone please ship me to Mexico. I am cold!

  175. The One says:

    Ten bucks she is a Democrat!

  176. Taco Belle says:

    Maybe she was sending it as a food product for a Mexican family to eat.

  177. Chlamydia Jones the Welfare Moocher says:

    And she is demanding a refund from our bankrupt postal service !!

  178. Jim-Beam says:

    Democract voter – NO DOUBT

  179. Born Free says:

    You oppressors need to lay off.

    KITCHEN REMODEL PROMISED IN 2008: She never got it. There will be no justice until her granite counter arrives.

    DOG ACTED STUPIDLY: Maybe it wasn’t her idea. Maybe she’s the victim of an O’Keefe ACORN-like ruse. Maybe it was the dog’s idea. Can’t jump to conclusions because we don’t have all the facts yet.

    HIGH SPEED RAIL: Her eco-mailing sytem shows how disenfranchised she really is. Her efforts to prevent 2 gallons of automobile gas from being converted into heat energy preserves the Children of the World’s government-given human right to sled and play in the snow. I’m going to distribute $2 trillion towards high speed rail as a result of this misfortunate discovery.

    MICHAEL VICK: Perhaps if she throws for about 3000 yards next year and turns her life around, her night manager at Waffle House will get a phone call.

    BIRTH CERTIFICATE: Maybe the dog is really a human. The Governor of Hawaii says that he has proff but just can’t find it right now.

    TSA SCANNER: Perhaps we need to make sure that all dogs that travel around the USA are appropriately groped for public safety. If you see something suspicious, like a dog licking his balls, SAY SOMETHING!

    DREAM TEAM: Maybe the dog doesn’t even fit in the box.


  180. Peggy K says:

    Someone should stick that B in a box and ship her off to the insane asylum, or better yet, jail. God only hope this subhuman didn’t have children; I”d grab them along with the dog and put them all up for adoption.

  181. anon says:

    Of COURSE she can’t have the puppy back. Stupid human.

  182. Born Free says:

    KITCHEN REMODEL PROMISED IN 2008: She never got it. There will be no justice until her granite counter arrives.

    DOG ACTED STUPIDLY: Maybe it wasn’t her idea. Maybe she’s the victim of an O’Keefe ACORN-like ruse. Maybe it was the dog’s idea. Can’t jump to conclusions because we don’t have all the facts yet.

    HIGH SPEED RAIL: Her eco-mailing sytem shows how disenfranchised she really is. Her efforts to prevent 2 gallons of automobile gas from being converted into heat energy preserves the Children of the World’s government-given human right to sled and play in the snow. I’m going to distribute $2 trillion towards high speed rail as a result of this misfortunate discovery.

    MICHAEL VICK: Perhaps if she throws for about 3000 yards next year and turns her life around, her night manager at Waffle House will get a phone call.

    BIRTH CERTIFICATE: Maybe the dog is really a human. The Governor of Hawaii says that he has proff but just can’t find it right now.

    TSA SCANNER: Perhaps we need to make sure that all dogs that travel around the USA are appropriately groped for public safety. If you see something suspicious, like a dog licking his balls, SAY SOMETHING!

    DREAM TEAM: Maybe the dog doesn’t even fit in the box. IF THE DOG DON’T FIT YOU MUST ACQUIT!!

  183. Eye Roller says:

    I’m unsure why a story about a woman abusing a dog became a poltical argument about who she voted for and how she must be on welfare. Is this woman a moron? Clearly. But that doesn’t automatically mean she’s on welfare, or that she voted for whichever side you’re against. These issues aren’t relevant.

    She abused a dog, and that’s all that’s relevant here. Why must every story be turned into a right vs. left, us vs. them argument?

    Keep your comments on point. If you want to have a political verbal boxing match, try the Sean Hannity message boards or CNN.

    1. Joe says:

      grow up…everything is political now

  184. Richard Hervieux says:

    We should see how much room there actually would be for the pig

  185. Marisa Estrada says:

    this person needs to go to jail for a long time. i hope she gets what she deserves, cold hearted …… i hope that the animal control doesn’t give the dog back to her, they must be out of their minds to even consider such a thing. she needs to go to jail. those of you making jokes remenber an innocent helpless animal almost died.
    we need to call and complain this animal needs a second chance a good loving home. she has no remorse all she cared about is to get her refunded she doesn’t care judging by her action. i am sick over this!

  186. Devin McMahonn says:

    I’ll bet she voted for Obama.

  187. Texas Farm Girl says:

    I thought everyone knew if you want to ship a dog or cat you need to go to the airport. Airports ship animals all the time. One must have an approved pet carrier, but with the proper vet inspections and permits, one may even ship pets oversees. What’s the big deal? She probably just didn’t know to go to the airport.

  188. Born Free says:

    Now the whole story is coming out. When the puppy got interviewed by Dog Protective Services (DPS), he stated the following:

    “They talk about me like I’m a dog.
    That’s not in my prepared remarks, but it’s true.”

  189. Smitty says:

    Garfield would have sent it to Abu Dhabi.

  190. Rose Johnson says:

    By any chance, was that dog named Jack? I have a theory…

  191. thebrad says:

    i’d be surprised if we discovered that this woman has the ability to read at better than a 3rd grade level. i bet she got the idea to mail the pup while attending a tea party rally.

  192. Priscilla Pike says:

    She should be fined, given community service to pick up all the dog poop in our yards with her bare hands and then NEVER let her get within 2 miles of ANY pet or CHILD! She is a dangerous, heartless &^%$!!

  193. Peter Tieschman says:

    Mommy, Mommy, but I don’t want to go to China. Shut-up and put your other foot in the USPS box.

  194. rpbizzle says:

    I say… put her in a large box without food and water for a couple of days.

  195. Robert says:

    Mailing a puppy? How cruel! Now a cat I can understand….

  196. Joe says:

    So, we’ll find out the obvious…that it was a non-working, liberal, pregnant mother of six, on food stamps or other forms of government-sponsored servitude, and believes she is not accountable for her actions.

    This country has lots of these idiots…they are called DEMOCRATS. Their idiocy continues unabated.

  197. KLBHEN says:


  198. Estaban says:

    Chicks through the mail…?! Please put me down for 1 leggy red-head!!

  199. Rocky says:

    I think we should put this lady in a box with no food, water, or bathroom and ship her! See how she likes it! ha! She shouldn’t be able to appeal this and get her puppy back. Who knows how she will treat the dog after getting the poor thing back! I feel sorry for the puppy and I think the puppy should be adopted by a person who is not going to harm him/her.

  200. Diana says:

    anyone with half a brain should know you do not put an animal in the mail! Jesus, it amazes me how stupid people can be when it comes to animals..or maybe just cruel….how would she have felt if the puppy had died? I just don’t understand why animals have to suffer because of human stupidity!

  201. DJ says:

    I’m guessing this dimwit voted for 0BowMao and has 12 chilluns.

  202. DJ says:

    I’ll draw a conclusion: She’s black. 91% of blacks still support 0BowMao BECAUSE he’s (half) black. But they’re not racists. NO! So, using simple logic, I’m just certain that she voted for 0BowMao. Which explains a lot.

  203. This story absolutely blew me away. I can’t comprehend the mentality of the woman. I think the rule of life ‘do unto others as you would have done to you’ is such a basic way to go, a good way to go.

  204. alibi says:

    What an absolute total idiot. I mean total common sense has gone out of the window???

  205. Stacell says:

    what a dumba$$

  206. teremist says:

    Another case of felonious stupidity. If she is that dumb, and that insensitive, I have to wonder who dresses and feeds HER?

  207. binny motes says:

    NO NO NO! Do not give this woman the puppy! Please spay her (the woman) while you’re at it- she doesn’t need babies, either.

  208. kwallace06 says:

    I think that this women is crazy and that the humane society does not let her have her puppy back or ever let her own a pet again. If she thinks it’s okay for an animal to go 2 days without food or water then what else is does she think would be okay.

  209. Lynn says:

    I will gladly pay for her sterilization if it’s not too late.

  210. Lynn Lane says:

    This woman is right up there with Michael Vick. I will pitch in for her sterilization too. she needs some serious jail time.

  211. Stephen Phillips says:

    Animal control had best NOT return this precious little soul to this offender, or they, too, may be criminally liable for animal abuse. Give the temperatures here of late, this dog would have most certain perished..

    What the HELL was she thinking?? Oh, that’s right: SHE WASN’T!

  212. Laura Scott says:

    I think they should pack her in a box and ship her to the relative!

  213. VTM says:

    Where is this puppy now? Does it have a home? Because if not….I will take him/her! This is just awful!

    1. Jin says:

      read the article, you idiot!!

  214. Ellen says:

    This woman knew that what she was doing was wrong, but would rather go to court, smacking her gum like a horse, and act like she had no clue. If I would’ve been in that courtroom, she would be in the hospital. People who do those things to animals deserve the same punishment and worse.

  215. Sir Licks-a-Lot says:

    I’m sure she didn’t bump the “bell curve” anywhere? Wonder if she is any relation to a certain NFL QB? Now, our goliath lab puppy wants to know how you mail a human?

  216. CA says:

    That’s just as bad as a customer asking me if a solar powered flashlight needs the sun to work. :S

  217. Bryson Powers says:

    And she didn’t even act like it was a wrong thing to do. What a complete moron.

  218. Chris says:

    What a sick and demented women

  219. Jin says:

    Hey!!! Sending chicks in the mail is just as cruel as mailing a puppy!!! You all are idiots- chickens are abused and tortured and all that, and you don’t even feel bad for them!! Dogs are loved and cared for, but you feel bad for THEM and not the chickens and chicks!!!!