MINNEAPOLIS (WCCO) —Valentine’s Day is more than a week away, but already florists are getting ready for the big day.

Len Busch Roses in Plymouth grows flowers for 400 florists in Minnesota and surrounding states. Their specialty is roses, but they have many more suggestions for Valentine’s Day.

“We probably distribute over 5 million stems for this holiday,” said Patrick Busch. “Of that we’d be growing about 3 million.”

They get the rest of their flowers from Columbia, but the South American country is dealing with El Nina and the weather is much cooler and rainier. That could be a good thing for us this year.

“The crops are within 2 days perfect,” said Busch.

That means they have to pick them quickly.

“The flowers will not be stored and they will be fresh, so it should be a very good Valentine’s Day,” said Busch.

Roses are a top choice for many and the choices are endless. Len Busch Roses grows an exclusive crop.

“There’s almost no other rose growers outside of California today, so this is something that we’ve worked hard on to preserve as part of our core business,” Busch said.

But if roses aren’t your thing you might consider begonias and cyclamen, because as Busch says, as far a blooming plants go they make beautiful gifts and they will last longer.

“Women like diversity. Women like color and it’s just not the traditional red rose,” he said. “Oriental lilies are very fragrant.”

If you want to get a good deal this Valentine’s Day stick with local florists.

“One of the advantages is that it keeps the money in the local market and it cuts out an order taking fee that takes away from the margins that the florists have and really cuts into the value that they can provide to you,” said Busch.

Using the nutrition package that comes with your flowers can extend your flowers. Some can last for up to 21 days.

And for some flowers you can also use a little bleach, which cuts down on the bacteria in the water.

For more information on Len Busch Roses, click here.

  1. Lee says:

    Neat story but the title is decieving, only the last 2 lines say anything about making them last longer…

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