MINNEAPOLIS (WCCO) — The woman who allegedly attempted to ship her puppy cross-country through the U.S. Postal Service has been charged with animal cruelty.

Stacey Champion, of Minneapolis, has also filed an appeal to get the dog back.

Currently, the poodle/Schnauzer mix is being kept at the Minneapolis Animal Care and Control center, where it’s been since Jan. 25.

State law requires that an appeal hearing be held within five days of the request. The puppy will stay at the shelter while the hearing is pending.

An officer will decide at that hearing if the dog should be returned to its owner. If the officer decides against returning the animal, the owner can appeal the case or post a bond that would cover the continued cost of care and kenneling of the dog at the shelter, between now and the date of her criminal court case.

If Champion does not post a bond, the shelter could make the dog available for adoption.

If more than one person is interested in adopting the puppy, a drawing of all interested parties would occur. A basic screening of potential owners is required.

Comments (23)
  1. Geoff says:

    There is no way she should get that puppy back!

  2. Jeff Willprecht says:

    she should be put in abox

  3. stpaulnative says:

    I really hope this woman does not get the puppy back. Furthermore, she should be banned from ever owning an animal. If she’s that stupid to try to mail a puppy, what else is she capable of???

  4. Theresa says:

    But nothing will prevent her from getting another puppy – and you know she will.

  5. bubba136 says:

    You cant fix stupid,

  6. Dave Campbell says:

    Put her in a box with no air holes and no food and ship her to Georgia! If she survives, give her the puppy back.

    1. catherine wynne says:

      I replied to your comment below.

    2. carmen says:

      agree with you. Can you imagen if her 11 year old receives the death puppy on his birthday. The system needs to wonder about this woman mental state of health. I am happy for the puppy that was rescue in good time.

  7. Michele says:

    I have no time for people who are that dumb, she should be wrapped in a box and sent out Priority Mail with no food and water!

  8. thekhanvict says:

    Clearly this person is mentally challenged in some way. She should never be allowed to own a pet by herself, but at the same time we shouldn’t be saying put her in a box. She needs mental help. If she wanted to truly be cruel she would have just beaten the dog. I doubt this person knows what she was doing. Get her and the dog proper care.

  9. Cathleen Bakos Retka says:

    I cannot even believe this poor excuse for a human would even bother trying to get the puppy back!!!

  10. insignificant says:

    you dolts…its just a puppy a deranged woman tried to mail off…what about the millions of people going into poverty in the u.s. due to the economic treason going on,eh?.don’t care about that do ya?

    1. Skeezer says:

      I love that word…. Dolt.

    2. catherine wynne says:

      AWESOME, DAVE! Perfect reply

    3. cate says:

      “just a puppy” an innocent creature. No telling what else she could do. I feel badly for the people in poverty. They do have the capabilities of getting help.

  11. ET says:

    insignificant….well, this story is about the puppy in question, not about millions of people going into poverty. Why assume people who care about this don’t care about that, too? Anyway, I agree, this woman must have been out of her mind to try this. Poor little thing. Thankfully the little guy was found before it was too late. I wish I could take him! But I’ve read that a lot of people are eager to give him a home now, and I hope he gets a great one!

  12. Skeezer says:

    I say put her in a box and push it off a table or out a window…

  13. Jeffrey Lee Wilson says:

    Wow! Do any of you realize that this lady is clearly mentally ill? This is something a 7 year old would do. It disgusts me that you belittle her because of the symptoms of this illness. Clearly she thought that she was doing a good thing. If her intentions were to kill the dog or just starve it, she could have very well done that at home. It is likely that she is not capable of taking care of a dog so I would say no to that. If she is mentally ill enough, she should have a caseworker and be overseen properly. We should all be greatful that we don’t suffer from the same mental illness as this lady because then some dolts who have the understanding of car battery would be making snide, rude and ignorant comments behind our backs. 🙂 kisses.

  14. Jeffrey Lee Wilson says:

    oh great …..that’s what i get for not reading thekhanvict post. anyway great minds think alike. 🙂

  15. Janice says:

    Why does everyone assume she has a mental disability? I know it’s hard to imagine a person just wanting to mail a dog but perhaps she did just want to mail it and see if she can get away with it. Unfortuantly we don’t have enough information to judge if she is metally ill or just a stupid B*****. Either way she has no business owning a dog. Let’s keep the topic about the dog. If this was about mailing a child then we’ would speak about children. If this was about the homeless then we’d speak about the homeless. It’s about a poor innocent puppy who happen to to have a terrible owner! Unfortuantly the laws are so lacked in animal cruelty that she most likely will get the dog back. However I pray it bites her in the ass and finds a home where it can be loved.

  16. nspycer says:

    She may be mentally ill. What about the people that she was sending that defensless living creature to. Are they mentally unbalance???? You won’t convince me that they didn’t know they were going to be getting a puppy in the mail! They are all sick!!! She may be perfectly healthy and just STUPID. She sure didn’t “appear” to be having any problems with the news clips that shown about her adking for the puppy back. There should be a national “Not allowed to have animals” list, and she should be on it!! I’ll bet she wouldn’t want to be put in a box with the airholes taped over and mailed cross country. Why would she think the puppy would……. Obviously I could go on and on, but I wont.

  17. Jeffrey Lee Wilson says:

    Actually nspycer she is mentally ill. i was talking with a coworker who knows her and her family. her mental illness is untreated. as i said before, if she had a case worker this likely wouldn’t have happened. btw just so you know her son who is a child did not know that she was mailing a dog to him for his birthday. it was supposed to be a surprise. let us hope that you are more forgiving to your own relatives who might do something “stupid” due to mental illness than you are with others.

  18. Barbara Mares says:

    There are a couple of issues here that no one is thinking about. First, there are people who would do something like this that are NOT mentally ill – just read some of the animal cruelty reports around the area. Many of them do hot hit the news not to mention the thousands of animals rotting in cages in puppy mills and yes, Minnesota does have them. Second, even if she truly is mentally ill having a case manager it would not necessarily change things. People have the right to refuse treatment and live their lives as they choose. I have a close relative who is a mental health worker and you would not believe the limits set on them in their efforts to help people who clearly are not capable of making good choices. Third, this puppy was being sent to a 9 year old relative. Can you imagine how traumatic it would be to get a dead puppy in the mail for your birthday?!

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