ST. PAUL, Minn. (AP) — Legislation to create new pathways into the teaching profession has passed the Minnesota Senate.

The bill was approved on a 40-23 vote Thursday, with three Democrats joining the chamber’s Republican majority in support.

The proposal would make teaching easier for those who don’t meet traditional state licensing requirements but have alternative qualifications. It would allow the state to issue provisional teacher licenses and help the Teach for America program place more recent college graduates as teachers in low-income schools.

Republican Sen. Gen Olson of Minnetrista says the proposal would help close the achievement gap between white students and racial minorities.

The Education Minnesota teachers union opposes the bill.

A companion bill is on the move through the House.

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Comments (6)
  1. Time for change says:

    My favorite part, “The Education Minnesota teachers union opposes the bill.” God forbid someone with real world experience teach our children. Personally I would take those that due over those that teach. Check out their response:

    I love their compromise, it’s OK to have an industry professional, but also have a licensed teacher in the room. Yeah, I’m sure that use of a budget is best for the children and not the union. Education Minnesota is a joke and bad for our children.

    1. Mark Veronen says:

      If these Teach for America people are so great why do they need an easier path to a license?? Bite the bullet, get a real license,.70,000 people with all types of experience have proven themselves by completing coursework,passing tests and student teaching. What are these chickens afraid of?? Get off your duffs and git-er-done..

      1. whitelion says:

        For those of us who have already completed our BA or BS in our fields and already have racked up 20G or better in student loans this kind of legislation will allow us to actually teach without having to add to our heavy burden of debt.
        When my great grandmother began teaching she was only 16 and merely took a single test to prove she was able to help others learn. We have now gotten to the point were we demand individuals to go to 4 years of college, and then after graduating still be forced to pay another agency money to take further tests. Currently there are 6 required tests, and each one is paid for in full before being given a piece of paper that simply confirms that they know what they need to know. This is all due to the irrational fear and control policy put in place by the NEA (union).

  2. COME ON PEOPLE says:

    Wow, lowering the standards for teachers, allowing new grads to get into the classroom easier. And put these people who got easier licenses in low income areas. You think this is going to CLOSE the achievement gap? WAKE UP PEOPLE.

    What about all those recent grads who did the work of student teaching, got 4 years experience and are laid off? What about the recently laid off teachers due to budget cuts. And you want to make it EASIER for TEACH FOR AMERICA?

    Why are we catering to Teach for America? They must have a big lobbyist. I’d like someone to lobby for the elementary classrooms with 35 kids in them.

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