— The Packers landed in Wisconsin Monday afternoon and brought home the trophy.

Fans lined the streets of Green Bay to greet their returning champs, but the celebration continued throughout the state. Just a bit more subdued than last night.

In Hudson, Wis., there were signs of a championship all around town and signs of a party at the Village Inn.

“Tips were fabulous,” said bartender Jethro Lund. “The experience was even greater.”

Lund worked behind the bar Sunday night, when the place was bedlam. He was back Monday, when it wasn’t.

“I believe most people are still in bed,” he said. “Or maybe in the E.R.”

In fact, the lunch rush was really just one couple — one smiling and one just sucking it up. Kelly Kenall is a Packer fan, and husband Lee cheers for the Vikings.

“For way too many years,” he said. “I had to put up with it, so it’s going to be a long off-season.”

But that’s the way it is near the border, where there are fans for both teams. Still, there’s only one championship to celebrate.

“Here’s to the Packer fans,” he said. “Enjoy it, and it’s going to be a long offseason for us Vikings fans.”

“I got goose bumps right now,” said Lund. “It’s just like walking into Lambeau when you get goose bumps. It’s just awesome.”


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