PINE COUNTY (WCCO) — One person is dead and three others injured after a passenger vehicle and tractor trailer crashed in Pine County Friday night, according to the Pine County Sheriff’s Office.

Authorities say the accident occurred at 10:30 p.m. on State Highway 23 W, west of Brook Park near the Pine County/Kanabec County line.

The westbound passenger vehicle with four occupants reportedly collided with an eastbound tractor trailer. All four occupants were taken to the hospital. Two people were seriously injured, one of which succumbed to the injuries at the hospital.

The State Patrol is investigating the crash.

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  1. Jacci Magnuson says:

    She was a mother of 6 and a grandmother, and a stepmom, Aunt, Sister, Nieice, daughter, She will be sadly missed by all her friends and family. We will never forget her and she will be always in our hearts. WE LOVE YOU SO VERY MUCH AND WE MISS YOU.

    1. sue wahlstrom says:

      Hi Jacci! I am Penny’s oldest cousin on her mothers side of the family. Please let me know details and if there is something I can do for the family. I left a msg with Gary(Pams husband) and with Ivan and Rosemary tonight. I was thinking if ithey wanted someone to be at the hospital to sit with her daughter or help in any way let me know. or 763-786-6435 thank you sue wahlstrom

      1. Jacci Magnuson says:

        Hi Sue, Thank you so much. I will let my dad know. We all loved her so much and get believe she is gone. I want to say I am also sorry for you lose to. Penny wasn’t only my Stepmom, but she was my best friend to. I know my dad and grandma and grandpa black will be setting up the plans for the funeral.

    2. Sue Wahlstrom Barto says:

      hi Jacci are there any details for the funneral yet? is there anyway I can help? thank you for the kind words. I too that you and your family are doing ok.
      sue b

    1. Billy says:

      Have you seen Jenny Craig yet?

  2. Milaca563 says:

    Billy, No…she was NOT on her cell phone it was an accident. Learn to spell (youse?) and USE proper grammar, you ignorant hick. If you had any sense, you would not go making accusations before you know all the details regarding the crash.

  3. Randy says:

    Why don’t you take your meds instead of making such stupid comments. Let the facts come out.

  4. Shelley says:

    Billy, you must have had a break with reality….I fail to see how Jenny Craig fits in this story.

  5. brenda says:

    so sorry for the families loss. Why does everyone assume people are on cell phones when an accident happens? No One has the right to accuse or assume.Think b4 u people say anything!! Theses families are in schock and mouring let them grieve with out the negativeness. Sending prayers to all the families and friends may u all find the strength and comfort.

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