HONOLULU (AP) — Tea party Republican U.S. Rep. Michele Bachmann of Minnesota is speaking in Honolulu during a luncheon.

Bachmann is appearing Wednesday at the Ala Moana Hotel to discuss the 2011 congressional session.

The lunch, sponsored by the Grassroot Institute of Hawaii, is sold out.

Bachmann provided the tea party response to President Barack Obama’s state of the union address last week.

Bachmann is the founder of the Tea Party Caucus, which includes fiscally conservative members of the U.S. House of Representatives.

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Comments (22)
  1. tea bagged says:

    bach-man, bach-man, bach-man… we have to do our best to get her in the presidential race, to represent the tea-party…

  2. KH says:

    I certainly hope some lobbyist or PAC is paying for this winter vacation.

    Oh, can I come too?

  3. Nose plugs required says:

    botch-mann, botch-mann, botch-mann …..
    guess the way she botchs facts gives me liberty to do it to her name eh! lol

    pee-party pee-party, botch-mann, botch-mann, peeeeee party

  4. mike says:

    Mrs. Bachman, Stay the hell home and tend to business!!!!!!

    1. Kim R says:

      I agree!!! she is doing move traveling then she is worth!!!

  5. Murph says:

    I expected the last word in the headline to be “Tongues” not Honolulu!

  6. shirley says:

    her and pawlenty have did nothing for minnesota, why woiuld we encourage either one of them to move on up??? their in it for the glitz and travel and a pay check.

    1. Papa K says:

      Palin did but now it is MB that sells a lot of papers and fun to watch on the tube. She knows she’s reached her end in MN but now she’s working a fast track to DC. . don’t let the door hit you on your way out.

      MB … call me to chat … I think we should cut all tax write offs for individual, unions and corporations political donations. We should cut the medical benefits and pensions for all elected officials. Ending the Bush tax cuts for all would be fair.

  7. she's fruiity tooty says:

    I don’t sense anyone here is actually supporting this “thing” here but rather if she runs we’d love to see her humilated and chastised by the GOP too.
    She’s a worthless politician in all respects but sure does have the “God told me” need to grab a headline.
    In the past it was called what it is – MENTALLY UNSTABLE.
    Now it is Bachitis. fatal to all who come in contact

  8. Joe says:

    At least she doesn’t even pretend to give a thought to the people of Minnesota that elected her. Another puke that uses our money for their gain. Pawlenty must be proud

  9. Kyle says:

    She is even dumber than Palin, which is saying alot.

  10. Mike says:


  11. BBB says:

    I am thinking her husband treats all the voters in his practice and maybe has the blackmail thing going. lol

  12. Elton Bowie says:

    Oh please, please, please run in 2012!!!!

    And cut those veterans’ benefits. Cut, cut, cut!!

  13. to whatever says:

    The flaking nutcase offer them some kind of goodies. ;-O
    Seriously – I don’t understand it either. My family all are in the district, strong GOP’ers across the board but not one voted for her last time around. And they no few who did – and their social circles are all staing the same thing. How it happened is one of the Great MN Mystery Secrets of The Damned I guess.

    1. You lost get over it.... says:

      She won because smarter people than your family and their social jerk circles…voted for her…..since you live their…you should know her voting record good and bad…..typical liberal bashing…I wonder why the Libs love to bash conserv females all the time…..must be becuase thier wives are pit bull ugly and they are lashing out their inner anger twoards the hotties…..

  14. Lance says:

    The truth hurts free loaders and those who want to the government elite to have total control of every aspect of their lives.. (Progressives).
    Thank God for Michele Bachmann and people like her who will save this great country.

    1. Lori says:

      Go join her in Hawaii. You’re as nuts as she is.

  15. Allah says:

    Mrs. Bachmann in Hawaii….on a beach….in bikini…..I am so there…..drinks are on me….and I am on her…….

  16. David says:

    Sara and Michele lining their pockets and laughing all the way to the bank… making fools of their constitutes.

  17. VictimDuJour says:

    Me lovie them boobies!

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