MINNEAPOLIS (WCCO) — Denny Hecker has filed nearly 300 pages of documents, asking for a downward departure of eight years in prison and extra credit for the time he’s already served.

In his argument for a downward departure, he states in addition to his crimes, he was a victim of the downturn in the economy.

Hecker is also asking to be sent to the Duluth Federal Prison Camp for his sentence, where he’d like to enroll in the drug and alcohol program. He refers to his heavy-drinking past during 2009 and 2010.

Hecker is serving time in Sherburne County Jail, where he’s in solitary confinement 23 hours a day. He asked to be let out before his sentence, so he can self report to prison (which would give him extra credit on his sentence).

Hecker said he wants to be able to say goodbye to his children — something he wasn’t able to do when he was jailed in October, without warning.

The sentencing is scheduled for next Friday, but could possibly end up being delayed. Prosecutors are asking for the maximum of 10 years.

Comments (16)
  1. terry says:

    Put the guy away forever for what he did to so many who trusted this bumb.

  2. By Denny I will write you... says:

    He later contacted the judge requesting a monthly limo ride……weekly visits from a variety of call girls…..nightly bed turn down service…..9 of his Rolex wathces back to bribe the guards…and a European vacation once a year to catch up on what he had missed with his family….a sort of stress reliever from the daily jail grind……he also requested that his ex girlfriend he calls “the snitch’ be shot…..and her lifeless corpse be fed to the Polar Bears at Como Zoo……

  3. Dave says:

    8 years and mandatory two working at a car wash.

  4. Userdude says:

    What did he do to “so many”, and what’s a “bumb”?

  5. Dasery says:

    He asked to be let out before his sentence… Of course he will just do what ever more fraud or hide stuff etc with this time out just like he allways does.
    I hope the court would know by now everything he says is a lie and every chance he gets he will do what ever for his own benefit no matter if it is legal or not. How stupid would a judge have to be to let him out.

  6. Uncle Al says:

    For all that he has done unto others I should think he would have no problem getting a “downward departure”. Downward all the way to hell! I hear Lucifer requires no taxes or title fees and he doesn’t pay his employees either!

  7. Billy says:

    Self Report??? How about self report to a private jet and be gone forever to some unknown place.

    @By Denny….Good one!!!!

  8. david says:

    get evrything he and his girlfriend, family, friends or anyone who knows him are hiding then put them all away for good. you don`t think he has money hiding somewhere you are wrong. he will be set for life on the backs of people and frineds he #$%@#$. so take it all away from him.

  9. Big Shot Now? says:

    So Denny asked for 8 years, eh? Well, he’s a good boy, always has been. Let’s give him ten times what he asked for~~~

  10. Hardworking Minnesotan says:

    What a joke!!!! I’m so sick of these con’s and frauds trying to get out of paying what they did. For once be a man and take the punishement you deserve. I don’t now nor have I ever driven numerous Cadillacs, Mercedes, BMW’s or lived in a different million dollar home whenever the mood hits me. No sympathy for that loser or his loser girlfriend. She’s profited just as much. Hope Chrysler Financial is at the sentencing. Throw the book at him.

  11. Tonya says:

    Only 10 years, the jerk should get 10 times that. At 10 years he is getting off pretty good.

  12. Ruth says:

    Denny deserves a whole lot more than ten years, and his gold-digger girlfriend is only going to do six months behind bars for helping him?????? Please! No wonder so many are willing to risk going to jail for white collar crime with pathetic sentencing like these two are going to get.

  13. Chris says:

    I now understand that the economy can be justification for thievery. That’s a good loophole to know.

  14. Denny Hecker says:

    My ex-wife is still doing OK… she bought owns Plato’s Closet! Where did she get the money for that?

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