ST. PAUL (WCCO) — Police have identified the 59-year-old man who was struck and killed by a large truck while crossing a street in St. Paul.

It happened around 11:30 a.m. Thursday at Marion Street North and University Avenue.

Police say Benjamin Williams of Minneapolis was crossing Marion Street — and was not using the crosswalk — when he was hit by a truck.

Police say the truck driver had a green light and neither drugs nor alcohol appear to be a factor.

The man was brought to Regions Hospital and died a short time later.

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  1. Missy says:

    This hopefully will remind everyone to use cross walks.

  2. Todd says:

    People in downtown St Paul cross against the red light all the time. I have seen several folks almost get hit and it would have been their own stupid fault. Quite a few with small children, nice thing to teach your kids. If the light is red, don’t walk people.

    1. Allen says:

      I knew this person. He will be badly missed. He was a good person, He was a volunteer, good natured. And as far as Todd is concerned, this guy was not a “stupid person, he was a giving person and was loved by many people in our building.

      1. TheOriginalJamieinMN says:

        Ok Allen, if he wasn’t stupid, why was he NOT using a crosswalk?!?!?! Why did he NOT look both ways before crossing?!?!?! Pretty sure we all learn this when we’re like 3 years old.

      2. Erick Boustead says:

        To the moderator: My last comment was intended to be in reply to Allen’s comment at 3:46 pm. If possible to connect the two, that would be much appreciated. Thanks.

  3. Billy says:

    Life sure is fragile, you just never know when your time is up.

    I bet when that man woke up this morning he had no idea, I bet if he would have woken up a minute later this would have never happened.

    1. JamieinMN says:

      Doubt that. This man obviously thought he could walk wherever the hell he wanted. HE was disobeying the law, my friend.

      1. erin failte says:

        What is your problem? Have you no respect for you rfellow citizens? Your fellow human beings? Shame on you!

  4. Amanda says:

    I agree! I drive University Ave. everyday near the accident site and I am surprised it took this long for someone to get hit.

  5. Jason says:


  6. Allen says:

    No one asks to be killed. What if this was one of your relatives or friends Jamie???

    1. TheOriginalJamieinMN says:

      What if?????????? He was disobeying the law ALLEN! Of course I’d be sad, but I can’t TRULY feel sorry for this guy.

  7. TheOriginalJamieinMN says:

    Ok, ENOUGH. You’ve done this to be I don’t know how many times. Grow up, get a life.

  8. TheOriginalJamieinMN says:

    It is best to just stay home all day and never go anywhere.

    I stay at home all day long because I am afraid to go out into the real world.

  9. Ruth says:

    As much as you seem to annoy others, I can see why you would be afraid to leave your house. You never know who’ll be looking to run your butt over.

  10. Workingman says:

    Most you people that leave comments on any of these stories are all sittin on your fat butts not working and trying to get disability and keep up hope that your unemployment gets extended again. Get a life and go to work instead of sitting on the computer all day with nothing better to do.

  11. Egla Negroni says:

    I drive by this accident today . I saw the guy, I saw him under the truck it was horrible and sad. Accidents just happen even to good people. We all have time where we don’t make the best judment desition. Maybe this was his only mistake. I pray for his family in this difficult time.

  12. Kim says:

    Wow people you have really gotten off track!
    Too bad this man crossed illegally and was killed, very sad. And really too sad is the poor person that hit him and gets to live with that ALL of his/her life!

  13. jami says:

    people in mn and the midwest are angry, cold dark.

  14. Lola says:

    Let’s all remember that this person lost his life by simply crossing the street. He was not hurting or harming anyone. It can happen to any of us, even if we do cross on green in the cross walk. Let’s remember to be kind in our words because the people who knew and loved him are reading this and we should be respectful. Please save your harsh words for someone who deserves it.

    1. Julie says:

      Thank you. I agree. All of us have used poor judgment at some time in our lives. Sometimes we probably don’t even realize how close we maybe have come to having such a tragedy happen to us…. or to one of our family.

      Sometimes we daydream, we use the phone when we shouldn’t, or we don’t feel well and our head isn’t quite where it should be.

      Can we now just be sorry for such a tragedy? And sorry for the poor driver who has to live with this. It’s not his fault, but it can’t be an easy thing.

  15. Tc Radiodj says:

    This is a tragic story, however people seem to think they have the right of way no matter where they are crossing and that people should just stop for them. Sorry, but that is not the case. It really is a wonder that more people aren’t run over. I see people just walking out in front of traffic all of the time. Honestly, most should be filled into a pothole if they are stupid enough to think they have the right of way.

  16. Stephanie says:

    My parents witnessed the accident and my Father is the person that got the truck drivers attention to stop after he hit this man. It was a terrible, terrible accident, my parents are still very shaken up over this. Our thoughts and prayers go out the family of this person who lost his life so tragically today. Very sad. And to anyone who would ever suggest that anyone deserves to die such a tragic death is an idiot and it is a very good thing that you stay inside your house all day because you obvioulsy have the mentality of an ant and couldn’t possible contribute anything to society anyway. It is very upsetting to hear people talk about another person’s life so disgraceful…you should be ashamed but are probably to ignorant for that also.

  17. Erick Boustead says:

    Please keep the disrespectful judgements about this man – Benjamin Williams, the racist assumptions of the truck driver and all other self-righteous comments to yourselves.

    I was on the bus that Benjamin exited before crossing the street and saw the entire incident. He seemed to have simply made a rash move to cross upon exiting the bus and didn’t realize the light was about to change until it was too late.

    I can’t count how many times I’ve been in a hurry when getting off the bus to cross a street or transfer to another bus and have surely failed to double check one of the four directions. I could easily have been in Benjamin Williams’ shoes on many occasions.

    It’s easy to say that people should always check and double check before crossing the street, but no one is present and mindful 100% of the time.

    Sometimes we’re just in a hurry to get to point B and miss a step.

    Please take a moment to honor Benjamin’s life – however you wish to do so – and thank him for teaching us to be mindful during the busyness of everyday life.

    My heart goes out to his friends & family, my fellow bus riders, the driver of the truck and everyone else that witnessed the accident. Take care.

  18. Erick Boustead says:

    I’m sorry for your loss Allen. I witnessed the incident from the bus Benjamin was exiting and I feel like it could have been me or anyone in his shoes – just miscalculating a very busy intersection.

    I wrote a longer comment below, but I just wanted to acknowledge that I appreciate the insight you have given me into Benjamin’s life, and I hope you and the others in your building take care.

  19. Usif says:

    I’d like to point out that this area is notorious for BOTH jaywalkers and automobiles that do NOT yield to people in the crosswalk.

    Ironic thing is that when you do stop for pedestrians to cross then the cars behind you give you the stink eye…

  20. erin failte says:

    What is your problem? Why so much hate? What is it that you need?

  21. erin failte says:

    And by “you” I mean the original jamiein MN.

  22. Cassandra says:

    Feb. 3rd, 2011 we have lost a good friend to a senseless, reckless and careless truck accident. We need the public help… is anyone out there that witnesses this senseless accident. Please contact the Saint Paul Police department at 651-291-1111…
    The Saint Paul Police department has several cameras set up on the corner of University and Marion and throughout the metro area. Metropolitan Transit buses also records all daily activities.
    There is a mother, brother and a sister missing there love one today.. Please give them so understanding and closure, they need to know what exactly happened to Ben.
    Ben, was so kind hearted he would help anyone in need and he will be truly missed.

    Ben, GOD BLESS… (R.I.P)

    1. Erick Boustead says:

      I’m very sorry for your loss Cassandra. I witnessed the accident from the bus, but don’t have any information beyond what I wrote above (yesterday at 10:18 pm). My heart goes out to you and Ben’s family. Thank you for the insight you’ve given me into who Ben was as a person. Take care.

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