MINNEAPOLIS (WCCO) — Former Chipotle employees filed a class action lawsuit in district court Thursday.

Former workers and supporters have held several demonstrations outside the Chipolte in downtown Minneapolis.

They say there were suddenly fired by the restaurant chain in December. The former workers also say the Mexican restaurant violated Minnesota’s payment wage act.

The group’s attorney said the company has failed to pay earned wages or do so in a timely manner.

Recently a Chipolte spokesperson said the workers’ demands are misplaced and that the company is paying everyone everything they are owed.

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  1. Bob says:

    100 percent of illegals are criminals.I now eat at Chipotle regularly to show support for them doing what is right.

    1. Paul says:

      Bob, please stop being mean. Grow up and learn how to share.

      1. Tom says:

        why share what is ours to someone here broke the law and is in our country ILLEGALLY

    2. Maria says:

      What an idiot!! Get educated before you open your big mouth. If you check statistics you will see what an idiot you are for making that comment. I would lve to see your criminal history!

  2. Stefan says:

    Why can’t the reporter spell the restaurant name consistently?

  3. bob2 says:

    we are all illegal… only the native americans are legal. this country belongs to them, how could we have found this country when it was already occupied.

    1. ladytaz says:

      Really dude, If you were born here you are not illegal. America is known as the melting pot ( cuurenty refered to as the salad bowl). I am not a full native american so does that mean I am here illegally? You should really check your facts before you open your mouth, that way you won’t sound so stupid and ignorant!

  4. Irish Slave says:

    I’d like to sue the Irish Government for creating the potato famine in 1845 and throwing out my great-great-great-great-great-great-great grandfather and sending me to this place that allows IDIOTS to have rights.

  5. LovesBurritos says:

    Conveinant that CCO fails to mention that they were termenated because they were illeagle aliens.

  6. Victim Du Jour says:

    It’s this very lawsuit culture driving business away from the State of Minnesota.

    Everything has to be such a liability or potential lawsuit.

  7. Andrew Mostovoy says:

    The reporter can’t spell because the reporter is not actually paying attention to what they write – a common problem with Generation Y. So let me get this straight: they were illegally residing in the US, they were not eligible to work, they stole someone else’s identity or SSN and then got fired because the business either caught on or someone else like the authorities caught Chipotle and now the former illegal employees are suing the company? So if this thing goes all the way and they win Chipotle will just raise prices to compensate for the payout which means the consumer is actually going to be funding these illegal employee’s and all the law involved in this circus, right? I don’t touch Chitpotle because the quality of their food is so pathetic that South Park even had an episode about them, but many people do. How do you feel about paying for illegal employees and attorneys?

    1. Chris says:

      It took a team of reporters to write this story?

  8. Victim Du Jour says:

    I know someone who had to come back to the United States because her work visa ran out in Sweden. She was even required to speak Swedish to qualify for the work permit.

    And Chipolte is getting blamed for a public law.

    The Attorney filing this class action should be disbarred for treason.

  9. Send Them Home says:

    I drive a company van that has a switchable flashing light on top, and the van is unmarked. One summer i saw some migrant workers working in a field, i flipped on my flashing lights and drove their direction and most of them started running. I know im horrible but i cant help it.


    1. Tom says:

      LMAO so very funny. To bad this country does not round them up and hip them home.

  10. scott t says:

    So much misplaced anger. If businesses like chipolte wouldn’t hire illegals, illegals would stop coming into the U.S. Fault lies with not only the illegal aliens but with those businesses that hire them. If you hire a illegal alien because they will work for less, you are part of the problem. Big business makes BIG money off of the backs of illegal aliens, and this leads to less jobs for those citizens out looking for gainful employment.

    1. Matt says:

      Scott, you are correct that there is some blame shared by companies for hiring illegal aliens, however you couldn’t be more wrong about it being big business. It’s the mom and pop and personal door to door services that are the primary employers of illegals. Big business has WAY to big a target on their back to take that risk. I don’t know if Chipotle knowingly hired illegals if they did they should be punished.

      However you missed the ones with the most blame, our incompetent government and sanctuary cities across the USA

  11. scott t says:

    Not big business??? Target WalMart Tyson JenniO… just to name a few. Mom and Pops hire a couple Those guys hire hundreds, just in MN. Nationwide, you have thousands and thousands. Ergo, a national problem.

  12. scott t says:

    BTW to bob2,

    Native Americans are illegal as well. We all started in Africa. The so-called Native Americans migrated here to North America just a few centuries earlier then the rest of us. If we are going back in time, why stop before the red man came. That is just a cultural bias that they are trying to impose on everyone else. We are all Africans…lol Better yet, we should all say we are earthlings, trying to evolve into human beings.

  13. Matt says:

    Scott, you find me an example of Target knowing hiring an illegal alien and I’ll agree with your stance. You won’t find it.
    As for your additional ramblings about Native Americans, you can just give up. The point is these illegal aliens are using MY and your tax money to subsidize their life without adequately paying taxes. I could care less what their race, color, religion is. If you’re going to be here working, do it legally and pay the same dumb taxes that everyone else pays.

  14. scott t says:


    In just a quick search, I was able to find several articles re: Big Businesses hiring illegal aliens. Tyson and McDonalds just to name 2. Target may, or may not have been fined yet, but a quick walk thru of their stores will give you enough evidence to make my case. I was not trying to defame a specific company. As I stated, it is Big Business that is making Big $$$$ on illegals. If they weren’t, as you pointed out, why would they do it. Obviously, big business is hiring illegals, ergo, they must be making big money or it would not be worth it to continue to do it.

  15. Kevin says:

    Give me a freakin break!!!!!!!!!!!! Ship their arses back to Mexico NOW!!!!! This makes me sick! They are freakin illegal! DEPORT NOW! My friends and I are going to protest the court house in large numbers thelling them to get the hell out of MN

  16. byetheway77 says:

    We obviously need mandatory E-Verify for employers in all states, private and public. The illegal immigrants who worked for Chipotle may have been hired elsewhere in the U S.

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